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    Congrats @Franchute I finished Burt Jebsen for my medical crew as well. The Nellie crew is almost done. Just a reporter to paint for it. It was really fun to paint the Gremlin skin. And the Nellie crew so far.
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    Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum. I hope you will enjoy my diorama of gremlins!
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    Thanks for inviting me to still contribute. Even though I can't formally complete I'll keep trying to paint 10+ SS each month. I finished painting a McTavish conversion for a tournament this weekend. Queeg and McTavish make 17ss this month.
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    Law of Murphy imho is about inability to create a system which is 100% perfect or unbreakable. And quite frequently factors which start <go wrong> sequence are very stupid or simple. I tried to pay homage to many good movies and games which played with this law. I was heavily inspired this time by Hellboy and Guillermo del Toro and his new coming movie LED was placed for expiremental purposes Thank you and hope you like it
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    Got the doppleganger (7ss) and the primordial magic (2ss) painted up at the start of the month as I had my first tournament on the 18th of november. So last couple of months I've been painting neverborn models. I'm taking a break from that for a bit and I'm going to finally continue with my kirai crew. This month I'm going for datsu ba and I'm getting started on the seishin. So for datsu ba I'm trying out OSL for the first time and it has been really fun (especially the blue ringed octopus!), but also time consuming. I'm posting a WIP here, and any feedback is welcome, she is mostly finished, I'm just working on the highlights on her clothes and the light effects. The seishin needs some minor details, I've tried out someting different as for color scheme, let me know what you guys think!
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    My voting is done and critiques have been passed on to the powers that be for distribution--hopefully you'll have my thoughts tomorrow or Monday. Regarding how judging is done (at least from my perspective), I would refer folks to my "Open Letter to the 2017 IP Contestants" thread posted elsewhere in the Wyrd Events section for my own take on the subject. To address specifically the diorama vs. single model issue, I will agree it makes things more challenging as both a contestant and a judge. As a contestant, how do you invest your time? As a judge, how do I compare the two? In my personal opinion (which is neither official Wyrd law or even the opinion of the other judges necessarily), storytelling is generally easier to do with a diorama/ multimodel type setting vs. a single model, so for me will often score a bit better in theme. The drawback (again as a generalization) is that dioramas or multiple model pieces are often technically inferior to single models, simply because the artist has to divide his or her attention between 2 or more models, plus the scenery. If the entries from two artists are equally matched after theme and the technical aspects are evaluated, aesthetic is often what I use for a tie breaker. Artistic impression or aesthetic is much more subjective; it’s that intangible “wow” factor and will often be the deciding factor between pieces. Size of the model, degree of difficulty, composition, innovation, creative use of material, and all the little details calculate into this for me. This rubric does tend to lend itself to weighting dioramas heavier, simply because of the amount of details and difficulty that goes along with production of a diorama scene; however, a well constructed display base for a single model can (and does) tip the scales back, as it can create a bit more of that pleasing aesthetic. Due to the intense time constraints of each round, an artist that has created a multiple model scene will be rewarded over a single model IF (and this is a huge if) all other factors are equivalent from my perspective. In the end, it is where you want to put your eggs and there is no wrong answer. Both single models and dioramas advanced in round two.
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    Hey everyone! We got back to the office after a nice Thanksgiving break, cracked open the shipping boxes to start shipping out orders, and… uh oh. At some point in the manufacturing process, the Winter Wonderland models encountered some problems. Namely, the mold for the alternate Rasputina sculpt appears to have collapsed at some point during the manufacturing process. Instead of shipping out a damaged and inferior product, we’ve decided to save Christmas with a replacement sculpt. The Snow Storm, Ice Gamin, and Wendigo in the Winter Wonderland box will still be made of plastic, but Rasputina herself will be remolded in high quality resin. This will, unfortunately, result in a delay of around two to three weeks in shipping out any order that contains one or more Winter Wonderland boxes (everything should still be shipped before the holidays). To apologize for this inconvenience, we’ve decided to dip into our own Christmas stocking and increase the size of the Winter Wonderland box. Now, every copy of the Winter Wonderland box will also include a resin Killer Tree (which counts as an Ice Golem). This addition will increase the retail cost of the Winter Wonderland box (a total value of over $100), but if you ordered (or decide to order) the Winter Wonderland box during our Black Friday sale, the price will not change! If you would prefer to simply have the cost of your Winter Wonderland box refunded, that is also an option. We'll be reaching out to everyone who ordered the box to inform them of the changes, and they can let us know if they'd prefer a refund (or they can contact customer service via our Contact Us form). Oh, and rest assured, these refunds will not negatively impact the number of Vintage Masters you receive with your order. If you still want the Winter Wonderland set but want the rest of your order more quickly, we recommend that you ask for a refund on your current Winter Wonderland box(es) and then place a new order including just the Winter Wonderland box. This will result in another set of shipping fees, of course, but it will ensure that you still get all of your other items in a timely manner. If you have any further questions, please let us know, or stop on by our forum.
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    Finally took photos off finished Miss Deed: Making it 25ss this month so far for me.
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    Iron Painter is, ultimately, a labor of love for us. We've been huge fans of the hobby for ages, and this contest lets us challenge the community in a fun way that sparks creativity under pressure. Because it takes place over a long stretch of time and because life happens, we have to have rules to address what happens when someone drops out or just doesn't have time to finish a piece. We've been pretty clear on the contest's rules and how we plan to handle drops or DNFs from the start of the event. We're disappointed that some people might take issue with that, but at the end of the day, we're still comfortable with how things are working, and we're not going to change the rules mid-event. That being said, we're keeping an eye on everyone's feedback, and we'll take it into consideration when we start planning out next year's Iron Painter. We always change things up a little bit each year in an attempt to find a perfect fit, and that's unlikely to change in the future. On a happier and more personal note, I've been very pleased to see a huge variety in all the entries this year! I've just been in awe at how folks can work within such a limited time frame to pull off some amazing work. I can't wait to see what people come up with for the next round.
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    Yeah, I too was cutting it a bit too close this round. I think I had about 45 minutes to spare. Here's a video showing the rotating base I made. http://kraftsy.com/strangerthings.html
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    Finished both versions of Bishop for 20ss, which means I will add more to this month's pledge. Burt is next in line More pictures of Bishops here http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/12/bishops.html
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    Hey guys, ive had a hard time tracking who's who during this whole competition (old mans brain syndrome) so i built a little webpage to help me out. Unfortunately the tool i used to draw it didnt like the format of the silver and bronze tier so i only have the gold tier available at the moment. Let me know if any data is wrong and yes, its not pretty or perfect but its enough for me Iron painter Gold tier
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    A fun alternate use for a Blood Bowl model. I could have put a bit more into this if art didn't imitate life; my boiler broke down (in December of course), and it was my turn to get the flu this week. Still, as scrappy as this one is I quite like it.
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    It s monday today. Two wokou raiders on seashore More pics in blog as usual http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/12/malifaux-mondays-66-wokou-raiders.html
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    Hello, I managed to find some time to finish the two watchers. Here they are: With the two large arachnids (12 ss) I've already painted, these two watchers (2 x 4ss) put me at 20 soulstones.
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    They already showed a prototype of this lady so we can only hope and probably assume there will be a mini. Apologies for the crap pic, but it's just cut from a photo I saw online a good while back.
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    @RustAndTheCity - I really like the way you keep your crew in theme. This McTavish is a perfect example of creativity and skill combined together to a spectacular result. And just to prove I haven't been procrastinating here's a wip shot of two Nekima models I'm currently working on for this month's pledge
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    The box will be a limited release. As of last year or so, we decided to stop doing prereleases as a way to help out the brick and mortar stores that carry our products. We have three different core demographics for our products: those that love assembling our miniatures but don't play the game, those that love playing the game but don't like to assemble miniatures, and the "Alpha Wyrdos" who love assembling our miniatures and then getting them out onto the table. Our core Malifaux products require a fair bit of assembly, and that's not going to change anytime in the near future. The Twisted Alternatives line of preassembled plastic lets us offer some fun alternative models to that second demographic of player that doesn't want to spend their time gluing each individual strand of hair to Yan Lo's chin. No matter which group you fall into, we hope that you can at least understand our attempts to offer some fun preassembled miniatures to folks that don't like model assembly (or to those who just like the idea of samurai turtles and killer snowmen). Different strokes for different folks and all that. This Rasputina box doesn't include an adventure booklet: it's just the models. On another note, we'll have a list of goodies out for next week's Black Friday / Company Birthday sale come Monday afternoon. Right now, everyone's off at PAX Unplugged to show off Malifaux, the Other Side, and board games to the masses. If you're down in Philadelphia, swing on by the booth to say hello!
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    Finnish the RN. Now I'm waiting for the ordered base. I'm really happy how this little fella turned out. At the start I had no idea how this could turn out in the end.
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    Finished! Little trouble with taking photos, but finally done.
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    Right I am done as well - I'm the first to upload to gold too, do I get a prize? haha
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    Some great Lady J vs sandeep action! I listen to you guys about your suggestion for the upcoming videos and i hope the quality of the video have increased https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuAt8zn8RY4
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    The Ripples of Fate stat cards are available on Wargame Vault!
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    Final photo of my IP17 round 3 work. Stranger things! Some WIPs will be little later
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    Rotating base with figures by Wyrd and Reaper
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    Finally done! Theme was very open so i just decided to do a funky looking knight on a funky looking base. Live fast, die hard and eat your veggies guys
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    Finally I finished the base of Rogue Necromancy. I am really happy how this monster has turned out. I had no idea what it might look like. Most of the pictures I had seen of a painted RN, I did not like. Mostly the monster just look much too colorful. But I wanted the Mini to look harmonious despite the different "components". A good friend then brought me to mix the main colors together and then go into shadows and lights. So purple, green and beige mixed into a desaturated brown-gray. From this I mixed the other colors in different compositions. The exception is the bright purple of the tail head (?). But then I picked it up again at the tongues. In addition, the tail has a slightly yellowish green, which only exchanges there. The red of the eyes is only there then. I am less proud of the result than rather amazed at what I have achieved. Also the many positive comments on the last malt meeting have really made me happy!
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    Master Queeg (7ss) and Riflemen (2x5ss) for a total of 17 ss
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    Check out the newsletter here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/11/20/black-friday-newsletter (Yes, that means you get 2 at $200, 3 at $300, and so on) UPDATED The following items are being removed from the Black Friday list: Curiosity Killed the Cat (non-translucent) Swamp Mother (translucent) Hamelin Crew (translucent) Bayou Gremlin (alt)
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    Congrats @Franchute ! I hope your family is healthy and happy and everyone is doing well. I've finished my November pledge, 2 Nekimas, 26 soulstones. As always, more pictures and some thoughts on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/11/true-mothers.html
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    I've been quiet on this but here is my 2 cents. This is a FREE contest, for pretty good prizes. the rules were laid out up front. there are threads from previous years to view as well. If you were blindsided then you didn't read the rules well enough. But to complain about something Free for pretty good prizes is kind of lame. Enjoy the artwork and keep trying if you ask for tips, people will give them.
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    To me the main theme of Stranger Things is our constant collision with unknown, our wish to control and expand, our failure when our intentions are corrupted (even when we use most advanced military technologies) and our success when we remain humane. What will be brought to us by strangers coming from one of the greatest of other dimensions - Outer Space? How will we react? What will be the cost? I was inspired by some cool pieces: Series X-files, Stranger Things, Alien; games such as Prey, System Shock 2 Thank you and hope you like it
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    Hello Wyrdos, As you may know, we recently released the Bad Things Happen app, which provides people with a nice app to track their Malifaux models and games. The app is free, but it's possible to pay a small fee and get all stat cards on the app for reference. The launch went well, and it's been downloaded thousands of times. There were a few bugs, but the developer has been working consistently to fix every one of them. What's more, though, they've also been working on adding new features. As such, we wanted to give you a road map of where the app is going over time. I'd like to add a note that we won't be adding every feature people are asking for (including the ability to see the stat card in its physical layout), but we're doing our best to add functionality and usability for players. Without further ado, the road map: December Search by name or characteristic Format Setup BEFORE encounter Custom “open” Format will all options Upgrades available in the Model List (Own, Fav, View) Encounters can import both Formats and Crews Full Pixel Support iPhoneX “safe zone “ fix “White” crew header issue Various crew building fixes Adjustment to button locations in encounter January GG2018 format added Errata Update added (yes, there's one coming) Special Edition Models added as options Q1 of 2018 Organized Play App User Accounts (Wyrd ID, Saved Crews, other saved data) which are tied to the Organized Play App Crew Builder connection to Organized Play app Find\RSVP events features in app, which is searching the Organized Play App Looking into (nebulous date) New share options for crews and formats Model counts for Crews As you can see, we have a number of plans. This includes an Organized Play app, which more information will be available on in the coming months. Suffice it to say, this will help event organizers to run their events, all while making the data from those events available online. We appreciate your support, and everyone who has given feedback on the app. As you can see, we're continuing to move forward in development, and we hope to have even more features available soon! PLEASE POST APP DISCUSSION HERE: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/forum/451-app/ Have a great day!
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    We've all been there. Poor kid Anyway, I hope you like my entry and as always, feel free to comment and/or critique
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    As if it wasn't bad enough being undead you go and crash your car in the worst part of town. What's the worst that could happen? Superstitions, popular culture and a smattering of a Final Destination vibe meet Mailfaux in a Murphy's Law mash up. I would have loved to include more references but time was against me. (The car is unpainted as I had to "liberate" it from a friend's collection)
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    I just always want to paint something in full 'comic style' Miniatures from Board Game 'Arcadia quest'.
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    I was able to finish datsue bah, It is the first time I've tried to do OSL. I'm really happy with the effect on the face, though I'm not entirely happy with the robes. Oh well, I'll leave it at this for the moment but I might revisit her later on. I also assembled the Jury. I have an upcoming game with lady justice next week so I'll field her for the first time. I'm not sure if I will be able to finish her though. And finally, for the same reason I'm working on my brutal effigy. It is still WIP, mainly the cloak shoes and hat still need to be painted.
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    The idea that 'what can go wrong, will go wrong.' is a scary prospect in modern times. I wanted to paint this bust to show someone strong who has had years of everything going wrong and who was running out of hope. Maybe they had put their trust in the wrong places and the world has gone to hell. How could things possibly get worse? Boom. I was especially pleased with the tear drop I managed to make using a microbead and a trail of gloss varnish. I gave him a cateract to try and indicate his other eye was blind from the same injury that gave him the scar. I painted the background from references of explosions I found on the internet. I hope you enjoy and that the Trump badge doesn't offend anyone!
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    Ok, and finally I am going to watch Coco!!! Who will find which famous fiction copany produced this cryonic comlex- will be respected!
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    Ah yes, Von Schill's "finish the curtains" action. So crucial when attempting to properly decorate...
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    Didn't get them all, but made good progress! The Swincursed (7ss) 2x Banjonistas (10ss), a McMourning mummy turned Flesh Construct (6ss), the Sow (well, Ewe, 8ss), the Mysterious Emissary (10ss), and yes, the first Ramone sister Mounted Guard (7ss)! All told, 48ss worth. And made good progress on Nekima to finish up later.
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    Hey Wyrdos! It is almost time for our Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday sale and we know you all want some news. Well today we get to bring you a preview of something that will be available during the Black Friday sale. Wyrd is at it again with a new Twisted Alternatives box! This time we decided to bring some holiday cheer into the office . And nobody knows how to get everyone into the winter holiday spirit like Rasputina and her crew! Especially with this new twist... Box Contains 1 Alt Rasputina Sculpt 1 Krampus* 1 Beast in a Box** (3 presents on one base) 3 Snowmen*** (note the extra head counts as part of one of the Snowmen) This alternate Rasputina set will come pre-assembled, and will be like our previously released Twisted Alternatives set. It will be made available during the Black Friday sale. *Krampus counts as Snowstorm ** Beast in a Box counts as Wendigo *** Snowmen count as Ice Gamin
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    Barbaros = 10SS Dr Dufresne = 15SS My version of Scales of Justice = 3SS
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    Hello, my daughter will be born tomorrow earlier than expected! This means I may not have time to paint anymore this month. So, I'm posting what I have done so far. I have the following two large arachnids. I wanted to add an OSL, but I guess these wont have any! Wish me luck for tomorrow! Edit: this is 2 x 6ss = 12ss
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    Our little Serpentarium returned from Hussar/Monte San Savino paintings comtetitons so now time to return to Malifaux paintings
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    Peacekeeper is done. Rather quick paintjob (2 days) considering somewhat tricky cleanup and sheer amount of intricate details. Client suggested to make it rusty and battered, and in the end I wanted to achieve "rusty metal" look rather than "metallic rust", if that makes sence, so all effects were applied in moderation. I've added two little cheap jewelry chains to leg and arm to enhance the industrial feel and bulk it up a bit. Painting itself was done with brushes exclusively, it took a lot of patience to pick out all rivets and recesses one by one. Rough metallic highlights were done sparingly with a piece of sponge, later touched up by hand where needed. I also painted two cables in red and blue to tie it with the gang, little bit of OSL was done with the same blue as well. Hard to catch reflective surface on photos properly. In real life, of course, all transitions are more "alive" and noticeable. Bigger pictures + 2 more angles are uploaded to the album, link to which is in the first post. Cheers!
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