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  1. She actually doesn't need a card to threaten the transformation and that threat can be a powerful denial tool. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have Summoned with Sammy since most of the time, if she threatens it, the opponent doesn't even bother laying down the Scheme Markers. Comparing her Summoning to a Taxidermist's is IMO quite wrong as her strength is denial while a Taxidermist actually puts Stuffed Piglets on the board (which contributes in a different way). YMMV (Your meta may vary, that is ) To be fair, Jynx is one of the rare things that actually might save your beater from a Howard But yeah, I do know what you mean and agree with the gist of it.
  2. I am in absolute agreement with you here! Sammy does quite a few things that you might not notice in that her threat to the enemy Scheme Markers is extremely significant and the strain that she puts on your control hand is a lot less than many other models. It's something that doesn't get nearly the attention that it deserves but loading up on the "best" models might not make the best list if getting the best out of that list needs more resources (cards and SS) than what you can afford. If you fill your force with models that each perform at their best when they consume half your hand, you will likely be disappointed. Now, naturally there is a flip side to it and Gremlin support options are so awesome that it can be tempting to go too heavy on support. Two Slop Haulers, Sammy, Cranky and Trixie means that if the enemy kills the three or so models who actually do damage in your force, you're a bit out of luck. So balance is needed. But I do think that some of Sammy's worth is done in subtle ways not easily observable in a game or two but more as long-term trends. Good stuff, Dogmantra, good stuff!
  3. I wonder if the format would work better with the Masters simply not getting the extra AP (so they would have 2 like everyone else)? I wonder how it would affect the power balance of the various Masters but the small game size already throws that out of whack so I doubt it would "break" anything any worse than the format already would.
  4. Unfortunately This Thing Shoots is a Ca Action so not allowed under the effects of Hallucinogens. I suppose you could use it, then give Hallucinogens and finally Obey the Survivor but that seems an insane amount of effort for pretty little gain. Unless I'm missing something, that is.
  5. Or give it to Sammy so Somer can partake as well...
  6. Aye, the postage jumps really high when you order a moderate amount of cards (or a small amount and a deck box). Ordering a small amount of cards has the postage remain at reasonable levels. I wonder if the jump happens when they switch from a padded envelope to a cardboard box or something but it is quite jarring.
  7. But note that you really don't need more than crimzzen's list. Heck, if you read Joel's Zipp thread, you can see that you can prune away about half of even that and dominate the UK scene (if you've got mad skills, naturally). But I believe that this is true of basically any faction - Papabox Sonnia basically won the biggest tournament in the US with a fixed list two years running. But you could add to the list very easily. For example, I don't understand how he can include Swine Cursed but not the Hog Whisperer. He is also missing Trixiebelle, Sammy, and Fingers - all of which I consider pretty "essential". But that's his style and it must serve him well. Besides, it's better to learn a limited number of models really well rather than try to handle absolutely everything equally.
  8. Obey doesn't normally change who the target sees as friendly and who as enemy unless otherwise noted. So no, they don't need to take the Terror Test when targeting a friendly model.
  9. Come on! It's convoluted and evil - just like Guild would want it! Besides, I doubt it will break anything - 12SS for two Sergeants isn't exactly cheap even if they get an extra inch of movement.
  10. Sergeant A knows that Sergeant B is somewhere on the battlefield. So he checks B's card. "Other friendly Guardsmen" - hehey, that's me, Sergeant A! I'm an other friendly Guardsman to Sergeant B. "That begin their activation within 3 of one or models with this Ability" - hehey, that's me, Sergeant A, since I begin my activation within 3" of a model with this ability (that model being me).
  11. They don't even need to be next to each other - mere presence on the battlefield is enough to provide the effect since the Sergeant provides the Aura.
  12. I'll be honest. "Nice enough a list but I would swap the Austringers for Guard Sergeants" was kinda a sentence I wasn't expecting to read under this edition...
  13. This one does it using just Factions for the pairings:
  14. Do you ask them before or after playing Nellie?
  15. Yes, this! ...though since that's coming from a Printing Press, I can't discount the possibility that it is merely Guild propaganda... Oh, I absolutely love Guild McM - one of my favourites in the whole game! So not trying to dissuade anyone from playing him. But merely thinking of the competitive "objective" aspect.