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    Woah! Thank you guys for your comments)) @Chou - Thank you! yeaah, that was something)) But very good practice of patience @Duck21 - Thanks man! This is brawn stuff) @ringsnake @Franchute - Haha, thanks)) Actually this is a mystery to me too, since I have no art education and don't drink alcohol But my tamed bear Vasiliy primed models for me @Sandmann - Thank you very much)) Yeas, that's true6 but I receive those DMR as pre-released and there is no cards or bases, so I don't know which would fit, and decided that it's the same as Death marshals. And only on Monday I saw in "ripples of fate" that in fact there is 40mm((( The older one I already changed, but the second one don't know how(( So! Here are the finished images of my Brutal emissary, or I should say the Law Emissary)) When I first saw Emissary I thought that I absolutely don't like his cage, his unsuitable sword of strange shape and his coffin for fat dwarfs (I do not want to offend anyone in any way), so I scratch built a scroll, the paper sheets on which he floats and there was an idea to give him a witching thrall on a chain. It was a cool idea, I even built the platform for him (that trail of paper sheets), but when it was almost done^ some guy said that he will looks cool with a mace aaaaand in my opinion it really does! And also I took coffin from old metal death marshal. Remember, you can see all WIP images, including inside of the robe HERE And also you can Subscribe to my Instagram, where I'll post a 360 video.
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    I am working on my Zoraida crew. I already painted Zoraida (most of the dolls are still missing though) but I had to show her as well. McTavish is who I painted for this month. Greetings, Joachim.
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    Hi guys! A whole month of complicated work has passed! I hope you will like the result! Lucky Emissary.
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    Here's my March pledge, a total of 22 soulstones. I might be able to paint something more if I find enough time (and since the DLC for Dark souls 3 is coming out it will be hard )
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    I will keep updating this thread with my work as it gets done. Here are some finished models to get things started. You can also see updates on my Malifaux painting blog: http://gray2color.blogspot.com/ The good Dr. Grimwell Mr. Mercury (Performer) The damaged but deadly Phiona Gage! The Latigo Crew Box The Sonnia Criid crew box Stay tuned for updates!
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    Well... I've painted alot more then I've posted recently... honest. Just finished this guy up this weekend. I'm very pleased with him. Nightmare Edition Whiskey Golem, absolute pleasure to paint.
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    Finally posting my completed models. Hooray for procrastination!! Credit to @SongOfTheSo'mer for suggesting I make extra Changelings from the figures on the Mysterious Emissary's base. With those added, (Changeling = 4ss (X2))my total SS cost goes to 60ss
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    @Kutslo Very nice ice effect :-) I will try to copy that at some time. @Viruk Cool conversions, I like the transition from the flesh tones to tentacle-tones. Good looking models! @ringsnake Wow, the rework on these models did work - good job! - - - In finished my pledge for this month: Ophelia (15ss), Bayou Gremlin (3ss), Pigapult (8ss) and Pere Ravage (6ss) = 32ss in total Some colours seem a bit dull on the foto, but what can you do
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    A lone man with sharp katana http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/03/malifaux-monday39-lone-swordsman.html
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    Finished 3 Raptors, Johan and a Fire Gamin over the weekend for 19ss if I'm remembering correctly.
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    I want to start off saying I really love the dramatic feel of this model. I just felt it needed a little love in the face. So I added some large fangs and some sinister eyes. I'll repost when I have it painted.
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    It's like any other skill. You have to love the work in and of itself, dedicate at least fifteen minutes of every day to it, and be diligent and careful in how you practice. The concept of natural talent is mostly a lie. More accurate to call it discipline and disposition. Practice, practice, practice... And thin your paints.
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    Who said anything about being unsupervised? The other half is still here. Watching. Dun, dun, dunnn.
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    These are the bonus models that were painted beyond my pledge. Funny thing, I painted more SS in bonus (39 SS) than I did for my pledge (31 SS) haha. 70 SS for the month - woo!
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    Some new models done! First out is The Purifying flame. This one has actually been painted for a while. I've just not gotten around to taking photos of it. And then the Governor's proxy. I did a small conversion with his hand. The feather pen is supposed to balance on the tip but it is one of those designs that may work in a computer, but will break immediately in real life. On the painted picture it seems to float above his hand, held up by some kind of magical energy. So I decided to add some flames around the pen. I think it got quite close to the idea behind the model while still being a model that doesn't break as soon as someone looks at it. And finally a Guardian. It will be interesting to try one out after the errata buff. I removed the strange symbol from the shield and sculpted a Guild ram skull instead.
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    Malifaux Children of December Rasputina starter painted showcase video. With 360 degrees view of each miniature.
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    Well, hello Wyrdos! I'm missed some fridays, shame to me. But I worked on the most difficult project in my practice (I believe I already said that ). It was very large and interesting project, where I sculpted a lot and explored something new. It took me almost a month, but yesterday everything was done and last layer of varnish was applied! So, today I want to show you some ot my wip photos that have accumulated during this time. @FoeRender Thanks, I'm glad to hear it)) the Guild will be glad to take you back)) ATTENTION! Heavy pics!
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    Tomorrow is the big day and all Nimo's (and to a very little part my) efforts will hit the table. We'll take pictures to show you the full beauty of Nimo's creativeness in action.
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    More stuff done. First, the Exorcist for the Painting Pledge this month. Used him only once and was seriously underwhelmed Second, First Death Marshal Recruiter. This guy, on the other hand, was awesome so far! And lastly, the Malifaux Child.
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    Worked on Datsue Bae tonight, not done, but getting there. Going for more of a banshee feel, hence the head conversion.
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    Lynch box and Zipp totem
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    This is taking advice with the proverbial grain of salt! Your attitude was proper, because Joel's statement stimulated your mind and imagination, instead of castrating it. The message here is that it takes two to tango and any advice given is also somehow taken. The what's and how's of giving and taking is what the blog post is about and I agree with the post's content. To add to the discussion: I want to dwell on the exploration aspect of the game. Playing to win is one thing and finding paths to victory quite another. Even if the dispensed advice is thoroughly successful in improving the recipient's performance, it has curtailed his time spent exploring - a typical trade-off situation. From personal experience, I find that new players should be formally introduced to this concept so that their choice of executing vs exploring is more conscious and less dependent on character.
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    Picture of my fnished model for the Minion-Pledge: Backview and what else I got done this month here!
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    Thank You Thank You :). If You'll do so, let us see your work _________________ Progress is being made - slowly :-P The buildings around the two squares are done for now. There are no detail works (like lanterns) yet. There will be some better pictures when they will be completed. Right now I'm working on the street tiles.
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    Totems aren't sold separately any more, but there's at least one business that breaks apart crew boxes and sells the minis separately. If you're in the US, I happily give my recommendation to Gadzooks Gaming for selling me single figures from crew boxes. People are trying to get a conversion-culture going here so there's some scope for getting your greenstuff out and trying to make your own, too. Wargamevault will sell you individual stat cards and (again) I recommend Gadzooks to get some Wyrd-made, tournament-legal bits if you want to try that out.
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    http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/p/malifaux-character-backgrounds.html The above link can guide you up through Cross Roads as far as what books certain characters are mentioned in. Hopefully it helps you in your search a little (Obligatory kudos to @GMort).
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    For a variety of reasons I'm running late to this party. Here's my pic from early March: I started with 3 Raptors, Johan, 1 Fire Gamin and a Dawn Serpent. I've since put the Serpent on the back burner. Here's a WIP shot of the rest. My wife and daughter will be out of town this weekend so I should be able to finish these just in time.
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    Did some more to my oni, pushed the shadows a little deeper and did some gold nmm on the round blade
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    Minor update: Mei's crew so far - forgot the Arachnid next planned additions: 2 Soulstone Miners, another Large Arachnid, a Gunsmith, Lazarus
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    Hi all! Officially I can announce that I have joined the darkest force in the Malifaux - Gremlins To celebrate this event I started my new blog where I'll post battle reports and my insights on this coolest faction in the game. My first post can be seen here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I'll follow up with games reports shortly. See you soon! dan
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    Hi all. After closing my previous blog I decided to start a new one where I'll will post battle reports as Gremlin player. I hope you will enjoy reading them and if not, shoot me a message why and I'll amend my reports. Blog can be found here: http://boozebaconandboomstick.blogspot.ie/2017/03/greetings-from-bayou.html and I want to start posting game reports this week as on Thursday is my big, Gremlin inauguration game See you soon! dan
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    I second the remarks on Ramos. No other master can put three significant models on the table with 1AP and cheating with stones. Sure, it's steep to do, but it needs to be. In corner or standard deployment, Ramos will be getting two turns of summoning (if you set up your factory during hiring: Joss and Electrical Creation are a solid approach to this), which leaves the reasonable expectation of 4 spiders being on the table. If you start with an amazing hand, you might have 6 spiders on the table after your first Turn 2 activation. All of these spiders are hard to knock down, especially with Df 6 and positives from Ramos and Regeneration from a Bleeding Edge Tech caddie (or just one-off the healing factor with Johan's Open Revolt; why not both?), and should they get knocked down, you have scrap to summon more of them (or use his Combat Mechanic upgrade to keep key elements like Joss kicking harder, longer). The wall of spiders is effective at stopping non-ranged killy crews just by jamming up charge lanes and creating areas that the killy stuff cannot get to on their own terms. I've kept Nekima tied up with a knot of spiders for the first 3-4 turns of a game, leaving that dangerous model unable to hunt down Hank while Hank went about butchering scheme runners and support elements. Which brings me to the grinding out wins comment. Sandeep's attrition game comes from dropping in summons that must be dealt with while other attack vectors slingshot in, keeping opponents on the reactive. Once the initial shock and awe wears off and counters become more prevalent, he'll lose the attrition game that it looks like he has now. Ramos is scheming attrition S-tier. If your opponent isn't bringing Taelor or something else that will feed off of your summoning, they will have a lot of work ahead of them to try and stop you from getting your schemes and strategy completed (barring any mistakes made by the Ramos player). The sheer volume of spiders he can crank out off of scrap markers puts him in a class by himself. Even if they are bringing Taelor, you can do things to mitigate her influence, including baiting her into Hank's threat range if she activated early to put up Welcome to Malifaux or using Johan to clear that condition from her before activating Ramos for more summons. So when comparing the two, Ramos is well-settled in what he can do and how opponents might try countering him. Even when countered during the hiring and scheme selection phases, he can still get a lot of work done. This is what makes him top-notch. Where his weakness lies is the fact that he cannot hire beaters/tanks to replace any that are killed. To plan for this, make sure that your work will be getting done by the things that he can replace. Sandeep is still relatively new, though my regional meta has his Commands play is roughly settled for this region. I say roughly, because hard counters to it have not been regularly played yet. I strongly suspect that Taelor will be a solid take against Sandeep because she doesn't have to burn her own AP to deal with summoned models (which works around the attrition game Sandeep is counting on) and that she won't have to play forward (unlike when dealing with Ramos) to maximize herself as a counter. Anna is also good for slowing down the push/place shenanigans that Sandeep and company use to get up field. Since counters to him are in development and testing by players within various regional metas, it'll take some more time (read: a high enough number of games to smooth out the 'luck' factor of players) for Sandeep to fully settle. Scrolling up to check OP's context for the question: either of these masters is a tournament tier master, and either one asks a hard question of your opponent. Ramos' crew forms the recruitment poster for M&SU/Arcanist operators and is archetypal for the faction image. Sandeep's Academic crew is archetypal for the faction spirit (outlaw spellcasters) and offers more complex layers of play.
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    In the interest of providing honest feedback and offering a different perspective, here's what stands out to me: Your descriptions of how advice is given on the internet, while vibrantly described, is hyperbole. You use supplicants before God to characterize the relationship between advice seeker and advice givers. I don't, personally, tend to find forum/facebook Malifaux advice very useful but it's uncharitable to describe what, I assume, are the honest opinions of well meaning people attempting to help others improve as creativity-killing squawking. When a newer, or weaker, or even a very strong player asks me for list advice because they want to improve, if the advice I give is intended to foster list diversity instead of reflect my honest opinion of what works and why then, I think, I've answered in bad faith. I also find the notion that uniformity shouldn't exist to be an odd one. Consider your notion in the context of other games with much stronger players and scenes. If I'm playing poker and a new player is hemorrhaging money because they're open limping 70% of their range in a 10 player game, any advice that doesn't discourage this is very dubious. Chess would be a more diverse game if people opened knight to f3 more often but given how weak that opening move is I, personally, wouldn't find it more enjoyable. Anecdotally, when we've played (same vassal name as forum) you've been pretty quick to give your opinion, stated as fact. I'm not mentioning this to call you out or suggest that it undermines the message of your blog post, but rather to highlight that I actually found it conducive to learning. One thing I remember was you stating that two mid cost models (ronin + coppelius in this case) forces tough choices on a flank in a way that a single high cost model does not. My reaction to hearing this was thinking that you were about to lose your flank to Nekima while I score uncontested vp all game long. It's interesting (to me) when two differing lists, informed by two differing ways of thinking that result in two differing strategies meet. In that game it went as I thought it would but it got me thinking, did his plan fail because it was fundamentally ill conceived? would it have worked with other model choices? which s&s favour making a "fork" play with two mid costed models vs a single high cost one? What about a single, durable, mid-cost, blocker model that could neutralize twice its ss cost while denying scoring opportunities as an alternative? I have since added strategies informed by your way of thinking, with the models switched up, to my arsenal. Had you not expressed your thoughts as explicitly as you had I probably would have just chalked it up to a mistake. I'm glad you wrote the article and put the ideas out there, I hope my comment adds to the discussion.
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    @wizuriel avoid using pure white, something like bleached bone or any slightly tinted white works much better. As for the pupils - this is just a matter of practice, even after years of painting I sometimes need a few attempts to get the eyes right
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    It's made of cork cut into pieces and then bits of wooden planks (I use the plastic ones from GW's hobbit scenery) were added on top.
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    Misaki with disguise, oath keeper, smoke and shadows 3 Ashes and Dust, scramble 2 Ronin 2 Oiran 2 Desperate Mercenaries No model in the crew can be charged.
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    Lol when you need a crutch you need a crutch. You're probably right and I'm relying on some anecdotal evidence on games I played this weekend. My wind gamin flew away from the last game contemplating the value in a phyrric victory as it was a 7-5 win but the Wong crew murdered every other model including the wind gamin's father who got mauled by a war wabbit right after he was born. I guess the philosophical question is - when you win on VP, have you really been outplayed? But seriously I see where you're coming from and coming around to your line of thinking. I think I caught some people unaware of the vision tricks. In a few months those tricks may not work and I'll need a more proactive commands style of play.
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    How do you figure that? Going by "1. Declare Action and Spend AP" (p 37) you declare what action you are going to use before you declare a target and thus have an opportunity to use any Focus you have before deciding on the target. "Focused +1" (p 52) says to use it "...when declaring an Action..." so could presumably be used any time during step 1 since it doesn't further specify a timing.
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    Just under two months to go. Went to the venue last weekend and its very nice indeed. Its going to be a lot of fun
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    Due to personal indecision, about twenty crew boxes (spread between Arcanists, Guild, Ten Thunders, Outcasts, and Neverborn) worth of models fits in two 19 gallon (2' x 1.5' by 13') storage boxes in foam trays. I wouldn't want to walk to the game store carrying that, but I know I can carry it from a hotel parking lot to a convention hall. I think a 40k army (a single one) was around 19 gallons worth of foam the last I played. So, okay, I think I exaggerated a little. If you had absolutely everything for every faction, you'd probably have to choose between which boxes to bring each day.
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    @Blackraw, your bit about comparing The Valedictorian's damage track is one of the reasons why her damage output is seen as lackluster for her cost. For the same 10 stones on her card I can bring in two Rail Workers, which can give themselves positives on the attack and damage flips as a (0) for a card, and go nuts with a similar damage track--just with more attacks and more opportunities to spike damage without needing to cheat or spend stones for triggers. Ice Dancers can hit harder, but I wouldn't distract them from earning scheme points or hunting scheme runners. Banasuva can copy Frozen Heart as a (0) and get min damage 4 as a melee expert (as well as immunity to Horror duels and Paralyze) from that Ice Gamin. Another model that can spike its own damage (while being a minion for using Beacon and substantially cheaper) is the Large Steam Arachnid, which has a trigger to ignore armor. You can also bring in a Shastar Vidiya Guard for 2 stones cheaper on the card and shoot for high damage spikes off of the discard-for-focus mechanic and potentially getting other useful perks, like damage not being reducible. The thing that the Valedictorian is bringing is the ability to disable triggers and be terrifying--neither of which are things you should count on generally (if you're using the (0) to turn off triggers, you're not placing off of Sandeep's (0), and metas that feature terrifying crews also tend to feature things that just don't care about horror). That's actually where Visions seems to gain some favor in my estimation, when the rest of the crew is relatively hard hitting and tank-like so that they can just camp on the front line screening Sandeep while he summons things that can interact when summoned or while engaged, or stop your opponent from interacting. It's a different approach to play than the hard-hitting headbutt of Commands because it's turning around the roles. In the Commands environment described by @mythicFOX, the crew is hired for scheming. This tends to be a more reliable approach, as you are not relying on the summons to get your your VP.
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    Numb makes sense and I'll add it, but debt doesn't really feel like a gotcha kinda thing. You just draw a card and do +1 damage for the turn. I really don't see badge of office that much from Guild lists and I never took it when I was Guild, so seems more like a meta thing. I can add Effigy though as that makes sense. Sure He is listed under the generic watch out list so I think its covered there (I can add upgrades there and forsake it elsewhere). As for Nellie vs Perdita, I would say Nellie makes it a lot harder for opponents to get into her then Perdita due to being able to push things away when attacked or even just pushing/slowing or pushing into a place they can't charge her.
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    I see a lot of rationale about the Visions with Commands comparison and I do not challenge anyone's love for Commands since it is really great in what it does. However, from my observations most of Sandeep people has general preference with one of the upgrades and build the crews bearing that in mind I like Visions for being good for reactive play. Yet again, I completely agree that there are situations when none of Visions perks grants you any benefit, whilst Commands will give you extra attack and extra flips buff and with the statement that Banasuva gets almost nothing of Visions (except for anything deriving from bigger base, but I doubt that you would want it to be left without attacks for Earth). Speaking about whether to summon or not to summon. From my experience, even when you do not need any interactions and all you can get with visions is 2 Banasuva attacks and 1 other gamin attack, I still summon for few reasons: 1) engaging the opponent forces him to spend AP to kill gamins; 2) killing single ice/poison gamin and Banasuva stolen gamin's demise actually forces your opponent to spend AP to kill my summon models (where each model is like 0,75 SS) to deal damage to his own hired models; 3) if for some reason opponent decides that it is better to ignore my summon gamins to the big extent, I've got models on the opponents part of the table which is good for subsequent turns and I can always (1) toss my gamin into opponent and get a chance to deal him 2 dmg + damage from demise and free my upgrade for next summon. Thanks for wind gaming charge combo on first summon, I like this idea. Also getting ice with by the acolyte as @mythicFox said above in my short list of things to try out too. As for Students and Valedictorian. I like the whole thematic idea and the plot about it, but it is hard to admit that it is not optimal pick for competitive play due to sheer numbers on the cards.. I asked about anyone's experience as I thought that maybe there are stories of good picks of Sinew/Steel against Ressers/Arcanist, since overall it gives us terrifying, rare combination of armor and H2W (which means that if (terrifying) we receive any damage, it will most likely me minimal (H2W), which will be also reduced (armor)) and ignore of main defensive feature of opponent (H2W/Armor). I am inclined to give it a try as I do like exploring option, so maybe I will test it out when going against ressers/arcanists. As even badly invested 7SS will not ruin my game I guess. With Valedictorian the pricing is really an issue.. With incorporeal from Sandeep and mages bonus her survivability is immense. Let us say, that in general with an expensive model, you will make sure that it can not be killed in any case before its own activation on turn 2. So it will have first turn for positioning and second turn for potential teleport + flurry. Her survivability means that your opponent has to commit many resources to kill it or ignore it. Let us say if he kills it, it may do 3rd turn activation or may die before it. but it gets some AP and resources from opponent whilst being killed (and some stolen with terrifying activations potentially). If he ignores it, it gets 3 and 4 activations (and not always a tournament game has time/sense left for turn 5). So ideally you get 3 flurry (turns 2-4) with 2-3-6 damage, costing you discard card each turn. You pay SS/masks card for teleport. You pay SS for trigger if you want to deliver good damage and cheat a card. You keep the mages around and you keep them in crew (even if you would not want to hire all of them). Which means that you commit hell lot of resources on crew building stage and hell lot of resources each turn to get a mediocre benefit. Just to think about: 6SS Ice dancer has the same 6MI, the same 2/3/6 damage spread, but it can make it 3/4/7 when charging into melee with Ice gamin's (0) pop'd up (p.s. do not encourage to use ice dancers to rush forward instead of doing claim jump though). Yes, I would be sold to take it with 4/5/6 damage or maybe even with 3/5/6 or with melee expert instead of flurry etc. But in fact in her damage dealing, unless you flip severe - damage track is inferior even to 4SS fire gamin or 5SS Ox mage if you count burning contribution. 50mm base with 3" and easy reposition due to flight/teleport is awesome too, but not for that price. Again as was said above, SS miner is at least twice cheaper but cope with holding the ground when you need it. Though it may be not bad choice for Guard the Stash since it is hard to be lured out due to counterspell and hard to be killed either. Though not irreplaceable. With malifaux being a game with resource management, it is like picking a retro cabriolet, which looks really adorable, but indeed you need a small car with low consumption to drive to work and a family wan for countryside trips and what is more important, for cabrio price you could get both. Sue That is the model that I bought almost right of the start, just because one simply can't refrain from buying Johny Cash inspired unit. Unfortunately unpacking is the only thing I've done to it yet. So still struggling to find it place. As for must have, I doubt that 9SS with most of his abilities being situational, can fall into this category, yet he seems good when he's needed. Sh5 with built in is good against empty hand of your opponent with his damage spread and potential to flip the rams. Thus with H2K as the only defense and potential self-damaging I think when opponent wants him killed he will get him killed. P.S. apologies for my English as its gets ugly at night time.
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    When I query on the forum, or in any capacity, I expect subjective bias. I analyse the biased data, and refine it until I have something I can work with. Some people are better at providing refined data than others. Sometimes the information provided is purely subjective.
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    Nonsense. The light plastic models are perfect for those situations where you can't decide which faction to bring, so you pack everything.
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    Chronicles 2 - Seamus Crashes a Funeral 1st Edition rulebook Rising Powers Twisting Fates Chronicles 7 - There's Something About Molly M2E rulebook Crossroads Ripples of Fate Some are more important than others, I'd say the chronicles stories, either RP or TF (can't remember which one) where the Necrotic Machine is introduced, and Crossroads are the most interesting ones. In some of the others she is just following Seamus around.