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    WIP to date. I've got a long ways to go yet. Need to add shading/highlights everywhere and I'm going to try for a translucent cloth effect (for the 1st time) before painting the glowing whip and adding the OSL effect (for the first time).
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    It also becomes less resource intensive when you have Playtime on the Bultungin.
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    My most recent WIP. Definitely feel the same way as others have expressed, where I am happy with the painting so far but am worried about messing it up by putting down the OSL. But then again my main reason for joining this competition was to grow as a painter by trying new things.
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    Iron Painter has a wide skill range in its participants. Don't fret about it. I know I paint prettier than some, worst than some, but I paint and I enjoy it. That's the important part. Far as those impressive WIPs go, I admire, maybe get inspired, think to myself "gosh that's pretty", and go back to my own work. Enjoy the act and don't negatively compare yourself to others. That way lies unhappiness; there's always a bigger fish. And if it's the material gains that keep you going, remember if you stick with this for five rounds you just might win yourself a hot model
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