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  1. Nathan Caroland

    Above the Law

    Currently being printed.
  2. Nathan Caroland

    Earthside Echo... Amazing!

    Written/published by Americans so yeah, it's going to be done in the American system. Same as the spelling. Always has. Crowds are explained, that's only a part of the story, and one of many.
  3. Nathan Caroland

    Vassal Module

    We'll take a look at it again and see if we can't put it out at the same time as we launch the game and info pages (along with the other goodies we've got planned - etc).
  4. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    If its credit from a contest or gift card or the like, or we passed out credit for a screw-up we had on our end by way of apology, then yeah it counts.
  5. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    I do. That requires more work to dig out than I feel to be honest. I might some day when I come across it. :)
  6. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    Hrmmm, well you might have gotten a bad one. The three I just pulled all are in good shape and go together with minimum fuss. Exacto knife took off anything that was a mold line with a little bit of patience. I will say this, clean it up (as in wash it, but you should do that regardless) before gluing and painting. Release agents, etc.
  7. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    Well, thank you, I think. :) It's not so much about cutting costs - though frankly if they were and we could keep quality, you certainly wouldn't hear me complain about it. Honestly, I have, will, and likely will continue to do so, experiment and check things out from time to time. Sometimes ya'll see the end product, other times it goes straight into the trash and we go 'well, that learned us something!'. Mostly, it allows us to move forward and learn as we try to bring together new product, projects as well as manufacturers (cause lets be honest, its a lot of work). Metal, we started with metal and were one of the first to move away from it to the plastic we see today. I'm VERY proud of that, but I don't forget our roots either. To this day I still hear people cry about why we left it, or ... well any number of things. And then there are the folks that go 'yay - plastic all the way'. Then someone reminds me of a gremlin ear or foot. :) As I said, this time about, I did it for a few reasons, one, cause I was a bit nostalgic to do so, two - because I wanted to have some fun around Easter, but I'm not interested in pilling it on with our other projects in the pipeline. We'll do things in metal from time to time I'm sure - but again - for me more than anything - was a bit of walk down memory lane. Resin, not something I normally go for as it takes a bit of work and the costs are rather high actually. That said, I do like the few things that we've done in resin and the experimenting that we did with that allowed for some interesting decisions on our end. Not something I'll do a lot of, but occasionally I'm sure. The Murder Xmas tree was a happy little result of that for instance. Aionis - I'm actually pretty proud of that one, and the tort and hare - as those pieces allowed us to see what changes or direction we could go on a few things. Some folks love, others hate, but at the end of the day, it allowed us to develop the plastic that we're using for The Other Side. I'm SERIOUSLY pumped about that and folks that have gotten ahold of it seem to be on board as well. Allows us to do a lot, less cuts, keep up with some dynamics, etc, etc. I can tell you right now if we didn't do those others, it wouldn't have led us to where we're at on those plastics right now. For anyone that wants to see the quality or feel it yourself, the new Alt Lazarus is made out of it. Why you might ask - we like the hard plastic! Stop messing with our goodies! Well yes, I'm happy with our plastic as well, but there are times where a dynamic piece, or undercuts, can cause a miniature to be cut into quite a bit of pieces. Hell - I see folks complain about that all the time. Alt Lazarus for instance in the hard plastic would have been over 40 pieces. I laugh long and hard when I saw that and said 'nooooo'. Thus the delay in him hitting the public, decided to try him out in the new plastic. New stuff - 17 pieces - which might sound like a lot, but they go together a dream, and cleanup - minimal. So yes, sometimes I do stuff just because I have a wild hair up my ass and decide to do so. Other times, I'm experimenting for reasons that y'all might not see for years out yet.
  8. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    I could, but no, we'll leave that for another day. :) Old conversation that folks go round and round about - and have already done so here and elsewhere. Not going to bother getting into it much to be honest. Malifaux isn't PC. I'm certainly not PC. I respect folks opinions and standards, but I don't necessarily agree either. Hell, you can barely get a room of people to agree about one thing, much less multiple things these days. :) That being said, we keep what I like to think as a fairly nice standard/baseline for the most part and as much as I would love for everyone to just pile on and purchase something Wyrd - at the end of the day if it's not for you or it offends your sensibilities, we'll completely understand if you don't.
  9. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    Jumping to conclusions will mostly make you wrong - such as now. Things are delayed, not that it's anyone's business, but due to the fact that customs has their arms elbow deep in the boat and containers which it carried. Wish it was otherwise, but those folks have a job to do and nothing we say is going to rush them. Nothing is getting back burner-ed in the least. We've got long plans for both Malifaux and TOS for some time to come. Can't have it all at once sadly.
  10. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    You'll be waiting a long time ... not likely to happen.
  11. Nathan Caroland

    March Newsletter

    Because I like getting my toes dipped back in the early days to play around. Because I could. Because I was curious again about metal and some other things I'm messing with. And because even more bluntly, I've got my plastic people up to their eyeballs between finishing up TOS, continuing with Malifaux, knocking out the new Wyrdscape - and I don't need to add on top of it at the moment. It was a bit nostalgic to go through the process of cuts and having metal in hand again - and the damn slivers of little metal everywhere. :)
  12. Nathan Caroland


    Just because ...
  13. We have the molds, etc - but that requires either bringing in a spin machine or trucking them somewhere (more likely) to do so. Loooots of work. Not saying it won't happen, but unlikely. As for books and stuff, look about and you can find those easily enough.
  14. Nathan Caroland

    New Phone App Forgotten Purchase

    I just went into Google Play and installed it and it recognized me for no issues, having gone from Samsung 7 to a Pixel 2 today. Give it another shot or contact through customer service and they should sort you.