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  1. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    Yeah - I haven't seen the new Hoffman on the field so that was completely outdated information. Before the new stuff he was counterable but his new Upgrades took away his weaknesses so I do believe you. Well, I doubt he's tier 1 as those are sorta the disruptive Masters but I could easily see him at 1.5.
  2. Math Mathonwy

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    I think Raphael is an apple while Burt is an orange. Raphael excels in solitude while Burt requires friends. I usually play them very different from one another using them for different things.
  3. Math Mathonwy

    Our worst models

    You mean the colour of whiskey? ... ...really bad whiskey...
  4. Math Mathonwy

    Our worst models

    First Guild steal our Mercs so they get nerfed and now they steal conversations about our lists as well! They truly are the bad guys of Malifaux!
  5. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    You convinced me. I upgraded Lady Justice to Tier 2 and dropped Levi to Tier 2. I mean, since this is the official tier list, I guess that things like this should be fixed!
  6. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    I think that Schill still has the problem that his crew is a bit low on AP to "waste" on Interacting plus it isn't very mobile. I mean, he can hire dedicated Scheme runners naturally but if those get neutralized, he has more trouble than most in coming up with new answers. And yeah, I agree that Mah is very competitive these days but I feel that Zipp still kinda outshines her. He is even more mobile, arguably a better beater (in that he is more of an answer to things that Gremlins have trouble with while she is "just" a regular beater), similarly disruptive, and has card tricks as well through his Rambling. I could be wrong, though. Lady Justice is certainly a good option these days. Maybe she should be Tier 2, agreed. At the very least she is super close to it.
  7. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    Levi and Von Schill were ones I really wasn't at all sure about. Mah I put in 2.5 because of Zipp. If he didn't exist, Mah would be comfortably Tier 2, IMO. As for Mama Z - yeah, I feel that NB Zoraida could probably be Tier 1.5. Good input, thank you!
  8. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    More cookies! Good stuff, thank! (I didn't leave out anyone on purpose but I was sure I forgot some as I simply put them there when they crossed my mind)
  9. Math Mathonwy

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    I like this thread. This is a good thread.
  10. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    A cookie! (I hate Vik and wish she wasn't in the game - probably Tier 2, though)
  11. Math Mathonwy

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    As you may know, I'm the highest authority on Malifaux and I have decided to decree the official tier list for GG18 as follows: Tier 1: Nicodem, Sandeep, Collodi Tier 1.5: Nelly, Kirai, Reva, Marcus, Lilith, Hamelin, Zipp, Shenlong Tier 2: Hoffman, Perdita, McCabe, Sonnia, Lady Justice, Resser McMourning, Tara, Molly, Ironsides, Rasputina, Ramos, Pandora, Lynch, Titania, Dreamer, Zoraida, Vikkies, Levi, Asami, Somer, Wong, TT Mei Feng Tier 2.5: Guild McMourning, Lucius, Yan Lo, Seamus, Kaeris, Arcanist Mei Feng, Misaki, Jack Daw, Ulix, Mah Tuckett, Ophelia Tier 3: Colette, Parker, Von Schill, Brewmaster Tier 1 is the top of the heap. Tier 1.5 is really superb ones but that may not yield quite the best possible results if you solo them. Tier 2 is the good stuff and likely the power level I would personally love every Master to be at. Tier 2.5 is good as well but with maybe slightly more situational Masters. Nothing wrong with these. Finally Tier 3 is the ones who might do with a bit of a boost maybe because they are a bit lackluster or because someone else in the faction does their job simply better. Doesn't mean that you can't win with them, however. You may now thank me. ... In all seriousness, this was pulled out of my arse with maybe fifteen minutes worth of pondering and I have taken part in exactly one GG18 tournament and there is absolutely nothing official about any of this in any shape or form. I barely know what I'm talking about. Furthermore, I think that tier lists are very fluid in any case. But they are fun to talk about! And in order to give some food for thought, I posted what I posted. Please share yours or discuss this one or maybe even have a meta discussion about tier lists and their usefulness. Oh, and don't tell anyone, but there were quite a few Masters with whom I oscillated between two tiers for quite a while. For example, I feel that basically all of the dual TT Masters are better in TT than in the other faction but I'm not sure whether this is big enough to warrant another tier except in Mei Feng's case. Oh, and a cookie to anyone who notices the Master I forgot!
  12. Math Mathonwy

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    I think what you have on her is already good stuff. Just add this (feel free to edit, though) as a last sentence to the first paragraph: "And though she is not usually used for her damage in an Ophelia crew, Burning can be very handy for finishing off potential sucker models when there's Schemes like Frame For Murder or Take One for the Team in the Scheme Pool."
  13. Math Mathonwy

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Two years more and you can have her do all your terrain for you. "This terrain looks like a three-year old made it!" "Very astute!" "But... all the glitter really takes me out of the experience!"
  14. Math Mathonwy

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    A good thread! I would add to Merris that her Burning is great for taking out likely Suckers when Frame for Murder or Take One for the Team is in the pool. This is especially relevant since Ophelia and Franc are so killy and tend to give full points for the Scheme for the opponent. As for Lenny, I would mention that he can Toss Ophelia which is nice and a Young LaCroix who Focus Shoots near Lenny is the stuff of nightmares for the opponent. If they get hit, do they cheat a really high card to avoid potentially massive damage knowing that if they do, you'll just shrug and decide that it was 2SS well spent?
  15. Math Mathonwy

    Zipp - rather good fun

    Do Over's "discard for card draw" happens at the start of the Activation so you can't stack the deck for it. Huh? Never realized that Criers are Ht 1. That's weird. But certainly useful!