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  1. Kickstarter only at the moment. We'll see what the future brings.
  2. Won't be coming back.
  3. Ding, Ding!
  4. It'll be fixed tomorrow.
  5. They'll be available when 2.0 comes out. And no is still the answer.
  6. No clue to be honest, but most stores should at the very least be willing to special order it goes you at minimum I should think.
  7. https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact
  8. We'll announce more at the end of the month - we're lining up the last of a few things on this end, changing up a few things, etc, etc. Shouldn't run into Gencon unless y'all do something funny on us.
  9. Hey Wyrdos, We have always loved good art. Art can tell a story and inspire a player. We've worked with many talented artists over the years, but we've never had a full time artist in house. Well, the times they are a-changin'. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Alyssa, our new artist. Alyssa came on board last week and has bent her brush to the task of creating amazing art for our games. We are so excited to have her and share her art with our community. Alyssa comes on board after doing some freelance work for us (if you've seen some of the art for Bayou Bash or the new special edition Titania art on the newsletter), moving down from Michigan. She is a gamer herself, and she's excited about all the possibilities and styles she can bring to Wyrd. We asked her to do a bit of a visual introduction of herself, so behold! A Wyrd self-portrait: Here she is working: And here is her work:
  10. We are genuinely not interested in working directly with retailers for various reasons. Support them, yes - but direct sales, we're avoiding if we can help. That having been said, several problematic individuals and locations have been identified and .. dealt with/sorted out in various manners over the last few weeks directly with the distributors in face to face meetings and a fair amount of the issues that have plagued product getting to retailers should become less of an issue if not outright become resolved. Have your store contact us directly through customer service and mention this situation directly, and this thread, give us their store information, distributor they use as well as the buyer with whom they coordinate with and I guarantee that it will be addressed by one, if not both locations rather rapidly as they are aware of said issues, and want to sort them, hastily. That is of course assuming there are not deeper issues that none of us have been made aware of, which frankly I won't speculate upon. That goes for everyone. If your retailer is having trouble getting product - point them at this thread - and our customer service form - and someone will deal with it personally (very likely, me) and make certain that the distributors understand they have a ball that has been dropped and need to sort.
  11. Howdy folks, As you know, from time to time we run a 'sale' (though arguably it isn't really that as we don't discount anything), where we have offered special edition items as well as pre-sales on early releases. While good for us, and great for the rabid fan, it can sometimes not be so great for local game stores. Now I could spin back and forth with numbers and point out 'it really isn't that much of our overall line', which it isn't, but at the end of the day, there are some stores that are genuinely affected by the sales. We care a lot about our community and our stores, so we're trying to eliminate a fair portion of that going forward. To that end, we will no longer be doing pre-sales of any sort during EASTER and BLACK FRIDAY sales. We will continue to offer our special edition miniatures, colored sprues, and other incentives such as posters, t-shirts, and other items. We just won't release models early during these sales. 'What about Gencon?' I hear you asking - welp - that will be staying the same, though we'll be limiting our releases (we've done so the last two years actually, though we've just not advertised it, so nothing will change). Every year, we try to do more and more to support our amazing community, which includes distributors, retailers, and players. We've stayed committed to our LGS promotions for brick and mortar stores, and we feel that cutting back on pre-sales is the next step we can take to truly support our community. We will also be making some expansions to the Henchman program in an attempt to better support our ever growing base of players. Thank you to everyone who supports us and takes an interest in our games. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Sincerely, Wyrd
  12. Little bit of reorganization going on behind the scenes that y'all are not privy to, nor will be made privy to, and as always, with growth, and change, sometimes there are times of 'ah fuck, that hurt'. It'll get better. And yes, it is well known here in the offices.
  13. I could, but quite bluntly, we're busy enough that I don't need to track down every bit and go 'nothing new'. Maybe I'll make that someones job here in the near future, but we've got everyone rather dialed out right now. Some new blood is coming on here soon though. It's still in the works. Delayed on that end due to a small whatnot that they got over, and then on our end because we expanded it well beyond what we initially planned to do, all for the better. Summer is a good time for it, we'll get some henchmen to test it, then it, and some other apps, will make their way out over the course of the rest of the year. So yeah, nothing new, till then.
  14. Quite well actually. A Wyrd Place has some folks having shown them off - think I've seen some over on CMON as well ... if you look around in the forums here (bit of a dig mind you, but they are there) you can even find it.
  15. Yup. First company universally failed, over, and over - and over. After the third time of WTF, really, it was then searched out through three other companies to color match in order to save on the product that is currently in hand, when no one could do it, or get close, I said 'eff it' (it more colorful and longer and louder expletives) and had it all thrown away, and reordered the whole lot of it, with a completely new company. It'll arrive sooner than later.