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  1. You could of course use it against an enemy's strike as well but half the damage of Francois is more than the full damage of the enemy... Which is a bit strange when you come to think about it
  2. With the clouds and the Place effect of his Melee attack, Zipp seems like he would be pretty good for Extraction - why don't you like him in there?
  3. Mah and five Moon Shinobis is totally a title for a movie I would go and see again and again. It's also an utterly bonkers list! I love it!
  4. Mechpork has the surprisingly useful station ability - it's a Minion. It is our toughest Minion and that can be useful, especially so in GG2017. Also, I find that all Pigs (barring Gracie and Stuffed Piglets) really need the Pig synergy to get the full fun out of them. For example, I consider an unsupported Sow somewhat lackluster but I really love her when I give her enough support to make her sing. Now, I'm not saying that they aren't just a wee bit overpriced - they probably are! But they aren't bad, either and they do have their place, IMO. One big thing about them is that they don't put a strain on your hand. Bayou Two-card and the positive twists that they give can really work to your advantage when your Master, for example, is hogging up cards like there's no tomorrow.
  5. Somer giving them Crows for autoslow is pretty fun but six still seems quite excessive. I've been mostly favouring two like EpicWaffle.
  6. I do agree but wish to note that there are "fishy" models like that in the game already like Wind Gamin.
  7. I must agree with Joel 100%. Whiskey Golem doesn't suck outright or anything but he can be a bit clumsy on certain boards and his endurance is a bit weird and he can be brought down somewhat easily if properly concentrated upon. His engagement reach is his most critical limitation, IMO. If he had a 3" reach I would use him a lot more. But I wish to stress that he isn't horrible and he has his place. And he does have fun synergies around. For example, Sparks and Mechpork offer fun stuff for him.
  8. Zoraida with Lenny and Gracie is pretty nice. A Nurse can full-heal Lenny without adverse effects and Lenny riding on Gracie's saddle gives Gracie extra protection and Rams. Zoraida Obeying Gracie to Walk allows the use of the Saddle (unlike Pushes and Lures) and Obeying her to hit something with Lenny's Rams is pretty golden. Lenny and Trixie pair with Mah is pretty fun. There are the obvious Ml bonuses but Mah can also Push Lenny when the enemy moves him out of position (due to his awful Wp). Too bad about the loss of Rams for Mah but the protection Aura is still nice and it also means that you are less prone to bundle them up when it isn't actually needed.
  9. I use these: http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/shop/dungeon-monsters/dm9a-stirges-4/ And usually try and get a third one on the first turn.
  10. Thank you for the battle reports! Very high quality and I enjoy them a lot. You have such unorthodox lists (meaning both you and your opponents) that it's quite refreshing. Sad to see you switch sides, though
  11. Wp Aura?
  12. If you can get his Aura to work, I think that he is fantastic. If his Aura isn't of use, then he pales a bit in comparison with our other 7-Stone options. His buffs are neat but I don't think they make him worth the Stones alone. So I'm guessing that you're going right rather than wrong.
  13. Note that Somer especially can kill his own models really efficiently turning Bayou Gremlins into new Bayou Gremlins/Piglets/Skeeters and getting a Corpse and two cards out of the deal as well.
  14. Do Over on McTavish seems just so wrong! But yeah, that's a very nice list - thank you for sharing!