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    So in hopes of clarifying some questions I've made a rather large chart on order of operation for an opposed duels. https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/the-master-timing-chart/
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    I admit that I feel less optimistic about him than I did at first. He's so full of flavour that I fell in love with him, but now I'm scratching my head thinking of instances I'd hire him. The more I think about it, the more I believe that the primary role he performs (purely collecting corpses and transporting them) is simply a role that no one wants to pay 7ss for. Maniacal Laugh is 1ss, and will always be available. If providing mobility and protection to existing Corpses is to be his main role, he could cost as low as 5ss, and still not be as useful as Maniacal Laugh. Here's some rambling brainstorming ideas, in no particular order. After all, Wyrd does say start big in playtesting and chip away at it until it's good. Currently, as much as I adore the fluff, this model is small. If we want compelling reasons to hire him, we need consider what's he's meant to be doing: Firstly, he's literally, a gravedigger, so why don't we start with, "oughtn't he dig some graves?" Can the tried and tested (2) Found a Bone find a place on his card? If a 4ss Dog is able to do it, I don't think he would baulk at the task. His TN could either be around 6 or 10-11 unsuited. I understand that this runs the risk of just replacing Mortimer, and earlier I was worried providing corpse generation might just end up invalidating Mortimer entirely. However, I think there's a big enough difference between a regenerating 11w model that can also take Corpse Bloat, and a 7w model that can't, that they'd each have their place. Another risk is that it could be kind of boring to release a model that does something 2 other models already do. But if he isn't digging up corpses with his shovel, let him do something else useful with it. Can he reposition scheme markers with it? That would make him good at some schemes, such as, wait for it, "Dig Their Graves." Can he put scheme markers onto his wheelbarrow and walk them into position? Well, why not? He needs something potent and unique to invite people to hire him, that can be toned if it turns out to be too much. The current (2) Wheelbarrow Ram he has is very flavourful, but I agree that it is ultimately too clunky. Could the concept be explored in other ways? - Perhaps parts of it could be worked into a trigger on his regular Ml attack, as long as he charges? Instead of additional raw damage, like his existing trigger and like Kentauroi, this trigger could push the opponent away, or force a simple duel to the opponent like it current does. - Perhaps it could be an ability on the front of his card. "When Gravedigger performs a Wk action that ends within 1" of an enemy model, x occurs." The front is currently cluttered, but a lot of it could be reworded into smaller text. In line with the first set of feedback for him, there was talk of a unique upgrade he could take to give him something more personal. A simple upgrade for 0ss that changes his Living to Undead characteristic and adds the +1 Corpsebarrow Condition to him at the start of the game is something to work with as a baseline I think. Perhaps it could be expanded to giving him some means of reducing damage, or spending the Corpses, not unlike Hayreddin who spends Vitality, to regain lost wounds. I would say battle reports mean more than what I've just typed... But as others have commented, there have been literally no battle reports with him in it... so here we are.
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    This is absolutely my most badass Malifaux story. To set the scene: Bottom of Turn 2 vs Sonia. Guard the Stash. Eliminate the Leadership and Undercover Entourage in the pool. Red Joker and 12 in hand, deck almost empty. Vik of Blood, equipped with Mark and Oathkeeper, gets placed into position by Ashes, fully buffed by Sisters in Battle and Sisters in Furry. Accomplice activation, pops Oathkeeper, walks, and charges Frank, who is sitting next to Sonia, a Stalker, and a Witchling Thrall. Flip a high mask on the attack lets me whirlwind into all four enemies. Moderate on Frank drops him to half. Spin to win, killing the Stalker and setting everyone on fire. Cheat the RJ on damage vs Sonnia, she gets a lucky stone and lives with 4 wounds left. Score 1 on Eliminate. Move on to the Thrall, but my deck is empty, so I reshuffle. Blood lands the hit on the Thrall, flips Black Joker on damage. I start worrying if I can kill it. Second hit on Frank I cheat in my 12 to match the 13 he flipped. After damaging and a stone Frank has 1 wound left. Sonia catches the business end of the Paired Masamune and, and she can't cheat high enough. My to damage nets me a severe and the remaining 2 points from Eliminate. My final attack of the activation is vs the almost full health Thrall. We match totals again, leaving me at a to damage thanks to Impossible to Wound. First card - weak. Second - weak again. He starts marking down his 5 damage. Third card - RED JOKER! A whopping 11 damage puts the poor guys out of his misery. The turn ends, Frank dies from the burning +1 thanks to the Stalker, and Viktoria of Blood of left in a circle of corpses. My opponent promptly concedes, revealing that Frank was his Entourage target, and we start another game that I promptly lose 1-9.
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    Wow, here's some cool stuff going on! @Viruk I really love the Hoffman Crew in reds, looks really amazing! Nice alternative scheme, making it less steam-punky, more sci-fi (I always seem to combine steampunk and brass in my mind), but the effect is beautiful nonetheless! And those bases are just sexy as hell, especially the tapestry! @Sandmann Beautiful old lady, the model is a blast but your painting makes it even better. Looking forward to see the finished Guild Lawyer :-) @RikLok Very Good idea using Skinks as alternatives. it seems as if you have used Army Painter? Since the models are really glossy but I think a good coat of satin varnish will help! Love the vibrant colours on the skinks :-D @Kutslo The colour scheme on Snow Storm is really cool and the light colours give it a very good overall look. The Ice Dancers are fantastic, too, I especially like the ice effect on their bases! Well done! - - - - I am finished for this month (yay!) Since we are planning a campaign and I want to come pig-heavy, I changed my monthly goals (@prof_bycid Sorry for making your job more complicated again :-/) , which now consists of Ulix (15ss), Gracie (10ss), 6 stuffed piglets (12ss) Here are the pigs, unpainted: And here they are, painted: Hope you like them
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    My May. Because of some circumstances I didn't paint exactly what I said I will. But if it'll count... In total: Molly (15 ss), Valedictorian (10 ss) , Student of Steel (7 ss), carion effigy (4 ss), arcane effigy (4 ss), guild autopsy (12 ss), Bete Noir (8 ss), Mechanical Rider (12 ss) and Philipe and Nanny (8 ss). 80 ss total.
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    I'm trying to think of something that would make him more interesting. During the plague they had to burn a lot of corpses - a lot. Since we now have the Lampad that uses burning, what if the Gravedigger had some small burning trick? 'Another one for the BBQ'? I don't know. I imagine this model is going to look good so I'd really like a reason to take one. The card draw is nice, but I'm not sure that's enough for me to take him.
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    NB has a ton. I don't think I can think of a master in NB that doesn't have at least one condition that I really want to avoid.
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    W.I.P Simulacrum 29 counting as Carrion Emissary... this bad boy is just pinned not glued currently and i have a lot of Bits on order to complete him... watch this place the end product is gonna be epic! wait till you see how I'm gonna add wings to account for the carrion emissary's flight based movement! using this a a base I'm getting rid of the ribcage and bringing in a Soulstone heart fuck yeah!!! need to add a few more smaller arms to the body... this thing is gonna be BAD ASS!
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    I have stated this before with my group and I will state it again. The reason all the other factions have really cool and flavorful models, and not us, is because Resurrectionist have...Nicodem. Nicodem is the reason we will never have anything that is really in the wow factor. This is why we can't have a flesh statue or an undead model that thinks it is one of the Victorias, because it would have to be balanced to play with one master in the faction. The more I think of it, the more I am getting a little sour of the ressers. All the other factions feel like they are getting really cool models that can work with one or more masters. For us, we can get that too, but you got to balance it with Nicodem first. The Gravedigger would be cool if it started with corpses, but Nicodem. The Gravedigger would be cool if it could just create corpse, but Nicodem. Gravedigger might be better if it was undead, but Nicodem. All six models we have in this book boil down to one of the seven masters, Nicodem.
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    @Sybaris There is. it was shown at adepticon. She's not as big as the old Nekima, but she's bigger than the current plastic. I'm curious how she's going to be released. A $150/$300 incentive on Black Friday would irritate me, as it took me a long time to get Barbaros. Part of a Nightmare crew would be amazing.
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    I mean that the effect Path of the Lotus used to have was the biggest reason I'd take this model - pushing any enemy even just 2" on your side of the field could be huge (but situational), though with that cost of your own marker and standing near it when you activate you wouldn't be getting it off a lot. Now it's broadened its range to include enemy markers, which is nice, but still has the limit of having to be next to a marker at activation to get use of it and now the effects are niche at best. Purple is still nice, Red very reliant on your opponent and Orange is... well, I don't even know. I mean there's niche and there's Orange Lotus. The previous Blue Lotus was the perfect antischemer ability. Not very usable yet in that form but had that special something that could really make this model.
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    could you squeeze another 2 in ? I have a board and terrain in the car
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    My suggestion was giving her Creative Salvage: Models killed by this model drop a Scrap Marker in addition to any other Marker they might drop. That gives her a means of creating her own scrap, but does require her to put in the resources required to kill a model, and still requires a separate action, meaning the AP bonus over the course of a game won't be as swingy as that created by the Abomination summoning on a kill for Leveticus, Alyce, Ashes, and Deso Engine. The suit requirement for Quick Stitching seems fair to me. Having the built in would be too strong in my opinion, or require an increase in the target number (Alyce's (0) summon from scrap requires a 10 compared to Marlena's 7).
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    No change to this guy feels realy strange to me. The battlereports don't mention him often, (i think i haven't seen him once) and i'm not suprised. I just don't see any reason to use him. Sorry but i just don't. 7SS for a living enforcer that is shquishi as hell, want's to be in the thick of things and has a "meh"-attack that won't hit most of the time, but can - with the right set up - deal +1/+2 dmg is just not good enough. The wheelbarrow ram is ok, but only if he hasn't any corpses and the positioning is juuust perfect. 7SS is no small investment, i can get a lot of cool stuff for that I like the rest of resser wave 5. I'm realy excited for Kentauroi and little gasser (and asura, although i think she needs a little tweaking still) but the gravedigger just won't click with me. And i have such cool visions of the sculpt, i realy want to like this guy I was realy excited to see the new versions of models for this week and the lack of changes was kinda disheartening to be honest. Just my two cents
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    I would strongly advise against testing models with the assumption that errata (on anything) will happen. Test them based on the current rules. If we're planning errata that will affect things, we'll take that into consideration on our end. This applies to every model in every situation, not just this one.
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    Highly enjoyable tournament yesterday, good to meet some of the locals and see some of my friends come across from Woking, Oxford and wherever else. Some minor gripes that can be easily fixed. Table numbers. The event worked without but it would've been easier and more organised with them. Times. Dave did a solid job of calling times for the most part but a clock or something downstairs would help a lot. @Doctor Dave use Bag-o-Tools next time The more major gripe however was terrain. A good portion of the tables were excellent some were really lacking and unfortunately although I still had fun in my second round the terrain, or lack of, really effected the game negatively. Now I totally understand getting a collection up and running for game that uses so much like Malifaux is hard and I don't begrudge the TO or the store for not quite having enough but it's definitely something that will need looking at in the future. And I say this from experience, I was down money wise from some events to make sure I had terrain and didn't need to ask to borrow so much so when I say I understand I really do. But yeah, great event, everyone was lovely, three fun games, nice to catch up with some people, see some new faces and the staff and store were great too. Price support was also cracking and makes me wish I didn't decide to go all experimental Thanks again all and congratulations to Kendall on the win.
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    That was already suggested, but they didn't go with it. I don't have a clue why...
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    Hi, I've been playing Malifaux for a while. I am definitely driven by the Neverborn lore, so I usually play Lilith or The Dreamer as masters. I love this game, playing and painting the awesome minis. I thought I knew everything about Neverborn when my daughter came with the killer question: (she was drawing Nekima) -Why is Nekima wearing a brazilian bikini?? So... Why the feared tyrant of Malifaux, ruler of the Neverborn is wearing a brazilian bikini???? Please Wyrd guys, help. My Neverborn universe was shot to pieces in 2 seconds by a teenager
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    Here's my monthly pledge. Phiona, the printing press and another model for a total of 18ss this month.
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    They are too short to jump over him
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    So you didn't know that all famous female demons wearing bikini??
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    That was the metal line. There's plenty of alts in the plastic line, including for some masters - the aforementioned Kaeris and Perdita, as well as alts with different names like Nicodem, McMourning, and even the vintage line. There's plenty of alts for various henchmen and Enforcers as well. There's a huge quantity of alts, not even considering Miss and Nightmare models, in the plastic range now. Far more than the metal range ever had. None of them are general sale alongside the standard model, with the exception of the Tortoise and the Hare, which is a very different type of release. I really don't see Nekima being different. Not to be a downer. The fact that this model is being made, I'm assuming in some capacity due to the fan outcry over the plastic, is very positive. But I just feel holding on to hope that it'll be general release will just lead to disappointment when we finally get the miniature, since there's no real precedent for it to happen with the plastic range. Unless, of course, she's a Twisted Alternate.
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    The best I can think of is that his wheelbarrow ram could maybe hit two really close models' bases for 2x[Cg] damage, but if he's doing that he's not loaded up with corpses so a lot of Resser masters don't feel the need for him. And then he's in melee range of two models that are annoyed he just hit them with a wheelbarrow. And it gambles that your opponent is going to clump up. On the other hand, it doesn't say enemy models need to die within 6", so I guess you could mwahahaha in the back lines and have the zombies beat each other to death for cards even if you aren't Nicodem. Which I don't have the model pool to test. Hm. Gotta think if I can pretend to be a Resser...
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    Lol, I probably own 2-3 copies, I just can't find them when I go through my card storage. Found all the other students, just not her.
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    She is very jealous. Once she saw Levetucus near Pandora and kill him and accidental abomination. Would have killed and Pandora, but she was able to dodge. (Rapid fire in Pandora, random first shot into abomination (RJ on damage -> bloody fireworks), random second shot into Leveticus (he has 2 wounds left, womanizer dead), last shot into Pandora (miss, lucky b*tch))
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    Well, I finally played a game with these little chaps. It is worth a disclaimer that I still haven't assembled Brewmaster, and so with my almost full proxy crew I am anything but pro. In the game I played (vs Levi), I took two, and tried two different roles. One sat back, fed poison to models, healed and ended up getting a reactivate buff onto the Whisky Golem. The other did some flanking, trying to get markers down and score for interference. As a scheme runner, it was pretty sub par. Now that the trigger on “I'm a Teapot” is enemies only, there is no Katanaka Snipering your way up the board, so it has no way to travel but a walk action. On the second turn it got involved in a debate over scheme markers with a Void Wretch, which was a draw. On the third turn, after teapotting an attack, I was slightly misplaced and was targeted by a Trapper. With the better cards to cheat, I leapt across the board next to the Trapper to the resounding “What??” of my opponent who had clearly not paid attention during my preamble, and was not expected me to traverse the board to teabag the sniper (see what I did there?). I charged the Trapper, but sadly to no effect. The Trapper pushed away at the start of the next turn with his zero action and killed him. The other one sat in the middle and contributed a reasonable amount. I started with a Fermented Monk, Akaname and the Whisky Golem in a little semi-circle, so they could all gain a point of poison when they activated (after the scheme marker was slotted into the gap). With help from Wesley and the Akaname the Whisky Golem was primed for the reactivate next turn. I pushed him into place with fast thanks to Sensei Yu, and we were poised for the turn two strike. Second turn the Whisky Golem did get to charge Hannah, who he roughed up in his first activation, then killed in the second. But Ashes and Dust and Hannah also killed the golem between them. Levi and Ashes and Dust overran the mid next turn, and I used the Tanuki for a few heals of poison, because no one else got to poison 4. He died on turn 5. Thoughts from this game: a) These guys are not scheme runners. Even in interference, where I hoped to get use out of the nap ability, they don't bring a lot to the table. They need to be doing nothing to get the extra head count, and they need to be somewhere that the scheme marker is useful not to be a waste doing it. That means a scheme mark dropping place where they also wont get bothered. Pretty unlikely. They have no offence to speak off, and while the defence trigger is cool, no particularly good way stay alive. b ) I would only bring one to do support if I had the Whisky Golem on the field. No other Tri-Chi model needs reactivate that requires that much work, and fast is pretty easy in our faction. The fact you remove 4 poison to do it is great… accept almost all the time you had to put it there! Outside of the reactivate, the rest of the abilities are pretty meh. The offence wasn’t any use, even the half price expunge, because I couldn’t get their poison high enough I could use it effectively. I don’t think it provides more support than a Low River Monk, at one less soulstone, or a Performer at one more, if you have grand plans for poison damage. c) The Whisky Golem is not good in TT. This may seem like a weird observation, but given the best thing about Tanuki atm is the reactivate on TriChi, and the only TriChi worth all the effort is the Golem, this is important. I took Angry Drunk to try and get the most out of the reactivate. With this I got to nimble, move (from fast), charge. Then next activation, flurry, nimble away. I loved the mobility, but even with 5 attacks on the round I felt a bit weak. Why? Oh yes, no recalled training. I could have traded the Angry Drunk for Recalled, but then you are doing 4 attacks a round on your recalled training, only one more than Izamu gets out of the box, and less than a rampaging Yasunori. And while it may take a little more preparation to get Izamu into the right place, it takes more preparation to get the Whisky Golem up to poison 4 (or 5 if you need to do it for the next round). The problem for TT with giving the Golem a free upgrade to bring it up to scratch, is that upgrade competes with Recalled, which you are just gimping yourself if you don’t take in TT. d) “I'm a Teapot” is less useful than anticipated. I actually got the perfect scenario, where I was able to cheat higher than a “I Pay Better” Trapper double focusing me (which would have been a one shot kill, in all probability, had I not had the higher card). This allowed me to teleport a mile up the board. But of course Trappers kite so well and he won initiative and killed the Tanuki next round. The model has no offence, so there is no threat to the back line. Also, most of it's card needs to be near the Brewmaster's poison bubble to really be efficent. Compare it to the Komaniu, for the same cost. It has a place effect, and when it gets placed, it is extremely annoying. It is tough to shift, puts out good damage (with the threat of a slow), and it has an ability that messes the hell out of casters in an AoE. Currently the Tanuki seem like two halves of two different models I like, but not when put together. On the one hand, I imagine a scheme runner that can teleport on top of snipers and ruin their day if they dare to shoot at it. Perhaps they have aura that means you have to spend a card to push or shoot, so they can make the sniper pay. Ideally it would actually be able to rough up a sniper if it gets there. It also has the cool Take a Little Nap ability, giving it strong objective control. On the other hand, I imagine a support piece for Brewmaster and Whisky Golem, that is better than a Low River Monk with the right set up, but completely useless with any other master. I would add some durability or maybe just drop the cost to 4. At the moment, this model will get zero play outside of Brewmaster with Whisky Golem, and even then it is hard to be excited about. I think it will see more play with Gremlins, where Whisky Golem is actually as exciting as the big beaters get (sorry Gracie), although having to spend an extra two points (such a facepalm problem) to get it makes it pretty expensive. Last but least I have a radical suggestion. Since we are looking at this model as a Brewmaster only affair, we could make it a second Totem for the Brewmaster. Yes, it would be the first master with two dedicated Totems, but at least we wouldn't have to pay 2 points for the privilege of bringing along Wesley.
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    The sword I assumed was going with the 'living blade' angle with all the veins. But a sword blade swap is a fairly simple conversion if it's not your cup of tea. Im one of the few that likes the current plastic Nekima but this is much nicer. About the art,it could have just been a little tease by Wyrd, like the Shasta Vidiya in the digital rules manual. I can't see them phasing out the current 2E model nor carrying both as regular stock, so I'm still thinking it's an alt.
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    Making both Sammy and the Taxidermist read summon an Undead Pig model instead causes no issues; Resser summoners generally have faction restrictions. Leveticus can't hire Gremlin Undead, etc... Furthermore, there's not a single model currently that works like this, it feels inconsistent to start doing it now when there is an easy alternative. Furthermore; if a card says "summon a Resser Minion" it's a way more straightforwards process; it tells you what keywords to look for and they're listed on the top of cards, so it's easy to browse and find the things you can summon. Abilities like the current Flying Piglet one require a lot more reading of cards and aren't something you can do by just looking for certain keywords.
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    While this works it shows the issues with the Moon Shinobi. In order for them to be a viable option over the Fermented River Monk they need the Brew Master to dedicate Actions to just them. Even here though, I would argue, throwing Swill on the model the Fermented River Monk is engaging instead would produce a similar removal difficulty while also limiting that models presence (Offensively as well as defensively). One thing that could push the Moon Shinobi's viability up would be another model that could pass out that all important modifier for them.
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    Even Leveticus is scared of Alyce.
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    If this is a 50mm base, it's -much- larger than her 2E version, and while not as tall/wide, she looks meatier and bulkier (the flaw in the M1E version was that she was so thin)...so this is great news. Goes with the fluff, goes with the Ht3 tag. Given they chose this new artwork to put on the website, and not her current mini version, i'd wager it might be more accessible than a 300/150 incentive. Correct this if i am wrong, but this would be the only alternate art model on the website? I like this, alot. My only constructive criticism is the sword which looks strange at that angle, but that's real easy to convert...if it is my only nitpick, i'll be more than happy to get this (after so many years lol).
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    Seems i was out of the loop on this one, it is interesting for sure. Imho, nephilim don't really care for clothing...it's suitable to them for their purposes (especially the mimics or dopplegangers...or Lilith). I am not sure what Nekima is doing with a trench...but i mostly wonder who designed and produced the clothes, maybe the widoweaver has a sideline job after all. P.S. if there's a new model on the way, i hope she'll be sizeable this time.
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    The BB condition no longer exists since the Shaman errata. I doubt they'd bring it back.
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    To be fair, the Viktorias are not a good judge of a model's survivability. Even with someone like Reva, where the appeal becomes a bit more obvious, I find myself wanting to take him for the potential to do 5-6 flat damage to something with his (2) action. For me, the rest of the card almost doesn't matter. Haven't gotten a chance to playtest it, though.
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    Taking out being My willed, and comparign model to model. (Which is actually reasonable. If they were facing off, you couldn''t my will the illuminated) Yes., Illuminated is 2 stones cheaper. it is 2/4/5 same attack stat without the positive flip, and with a chance to flay. as you say, they do equal damge at 3 attacks. Neither model has 3 attacks. One has 2 and one has 4. You can buff up the illuminated to do more damage than its most likely 4 but then you are havign to use otehr models to get it to work. , and there is a debate as to which is better, Flay or Ignore armour (flay needs you to still use the card from hand to cheat, but ignore armour only works against armoured targets, and for about 1/4 of Himatsus attacks doesn't matter anyway). Saying he has to hit 4 times to get to 10 damage to be par with the mature that needs to get all his attacks to hit to get to 8 damage seems unfair. 2 stitched will need to win 4 Gamble your lives to really have much of a chance of killing Hina (win 3 and get moderate on them all and you kill him if he doesn't have stones) (or Flip severe on one of the hits). Hina will kill 1 stitcthed from unwounded in a turn. And I would expect the stiched to hurt themselves in that many attacks, so Hina can probably kill one and get a second close to death. So I would happily say that in almost all situations that you could set this up, Hinamtsu has a decent chance of out surviving the 2 Stitched. I'm a little surprised how many people seem to get their reactivating sticthed to actually activate. I know I target stitched on 1 wound to get rid of them as a high target priority. I'm stickiing with the view that he is second on terms of Neverborn beaters, behind Nekima, but that's not unexpected due to cost. He doesn't have the high spikes that a stitched comes with, but he is reliable.
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    this, plus the tormented keeps distracting people and making them think she needs to have synergy with Jack Daw. How much do you think the devs cared about daw synergy when they designed the crossroads seven and added tormented? Its there for flavor purposes, stop thinking that will dictate mechanical interactions. I like where she's at with the built in suits this week. It makes her a bit more self reliant and you can build her as almost a team unto herself. Being fast, harder to attack, able to heal, and able to come back from the dead makes her a pretty cool model; I just don't know where she fits into a team. I still think that we're trying to cram too many disparate effects into her card because of story, making her kind of all over the place.
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    Whilst I agree with you, I would rather it this way, than have to errata the summoners every wave when they got to summon something new. You can't actually tell who Seamus can summon by looking at his card either. (Or Nicodem/Kirai/Molly/Asami and so forth)
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    Maybe make it so that the Entropy condition's damage doesn't trigger pulse effects. It might be too tricky to fit it on the front of the card but it would be cool (and less weirdly specific) if it also blocked explosive demise and other pulse effects. It could be hard to word that clearly though... Maybe something like "Entropy +1: When this model activates it suffers damage equal to the value of this condition, this damage cannot trigger effects...-" Also, if it countered explosive demise it would have interesting applications against Sandeep, who is quite a strong summoner.