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    Here are the definitive results for my montly pledge: 2 Young Nephilim (6ss x2), Mature Nephilim (11ss). Overall 23SS. Mature Nephilim: Young Nephilims: The next pics are posted to give a better idea of the nighttime ambientation of the minis. Light is spreading around by pumkins eyes and mouth: The Group: Comments and suggestion welcome. Thanks for attention and wishing you an happy painting......
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    I've finished jury last month. I used black thinned down a bit more than usual and tried to do really light movement with a very fine tip. I also added some detail with the colored first letter.
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    That might be part of it. Noone in our meta really cares about tournaments, so that goal isn't there. I think this is most similar to our meta. We have recently been doing an "iron chef challenge" where everyone gets a model they need to feature as much as possible in the coming week. They get a score on how well they used the different aspects of that model.
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    I guess, you are right, but as i said, it's hard to explain in theory. Peackeeper can be blocked by a model behind him, so no push. Or war pig can push him, and end up between 2 of your models, it's quite situational, so i think we shouldn't talk much about it. The point of the topic is not the stampede, but how to counter this roster. Preferebly, with Guild master.
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    That's what he usually does. Positioning requires high skill, but when you do it right - you can charge 4-5 time per pigs on turn 1 and get enemy in his deployment zone.
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    Well, as was mentioned before, just yesterday i finished my Somer guide, and this list was included in it. And from now on, alot of players in 3 countries, who read my guides, will use it, so there will be quite a lot of this roster in our meta.
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    I removed black text. So the main idea of this crew is that when pigs start charging the Gremlin player has: 1. Outactivated you with 9-10 activation. 2. Has +/- 15 cards in hand. 3. Discarded 8 worst cards to get better cards. 4. Two activations on both warpigs with to hit and damage Pigs can charge multiple times during their activation so it would be 4-5 charges each and 8-10 attacks per warpig.
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    Somer player here. First of all, Rostislav, thank you for posting. I see, you translated part of my Somer guide in English. )) Now, let me clear this thing for you. This roster is really, like REALLY evil. It doesn't look so on paper, but 2 warpigs with reactivate can do ALOT of damage. (Like, around 130 dmg maximum, 60 average), and can wipe entire enemy crew on turn 1. It's true, played it for, like, 10+ times, against diffirent masters, and won them all. You just wipe enemy turn one, and he surrenders. Now, to the answers. First, roster can be countered with right positioning, and I don't think Sonnia will work, it depends on terrain tho. You are mistaking Mayor and Mechanized Porkchop. Mayors aura works if pig just activates in it. 1)... 2) It doesn't really matters against turn one EVIL alpha strike. 3) Same as 2 4) You don't get the idea. Somer player takes 12-15 cards from the deck, he have 6 in start hand, and sycles around 8. It's more then half of the deck. Good hand here is not just luck, it;s maths. But even IF Somer player ends up with bad or average cards in hand, all the good cards are still in deck. And then, pigs charge with plus flips for attack and damage, drawing 2 cards for each attacks, and one card at averege for damage flip. It's not about luck, it's about maths. Yes, there is still a chance, that Somer player will have bad flips. But it's EXTREMLY unlikely. 5) You don't get it. You don't just get charged. You get charged turn one, after ~10 activations(and you don't have a models to react, cuz u are outactivated), and you get charged 10 times, with model witch have plus flips for damage and attack. 2\4\6. It's not scary. It's devastating to most masters. 6) On that one, i agree. As for counter set-ups... Well, charge-preventing auras will work. Outactivation will work. Blocking LoS will work. And control-heavy masters or snipers will work. Good Idea is Zoraida, obeying Warpig at turn one(Flying with her(2) first), to charge Hog Whisperer, and if your opponent are not very bright - stampeding Cryer\Bayou gremlin. But it's interesting topic to talk about. I hope, my english is readeble.
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    hint 1 play nelly, hint 2 take Hans and 2x snipers hint 3 shoot his key pieces that he has in the open to get all the movement shenanigans off Or, take a bunch of models that cannot be charged and place them on front line ( 4x desperate merc for no tax and 2x investigators come to mind) Mind you there is a gameplay aspect but those 2 setups will hurt him early on
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    Once again, life's been filled with ups and downs. Shortly after being released from hospital, my 3-moth old daughter needed another major surgery. Seems like the problem with her thin intestine and colon is fixed for good now, which gives me more hope. I'm mostly at home with my older kid (3 years old) while my wife is with the little one at the hospital. It's a tough experience but we're pulling through. It's hard but seeing other kids and families with much more serious problems and facing them bravely is a humbling experience. And yet again, painting has been a way to calm down and briefly escape other problems during late night hours. I've painted two models recently, both for my own collection. Total worth of 17 ss (7 for Serena, 10 for Lazarus). Better pictures can be found on my blog at http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/04/hard-times.htm There should be more this month...
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    Dove's done (2 ss in total so far). Painting shaded gold on the raised areas of the body and gem effects on those tiny eyes was rather strenuous, but I'm happy with the results. The platinum could have been a shade or two lighter, but that's more of an issue with having only one grey metallic paint on hand (and not being willing to try NMM). I'll probably fix that with the other doves. @Purple Mist Now that the gold parts are a bit shinier, I doubt it needs any more finishing. Otherwise, I agree with you and usually try to put some rust on my models (and will try oxidized effect in the future). Sizewise the Doves are rather manageable, but can be difficult if you start going crazy with the details. I will also put some makeup on the performer but try to avoid going overboard, so the final version might be quite mild. @H4ml3t Red whip is an awesome idea, but otherwise I'm not feeling the red on this model (the other one will be mainly red and I want the two to contrast eachother). Do you think white trims/highlights/details would look any good?
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    Quick and dirty WIP shots for AquaMarcus, Wonder Amina, and my change in direction for Johanna. Next comes Marcus' Mamoa-esque tattoos. Thoughts?
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    Autobots Roll Out! Lazarus brings me to 15ss shown so far. I've completed 1 "creature" and I'm working on another that you'll see before the month is out. I wasn't actively trying to go Optimus Prime on Lazarus but now that I'm done I'm reminded of him. I wanted some colored metallic to make him pop more than an all-metal look would and I thought thematically the Guild might have given him a red paint job with gold and brass for some bling.
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    C'est tellement beau que je veux habiter dedans 😍
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    Hello, I worked out washes and colour recovery on pledged models. Guess I have till to work some highlight, then job is done. I aready prepared the resin bases for the three Nephilims: pumpkin base on the left side. The bad thing is that, as you can see in the pic, my Malifaux models are not brilliant as Rumble Slam models I just finished to work out. Anyway, with Nephilims, I decided to reproduce skin paint scheme I used past month for my Barbaros. I put aside Nekima: She'll be matter for next weeks and may be next month challenge. I almost completed the "secret" mini for the "Beast Contest".
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    Time for a mid-month WIP (rainy day, so the picture is a bit crap) I probably could have finished the dove already, but since all that's left on it is loads of tiny details, I've been putting it off for a while now. There's two weeks left, so it probably won't cause an issue. The performer on the other hand, I'm afraid will end up rather dull with the colour scheme I'll be going with. Does anyone have tip/tricks on how to make her look like a proper flashy showgirl?
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    WIP on the shaman Really not sure what colour I want to use for the mask
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    So, here is some work already done. - My Mansion which is finaly finished ! - The Customeeple public garden, finished too
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    I don't believe in building a list to counter a list. But a few suggestions on how to face this list. Firstly, if you ignore it, you are right it can draw a huge number of cards. But the greatest number of cards is from Sommer get your bro 3 times. And the list only contains 1 chance of a bayou gremlin. So killing that bayou gremlin is an easy way to cost the crew about half its card draw. Killing the crier early can also help restrict the draw, but this has the down side that you are releasing the bayou and if you can't kill both in the activation, you are allowing the chance for the get your bros to work. Low amounts terrain makes it much easier for the pigs to get the right positioning, so that is something that will effect this list quite a bit. And I've played games where Sommer couldn't get a mask for do it like this despite 11+cards in the hand, which really hurt his summoning plan. But thats not really a good answer. How do you define a cheesy list? And not playing it against friends only works if no one ever plays it anywhere. As soon as people are using it, your best solution is to face it and try and work out how to deal with it.
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    This list can be played 3 ways. 1. If you play super aggresive all models will simply stay in deploy and wait for you to come. After that kill you. 2. If you move forward, you 'll get 10 charges after you activate all your models. 3. If you don't leave your deplyment you'll get +/- 8 charges.
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    Yep, but you don't have to charge to BtB of peacekeeper. In straigt line, yes, but you just have to end charge movement in engage with peacekeeper. But it's really hard to talk about this theorethically. It really depends on exact positioning, i think.
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    Once again, i have seen such things. Only real set up in this roster, is card draw. I got Nekima in my deployment zone turn one, once. Pigs don't really care, when to activate, Yes, you can activate them last, but you don't HAVE to. And also, you can charge enemy alpha-strike model with Mayor, before activating pigs. But still, it MIGHT work. I think, Victoria can whirlwind this crew, and cripple it. But snipers will do better. UPD. I mean, most of this roster is about finding a way, to charge enemy models. If enemy plays aggresivly, he tends to move to the center of the map, so you don't have to think about pushes anymore. You just walk and charge then.
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    Im not sure lure will work. As for me, if I see lures, i'll wait, and don't activate Mayor. He have 2 activations, so he can just follow pigs later in turn. As for blocking with 50mm models, it's not very good idea. Pig will charge him, and then use stampede trigger to go further into your crew. Again, if its were me, i would just ignore peacekeeper turn one, and just bounce from him with pigs. Even if peacekeepre survives, it doesn.t matter, if i kill rest of enemy crew.
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    I dont believe you get + dmg from major either, and you have to start charge around him. as mentioned previously, flame wall sonia with student will also ruin his 50mm melee centric crew