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    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    could do. there are far scarier gremlin crews out there that do more damage. try UK masters pere ravage bomb backed up by a fast generally safe zipp
  2. katadder

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    not a guild player but I dont see the strength in this list. Admittedly against me you wouldnt have your skeeter after 1 activation so that removes the masks (and I would probably have an abom in your deployment too). chances are your pigs wouldnt be able to get to me either (levi player with A&D - cant be charged, and rusty alyce - no charges ending within 3") i reckon I would 10-0 this list with my current average tourney list but I would be interested to see it on the field
  3. katadder

    Lucid Visions @ Boards and Swords Hobbies, Derby 29/04/18

    Any ideas on numbers yet as just had one cancelled this week due to lack of numbers
  4. katadder

    Henchman rights

    just vote with your wallet and dont go if you dont like it. I certainly wouldnt go to one like this
  5. katadder

    Malifaux Provides Upgrade: Where to Find?

    Wave 4 generalist upgrade deck I think. If not then it's in titanias box
  6. poor in my area so having to play only at tourneys or vassal
  7. katadder

    What's the last list you played?

    Mostly been playing Levi but the last list I played into lady j on a ply strat was misaki. Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: outcast misaki ply 50ss Leader: Misaki - Cache:(3) Survivalist 1ss Stalking Bisento 2ss Shang 3ss Yamaziko 6ss Oath Keeper 1ss Bishop 9ss Oath Keeper 1ss Johana 7ss Oath Keeper 1ss Sue 8ss Return Fire 1ss Hodgepodge Effigy 4ss Oiran 5ss
  8. katadder

    Countering summoning engine crews

    I am thinking a Titania crew with her running royal indignation, fears given form and the forest claims all. She can survive most the minions quite happily and stand around in the middle of their crew turning corpses to schemes (or wasting their cards) using her fears given form and attacks to attempt to cause issues. might not work but it was something I was thinking of
  9. katadder

    Cow Wars 5 Charity - MK - 6th May SOLD OUT

    well payment sent, just hoping I am feeling it when I finish work at 5am
  10. i'm not sure because of the following sentence from GG18: If any two Schemes would earn any VP off the same model being killed or sacrificed, you must choose only one of your Schemes to score from.
  11. katadder

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    You get assassinate quite easily tbh. Also apart from arcanist swarms and summoners she is still good as those are usually the only ones with armour and you don't run her into arcanist anyway as armour is bad for any misaki. If you want storm misaki she is still regularly putting out 15 damage plus 3 lots of blasts which is generally 11 damage plus (depending on enemy grouping) per attack. Personally I don't use storm misaki anyway and do quite well with her in outcasts. She is good at not being tied down being able to charge and easily push away allowing easy undercover entourage or getting to enemy zone for marker placement then coming back to the fight She's a combination of survivability, mobility and hitting power you don't get in any other master even if she isn't the best at any one of those things in outcasts.
  12. katadder

    How do you feel about Hans?

    Have used him once in my unchargable misaki crew against a viks crew. the threat of his upgrade removal kept blood hidden for a couple of turns.
  13. katadder

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    whilst her damage isnt on the viks level she is a threat and now with survivalist and marlena webster she can survive much longer than the viks can whilst in the middle of the enemy crew. also opponents tend to hang onto cards just in case of assassination etc or I have used her to charge in and threaten a summoner removing all his cards through assassination triggers. shes quite useful, just have to figure her out and try things with her to see what works for you
  14. Does Hannah's netherflux counter misaki risky ventures (adding a crow to ml). Came up today and we played it did but would like confirmation for future reference
  15. katadder

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    I like bisento for the + to attack and damage plus possible free moves (with this in a misaki off against thunder misaki with storm my misaki won). plus everyone expects storm misaki. bishop walk 5 with 3 actions is not slow and also increases his charge range so is great. taelor isnt too bad either and with an increased threat range has to be worried about (although use bishop more in this list than taelor, she goes in my levi list and rides a kentauroi)
  16. katadder

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    I have been running this lately: Misaki: survivalist, stalking bisento Shang Yamaziko: scramble Bishop (or taelor): scramble Sue: return fire Johana: scramble (will replace with marlena when I get her) Hodgepodge effigy Oiran also once have marlena I may replace yamaziko with a librarian for some heals
  17. katadder

    The coming of the story encounter boxes

    I am with you on this. I want a fire golem but nothing else from the box so I doubt I will get it as I am not paying £40 plus for one model. its ok if you have a group that plays multiple factions but I only get to play at tourneys so cannot set up to buy with somebody else interested beforehand
  18. katadder

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    No thanks. The one faction that had never appealed to me. Also don't want the other arcanist things just the golem
  19. katadder

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    Is there any chance at all he will come out as a lone model as it's unlikely I will get it if it's only in this box. And before someone says sell the other bits, that only works if you can find buyers and there are not enough gremlins players compared to how many arcanists will be selling the gremlins half
  20. katadder

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    As it's am arcanist/gremlins box then I would say that's likely blue. You might get foundry and be able to bring it into mei TT that way
  21. katadder

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    so about june in the UK then as still waiting on marlena webster
  22. katadder

    Monday Preview - Fire Golem

    When is this box out? Really want the arcanist stuff
  23. katadder

    Leveticus in General

    Yes he is good at supply wagons as my Levi crew will put it well into opponents half on turn 1. Lazarus starts in base contact with the wagon. Vanessa commands him to push it. Lazarus then walks and pushes it. Kentauroi picks up a&d and drops him in contact with the wagon. A&d pushes it, walks then pushes again. Supply wagon is now 16" up the board 😁 you can now get on with killing the enemy crew. Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Levi supply wagons 50ss Leader: Leveticus - Cache:(1) Desolate Soul 2ss Pariah of Bone 1ss Hollow Waif 0ss Hollow Waif 0ss Ashes and Dust 14ss Scramble 1ss Lazarus 10ss Vanessa 8ss Kentauroi 8ss Hodgepodge Effigy 4ss
  24. Levi can only channel once in a turn these days. If it was pre errata Levi (which is where he should be really) then sure but not now. One channel for focus then sacrifice alot of the time at the end (unless he's your only public execution 😂)
  25. katadder

    Tournaments: Flip for turn 6+?

    Get to turn 5 then stop.