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  1. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Been there, done that - not doing it again. Particularly when you can get upwards to near 200+ entries. The rules were posted before folks signed up for it so nothing should be a surprise. Besides, at that point, folks would have hollered that the judges were bias, or that there is something else wrong. As it stands, there will continue to be drop outs, there will continue to be accusations of unfairness and there will be private e-mails/pm's sent asking if a particular judge is cross eyed or just plain ignorant. With this, particularly the tier system, you the community get to do the placement, and then the judges will come in and participate from round 2 onward. Don't care for it - eyeball your peers. We want it to be fun for everyone, and honestly I'm very pleased with the participation up to this point, but having run this contest as long as we have, inevitably any of the above up there is going to happen and some folks are going to get a bit testy. At the end of the day, please remember to have fun as well while being competitive and creative. Looking forward to your entries. Not envying the judges.
  2. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Probably tomorrow. As it was, it was an all day affair getting to this point and making certain rankings and theme was up for y'all today before everyone left the office for the day (as it was, some still stayed to make it happen).
  3. August LGS Promotion

    You're in the russian federation - considering these were sent out middle'ish of September, you're still good to wait for everything to get to you on that end.
  4. TTB Core on DriveThruRPG

  5. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Tracks your IP and a bit of leg work.
  6. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    No, as you wouldn't have had it done in the time frame before the voting starts. Love for folks to comment, enjoy - etc (and commenting in the galleries, counts), but as I pointed out earlier, folks also create accounts just to vote for their buds and split. Gets a bit old.
  7. Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    The active account and ten or more posts came into play due to the last couple of contests which quite frankly saw a LOAD of new accounts get created only to go and vote for a few individuals. It's a pain in the ass basically when you have folks just coming on for no other purpose than the support one person and then never see them again - or in some cases, outright cheating (hint - we can track your IP's and where they come from ... so, ten accounts all from one IP, eh, just a touch suspicious). While I would love to just open it up to everyone, the simple fact is, folks will work the system and it makes a frickload more work for us. As it was, it was funny watching a couple of people suddenly posting furious in a five minute period to get over ten posts this morning. Yup ... those were noticed and noted. The first round of scoring/etc is done this way so that we can get y'all to help set up the tiers - after this, Gold and Silver will be solely judged by the Judges, along with comment and critique.
  8. Forum colours

    Bottom of site, theme options. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/132128-forum-colours/#elNavTheme_menu
  9. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

  10. Will O Wisps?

    They've been in and out of stock four times since release - sold crap loads. Will be back in stock end of the month.
  11. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    Upload new files if you need to - just make note of it and Kai will fix it when he goes through the galleries. Worried that you didn't get your entry in, or having trouble with it, EMAIL it to kai and he can sort it - hobby.assistant@wyrd-games.net. Don't swamp him unless you need to though please. Want to see a larger picture of the entry - just right click it and open in another window - it'll open to it's full size without any issues of lightbox from the gallery.
  12. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    You joined nine hours ago and this is your first post. Unfortunately cuttoff for signing up was Sunday.
  13. Iron Painter 2017

    Sorry, Sunday was the cut date.
  14. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    It's a bit late, sorry.
  15. August 15th - App

    Just because ...