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  1. Wyrdscape Preview

    I know what you meant. Hard plastic.
  2. Wyrdscape Preview

    Which kinds of minis? The wobbly ones that fall off their bases and turn into pools of jello at a hot breath.
  3. Wyrdscape Preview

    If you read right above the picture where I posted, you already have your answer.
  4. Wyrdscape Preview

    Just because type of day ... Yup, that's plastic, just like our miniatures.
  5. Winter Wonderland issue

    First orders of Winter Wonderland are now starting to go out - we'll be doing so sporadically over the week as product comes in batches. In the mean time, Angel has gotten a hold of the resin himself and starts to paint ..
  6. Malifaux App Launched!

    Android is live - IOS is being fast tracked for approval. Apple loves to approve and oversee everything.
  7. Malifaux App Launched!

    If you have issues, report it via the contact us to the app tech support - only way they are going to get to work on things.
  8. Winter Wonderland issue

  9. Winter Wonderland issue

  10. Winter Wonderland issue

  11. Winter Wonderland issue

    Contact customer service. Normally it would cause a delay in the processing of your order as someone has to change things up, but in this case ... not so much an issue due to said delay already happening.
  12. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    They don't come pre-based. Beasts in the Box (Wendigo) go on a 30mm. You can use all or one, whatever.
  13. Black Friday Sale

    If you put a note in there before checkout - it's there (I've had a dozen customer service e-mails asking about that today alone). That being said, if you're truly worried about it, you can send a customer service e-mail and I'll be happy to check it for you and confirm.
  14. Black Friday Sale

    Send a message to customer service and if it gets in to them before they start processing them, it's usually an easy sort. If it's after they start sorting - you might end up with a random or longer processing time as they have to pull and 'touch' your order. I'm working customer service today trying to sort anything and everything before the folks come in on Monday so ... now is your best chance.
  15. Black Friday Sale

    We'll look into it.