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  1. We have the molds, etc - but that requires either bringing in a spin machine or trucking them somewhere (more likely) to do so. Loooots of work. Not saying it won't happen, but unlikely. As for books and stuff, look about and you can find those easily enough.
  2. New Phone App Forgotten Purchase

    I just went into Google Play and installed it and it recognized me for no issues, having gone from Samsung 7 to a Pixel 2 today. Give it another shot or contact through customer service and they should sort you.
  3. Wyrdscapes

    Ding. Ding.
  4. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    We'll make it available one way or another eventually - or give aways. Right now it is going into the Guilder store.
  5. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Nope. He's in about 17 pieces instead of the 50 plus he would have been in with HIPS.
  6. Wyrdscapes

    Heh. Lets see if I can remember the questions asked here. What is it made out of - same stuff our Malifaux miniatures are. HIPS. They will come on a sprue and you bust them out, put together and you're good to go. We've gone out of our way to get rid of fiddly bits and thin parts and everything is pretty beefy and thick. An no, you don't have to put each roof tile on individually. Tiles are 12"x12" and can be spun about and put together however you want and connected on the bottom so that they don't slide apart, etc. There is quite a bit that y'all haven't seen, or I should say all of it. Yes we have scatter terrain, barricades, etc. Yes there are more planned beyond this set. Yes many of the buildings are modular. You can stack multiple levels, etc and then pick and choose between some roof tops as well. It's not all interchangeable (particularly the large building), but we've tried to build in some back and forth customization. Pricing - haven't gotten that tacked down a 100% yet but we're working on it. We're not after an arm and a leg - maybe a small finger or big toe perhaps. Yes for some it will be a 'luxury' item, but then again, anything beyond the basic necessities is. You'll also be able to pick them up as kits and build upon them as you want, so there is no need to break the bank all at once if you want.
  7. Round Four Voting - Information

    Iron Painter, not Iron Painters. This is not a collaborative. You are a damn talented individual and other than time, you had no need for help. Granted, a great reason to be short on time with opening a new business venture, but still - not exactly a reason for a pass either. I'm going to be slightly unprofessional and drive my employees crazy right now. Horse shit. I don't care where you are from, who you are, or your background. As a matter of fact, I don't even get involved in the judging of this in the least - and the only time I've had to step in this whole competition when there was the question that has arisen about your entry. Load of talented individuals out there, matter of fact, I spend a fair amount of funds purchasing paint projects from them (including, yes, quite a number of Russian and Eastern Europe painters). At the end of the day, I'm interested in the finished product, not exactly who did what and where they came from. Congratulations on your endeavor and best of luck with it. The picture of the red head looking through the window is the best.
  8. Round Four Voting - Information

    This isn't and wasn't a bitz box. Plenty of people DNF the competition because they don't have time to complete it - having someone create or help with it to save time sort of defeats the purpose whether the final painting was done entirely by the individual. Also not going to debate it. It goes against the rules and purpose of this contest. I understand some folks may feel otherwise, if I need to explain it out that no other individual needs to be working on said entry then we'll do so down to the point of stupidity so that there are no 'but you didn't say explicitly....' in the future.
  9. Wyrdscape Preview

    I know what you meant. Hard plastic.
  10. Wyrdscape Preview

    Which kinds of minis? The wobbly ones that fall off their bases and turn into pools of jello at a hot breath.
  11. Wyrdscape Preview

    If you read right above the picture where I posted, you already have your answer.
  12. Wyrdscape Preview

    Just because type of day ... Yup, that's plastic, just like our miniatures.
  13. Winter Wonderland issue

    First orders of Winter Wonderland are now starting to go out - we'll be doing so sporadically over the week as product comes in batches. In the mean time, Angel has gotten a hold of the resin himself and starts to paint ..
  14. Malifaux App Launched!

    Android is live - IOS is being fast tracked for approval. Apple loves to approve and oversee everything.