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Nathan Caroland

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  1. I could, but quite bluntly, we're busy enough that I don't need to track down every bit and go 'nothing new'. Maybe I'll make that someones job here in the near future, but we've got everyone rather dialed out right now. Some new blood is coming on here soon though. It's still in the works. Delayed on that end due to a small whatnot that they got over, and then on our end because we expanded it well beyond what we initially planned to do, all for the better. Summer is a good time for it, we'll get some henchmen to test it, then it, and some other apps, will make their way out over the course of the rest of the year. So yeah, nothing new, till then.
  2. Quite well actually. A Wyrd Place has some folks having shown them off - think I've seen some over on CMON as well ... if you look around in the forums here (bit of a dig mind you, but they are there) you can even find it.
  3. Yup. First company universally failed, over, and over - and over. After the third time of WTF, really, it was then searched out through three other companies to color match in order to save on the product that is currently in hand, when no one could do it, or get close, I said 'eff it' (it more colorful and longer and louder expletives) and had it all thrown away, and reordered the whole lot of it, with a completely new company. It'll arrive sooner than later.
  4. Same stories, word for word.
  5. Well, personally I've always wanted the Bloodhound Gang BOOM pipped deafeningly into the convention center while a cage was lowered, epic amounts of choking smoke machines and strobe lights going off, the Big Show dressed up as Killjoy and all comers allowed to get tossed in there to get mangled and tossed around for the amusement of the onlookers while I look on in maniacal glee. Yeah, I probably had too much to drink that night and my inner hillbilly is showing. I miss my grandpa (it's wrasslin' boy!!).
  6. We'll see what's in the budget.
  7. Just how much bigger do you want us to go? As it stands now, we're at max size for the convention and have more than a few people chomping at us to 'downsize' so that they can have our booth space (not happening). Otherwise, as always, we'll try and do something new and interesting.
  8. Shouldn't be - but if there is an issue, e-mail them directly through customer service and someone will sort it on Monday (cause folks are out of the office now, and I know backerkit doesn't work weekends).
  9. Welp, enough teeth gnashing and wailing I think.
  10. Give them a few weeks - we're shipping them their stuff now, which means they've got to get their stuff in, and put it to their warehouses, and or then ship it on to LGS's afterwards. Beyond that, retailers can most certainly make inquiries with their salesmen but it shouldn't be something folks should be pushy about (meaning asking where it's at every hour on the hour, seconds after it's been sent a tracking number).
  11. I imagine the next time the LGS has an order in with the distributor.
  12. I've completely disliked the three variations of them that we've come up with, so we're still playing with them.
  13. We'll update the Guilder program with other miniatures in the future, but it's realistically likely to be a good six months or so due to scheduling of multiple projects right now. If y'all have suggestions of what you would like to see in there, holler, can't say I'll actually follow said suggestions, but we'll listen (actually, I'll ask Aaron, listen, because honestly it's hit or miss if I follow back up on a thread in time to catch it).
  14. Resin .. no ... plastic, yes.
  15. We had hoped to have it done by October/November but there were a few delays that couldn't be avoided, but folks are all hands on at the moment as I understand it and I believe the goal is by end of February. That being said, I expect there will need to be a good bit of bug shakeout on it as well as we try to make it as robust as possible without dragging the whole of it down (I am not a coder or computer guy in any way shape or form, so don't ask me questions, I'm going to look at you stupidly, perhaps drool, and repeat, if you ask specific questions) and that will likely mean our testers and henchmen will come into play on that early on before releasing it to public.