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  1. Even though that is the classic move, I would argue that both Wong and, especially, Zipp are also possible directions. Wong is a bit similar in playstyle to Ophelia but Zipp is really different and his box gives you an excellent Schemer and the Iron Skeeters work superbly well with the Kin.
  2. Can't the enemy drop the Scheme Marker in such a way that they block Bultungin's LOS to it? I mean, it does limit the placement a bit but it seems like it would be pretty trivial much of the time?
  3. Note that the position in a given tier list bears absolutely no meaning so Dita isn't at the top of T1. She is versatile, mobile, and deadly, and (this is crucial), very difficult to nullify. I consider her still one of the best Masters in the game. Sonnia is T0 on the correct board but if she can't make use of her Flame Walls I have never had too much trouble with her (well, more than others at T2 - I have lost to her and I have won against her). She is squishy and can be nullified by tying her into melee. Compared to Wong, for example, the Gremlin version is way, way tougher and can escape combat easily. Then, Kaeris. I admit that I have minimal experience against her in GG17 - she might very well be T2 material these days. Finally, note that the tier list reflects my experiences and my strengths and weaknesses to a point. It is, like all of these sorts of lists, subjective and shouldn't be taken as gospel by absolutely anyone. That said, I do welcome discussion about it (which is why I posted it in the first place) and am always interested in others' take on lists like these.
  4. I'm guessing that one of the numbers above is wrong? And yeah, very much agreed about Debt to the Guild, it's pretty bonkers.
  5. You can't Autofire Assimilate.
  6. "(0) Assimilate (Ca 8t / TN: 14t / Rst: Wp / Rg: 8): Select a (1) Action printed on target Construct or one of its Upgrades that does not list a model by name. This model immediately takes the selected Action, but may not declare Triggers."
  7. Laz can't Summon since those actions list a model by name.
  8. Alyssa, though still doing these in the Wyrd style, seems to be able to infuse a lot of character into these. Compared to the previous art, I think that these have quite a bit more soul, in a sense. I really like this new direction! Difficult to say how well this will work as a mini, though. Interesting to see, for sure!
  9. Well, to be fair Belles were weakened by errata and Austringers were also changed so I guess that they weren't just perceived as being broken but actually were above the curve. Interestingly it looked to me that Wave 5 had lower stats again present in larger quantities. Or at least fives - in Waves three and four it seemed that six was just crazy common. Not all that many sevens, though, I don't think. Yeah, I think that those three Emissaries are the only ones from that wave which produced real waves. There's some solid choices there as well but they are mostly marginally better for some specific task than stuff from the previous waves so a pretty incremental change. I mean, Wind Gamins are pretty brilliant but Arcanists did have solid Scheme runners already so they mostly widen the spectrum rather than breaking new ground like much of the Wave 4 stuff did.
  10. Of course it is. And my win/loss record against certain players is certainly rather one-sided. I took exception against the claim that "the differences in "power" between even the masters are so minuscule, it doesn't really matter in a local group, where player skill will just be more important than any balance issue" where I agree that skill is more important but the power differences still matter. I have beaten your Colette with (pre-cuddle) Ophelia but I very much doubt I would've done so had I used Brewmaster with a Tri-Chi based crew.
  11. I kinda agree with this but I think that you're oversimplifying a bit. I mean, there's no one in my meta who I haven't lost to and who I haven't won if I have played more than four games against them. So even though skill does play a huge part it doesn't trump all. And if both players are at least somewhat on the same level skill-wise I do think that Brewmaster will lose quite a bit more often to Perdita or Kirai than the other way around. There are no hopeless match-ups, true, but there are still tier differences and they are more pronounced than in Infinity. I also think that adding more models to Malifaux isn't making it better but rather the opposite. I understand why they are being added and Malifaux won't be turning unplayable any time soon but I do think that they aren't adding to the game anymore. As for power creep - well, the first book contained the most broken and the most useless stuff, in general. There was Francois and Francisco but also Oiran and Samurai (before the fixing Upgrades). So I'm not convinced that there is much in the way of power creep happening in Malifaux. In fact, I would argue that Wave 3 was the other way around with model ranging from "nice" to "not very good". A couple of the Emissaries are really powerful but otherwise there wasn't all that much there that you should be adding to your models if you're looking for THE ULTIMATE POWER.
  12. Quite possibly the easiest model ever to proxy - just paint a random mini completely brown/grey
  13. Note that this thread is pretty old in that a lot had happened and not just new models but new errata as well. I'm thinking that my new tier list would be: Tier 1: Perdita, Somer, Kirai, Ramos, Colette, Dreamer, Collodi, Jack Daw, Leveticus, Wong, Zipp, Nellie, Sandeep, Reva, Lilith, Nicodem, Marcus, McCabe Tier 2: Sonnia, Resser McMourning, Tara, Molly, Seamus, Rasputina, Mei Feng, Zoraida, Lynch, Pandora, Vikkies, Von Schill, Misaki, Hamelin, Ulix, Mah Tuckett, Shenlong, Parker, Asami, Titania Tier 3: Guild McMourning, Lady Justice, Hoffman, Yan Lo, Ironsides, Lucius, Kaeris, Ophelia Tier 4: Brewmaster Compared to my previous list, the distance between the tiers has shortened, I think. Especially between tiers 2-4.
  14. Adding Creative Taxidermy would allow you to build very competitive lists out of Zipp's box (and Mech Pork and Sparks(?)). Taxidermists are fine hitters and very nice ferrying targets for the Iron Skeeters. And Stuffed Piglets are silly powerful for their cost.
  15. Burt Jebsen doesn't come in the three starter boxes I was trying to work with