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    @Kogan Style mentioned the inspiration drawn from the great entries this month...me too...haven't had time to comment on them all yet but "Wow !" ...and that in turn spurred me on so here is my mid month WIP...that I shot just now....loads of work to do yet but I think I should just get them finished by the end of the month....so here they are so far : Mr Graves and Patti Ramone
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    There are two more iron Skeeters. Not sure if I can face painting another one! They took so long to assemble that I didn't even assemble the third one yet.
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    @Franchute Hi, posting pics tomorrow, busy month at work, birthdays and inlaws visiting. finished Raphael, wild boar, Wong still working but likely finish Merris carrying into next month as ongoing WIP Gracie, survivor supringly loads done
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    The trick to her is plan what you want to do. She can require set up, but it depends on what you want her to achieve. I enjoy playing her, but don't really focus on the burning mechanic. If I want to make use of the flying (or the healing), then I pick another model to offer up the burning. I normally only want to use 1 of her (0) actions a turn. Sure, it would be nice to set several models on fire and then turn that all into cards, but that is not worth spending 10 stones on the Emissary for, you can do it in less stones if thats all you are after. (Child can easily get 2 models on fire. Union miners easily set 2 models on fire). Ever burning flame would be too strong for her. Much too strong I think. If you aren't sure try just letting her take the Sonnia upgrade and see how much she can abuse it. Her abilities based on burning are, I think, more powerful than abilities based on poison, because of the set up required. In my opinion, what you are doing is seeing all the possibilities and trying to do them all at once. What she is actually good at is having lots of possibilities but you need to only focus on a few of them each turn.
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    So my painting motivation jumped up as the month went on and I could see the progress you were all making. @Franchute that sword is outstanding! I like the way the light reflection on the sword matches the gun, keeping the light source consistent between the two objects. Bravo sir! @Joachim The Gaki and Ikiryo are great, thanks for the Oxide tip, I'll be using that for sure! @mrcoblin the skin tones are lovely, and go well with the purple. I'm very interested to see what you do with the bases. @Piccio Those warriors put my own tabletop versions to shame - great work and you really bring the models to life! @Viruk That Yellow on Hannah! Ive picked up a standard Hannah to build for the Hamelin crew as your's inspired me so much @Amdor Your High River Monk really catches my eye everytime I scroll through this thread - love it! @wobbly_goggy & @Strangely Brown my regular opponents and painting inspirations/bullies that make me do better, nice to see you guys on here and producing great work! Here is my lot for Feb, Rat Queen Rat King And a group shot showing everyone I've painted this year with the help of this thread (includes newly painted Hamelin and Baby Kade) That brings me to 37ss for the month (Hamelin 15, Rat Kings x 2 16, Kade 6) I'm going to have to do the rats at some point aren't I?
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    I use one every once in a while, just like @Davie said. If I suspect my opponent is bringing a sniper or I'm planning to deploy my whole crew together and don't want to leave a flank exposed, I get a boar to deploy from the shadows. I don't even bother much with keeping it under control. 8wds 5ss means he won't easily die in a single activation and he will most definitely keep enough enemies busy to justify its cost. But then again, I'm fan of cannon fodder tactics ( that's why I love playing gremlins )
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    So my two cents, I use brewmaster a fair bit. And I appreciate the lack of interest of Yasunori or terracotta. I'm not a fan of TW at 6ss honestly, that's a hyper competitive slot. I still use and love it, but it's not anywhere near an auto-take, which I suppose was the whole point of the increase. A few points: Hidden Agenda Hidden Agenda is far and away better on a ranged attacker. Doesn't really matter who it is, actually. But my favorite target is Gwyneth Maddox. I know she is proxy bait right now, so I'll offer a secondary in a moment, but let me ramble a moment, hehe. Gwyneth has 3 solid things she can do that plays well into your crew. Her rigged deck can help you fish for suits (like the lure for the Oiran) or just high cards in general. Something I've been doing lately is leaving low cards on the top after using her Hit Me so that I can shoot into a melee and know who is flipping what. She can drop a scheme marker at range which is excellent in the current environment. And she heals on being missed, which combined with Swill, makes her a quite attractive tank. Not to mention her reposition works awesome when you can swill targets AND brilliance them. Or spread the love If you did want to run the bubble, she definitely can enable that. Otherwise, Sue is a great model for Hidden Agenda. He draws a card every turn, has a min3 gun on positives that Sh5 is much less worried about when swill is around, and has a great anti-cast aura that can really be useful. Looking at the more long range, you really only have Hans, as he's the only upgrade carrying sniper, abd Brewie does help his mobility a bit. Fingers Fingers really feels like a waste of 10 points for me. I know he's amazing. He really is. But he dies to a stiff breeze and one of the moves lately in the game overall has been slightly higher min damage. This makes fingers a huge liability as losing a 10ss model to three AP is just HURTFUL. He has next to no offensive capability, which would be find if his defense tech was strong enough to make up for it. It's not. I know he's reckless, but that only goes so far. I think I'd like him more if the defensive trigger was built in somewhere, but as it stands, you have 9wds and soulstones between death. 8 if you recklessed already that turn. Chatty and Don't Mind Me are great, as is I Saws it First... but you can take a Lotus Eater for 6ss and get better defensive tech, a pseudo chatty (not as good, but it does work), and a 0 action scheme marker pop (or just start of activation). And both of it's attack actions are good. Yeah you go to Df5, 7 wds with no stones... but it's a 6ss minion. Rather than a 10ss hench. On a min 3 model, it still takes 3 AP to kill a lotus eater. And if you have aggressive stance up, it could take far more than that. Especially if Brewie is reducing willpower from his poison. We just have so many tools right now that can do similar things, maybe not with the efficiency, but with utility. Yamaziko is INSANELY good right now. You have to be careful not to overextend her, but WP7, Stubborn in a game where we are seeing more and more lures and repositions targeting willpower is NICE. She's nimble, loves getting fast, min3 with blasts... her only downfall is that darned Df4. But she's SIX STONES. It's totally worth it! Just be careful who you stick her in against. Another thought here is that we have access to 10T bros and Yokai and even Charm Warders. All three are 5ss, all three provide great utility in different areas and you can take 2 of them for one fingers. 10T Bros scheme better. Yokai kill WAY better. And Charm Warders provide some nice utility and defensive synergies while still being able to scheme, albeit not as easily as Bros or Yokai. Anna Lovelace, Taelor, Bishop are all 10ss and while they are much more kill oriented in general, in brewmaster they bring a lot of tools he doesn't already have access to. Especially if you're running 3 oiran as basically scheme runners or pseudo-tanks. Hell, even Sun Quiang might be a better pick and again, is cheaper. Again, not trying to say Fingers isn't good. But I just feel is far superior in gremlins, where his abilities are so much more rare and sought after, and he has more things to help mitigate his defenses, like stilts or dirty cheater. Emissary I am probably going to take a lot of flak for this, but I don't really like the emissary with Brewie. I know, I KNOW. He's AMAZING... but... aside from the push and fasting models with an upgrade, he's just a ranged ca beater. A good one, but that's really it. His 0 action is cute to trigger with Brewie's new upgrade for poison damage, but we have the ability to delete models off the table. Literally. Why spread around poison for the cute trick when you can just swill a target and remove it? Here is where you get the whole, but yasunori thing... yes. With Yasunori and Brewmaster, Shadow is basically stapled on because you want a Fast charging Yasu with the ability to obey him for murder murder murder. But if you're not going to do that... Brewie has a lot of interesting options that suddenly become very viable when you can put anyone on negatives. My favorites to look at are: Obsidian Oni - 0 heal for a low card and their ranged cast is further than emissary's with a better damage track, assuming you can get that straight flip. Which when casting onto negatives, actually happens a lot. Obsidian Statue - if your opponent doesn't have anti-armor, this guy is just a pain in the butt though and through. His spew lava is great utility, same range as Emissary and he has a couple of phenomenal 0's. (bonus, he also works well with obsidian oni!) Illuminated - This plays on the bringing of Gwyneth. The Gwyn/Illuminated package is really really good. Especially when your opponent is on negatives. I would flat out remove emissary, fingers, and an oiran to pop in Gwyn with 2 illuminated. You aren't styming your Oiran at all, as 2 focused fast minions is still nice. And now you have 2 armor 1, regen 1, self-healing, min 4 beatsticks that are thirsting for the Swill to go out. Drugs and Alcohol... bad combination. Izamu - I know this is a weird one, but bear with me. Izamu's biggest problem is survival and mobility. Brewie fixes both of those problems. Your opponent on negatives makes him MUCH tougher (especially if no anti-armor) and you can reposition him easily. He's min 3, can cycle cards when cheating damage, and has 3 attacks a round base. If you're not going to bring Yasu, this guy isn't a bad choice. Ototo - Now 10ss with his upgrade, his quintessential problems mirror Izamu's. But oh my god when you can mitigate those problems. His 0 action to pulse a slow duel when his targets are on negatives is MEAN. Especially when you are now going to pummel one into the ground and leave the other 2 unable to really do anything. Again brewie fixes his speed problem, and increases his survivability by proxy. My biggest problem with Ototo is honestly his WP4. He basically needs to have Servant stapled to him. But at 11ss, straight swap for fingers and running tab, he can bring some serious pain and AP efficiency to a crew that already messes with that. I have a few more thoughts, but that's enough for one novel!
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    Personally, I think he's going to be a great addition to any crew that needs control, which more control over the enemy is always a good thing. As Vogel, his Censure ability is great. Restricting an opponents model from doing something at range 10 is HUGE! This stops a lot of non-leader summoning or drains their hand to have their heave hitter do what they are supposed to do. Imagine putting this on Toshiro and he is allowed NO SUMMONING on that activation. Barbaros could not put up his Challenge aura. LCB can only change back into the Dreamer if he dies. Even one turn of not being able to use these abilities heavily dampens the crews effectiveness that these models are in and there are so many other models this will hamper. Hell, even put it on Yasinori and EACH of his 5 or 6 attack requires the opponent to discard a card. Plus, it targets the enemies WP which is a great way to trigger attack from the Pack Leader upgrade. The amount of control that Vogel brings to crews is ridiculous and will severely hamper the enemy's crew. The Beast Within is just a heavy hitter. I'm pretty sure the only time you'll see it on the field is if something needs to die fast or if Vogel is nearly dead, which after your enemy sees what he can do, they will definitely gun for him. I wish he had Leap or something to make him a little more mobile. To make the model(s) even better, Marcus, you can Alpha the models and get to use both of them in one turn. Sandeep can use Vogel's abilities with the Tutelage upgrade and Colette can prompt. Vogel's control can help any master but with the three that I mentioned, you can get the best our of him. I do agree with @WWHSD that it is going to be tricking knowing when to "shift" but honestly, I see Vogel being the one you want more often than not. I personally can't wait to get him on the board.
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    Pancho Ortega for 8 soulstones, putting me at 14 so far: I'm a bit frustated by the colours I used for the blade. It gives the impression it is an ice sword. Anyway I know how to paint my ice gamins now
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    I just wish that February would hurry up and get here so that I can buy Vogel and get him on the table.
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    Not the best photo, but making good progress! I feel like there is still a long way to go though. What do you guys think so far?
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    Terracotta 2 / 3 almost done... I made some experiments with preshading tecnique, I tryed to give an idea of rust and ancient paint but I'm not totally satisfied concerning the result. I think I'll add cracks and scrapes when the third is done.