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  1. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    His problem is that if he is useful, the opponent will kill him. And he is arguably one of the easiest things to kill on a "toughness to SS" ratio in the Faction.
  2. Titania and will o' wisps

    OTOH if nothing is dying you should be winning so having a useless model in such a situation isn't a problem, generally speaking.

    If your neck of the woods is OK with proxies, this is absolutely perfect for a Collodi Lazarus - much more of a patch-work construct and even has a puppet: Big Brother by Infamy Miniatures. I like Laz with Bag of Props Collodi.
  4. Immidiately or not, timing question

    If there would be a FAQ about the Voodoo Doll, I'm 99% sure it would say that the Doll first gets Slow, then Hems.
  5. Ophelia - positive sensations

    Pigapult, Sammy, and a couple of Stuffed Piglets is a lot more SS in support than hiring just Lenny. And Lenny is great with Young LaCroix.
  6. Pandora Tactica

    I'm not all that convinced by Aether Connections. You need to use a lot of Stones for prevention on that model for it to become useful. If you don't have a full pool taking an extra Stone instead of Aether Connections seems like a better deal. That extra Stone likely deflects two damage so you need to make three prevention flips for Aether Connections to be worth if over an extra Stone. And when you take three damage, you might flip a Severe at which point Aether Connections was again useless. Especially with Summon Pandy who is likely to stone for suits, I'm not sure that I would go for AE.
  7. Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Unfortunately a "he". Would've been fun if he had been a gal.
  8. Two Teddies and Then?

    Aye, as Nikodemus noted, one of the new Upgrades gives Dreamer some extra wounds, a Cg value, a melee attack with a Cricket Bat and an extra AP usable only for Melee. It is Limited so can be seen as a third "major" way of playing Dreamer.
  9. Two Teddies and Then?

    The new melee Dreamer might be worth a shot - you'd try to overwhelm the enemy with hard-hitting low Df targets.

    Have you had luck with that? It seems fine in theory but somewhat clumsy in practice?

    I used Laz and he isn't bad. You can have Changelings copying his gun which is pretty nice and Marionettes Pushing him was also useful. But as usual, his use depends quite a bit on terrain.
  12. Obey and (1) Charge actions

    This is true but I think that if something would be extremely wonky (like it would be here) there is an extremely high chance of it being FAQed to work the other way. Now, one can naturally wax poetical about assuming and such but I still think that there is some worth to asking "What would the FAQ do?"
  13. Inescapable Trap should be scoreable off peons

    There are some models whose design seemed to take quite strongly into account the chance to use them for Strats but still being Insignificant. Night Terrors and the Depleted to take two examples have been very valid choices for Reconnoiter and I'm not convinced that that is a bad thing. Insignificant Minions have a certain niche, I think, and retaining that design space is IMO a good thing.
  14. Somer's Encouragement upgrade when charging

    Isn't the FAQ entry on Obey sort of evidence? Charge is a Tactical Action yet for Obeying it counts as something that fulfills the clause on taking an Attack Action due to Obey. I realize that generalizing based on specific FAQ entries isn't very wise but since this is kinda the only evidence in either direction? "Resulting" and "due" seem quite synonymous in this context, after all.
  15. Which are Gremlins best scheme runners?

    That's a great list! To expand on the last bullet, Raphael and Francois are both pretty amazing as Scheme Runners. Work well as a solo piece, can kill any other Scheme runner they come across (maybe barring A&D) and are quite hardy. Schemes give you VP and these guys can do those Schemes with extreme certainty. Worth considering!