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  1. Give them a few weeks - we're shipping them their stuff now, which means they've got to get their stuff in, and put it to their warehouses, and or then ship it on to LGS's afterwards. Beyond that, retailers can most certainly make inquiries with their salesmen but it shouldn't be something folks should be pushy about (meaning asking where it's at every hour on the hour, seconds after it's been sent a tracking number).
  2. I imagine the next time the LGS has an order in with the distributor.
  3. I've completely disliked the three variations of them that we've come up with, so we're still playing with them.
  4. We'll update the Guilder program with other miniatures in the future, but it's realistically likely to be a good six months or so due to scheduling of multiple projects right now. If y'all have suggestions of what you would like to see in there, holler, can't say I'll actually follow said suggestions, but we'll listen (actually, I'll ask Aaron, listen, because honestly it's hit or miss if I follow back up on a thread in time to catch it).
  5. Resin .. no ... plastic, yes.
  6. We had hoped to have it done by October/November but there were a few delays that couldn't be avoided, but folks are all hands on at the moment as I understand it and I believe the goal is by end of February. That being said, I expect there will need to be a good bit of bug shakeout on it as well as we try to make it as robust as possible without dragging the whole of it down (I am not a coder or computer guy in any way shape or form, so don't ask me questions, I'm going to look at you stupidly, perhaps drool, and repeat, if you ask specific questions) and that will likely mean our testers and henchmen will come into play on that early on before releasing it to public.
  7. Yup
  8. We'll allow for leeway on this. Brian will follow up in the morning on this.
  9. Army men come out as a single piece. There is no way in hell you could get these to come out as a single piece. They are assembled. If we had managed to figure out a way to make them come out, as they are, in a single piece, I would be making 'goooooooooold' on the toy market. Gold. Hasbro and Mattel would be tattooing their ownership across my backside quicker than you could blink.
  10. Pfft, yeah.
  11. Toss it in a fridge, freeze the model, bust down the glue, pry apart the model without damaging it (if you can, no promises there), clean up, assemble and paint as you see fit. There are ways, just gotta really want it.
  12. All orders had their posters shipped separately (stated on the store and a couple times here in the forums). Otherwise you would be getting a severely folded and mashed up poster.
  13. Honestly, we've been up front about this from day one - this game is for gamers, not necessarily hobbyist. That's not saying that I don't think you can't get some kick ass pieces out of these and do a wonderful job with them, but the idea is for folks to get them and into a game with minimal effort. Some folks love the idea of building, modding, sculpting, painting, etc - I'm one of them! Then others, could care two shakes, they just want it to get put together with minimal amount of cussing and trouble, and to get straight to the gaming. We'll accommodate where we can, just can't manage it all.
  14. This is not part of tOS in any way or form. Haven't decided yet really how to release him - Guilder program, purchase .. we'll figure it out. Whole story why ol' boy looks different. Has to do with an ambush by the guild and basically being blow to bits and back, and some friends at @ putting him back together again ...
  15. There are a few things we can look into that might integrate with the forum or, more likely, be an outside piece that can be utilized by the community. I'll see if we can't devote some attention to it in Jan/Feb (when we have another person on staff, and a touch more knowledgeable about this sort of thing). Dustin, nudge me then as a reminder.