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  1. Math Mathonwy

    Iron Piglet

    Iron Piglet challenge for a tournament: Use the same Master in every game but have zero overlap in hired models (profiles) between games other than the Master and their Totem. This was a brainchild of @zFiend. What do you think? Quite a bit more difficult with some Masters who rely on synergies with a limited pool of models but there's quite a few Masters that allow for a great deal of freedom in their hiring pools. I can think of at least one person on the forums who should feel like a fish in water with this challenge (a virtual cookie for whoever first guesses who I mean) but what do you people think?
  2. Math Mathonwy

    Lucky Effigy

    The only problem with Hit Me is that it is easy to get around due to it requiring the Effigy to be a valid target (unlike Challenge). So it is often rather easy to position oneself in such a way that the Effigy isn't a legal target but the actual target is. Of course you can move the Effigy accordingly, but it's still a bit tricky to get much use out of Hit Me in actual play, IMO. Especially as it costs an AP to use. Also note that Slop Haulers can only heal Gremlins and Pigs and Effigy is neither, unfortunately. As noted above, that kinda hinges on one's interpretation of the rules regarding flips. Can be nice if you interpret the rules favourably, agreed! With Collodi Lucky is absolutely amazing.
  3. Math Mathonwy

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Wait - you've lost games to that? As in more than one? Holy crap it must've been frustrating the second time it happened! (As to your actual point, I most definitely agree - opposed duels are tricky and surefire things backfire surprisingly often)
  4. Math Mathonwy

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    Is it just me or does it look like Doc Brown has fallen on some pretty hard times?
  5. Math Mathonwy

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    The most important part of Henchman Harcore is to kill the opposing Leader while keeping yours alive. If you mange this, you win almost every time barring something really freaky. So I suggest using Trixie for a Leader as she can hang back and not get killed. Cheating Initiative can also be game-winning in HH. Finally, she can Push enemies away from scoring positions and even give them Slow. For killing the opposing Leader, I suggest Francois who is pure murder. Raphael is also pretty amazing depending on terrain a bit.
  6. Math Mathonwy

    You get to make an upgrade for a weak model

    Whiskey and Bacon (2SS, Brewmaster) Marinated Pork: When a friendly Pig model activates within 6" it may suffer one Wd to gain one Poison and one extra AP for this Activation. Ham and Porter: When a friendly Tri-Chi model dies within 6" you may discard a Soulstone to Summon a Piglet into base contact with the model before removing it from play. It does not drop a Corpse Marker.
  7. Math Mathonwy

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    No they don't. Ca 7 vs Wp isn't an autowin. The positive twists add a ton of value and you can also fish for crows. I really suggest you try, e.g., a Molly Belle spam with a generic upgrade Emissary. It makes a huge difference.
  8. Math Mathonwy

    The Dreamer in GG18

  9. Math Mathonwy

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Removing Undead from them doesn't make much sense from a fluff perspective, though. I very much doubt that it will happen.
  10. Math Mathonwy

    Balanced Errata chat

    An alpha strike that happens on the second activation and has a threat range of 26" for a pretty easy 24 points of single target damage that goes through Armor and HtK is somewhat difficult to play around, though, even if you're good, and sort of twists the game in a weird way that I'm not a huge fan of.
  11. Math Mathonwy

    Ours and Gremlins

    I think that Guarded Treasure is a really difficult Scheme and would've opted for something else most likely. It limits the positioning of your most potent models and that is a huge hurdle. You also have very limited amount of extra AP to use in dropping Scheme markers around. I would've been tempted to take, e.g., Merris and another Survivor and tried for a Breakthrough. It's a difficult pool, though, I think.
  12. Math Mathonwy

    Balanced Errata chat

    I was honestly surprised that it isn't common in your part of the world. I can't remember the last time I've fielded Gremlins against Nico in these parts without him having Reaper Grin (since it so nicely curbs alpha strikes and since he really only has two must-take Upgrades).
  13. Math Mathonwy

    Balanced Errata chat

    Huh? Here Reaper Grin has been an autotake for Nico against Gremlins since book four.
  14. Math Mathonwy

    Mah is good

    So, Mah in the ITC. I took her to four games there and I still think she's superb. First game I lost before the game in that I took an idiotic crew against Wong and then copied the Schemes wrong and ended up taking a non-existing Scheme. But@Rosskov played Wong really well and I lost by more than three points so. But Mah pressured Wong really well and zoomed to safety when needed and so on. This was also the only game where I lost Mah. Second game I faced Neverborn Swampfiend Lynch. Mah zoomed into a corner to kill a Silurid and Bad Juju burst out. Mah endured his attacks and then zoomed away leaving Bad Juju badly out of position (with Trixie ensuring that it stayed that way). Mah tied up a ton of models (and Raphael shot Lynch for 10 damage) giving me the win. Third game against Hamelin in Close Deployment. I prepped the Francois bomb but flipped a Black Joker so Hamelin barely survived. Out of cards, though, he wasn't able to Summon more Stolen to protect himself and Mah zoomed in for a beginning-of-second-turn kill. Afterwards she did Punish the Weak and Symbols doing most of my points. The table was super weird (way more than half of it was forest) so Mah's Pushes and Unimpeded came in handy. Fourth game was against Nico and I took Franc bomb again. Once more Black Joker ensured that Mah had to zoom in for a beginning-of-second-turn kill. She did Punish the Weak and Symbols doing most of my points. Unfortunately my opponent had Undercover Entourage as opposed to Take One for the Team and I lost. But it was definitely my best performance against Nicodem in a tournament. Final game I played Wong and won basically solely through my opponent's horrid luck. But yeah, Mah is amazing! Her mobility is out of this world and makes her really survivable and really dangerous. I can just imagine how annoying she must be to play against with her absolutely ridiculous threat range. She doesn't do massive damage so don't go after the toughest things but rather target the vulnerable stuff. Also, amazing opponents. I had five super great games against super cool people.
  15. Math Mathonwy

    Our worst models

    Fun stuff! I'll comment. Removing Merc is not a good idea as it invalidates model collections in a harsh way (I mean, Stuffed nerf most certainly invalidated collections but in a soft way (you could take them if you were playing against a toddler or something)) and I think that Burt is good at 8SS anyway. Not needed. Merris is fine. YES! Out For Blood is horrid and should be just added somewhere. They are fine. He most certainly needs something, agreed. Sure. I'm not sure it would make much of a difference, though. A fun idea (Poison, that is) but I think they should retain the chance of backfiring. Still, with the new level of 3SS I agree that they could use something. I don't think that that is needed. Her Lure is super powerful. Yeah, he really does need something. I think that he is fine. I would like their (3)Action to be somehow useful. I'm not convinced. Agreed. I don't think so. I think that he is fine power-wise, though his blastiness pales in comparison to the other blaster Masters so I wouldn't be opposed to it being tampered with a bit. Yes! Nimble/Reckless might be a bit much but he certainly could use something. I wish Packed with Explosives gave out Poison and Burning. Yes! This is my favourite of your suggestions, though they could take a small buff as well as that's a giant nerf. Maybe one Wd more? Or even Armor +1 (too much?). All that said, I believe this summer errata will be compact and focus on problematic models as opposed to buffs so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't even touch Gremlins this time. ...well, other than nerfing, I dunno, Banjonistas mystically, because there's traditions to uphold. (not really)