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  1. WIzard Gremlin Gunline

    Aye, "When this model is deployed, choose another non-Peon model." (bolding mine). I suppose you could swap one Bokor for a Bushwhacker and make her Magical. Or try and fit in Trixie with her Upgrade and make her Magical.
  2. January 2018 Errata

    You should try him with Reva, Tara, and Yan Lo at least as well. I was down on the guy at first but I've been shown the error of my ways. I guess time will tell.
  3. January 2018 Errata

    I think that it's very easy to argue that Gremlins are the faction who offer the least amount of support/synergy for McTavish. Other Factions have several ways of buffing him better and have better Upgrades for him to take. On Burt I agree with you (he has access to a ton of support in Gremlins). Dead is pretty boss, actually. I except that we'll start seeing him quite a lot.
  4. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    So what are your thoughts on Bunraku now they are 5SS? They look quite nice, I think. Good stats (Wk 6 is nice), Armor and a baked-in Trigger for Df that isn't bad, a useful (0)Action and a nice Push to pop Pounce and such (I find that I often have few things that can activate the Changeling Surprise when Emissary Summons them). And naturally all the Puppet synergy. It looks like a nice package. How many should be used? Just one for spice? Or would it be overkill to take three?
  5. Zoraida, new and improved?

    I, too, have had good experiences with Gupps. The important thing to realize about them is that you don't need to Leap with them all the time. Consider what you're trying to do and Leap when you need to. I've used Spawn Mother quite a bit with Zoraida (as she really likes having two Wisps around and the other Wisp can help Mother) and she's been fine. Not spectacular because she doesn't do much damage or survive much of anything but she's a big presence and the Charge is a good deterrent. She basically acts as a counter punch when needed. The Gupps are the real deal there. That said, she is far from an autoinclude.
  6. Errata 2018 - your minds

    I disagree. I don't think that Gremlins ever were all that super random. Random is a spice for them in the form of some mandatory triggers and such but things like Dumb Luck or Pigs and Roosters Charging around aren't really random as such as they can be controlled and the risks can be mitigated. Or the opponent can outwit you and you end up paying but that's the way it goes. I don't think that it is random per se.
  7. Errata 2018 - your minds

    I think that both, Stuffed Piglets and Bayou Gremlins should be comparable to Guild Guard in that all are 3SS. I think that's a very unfair reading of what edopersichetti wrote. Doppelganger is pretty bonkers and could easily have had her cost raised to 8SS. I don't think that there would be any more complaints about that than about anyone else whose cost was raised. So edo's point was that maybe people should be more vocal about such things. Now, personally, I do agree with edo in the sense that loudness shapes at the very least the public opinion and that probably does have an effect. I mean, of course people should be honest in their criticisms, but I don't think that edo was suggesting dishonesty and shouting stuff down in order to get an advantage from it as a faction as you seem to have read from it. I dunno, the whole idea that someone would honestly think that seems rather bizarre. Which was rather needed yes. But it's a bit different from McTavish's price increase, I think. Nurse, Yasunori, and Terracotta Warrior are better comparisons. "Ruin Mercenary Mechanics" is maybe going a bit far, don't you think? I mean, he did merely suggest raising the Merc tax by one for two models. Some models in fact had this rule in the first edition. It is a valid point that it wouldn't help with the Nellie problem.
  8. Errata hopes?

    Yeah, it's a shame about Teddy. Especially as it's such a super iconic model for Malifaux and Wyrd. Kade got a stone cheaper, I guess Does Vasilisa have any game without her Upgrade?
  9. Errata hopes and dreams?

    @zFiendonce slapped Dreamer to death on turn one
  10. Help me expand my model and master collection.

    She used to be sort of a discount bin version of Collodi but these days she has her own thing. Compared to Collodi you can run a far more elite crew and don't need to focus on Minions (or Puppets!) so that makes a huge difference and Wisps doing Voodoo Doll stuff and her Obeying the enemy models to Charge one another is very powerful nowadays. She also likes Pigs so it's worth considering, I think.
  11. Help me expand my model and master collection.

    Mah can have various lists. Usually you want some melee Gremlins and after that you can take whatever, basically. She buffs a bit and beats face nicely but her main strengths are being a massive distraction (traps and her giant melee range can annoy immensely), being insanely mobile trouble shooter, Pushing your models around, and pruning your hand.
  12. Errata hopes?

  13. Errata hopes?

    I am? Holy crap! Thanks, dude! nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf Whooohoo!
  14. Errata hopes?

    I agree that it really should be "friendly non-Leader Puppet models". It would be a big n€rf but she would still be really good.
  15. Help me expand my model and master collection.

    Mah is a fine possibility I think. She can make good use of Survivors and the Mech Pork, she likes other Pigs well enough, and she loves the Criers. She is also extremely different from Ulix. And Trixie rocks. The only strike against her is that three Bushwhackers is a ridiculous amount (but then again, so is three Iron Skeeters). Wong is also a good choice as he can work with anything, basically. And Lightning Bugs are great and can even heal a bit. Swine-cursed are amazing with Wong but they can be used with Mah and even with Ulix. So yeah, based on what you wrote, I'd suggest (not in any specific order): Mah Wong Criers Mech Pork Survivors Sparks/Swine-Cursed/Slop Haulers/The Sow