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    Here are my models for June. This is the Widow Weaver (8SS) and 3x Will o' Wisps (3SS x 3 = 9SS) for a total of 17SS Due to the recent earthquake in Japan and some personal reasons, these will likely be my only models for this month. It is far off of what I wanted to get done this month, but still within my pledge, so there may be a silver lining. Happy painting all!
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    Lynch is the master of Card advantage, in a combination of his card draw, and his ability which allows his crew to discard aces without losing the card. There are several ways to try and abuse these mechanics, ranging from the simple use a ten thunders brother, and his card cycling becomes draw if you have the aces, to the potentially complex Torkage shuffle utilising Lusts Df trigger and the Torkage rapid fire to draw cards on every attack. Its worth noting that whilst Sensi yu can use Lynch's muligan ability, it will not allow him to discard the aces and regain them (The action had to be specifically written to dis-allow that combination). Zoraida has the bewitched spell, whihc can get a decent number of cards on the right target. Dreamer has an upgrade that gives him several cards. Neverborn get an upgrade that lets them cycle 3 cards from the soulstone they spend to draw cards, which will combine nicely, with things like rush of magic and Arcane resevoir. Lileth with the Lovelace sisters, and a primordial magic are then draw to 13 keep 7 each turn, Sonnia with the Brutal Effigy can draw cards for every kill. Combine that with her new upgrade that adds blasts to her Ml attack, and the Trigger on her sword to draw cards for every ram in the attack, and she can draw a stupid number of cards, but largely by being in a dangerous location. (The Brutal effigy works well with her ranged attack as well, and most of the guild masters don't really struggle to kill things so will get a few cards from the effigy buff). Nicodem can take an upgrade that lest him draw cards when undead die, and then used Zombies to fuel his summoning so drawing cards in the process. There are lots of ways to draw cards in all factions. I've listed a very small number, you're probably best to just read through the books, because there are plenty of ways to draw. I couldn't even list all the ways in Arcanists to draw cards without worrying I'd missed several.
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    Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: ours 50ss Leader: Nellie Cochrane - Cache:(4) Alternate Facts 2ss Guild Funds 1ss Delegation 1ss The Printing Press 3ss The Jury 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Domador de Cadaveres 7ss Nurse Heartsbane 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Papa Loco 7ss Numb To The World 1ss Watcher 4ss Rotten Belle 5ss I ran this into Shen long with Declared Faction: TenThunders Crew Name: Shlong-Tengu 50ss Leader: Shenlong - Cache:(2) Wandering River Style 2ss Yang 1ss The Peaceful Waters 0ss Peasant 2ss Ototo 9ss Call The Thunder 1ss Yamaziko 6ss Equality 1ss False Target 0ss Shadow Emissary 10ss Conflux of The Dawn 0ss Mr. Tannen 6ss Death Contract 1ss Katanaka Sniper 7ss Monk of Low River 4ss It was ply in standard. We both took take one for the team (him on ototo me on nurse HB) and undercover Entourage (me on Nellie, him on yamaziko). My whole plan was to try to get a fat hand with Nellie and lure stuff to get ply with the belle. I ended up charging nurse HB with"take this" and in on ototo first turn, hitting 2 severed and finishing him off at the top of the next turn, as well as landing a severe on yamaziko(setting her up to die from a single propaganda from Nellie.). At that point, as long as I did ok at ply it was basically over.
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    At least in a TT player's defense, we don't do that much summoning XD
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    It seems a strange thing to praise, perhaps, but I think very highly of the heavy verdigris and thickly soot and dirt-clotted glass of the oil lamp in Mr. Graves' diorama-base. Incidentally, the ''commedia dell'arte'' or Venetian Guild Lawyer (your avatar) is wonderful. I think that more might sometimes be made of the quasi-eighteenth century themes, the rather grotesque ''aristocracy'' of Malifaux: your miniature is a splendid example of that tendency. It emphasises the long, almost unnaturally long fingers and long, talon-like pointed nails, also seen in the older art of Lucius. Absolutely splendid.
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    18 ss for Juy - Voodoo Doll and Lilith (15ss for masters as far as I remember) More pics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/06/voodoo-doll.html http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/06/my-take-on-lilith.html
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    I did it. I managed to finish a necropunk (5 ss) before leaving for my trip: I'll thus finish the month at 29ss.
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    So here's my mid month update: Rat King 8ss, 3x Malifaux Rat 2each so a total of 14 so far... As usual I get sidetracked and starts other models than the ones I pledge, but I have at least got half of the pledged Rat Catcher done as well, so would probably be able to finnish it this month! But I also started on my other Rat King...
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    I wrote the Ophelia tactica but I’ll try and add more specific stuff
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    I agree that's what I think he is referring to, but in that case his point is that he doesn't play Ophelia because the other models that appear in her box have low defence, which may be a reason to not buy the box, but not to not use her if you already own her.
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    This is your problem. The df of the crew isn't poor unless you pick models with poor df. It doesn't have to be worse than the df of a Sommer or zipp crew if you don't want it to be.
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    her trick is she hits like a truck with ++ and has companion, so between here and franc/pere you have 6 ap worth of attacks going into opponents crew. The key with gremlins its all about hitting first and hitting fast, she generates the movement/positioning for your hitters and can follow up herself. Having a model that can point/click/remove a high ss model in 1 activation is always a good thing. Also people sweat at the idea of taking 12 from a RJ,something that a ++ attack can do by cycling cards very fast in 1 activation.
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    I’ve solod ophelia in a 50+ person tournament and came 3rd. shes a killer