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  1. Sparks 0 action actually really good

    I'm not disputing that that it is very neat with Sparks. I was mostly wondering how this can be a new thing since propelling Loudest Squeel models with non-threatening or beneficial Attacks has been in my toolbox for a long time and in general I feel that Somer doesn't walk but mostly just Loudest Squeels everywhere. So every model should be considered for this role, Sparks included. But if this is indeed something entirely new, then good for Sparks!
  2. Hog Whisperer - how, when and why?

    It's such low Masks that I tend to get them either in hand or through top decking. I really love him with The Sow as Reactivate makes her so much better. Mech Pork is also surprisingly fun to Reactivate since Armor lowers the damage from it and Bayou Two Card helps heals from Slops. But even a humble little Piglet can become ridiculously annoying when they do their Pig Charge Defensive Stance routine. I once held off half a McCabe force with a lone Defensive Piglet (though there was lots of luck involved there). And Reactivate using Truffles gives good mobility boost to the rest of your guys. After giving out Reactivate, my Hog Whisperers tend to either do Schemes or kill something gigantic in a suicide Dumb Luck Attack. I've killed for example Wrath and Izamu with Dumb Luck from one. It tends to be a bit of a shock to my opponents
  3. Sparks 0 action actually really good

    Sure. But like I said, I thought that everyone was using Loudest Squeel like that already? I mean, Sparks is really good for that yes, but there are lots of avenues for doing that in general. I once propelled Fingers an absolutely ungodly distance by Obeying her to Walk with Zoraida and having low Masks to have him fail resists with.
  4. Sparks 0 action actually really good

    ...? I'm not sure I get it. Do you just mean that you attack with something beneficial someone who has Loudest Squeel (or Stumble Around Drunk) and then instead of relenting, you cheat/flip in Masks? I've used these sorts of "attacks" a lot against Fingers and Moon Shinobis (mostly because I don't play Somer much at all) when I have Masks to spare. Trixie's Lure and her Poison thingy (just don't flip Crows) are very nice for this as is, e.g., Mah's Horrible Hollering. Francois' Gremlin Menace is also fine, though takes somewhat careful positioning to be worth it.
  5. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Great stuff, mate! Congrats - very well done! Especially nice one against Viks in Close Deployment! Mah maybe one of the weaker Gremlin Masters but that's only inside the faction (and in fact mostly because of Zipp) - she is still very capable. Also interesting analysis. Did you ever have trouble with the Roosters becoming uncontrollable? All in all a pretty unconventional list - no healing aside from the DCs (and, well, Skeeter I guess) and very limited tricks. Except for Mah, naturally.
  6. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    I missed Zipp giving a (0) to all Bayou Gremlins to spread Mood Swings. That could be pretty potent, yes. Of course the range is a bit short on it so we shall see how it really shakes out, but the potential with Bayou Two-Card is pretty interesting, I think.
  7. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    It looks like it's meant for Sammy to carry. I could see a use for it in Headhunter but it's a bit weird otherwise, agreed. Maybe GG18 has some tricks for it to be useful.
  8. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    I dunno, Focusing with them next to Lenny is absolutely horrid to the opponent in general. I think they're pretty cool. I agree that her Upgrade limit isn't really gelling with this design which is annoying, but I think that Trash looks pretty nice. It doesn't cost AP as such (well, other than Ophelia shooting her gun) and gives out a Push and a potential Heal and Scheme Marker and those don't cost AP, either. Plus it's unlimited range on both parts of it.
  9. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Neverborn

    I really don't see much of a point for the melee attack but I think that the Doll teleport looks pretty potent. Armor lowers the damage and it's not limited to Minions so can be used on Hinamatsu or the Emissary. Or with Stitched whose lack of speed is one of their main failings.
  10. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Though I do somewhat share your pessimism, I won't make a final decision until I've tested some of these. As for Brewie's Poison being a trap - well, there's naturally ways to make it silly powerful if one wanted. Giving Brewie a Ca 7 vs Wp to outright kill anyone who has Poison would be bonkers, to pick a random example. So there's obviously ways to make Poison into a viable strategy. Now, whether these new ones make it viable and whether the application of Poison with Gremlins is too much trouble for the reward remains to be seen. I do think that the weaker Gremlin Masters got better Upgrades and the two top dogs got silly ones (Zipp's Bayou Gremlin trick is funny as hell but probably one of the worst Upgrades in the whole game unless I'm missing something) so I suppose the inner balance got better. And I kinda wish that other factions would've followed a similar course. But unfortunately it seems that old powerhouses like Ramos got some sweet sweet loving.
  11. New Upgrades

    Aye, it's an interesting trade-off for sure.
  12. New Upgrades

    OK, that sounds seriously brutal!
  13. New Upgrades

    These are things I've heard: Lilith can make Hazardous terrain. Collodi gets a melee attack and something to do with her Summoning. Zoraida gets a Trigger for the Obey to have the Target Charge and also a Trigger for her Bewitch to Cast Obey on the Target. Also something about causing damage on models with multiple Conditions or something. Titania can change models into Undead Fae and can give out Armor. She can also choose Suits to add to her Actions. Pandora can Summon Sorrows and hire Woes cross-Faction. Also, her attacks get a default damage track.
  14. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    I heard that Zoraida got a Trigger for Obey allowing her to get the target to Charge.
  15. Booze, Bacon and Boomstick

    Ooh, I'm hoping it'll be Mah! Though Ulix would be fun as well. Whatever the coin says, best of luck, mate! I'm rooting for you!