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  1. katadder

    Our worst models

    really on taelor? My opponents at tourneys have been gaining a new found respect for her (probably thought same as you guys). scramble and oathkeeper for 11 stones of decent melee threat range with ml7 and a 3/4/6 damage track with numerous triggers, hard to wound and hard to kill, high wp and immune to horror duels, whats not to like?
  2. couple of good things IMO (which alot dont agree with) for kaeris are gunsmiths, willie and kandara. also want a beater of some sort like carlos or joss (so ramos box) or maybe the upcoming fire golem from the story encounter depending on what it does.
  3. katadder

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    Raspy using child of december (shatter) on tara with all her upgrades (3 damage per upgrade carried )
  4. katadder

    The Dead Rise...30th June, Stronghold Games, Hull

    cant see the link as it wont let me. also when is this?
  5. katadder

    Where to use Marlena Webster?

    Sometimes with Levi you don't want him to die so she can be useful there as well as bringing his weaker gun. Also helps in my construct heavy Levi crews with Lazarus copying her gun and Vanessa making her shoot it again. I find her most useful with survivalist misaki as misaki is always mixing it up and normally dies, now she doesnt as she has hard to kill Plus. Although she does struggle to keep up. I actually find less use for viks as my master is not often in the face of the fight and Marlena can't protect blood. Maybe will be more agrrssive with ashes if use her though. One thing to look out for is devouring things though as she is only height 1.
  6. katadder

    Iron Scorpius choices

    just the push them back and no charge which is always nice. not on damaging, built in trigger and cast 7 pretty much means you should get it off when needed
  7. katadder

    Iron Scorpius choices

    Probably similar without colette. Mei Feng against ressers usually (although she could be good into sandeep) Raspy is often good for neverborn due to the amount of horror duels. Ironsides is good for mixing it up in the middle. Marcus for those close deployments. Kaeris for schemey pools or for stopping the viks slingshot
  8. Yea not from the charge attacks but any attacks generated by the triggers do work as they are not generated from the charge. So normally you will get 2 extra attacks that are not from the charge
  9. Was that on yasanori? Can't be bothered to listen again but yas can get 2 attacks from triggers which will benefit bewitched
  10. some nice pointers on things to do with her. may have to give her a whirl
  11. katadder

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    or vent 3 times for triple neg really protect your crew (easy enough to do too as well as rail walking)
  12. katadder

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    One thing to note from above, sparks cannot make your leader fast. I tend to use her box plus joss, arcane effigy and Willie
  13. katadder

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    Well she has a 2/4/5 damage track on the claws. You really should consider seismic claws to get her bouncing around. Also to note is vent steam does stack so can really shut down some crews. Bit of an odd crew choice I think there for your selection but then I play her as arcanist (in the UK meta) although I do have a TT crew planned for her
  14. katadder

    UK/EU print on demand

    not having a printer? also need to scan the hodgepodge cards. its what I will probably end up doing but would have been easier to just purchase them
  15. katadder

    Lucid Visions @ Boards and Swords Hobbies, Derby 29/04/18

    Cheers for running it. Fun day. Will try different crews next time 😁