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    Hi there! I just wanted to show you how the Yasunori turned out. The missing sword must be in the same place as those missing socks from my washing machine, I'll try to fix it somehow. I have finished so far the desperate mercenary and a Katanaka Sniper, the yokai is almost there but I'll make some changes in the models for this month since the ten thunders models are no longer needed for the ITC. My final pledge (if completed) will be 54 SS.
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! Today was a bit of an odd one. I wandered into the office and found an envelope on my desk. No markings on it. I discovered these guys in that envelope. Unsure of what it might mean, I figured I would leave it to the community to help me figure out. What do you think these are? Speculate away!
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    Are you suggesting you only need Yasunori to play Ten Thunders? XD Anyway here is my nemesis ward mage for 6 soulstones, putting me at 21 for the month. As always, I'm sorry for the crappy pictures:
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    There's been good movement on my giant pile of plastic! I haven't taken the time to take pictures of them all, but I'm feeling pretty good. Quick update with an "almost done" of my Slate Ridge Mauler (he can "bearly" juggle, but gives great hugs!) and with a reminder WIP of Krampus, since I realized I may need to use him this weekend at MuseOn Con, so I'm going to finish him really quick.
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    Lets see if I can remember properly Game 1: vs Reva Didnt really blast too much, and was just figuring out how the crew worked. My opponent did a ballsy move to hit Sonnia on a charge turn 1 and killed her. I tried to hide Sonnia with her last AP, but didnt work out the ranges from Reva right. This became a theme where I tried to gouge the return strike from my opponents crews all tournament. Overextended Francisco to kill Reva, but lost too much oomph to win. Actually a game I was about to lose, but given ply and that I could get it on both my last models prevented my opponent from winning the game. Draw! Game 2: vs Yan Lo I played a lot of Yan Lo not too long ago, so knew what to hit. Everything was hidden really well. The Emmisary I could hit with a stone for plus flip. Then add tome for a burning, and as you can shoot three times of him (htk ftw) I blasted away quite some of his crew. Turn two almost everybody else went down. Yan Lo lived, but given the insane mobility with the investigator I could catch him with Francisco. For this game my opponent hampered himself too much trying to place everything so that a blast cannot hit more than one model. I think if your opponent does that he is fighting a downhill battle from the start. Game 3: vs Nicodem (Travis list) Not seen this variant before. With all the pushes I could draw a bead somewhere in the crew, and from turn one half the crew was in shambles. Sure he draws lots of cards, but nothing can make me miss a Ca 9 shot. I was afraid of him summoning and overwhelming me all game, but he couldn't recover from turn 1. Not much to say - he tried to wall himself off, and almost did that. But the tiniest gap, and then the entire crew clumped up, meant lots of burning meat Game 4: vs Nicodem (Jamie list) Sadly paired against a fellow dutchman. I feel this list is better, but that's a dicussion for another time. My opponent kept Nicodem away form me behind a big rocky wall. I could only see HtW models (Mortimer popped mlh turn one). But he spent his high cards summoning, and a ca 9 + 13 was enough for blasts with burning on Mortimer, so I could continue shooting away that side. But the flame walls here decided the battle. Blocking LoS between Nico and the corpses/undead meant he had a hard time replenishing losses and didnt get the plus flips where it mattered. Three turns in a row I killed everything he summoned (and some on the side). And the bits of damage he did werent enough to keep Sonnia away. The effigy being the hero there. Tough battle, but after turn 3 I just mopped up everything. <intermezzo, 4 games against rezzers day 1. The faction I played the most, so that certainly helped! Had a lot of Vodka in the evening, hehe> Game 5: vs Shen Long Never played against Shen Long. Was a nice game, where I failed to kill Yasanori in the first two turns. I was a bit overzealous with my focus for dg, thus only just not killing him (miscalced my dg potential because of the armor). Shen was very versatile and able to fill in the role of beater once yas was gone, and the combined pressure made Sonnia fall over. In hindsight I should have focussed more on yas with the rest of my crew, instead of chipping away somewhere else too quick in advance. Also my opponent handling Shen as good, and making the right calls made that he got in the charge/blast/conditions/whatever he does to slay Francisco AND Sonnia in one activation of Shen. Revenge for his brother as well Game 6: vs Lilith Here I feel I made a big mistake. First turn I took down the sniper with 2 of the 3 changelings and Iggy. I really needed them down. Gave away take one for the team, which I might have been able to avoid if I wanst so burned upon killing everything. But the big mistake was forgetting about my malifaux child, and thus doing some silly action with another model instead of walling Sonnia off from the countercharge from Lilith. Even then I could have kept her away enough, but my brain was fried. Well played by my opponent - Lilith is really strong! Overall I feel that I could've won more games if I knew the crew better. Saw no pool where I couldn't wield her. Really wonder how she goes against other opponents. I really hated armour, for example, because the blast does almost no dg with that. So for example Sandeep I have no idea if it works. Sonnia is quite sturdy, with Df 7 Wp9 and soulstones to survive any retaliation on turn 1 I've seen. So I could always get 6 shots in, which in most cases meant I would win the game if Sonnia was still alive turn 3. No idea how usefull this write-up is. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! Sadly I havnt ran her since. The Malifaux community is really small in Holland; and I can't run this against my friends, as I will lose them!
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    Time for a mid-month WIP. Schill hasn't progressed that much with just one week of work, but I'm not in a hurry yet.
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    The executives behind Malifaux's fastest-growing fast-food chain, Mortimer's Meat Farm! Come taste the cadver-iffic flavor of our new Cryptburger! Mm, you can really taste that Two-Hour Law Freshness! A Job's a Job, always at Mortimer's! Warning Mortimer's Meat Farm is not Guild-approved nor fit for human consumption. If swallowed consult a mortician. Side-effects include choking, indigestion, paralysis of the loins, the condition known as Hot Dog Fingers, seeing the dead, sudden tail growth, spontaneous combustion, leaky orifices, Neverborn worship, tetanus, kuru, dyslexia, aphasia, constipation, uncontrollable laughter, toenail fungus and tongue warts. Offer limited while supplies last. Not applicable to Gremlins, the French, Alaska or Hawaii. Our lawyers made us say this. Don't laugh at my bald spot.
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    Here's my Wendigo for 3 SS, which means that I finished my first Malifaux crewbox ๐Ÿ˜€ I am really happy with how he turned out.
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    @Franchute Great work so far. I think the contrast on your blues is effective and it looks like your facial detail is sharp. @Burnin' Coal Impressive scratch builds, even more impressive paint. That moss-on-stone effect is super realistic. I can tell that part of it is the subtle texture from the Stone Paste...I'm guessing judicious application of green, brown, and yellow glazes to accomplish the rest? @Chou I dig the colors on your Yasunori. If you don't mind me saying, I think the mount would benefit from some more contrast in the neck and chest scales - either one more layer of highlight or a careful wash to accentuate the lines between scales. The robe, mane, and tail all have pretty good contrast so the scales look a bit washed out in comparison. As for my mid-month update, I've finished the Steam Trunk (3ss). I hardly ever use it and building it was a pain so it's a cursory paint job - just enough to call it done and move on to something interesting. So what's interesting? The TTB model I pledged for this month. Here's some WIP - skin is finished, moving on to clothing today: I'm a long-time fan of the Reaper Master Series paints so I decided to try out their HD paints for the skin. I hate 'em. Totally don't fit my blending style at all. They remind me a lot of Vallejo Model Color (highly pigmented for smooth layering) but their dry time is longer. If I'm going to layer, I want a fast drying time. If I'm going to wet-blend or feather I want less pigment density. I foolishly bought a set before trying them out so I'm stuck with 18 colors I won't use. PM me if you're in the US and they sound like you might have better luck with 'em. Has anyone used the Scale 75 metallics? I hear good things but I wasn't impressed by the YouTube demo I found of the gold set.
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    So far this month, I have almost finished Penelope but no pics yet. Ive actually put paint to Ulix, even if just weak base coat, itโ€™s a start, also started to do the same on some other models.
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    Lazarus is almost done, Wrath, sloth, pride & greed almost done too. Bonus : Symbol of authority tockens (customeeple) finished. More photos to come
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    Ok, let's get back to moaning about GREMLIN bad models and not deviate towards Hans anymore
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    You would need a way to add in Ferdinand Vogel to truly be the fanciest
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    Rotten Beaus! Or at least I really hope so.
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    I see a lot of great minis. Congrats everybody. Here is my last update before the finals photos for this months:
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    I don't think this is useful. The best you can hope to achieve is to shout down legitimate disagreement, and even if you achieve your goal of supporting the view that piglets got hit too hard, we're all worse of for it. It would encourage others to shout even louder, and we've got a shouting match on our hands. Fetid raises a valid point, and I think it's undeniable that 2ss models in general is right on the edge of what the game can deal with. I personally don't agree that limited amounts of 2ss models (like totems) are a problem, but the 6x stuffed piglets package was definitely threatening to be game breaking in my opinion. I cannot how Asura is comparable, but she is definitely putting some strain on the game in some crews... I think the biggest problems with stuffed piglets going up was the indirect hit to the pigapult. Second I think a spamable 2ss model was one of the unique elements that set Gremlins apart as a horde faction. Loosing that was, for better or worse, a blow to the faction identity. The other unique element was the only useful 3ss model hirable in multiples. I still think Bayou Gremlins are useful, but no longer uniquely so after the points drop for Guild Guard and Desperate Mercs. Together those changes are problematic, it's not in itself problematic that Stuffed Piglets are no longer 2ss (and Fetid does have a point in that no 2ss models would be healthier for the game)...
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    These are some rather dashing fellows. Am I the only one who wants to run a crew of these guys, some Wastrels and Graves/Tannen for the classiest crew about town?
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    The unfortunate fate of all Wastrals?
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    An unboxing and review of the Alternate version of Lazarus...extra pics, comparison and rotational views and assembly tips can be found by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/unboxing-malifaux-alternate-lazarus.html
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    Raspy using child of december (shatter) on tara with all her upgrades (3 damage per upgrade carried )
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    Yes the ttsgosadow list. I got a draw against Nicodem. Flame walls make nice roadblocks to stop kentauri.
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    "Only Half a Brain: After this model finishes its activation, the opponent may choose another model with this Ability who has to activate as a chain activation." Abused it to death no less
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    Thanks! In my mind, he's called "Barren Same-day", and he's a little Gremlin who became obsessed with the pony express mail delivery system of the humans. He took it upon himself to start delivering mail to all the families in the Bayou, even though there never was any mail (hence the "barren" mailbag), because Gremlins can't write. Or, if they can, they've got better things to do, anyway. Then he was eaten by a Bayou Gator after straying off the beaten path a little too close to Kythera, and that - along with his mantra that the mail will always get through! - saw him come back from the dead to continue his work. Now, he's creating a postal service of undead Gremlins to properly service the Bayou. If he builds it, then the letters will surely follow... ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    @Franchute lovely rich colours on your mage and great work on the face @bedjy very nice blending indeed - great brushwork WIP.....Spent a happy few hours with some foam board and plasticard to get started on the bases for my Goryo