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    Howdy folks, As you know, from time to time we run a 'sale' (though arguably it isn't really that as we don't discount anything), where we have offered special edition items as well as pre-sales on early releases. While good for us, and great for the rabid fan, it can sometimes not be so great for local game stores. Now I could spin back and forth with numbers and point out 'it really isn't that much of our overall line', which it isn't, but at the end of the day, there are some stores that are genuinely affected by the sales. We care a lot about our community and our stores, so we're trying to eliminate a fair portion of that going forward. To that end, we will no longer be doing pre-sales of any sort during EASTER and BLACK FRIDAY sales. We will continue to offer our special edition miniatures, colored sprues, and other incentives such as posters, t-shirts, and other items. We just won't release models early during these sales. 'What about Gencon?' I hear you asking - welp - that will be staying the same, though we'll be limiting our releases (we've done so the last two years actually, though we've just not advertised it, so nothing will change). Every year, we try to do more and more to support our amazing community, which includes distributors, retailers, and players. We've stayed committed to our LGS promotions for brick and mortar stores, and we feel that cutting back on pre-sales is the next step we can take to truly support our community. We will also be making some expansions to the Henchman program in an attempt to better support our ever growing base of players. Thank you to everyone who supports us and takes an interest in our games. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Sincerely, Wyrd
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    Hey Wyrdos, We have always loved good art. Art can tell a story and inspire a player. We've worked with many talented artists over the years, but we've never had a full time artist in house. Well, the times they are a-changin'. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Alyssa, our new artist. Alyssa came on board last week and has bent her brush to the task of creating amazing art for our games. We are so excited to have her and share her art with our community. Alyssa comes on board after doing some freelance work for us (if you've seen some of the art for Bayou Bash or the new special edition Titania art on the newsletter), moving down from Michigan. She is a gamer herself, and she's excited about all the possibilities and styles she can bring to Wyrd. We asked her to do a bit of a visual introduction of herself, so behold! A Wyrd self-portrait: Here she is working: And here is her work:
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    Hi all! I'm so psyched to be a part of the team!
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    We are genuinely not interested in working directly with retailers for various reasons. Support them, yes - but direct sales, we're avoiding if we can help. That having been said, several problematic individuals and locations have been identified and .. dealt with/sorted out in various manners over the last few weeks directly with the distributors in face to face meetings and a fair amount of the issues that have plagued product getting to retailers should become less of an issue if not outright become resolved. Have your store contact us directly through customer service and mention this situation directly, and this thread, give us their store information, distributor they use as well as the buyer with whom they coordinate with and I guarantee that it will be addressed by one, if not both locations rather rapidly as they are aware of said issues, and want to sort them, hastily. That is of course assuming there are not deeper issues that none of us have been made aware of, which frankly I won't speculate upon. That goes for everyone. If your retailer is having trouble getting product - point them at this thread - and our customer service form - and someone will deal with it personally (very likely, me) and make certain that the distributors understand they have a ball that has been dropped and need to sort.
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    Our Upcoming Releases are now viewable through June. https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases
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    Stay tuned...
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    Wyrd Chronicles #29 is now available free on DriveThruRPG! In this issue: Pardon Our Dust - Get tactical advice on the new Gaining Grounds 2017 and learn how to keep your Crew Hiring flexible. Egg Hunt - A multiplayer scenario that celebrates an age old tradition. Organ Donors - The Fated find themselves unwilling donors in McMourning’s laboratory. Forging a River - Learn how to make realistic water effects. Unappreciated in My Time - There is something new to fear in Malifaux. The Bone Stag - The Outcast Janbaaj learns to face his fear and become a chosen Warrior of Tallil. A Wyrd Crew Plays: A Stitch in Time - The Wyrd Crew joins in the fun of the Through The Breach Global Campaign.
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    @SoylentRobotThat's a lot of models, good job! I've got Hoffman finished and actually got some models done to go along with him and Lucius (more pictures here):
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    Hello, Attached is the March 2017 FAQ update! This takes into account a variety of questions that have come up for players. I apologize for it coming so late in the month, but it should answer a number of questions to ease play of the game. Below is a look at changes: 51 - Conditions gained during Upkeep can process during the Upkeep step. 52 - Headhunter Markers are placed after the Action is fully resolved. 72 - This has been updated, and now clarifies that bonus damage (such as from Bigger They Are) does not apply to additional damage. 102 - Anna Lovelace's Auras are clarified that they only effect enemy models via enemy effects. 119 - The Stutter Time question has been updated because of the errata from January. 126 - The Drinking Contest question has been updated because of the errata from January. 130 - The Drinking Contest question has been updated because of the errata from January. 141 - Yokai that get an extra action on a charge do not get the Frenzied Charge bonus to it. Additionally, a few old questions have been deleted: Old 113 - Black Blood Pustule question removed due to clarity from January errata. Old 117 - Stutter Time question removed due to clarity from January errata. Old 129 - Drinking Contest question removed due to clarity from January errata. Please remember that FAQ questions only apply to the specific issue addressed. While we understand there were more questions, we felt these were the top priority to address. There will be another FAQ (assuming it is needed) in May. Thank you! M2E FAQ (March 2017).pdf
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    To all the awesome Wyrdos out there, Since I've started as a designer at Wyrd, I've raced through the gremlin infested bayous of Malifaux, explored new realms in the land of Tallil, and most importantly gotten to experience and connect with the Wyrd community. The Wyrd community, a crazy juggernaut of passion, knowledge, and friendship that always defies my attempts to put it into words when describing it to others. That's why it's such a bittersweet announcement that I must make today. I have decided to take advantage of another opportunity and move on to new adventures that take me away from Wyrd Games. But before I do I want to thank Wyrd and the community for the time I've had here. I'll be leaving in a couple of weeks so there's plenty of time for a few last hijinks, and I expect many of the friends I've made here within the office and on the forums will last long past my departure. I guess all that's left to say is 'Thank You!' Thank you everyone for the time spent here, the jokes, and the many games. I guess I'll see you all soon on the other side Hi-Five, Lindsey P.S. Check out the job opening me leaving has created! Maybe you are the future of Wyrd!
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    Well to be fair that power was taken away from me within the first few weeks. Turns out banning Aaron because he disagreed with me had consequences.
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    I am working on my Zoraida crew. I already painted Zoraida (most of the dolls are still missing though) but I had to show her as well. McTavish is who I painted for this month. Greetings, Joachim.
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    Here's my miniature for this month: mysterious emissary (10ss)
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    Pretty much finished my Silent Ones, just the snow to go (as with everything I've done so far!) - now on to my Blessed to try and make my target for the month. I've also got some Guild Ball stuff waiting to paint but don't want to start that until I know I've done my 15ss @iamfanboy I really like the colours on Lust. Bet that stands out really nicely on the table
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    Here are my models for this month. Lady Justice conversion (15ss), 3 guild hounds (9ss), Luna (4ss), and the enslaved nephilim (3ss). The theme of this month was height 1. Total soulstones painted: 31
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    Hello, my friends. Stay awhile and listen... I got into Malifaux for about a year now. So i´m really like a newbie and just bought whatever looked cool and shiny (what a fool i was ). This Thread was created to show you my progress in painting my pile of shame from time to time or even new miniatures from malifaux i couldn´t resist. Hopefully you enjoy the minis and if you like give me a comment or a critic where i could have done better. I´ve got a bunch of other miniatures painted like my Lady Justice Crew but no actual Picture. Next on my painting table will be the missing two members of the Crossroads Seven.
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    Hey, I hope I'm not spamming. Last night I worked a bit on the glasses and the skin. I just wanted to share my progress to keep me motivated. Here's what I got:
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    After a productive weekend, I got Lucius done. He's... quite the dandy...
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    Many thanks to @prof_bycid Apologies for what will appear a double post but this was the photo (at the correct resolution) that I was trying to upload for my March pledge...the varnish will go on in a couple of days....but for March here are 18SS of bad attitude with big anchors...I enjoyed painting them and am now looking forward to joining in with April's shenanigans
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    These beautiful drowned are the March plege from Burnin' Coal! Revel in their drownedness!
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    I manged to get the Stuffed piglets done: 6x Stuffed Piglets 12ss
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    Hi guys! A whole month of complicated work has passed! I hope you will like the result! Lucky Emissary.
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    Woah! Thank you guys for your comments)) @Chou - Thank you! yeaah, that was something)) But very good practice of patience @Duck21 - Thanks man! This is brawn stuff) @ringsnake @Franchute - Haha, thanks)) Actually this is a mystery to me too, since I have no art education and don't drink alcohol But my tamed bear Vasiliy primed models for me @Sandmann - Thank you very much)) Yeas, that's true6 but I receive those DMR as pre-released and there is no cards or bases, so I don't know which would fit, and decided that it's the same as Death marshals. And only on Monday I saw in "ripples of fate" that in fact there is 40mm((( The older one I already changed, but the second one don't know how(( So! Here are the finished images of my Brutal emissary, or I should say the Law Emissary)) When I first saw Emissary I thought that I absolutely don't like his cage, his unsuitable sword of strange shape and his coffin for fat dwarfs (I do not want to offend anyone in any way), so I scratch built a scroll, the paper sheets on which he floats and there was an idea to give him a witching thrall on a chain. It was a cool idea, I even built the platform for him (that trail of paper sheets), but when it was almost done^ some guy said that he will looks cool with a mace aaaaand in my opinion it really does! And also I took coffin from old metal death marshal. Remember, you can see all WIP images, including inside of the robe HERE And also you can Subscribe to my Instagram, where I'll post a 360 video.
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    I decided to get the other Canine Remains and Flesh Construct to round this gang off. The Nurses aren't included in this month's total cos i painted them a while ago, but I did update their bases to match. That's a total of: McMourning (15), Zombie Chihuahua (2), Sebastian (7), 2 Flesh Constructs (6, 6), 4 Canine Remains (4, 4, 4, 4) for a total of 52ss
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    Forgot to mention the ss cost: McTavish (10ss) and last minute finished the voodoo doll (3ss) = 13ss total Thx for the reminder! p.s. Is there a way to post pictures from an album in a smaller size?
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    First post here, relatively new to Malifaux. Wife and I demo'd it at GenCon last year and picked up a couple of crew boxes to eventually play around with, but I'm mostly a painter and less of the actual gameplay at this point. Finally diving into the C. Hoffman box and decided to tackle the Guardian first and veer away from what seems to be the pretty standard paint job of metal, metal, more metal, and some rubber tubes. I figured that if it might be steam powered that furnace heat could be put to better use. Did some minor conversion work adding a radiator to the inside of the sword and a green stuff hose to the outside to connect it to the elbow. Gem on the chest was smooth, had to paint in the facets to create the illusion of hard edges, results are decent though. Also got to try out the AMMO Titanium I picked up a while back as well. It has a subtle blue tint to it, nothing overwhelming but it adds a nice little bit of contrast to all the warm colors. Fairly happy with this, especially as a 'for play' model. Now I just have to do the rest of the box...
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    I don`t care about other people`s win percentage. I care about my own
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    Hey, I've worked a bit on Joss and would like to share my WIP:
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    Here goes my finished Ramos. Together with the mobile toolkit I had posted, it is 18 soulsones: @Chou just to honour a Spanish expression, your ice golem is la ostia! I really like that you painted in white the ice peaks getting out of his body.
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    Wanted to start way earlier in April, but got hold up in all kinds of stuff. Ah well, finally got to painting yesterday. My plans for this month (still a week of vacation in front of me, so might as well go bold, in the order of my priorities): - Mechanical Rider - 12 SS - Barbaros - 10 SS - Young Nephilim x2 - 12 SS (6 each) - Lilith - 15 SS - Lelu - 7 SS - Lilitu - 7 SS - Primordial Magic - 2 SS Luckily I already have made some progress in that list: Mechanical Rider and Barbaros only need varnishing, done otherwise:
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    I ended up going plus one this week adding in the puke worm at the end just because it fit in so well and I wanted to try the new translucent green paint that I had and that seemed like as good of an excuse as any to do it! If my math is right that's a cool 53ss for this month.
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    Hey all, So this update is very long overdue (as always). I never really got around to tying this project up properly so I figured now is the time to do it. For people following this thread I did finish my crew and the new display board in time for the UK Nationals last year. The display board took me pretty much 5 weeks on the run up and though I was happy with the end product it wasn't worth the stress. I walked away with 2nd place for painting (players vote) missing out on 1st by 1 vote. I was beaten by a rather nice 10T crew in the end for the painting and a fantastic Dark Carnival piece for the display board category. Then once all that was over it was Christmas and then real life stuff got in the way and I never got around to updating this thread. Then being the mastermind I am I tidied up my photobucket the other month and broke all my links (go me!). So today I re-linked all my work and grabbed some finished pictures of the individual crew members. I had to pinch them from my Instagram so they're not the best quality but it's all I have I'm afraid. Perdita Enslaved Nephelim Santiago Francisco Nino Papa Loco Abuela & Senor Hodor Executioner A WIP of their display board And the finished article with all the family And that is the Ortega family all done and dusted for now. Sadly I never did finish the Peacekeeper though I will get around to that at some point. I really enjoyed this project and I learnt a load of stuff in the process. Massive thanks to those that have followed this project and provided your suggestions and comments. And now currently I am on to my new project, Marcus! I have started not only a new crew but a website/blog as well. So if you'd like to follow my progress you can find my website at www.haychdee.com And if you're on Instagram or Twitter you can also find me at @haychdee So that's it for now. I will hopefully be back with some updates in the future. hd
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    Progress on my mini light box! It is 9.5 inches on a side. Looking into LED ligh banks now to have on three sides.
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    Some pictures of Wyrd's miniature display at Adepticon. Some awesome stuff for those who missed it!
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    At last! First mini from the Wild Ones cewbox are finished! More pics in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/04/malifaux-monday41-cherri-bomb.html
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    Group shot of all the minis I painted this month.
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    Hey guys! Here is the steam trunk which was my last model for this month and some friends I managed to get done too which wasn't considered at the beginning of March. Sorry for the pics, I'll try to take some better ones!
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    Finally posting my completed models. Hooray for procrastination!! Credit to @SongOfTheSo'mer for suggesting I make extra Changelings from the figures on the Mysterious Emissary's base. With those added, (Changeling = 4ss (X2))my total SS cost goes to 60ss
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    TL;DR Each style has a bit of nuance to what you are going to use it for so it behooves you to become familiar with not only the primary aspects, but the oft overlooked interactions that take Shenlong up to 11. Of note, learn about Low River Style's interactions with Yu's Brutal and defensive. Don't forget the free interact off Wandering, or it's ability to deny your opponent VP with scheme markers. High River is pretty straightforward, and don't underestimate the raw power that Fermented Style can bring by turning your weak negative damage flips into positives. Shenlong is one of my go-to, primary masters. So I have a lot of input. I both agree and disagree with some of what Toka is saying. But that's the greatest and hardest part of Shenlong... you can play him multiple ways and be effective. I'm going to add in a couple of things for Shen's upgrades, including other choices you may want to consider. I'm going to assume you understand the core concept of his stance changes as well as promising disciple on Yu. I'll address Shen's play styles directly, in another post. Wandering River Style - Used to pass out fast/slow and help position. This is often on Sensei Yu when not with Shen, and generally gets thrown to Yu after Shen uses it his first activation. Here's some nitty gritty: First of all it allows you to reposition scheme, corpse and scrap markers. Really process that ability. Any of those markers within 3" of your target get picked up. Then placed within 3" of the target's position after you finish they push from Mighty Gust. This is enabling and denial like you wouldn't believe. From guaranteeing Setup/Claim Jump/Search the Ruins/Leave your Mark/Dig their Graves/et cetera, to denying those same schemes... this ability is quite literally a game changer. The other thing that gets often overlooked is that it grants Sensei's Yu built in ability to lower your focus to take an interact for FREE. Not as a 0 action. But just costing no AP. This is phenomenal for placement of schemes, accusing, marking, headhunter... etc. Big big thing. Always keep it in mind. Shen can walk 6" three times and then lower focus to interact... that's HUGE. Or drop a scheme marker, walk 12 and drop another... assuming you didn't get a chance to fast him. So many things you can do here. High River Style - This style is probably the most straight-forward style we have, believe it or not. But there's some stuff to consider here as well. First and foremost is the passive ability. As long as Shen has ONE burning (often why his gains turn 1 is burning and focus), you can take a damage to raise your duel total AFTER cheating is done. That massive Nekima coming to say hello? Take a point or two of damage to miss that min4 swing. If you have high cards in your hand, this is the deal breaker. Pandora coming up with her Ca7 paralyze cuz she has the 13 in hand? Drop your own 13 and take some damage. Now the caveat here is that you need to know WHEN to do this. And this is touches on the depth of Shenlong. If you find yourself facing a pandora crew who is going to condition your face off potentially, you adjust to the most effective style (probably low river for the condition removal). But High River Style just flat out lets you trade life for winning duels. Low River Monks have a great ranged heal now to help top you up, and they are an auto-take with Shen (more on this below). It's all about determining if it's better to take a point of damage or two, or just deal with the losing the duel. Generally, taking a point of damage to prevent your opponent from hitting you with his models is almost always better. They can't flip the red joker if there is no damage flip! Now as to the melee attack from High River... keep in mind it's Rg: 3. That's a huge bubble of why yes, I will take a disengaging strike against you. It allows Shen to tie up a lot of models, but remember the larger your reach, the more wiggle room they have. A 50mm model can toe in your 3" bubble to avoid the strike and reach out and touch someone 4-5" away depending on their reach. That's still quite a range. The min damage is forgettable, but remember Shen loves his focus. So if you are swinging with this attack, you're hunting blasts, so don't forget to focus. Lastly, stacking burning isn't terrible, especially if you don't have anything else you need to stack at that moment, and being able to dump some burning on a model you need dead by EoT is a thing. Low River Style - There's some weirdness with this style. From a different post that explains it well: Above and beyond that, don't forget that Low River Style's heal is a Ml action, so when Sensei Yu uses it, he passes out a condition of your choice. This can be quite beneficial for helping to stacking conditions as the actual removal of conditions is a may: "removes up to one condition". This means you can choose to remove 0 conditions. Also the timing on this doesn't follow trigger resolution timing, as Brutal isn't a trigger. So you do apply Yu's condition first, then resolve Stones on the River. This is useful to keep in mind, as it allows you to heal your models and remove the condition Yu would add. Fermented River Style - Last but not least... pay special note that Fermented River Style only swaps fate modifiers DURING his activation. This makes it wonderful for still going defensive, but also doesn't mean that he's invulnerable to 's added to his duels out of activation. Brewmaster comes to mind. Swill still hurts when you are being attacked. But it doesn't neuter you during the activation at least... so there is that. I tout this upgrade a lot, and it's one of my main picks, even before high river style. The reason for this is that... on average, this game works on weak damage. That means a single to your damage flip. This upgrade makes it a now. Tying? Double . And on the rare chance that you are getting a flip for hitting the severe accuracy? You can either cheat in a lower card, or just take the negative flip... because that's what you flip most of the time anyways. This upgrade plays mind tricks on how your opponent needs to cheat and is the bane of Hard to Wound and Impossible to Wound. This is your henchman killer (combined with Shen's trigger to prevent soulstone use). Stumble takes some gearing up, but it's absolutely devastating to fire this off on turn 4-5 at a clutch point when you were already tying up models. Remember the and fall let's you specify how much poison you lower, so you can always leave that 1 poison needed to enable Drunken Kung Fu. And negatives on your opponent don't hurt you at all, even with Drunken. It's fairly easy to get your poison stack to 5 by turn 3, if that's a major goal. I typically am ok with 4 on turn 3 (using a peasant or two to help facilitate) as that means that most models need a 9-11 to not be on negatives for the turn. Other upgrades to consider: Misdirection, Recalled Training, Blot the Sky (there's a cute thing with Yu here), Death Contract, On Peaceful Waters, Hidden Agenda. I'll go into these with playstyles in my next post, but I actually tend to run Shen with only one upgrade, and that's his whatever Style I start the game with. On Peaceful Waters normally makes its way onto Yu, but as you'll see in the next post... not always. Hope this helps. I'll write that other post after dinner
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    Finished model number two of my three for April. I must admit, I did not have the patience to put much work into the gears and parts in the arm coming out of the cephalothorax abdomen. There are several colors other than metalic bronze, but my photography skills are not up to the task of showing them.
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    First, I want to thank everyone who took the time to submit stories! They were all enjoyable in their own ways, and everyone had interesting and engaging takes on the theme, which made deciding the prizewinner all that more difficult. We took some time to read through them all and discuss all of their unique qualities. It was certainly a challenge to decide! After careful deliberation, we are proud to announce that the winner of the Storied Soundtracks Contest is @hungryp for his In the Flesh story. Congratulations! We will be handing out the prizes in the forthcoming weeks. In the meantime, if you haven't already, take some time to read the submissions! We've got some great writers in our community!
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    First off, I want to say that I'm not all-knowing and I'm writing this to help out some friends who are having a bit of trouble with the difference between Malifaux and other wargames. If you want to offer some insight, I'd be glad to read it! Second, I know that @Rathnard put an article similar to this in Wyrd #8, but it was... well... it's obsolete now, and I'm not here to heckle another man's writing, particularly when it served as a foundation for my own work. I just felt as though a more organized method of evaluating a model would help players understand what category it fits into and when to use them. Anyway, off to the body of this thing! THE SEVEN ROLES OF MALIFAUX MODELS AND HOW TO USE THEM Games of Malifaux are won or lost on ignorance. Period. Luck can be a factor, as can skill, but when you see lopsided games that came down to 10-0 it was because one player possessed knowledge, and the other did not - and often, the difference between a 9-7 score can be attributed to an unfortunate moment of "WHAT?!" Not knowing your opponent's models is understandable; there are nearly 300 models in the game, each one with unique niches and twists. But not knowing your OWN models - what they are capable of, what strategies and schemes that they can achieve for you - is asking for defeat. Some people pick up the knowledge in a try-and-die way, others fanatically study podcasts and wikis and battle reports, but neither are necessary if one actually looks at a card and evaluates it logically to see which of six roles a model fits into. And I'm here to teach you how to do just that. Not only will it help you understand your own models, but using this method will let you quickly assess your opponent's models and note what roles they're likely to do... which will give you more knowledge of how the game will proceed. Five of the roles will be superficially familiar to any MMORPG player - with twists just for Malifaux - but one is unique to the game. Those roles are Beater (Removes models from the table to win), Tank (Endures damage to win), Buffer (Modifies statistics, enemy or ally, to win), Controller (Causes extra movement to win), Summoner (Creates new bodies and more Action Points to win), Schemer (Generates extra Interacts to win), and Fodder (Outweighs activation order to win). Many Malifaux models fit into several of these roles; for example, Colette can do almost all of them. She can attack four times in a round at a high Ml and decent damage track; is nearly impossible to kill if she's laid Scheme Markers properly and the opponent lacks an ability to bypass triggers; redistributes her own AP and generates Soulstones/Cards; moves friendly models around; summons Peons; and can benefit from her own aura as well as various triggers to generate additional Interacts and Scheme Markers. She's better at some of them than others, (only rarely will she take swings on models herself), but she CAN do them. Conversely, Sonnia Criid is ONLY a Ranged Beater - while she can absolutely delete enemy models, particularly grouped up ones, Sonnia struggles to do anything else aside from some highly circumstantial options on her upgrades. Each role is suited for different categories of Victory Points (Schemes and Strats), which I'll briefly touch on before going into the nitty-gritty of how to evaluate a model. They are Placing, Removing, Interacting, and Mixed. Placing VPs are earned by having models in specific locations - center of the board, edge of a table, quarter zone control, and so on. Beaters, Tanks, Controllers, and Summoners are all good for Placing VPs. Beaters remove scoring enemy models, Tanks stand their ground, Controllers move enemy and friendly models, and Summoners just outplace their opponent - and Fodder, summoned or not, can be important for simply outnumbering the enemy. Turf War and Take Prisoner are examples. Removing VPs are all about taking models off the table (permanently!) to win - the only twist is whether it's you that wants to remove the model, or your opponent. It's both sides of the same coin. Beaters and Tanks are REQUIRED for this one, all models but Schemers have a role to play in these VPs. Frame For Murder and are examples. Interacting VPs are earned by that unlisted action, Interact. Schemers and Summoners are the go-to models for Interacting, but Controllers can move models to more easily use Interacts, and Significant Fodder can simply bury the opponent in cheap AP to win. Mixed VPs require two different categories above, and are more common in the Gaining Grounds documents. Headhunter, for example, requires Beaters to kill, but also likes Schemers to Interact with the dropped heads. Undercover Entourage is both Placement and Removing (or the lack thereof). When you flip over the game's Scheme and Strat mix, mentally divvy them into the above categories and see if there is any overlap that might make your selection of models easier - if you have Reckoning, Make Them Suffer, and Assassinate in the pool, it's easy to see how you can earn multiple VPs from well-chosen Beaters. Reconnoiter and Outflank, Line in the Sand and Squatter's Rights... all similar VP conditions that certain models could easily dominate. Now that we've loosely defined which VPs go with which model roles, let's explain how to DEFINE a model's role. While this is meant as a guideline and there exist exceptions to each role, the vast majority of Malifaux models are covered herein. BEATER Beaters are raw damage dealers. and as such are generally necessary in almost any build - yes, VPs may depend on scoring Interactions and placing, but removing enemy models can deny opponent VPs, which is just as important as scoring them yourself. Defining a Beater is usually as simple as running the raw numbers. Do they: 1) Have at least one attacking stat at 6+ which they can use often? 2) Deal at least 6 damage total minimum in one activation, including Poison, Burning, free and normal Actions like Flurry and Sidearm, or Triggers? 3) Ignore any Tank abilities such as Armor, Hard to Wound, or Triggers? If at least two of the above apply, the model is a Beater. Like most wargames, Beaters fall into Ranged and Melee categories, but unlike most wargames they also may target different defensive stats, which gives a further level of definition. The reason for #3 is that some models with those may not deal a great deal of damage overall, but when an opponent has a hefty Tank on the field they are invaluable for removing said Tank. A lot of models, especially Masters, qualify for the Beater category, and in a pinch can do just that - but the difference between a Master that could deal damage or one which is dedicated to dealing damage is usually obvious and defined by how many other roles they fit into. My personal notation for these tends to go "Sonnia Criid Beater Ranged Wp" but you may prefer something different. TANK While nothing in Malifaux is invincible, Tanks are defined as models that require a great deal of AP to remove. This requires real calculus - is removing said Tank necessary for your VPs, or can you ignore it? Tanks rely on more than just raw Df/Wp and Wd to survive; the other abilities on the front and back of their cards are just as important if not more so. When evaluating a model to see if it's a Tank, look at the following: 1) Does it have at least one Defensive stat at 6+ and more than 8 Wounds? 2) Does it have reliable defensive Triggers with the necessary Suit built into one stat? 3) Can it force passive duels just to target it, such as Horror or Manipulative? 4) Does it have any kind of reliable self-healing, either through a Tactical Action or Regeneration? Suited Triggers on attacks shouldn't be counted unless the Suit is built in. 5) Does it have damage reduction, through Abilities like Armor and Hard to Kill, or Actions like Bat Eyelashes or Southern Charm? Count each one seperately. Usually, if at least three of those apply, then it's a tank - and the more that apply, the better. Exceptions can be made for exceptionally strong stats and/or upgrades; as mentioned, Colette is ridiculously hard to kill if she's been dropping Scheme Markers, and Pandora with The Box Opens is almost not worth targeting with anything less than an El Mayor'ed Perdita. BUFFER I place Buffers and Debuffers in the same category, because they do essentially the same thing: Modify printed or unprinted statistics - amount of AP, cards flipped and in hand, or Soulstones in Cache - to help you score VPs. If it helps you to divide them into two separate categories, then do so, but sometimes in Malifaux an Ability or Action (such as Zoraida's Obey) is both a buff and debuff. Defining a Buffer is tricky but possible. Can it: 1) Redistribute its own AP to other models? 2) Generate or restrict certain Actions? 3) Modify printed Statistics, either through Abilities or Actions? 4) Modify number of cards flipped? 5) Add or remove Suits on duels? 6) Modify unprinted statistics - AP generated (lowering or raising), Soulstones in cache, or cards in hand? 7) Change the number of Wounds dealt? 8) Change the order of activation? 9) Restore lost Wounds to any injured model, not just itself? 10) Remove Conditions? Any of these means it buffs, but only models with at least two or three could be called Buffers. Oftentimes they're the linchpin of a list, the combo piece that other models rely upon - and since few of them are Tanks, it means that special care should be taken in identifying and removing Buffer models. The last two numbers, #9 and #10, are especially important, as healing models are rare in Malifaux. CONTROLLER Superficially, Controllers are similar to Buffers, but with a major difference - whereas the Buffer focuses on the numbers OFF the table (stats and cards), Controllers focus on what's ON the table and where it is. There definitely is overlap between the two; Zoraida's Obey can be used as a buff (to create extra attacks) or as control (to move models around the table via their own Walk actions). However, the number of models with Control abilities outstrips the number of models with Buff abilities and do something else entirely, so it's helpful to have them in their own category. Defining Controllers seems simple, but has a few twists. Does the model: 1) Redistribute its own AP? 2) Generate any inches of movement for friendlies? 3) Generate any Terrain? 4) Remove models from the table via Burying? 5) Generate extra movement for enemies? While any model with these abilities count as Controllers, and the more the better, it's only the last point, #5, which defines the strongest Controllers - moving your own models is great, but moving enemy models is fantastic. SUMMONER Summoners create extra bodies and more AP, simple as that. The advantage of Summoners is that they trade one of their AP for multiple AP over the course of the game - if the Dreamer summons a Lilitu that has three total AP and then takes two AP to kill, then the Dreamer player is up a total of (3+2-1) 4 AP. That is incredibly important, and good players behind a Summoner can control the entire course of a game. However, while there are a lot of models which can summon, they are not equally distributed, and many of them are bound by tight restrictions that make them nearly useless. Sonnia Criid's Reincarnation Upgrade is hardly worth planning a game around, whereas Nicodem's entire game is about placing models. The most important factor is whether the Summoner can generate Significant models. Summoning such models can make many Schemes and several Strats almost trivial to achieve if used well. However, even Insignificant summons can weight a game's activation order in a short time, and help other models achieve the VP condition. Almost all the worthwhile Summoners are Masters, but there exist exceptions - the Mechanical Rider is probably one of the best models in the game partly because of its ability to generate Significant models. SCHEMER Schemers are unique to Malifaux as a wargame. While any Significant model can spend their precious AP to Interact, Schemers are defined as models which can generate extra AP that allows it to use Interacts and still perform other Actions - moving, attacking, and so on. When evaluating a model to see if it's a good Schemer, check for the following: 1) Can it move at least 4" and still have two AP to Interact, or 7" and still have one AP? 2) Can it generate Scheme Markers through any Triggers, Abilities, or Actions? 3) Can it move or remove Scheme Markers? #1 is important because that's the distance between two Scheme Markers, meaning it can lay out most of an entire Scheme's needed output in one turn. #3 is important is because removing an opponent's Scheme Markers prevents them from scoring, which is just as good as scoring themselves - and often, models which remove Scheme Markers do so in exchange for benefits, such as the Guild's Executioner. Taking a Schemer is not always necessary, even if there is a solid Interact Scheme in the pool; Controllers and Buffers can turn any model into a highly effective Schemer, and Summoners can place Significant models right where they need to be in order to Interact. In fact, not choosing one can be a solid misdirection about which Schemes you've selected. On the other hand, it's hard to argue with a Silurid's or Necropunk's ability to catapult itself across the board and do its job. FODDER Fodder models are, in essence, disposable. Fodder is vital for activation control; if you have 10 models and your opponent has 7, that lets you stack 3 models in a row after theirs. Fodder also usually have few options and are obvious in what they're doing, meaning that little information is revealed if you activate Fodder early in the turn, compared to models with lots of options that you may wish to hold back and respond to the opponent's moves. When checking the card for its Fodder potential, look at: 1) Is it 4 Soulstones or under? 2) Is it Significant? 3) Can it be Summoned? 4) When it is removed from the table, does it have any special effects? If the answer to ANY of these is 'yes', then it's Fodder - but the more yeses, the better the model is. Most of the time, Fodder dies quickly, but if activated quickly it can still do its job - especially if that job is dropping a Scheme Marker or two. Sometimes, fodder even WANTS to die, and can thus serve as further activation control: Your opponent has to target this 2ss model before it Bacon Bombs all over his face, or your opponent doesn't want to target the Performer because Colette just finished activating and is within 2". IN CONCLUSION There's a long standing Sun Tzu quote about knowing yourself and your enemy and how it influences victory. I won't repeat it; if you've read it you'll skim over it and if you haven't go look it up yourself. Besides, this entire post is a paean to that quote! Using this method is very, very simple; most experienced players have arrived at a method much like this one for judging models. This is just an explanation of the process and how to do it yourself in a highly organized fashion. I hope that reading this helps you play the game. Malifaux is a game with outstanding rules and wonderful models; but it is also crowded with highly complicated models and difficult to understand interactions. Simplifying each down to a broad category has helped me as a player, and I would like it to do the same for you.
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    More and bigger photos in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/04/malifaux-mondays-43-patty-ramone.html
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    Had a day off today so managed to get a head start on the month's painting. First Silent One almost finished... eyes are not my strong point, and I also find both pale colours and fur a bit tricky... So this was good practice at many things I'm not very good at!! Started with my least favourite of the two sculpts so hopefully will improve on the second one.
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    Picture of my fnished model for the Minion-Pledge: Backview and what else I got done this month here!
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    These are the bonus models that were painted beyond my pledge. Funny thing, I painted more SS in bonus (39 SS) than I did for my pledge (31 SS) haha. 70 SS for the month - woo!
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    Finished 3 Raptors, Johan and a Fire Gamin over the weekend for 19ss if I'm remembering correctly.