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    So I am now 6 games into play testing the latest 2 versions of gaining grounds 2018 and I am really starting to notice what I would call a trend. I have played 5 different masters against 6 different opposing masters, so I can say with reasonable confidence that this is no longer an isolated matchup opinion or play style bias. My plea is as follows: I think it is critical for the success of gaining grounds 2018 that we expand to a minimum of 18 schemes, adding 4 more that are not easily attained by killing all of your opponents models efficiently. It seems to me that the 14 schemes as is would struggle in the long term for 2 main reasons. First, over all my games when randomly generating schemes I am yet to draw a pool where tabling your opponent would not result in the winning of the game. In fact short of pools where I hand choose schemes in a stake a claim game, I am yet to generate a pool where killing as efficiently as possible would not only be a viable, but the ideal strategy. In all my games so far my opponents have taken a combination of the following 2 schemes: eliminate, vendetta, make them suffer, and search the ruins. These schemes in combination with the 4 new suited strategies make for a pretty good yet generic game plan. Symbols: get on their side of the board and kill them so that you score schemes and get their symbols and so that they can't come across and get yours. Ply: Interact with one model and kill any enemy model which gets ply. Public execution: kill more models to score schemes and strategy. Ours: Kill any non-summoned models. I am not saying killing is the only path to victory, but it is a path that will almost always be available in the current scheme pool since in all likelihood you will get 2 schemes that allow you to focus on just killing your opponents (the 4 listed being the easiest of which, but entourage and dig also buys into this narrative). In my first 4 games I purposely avoided this strategy, not taking Nekima and trying to take wave 5 models and upgrades to try out new lists and game strategies. While it worked fine, it has been very clear to me that my killing focused opponents had the easier game plan. In my 5th game I took a decently killy collodi crew and found it trivial to score make them suffer when compared to my previous games where I was spending considerable AP to score hold their forces, inescapable trap, or guarded treasure. Oh and by the way I actually really enjoyed the challenge and reward of trying to score these non killing schemes, so don't take it as a slight against them in any way! This also is compiling with the fact that killing masters and models from early indications seem to be the biggest beneficiaries of wave 5. So what do I recommend? Well how about this: Remove: Make them suffer: This scheme has 2 major problems. 1) IF you want to game it you can. You can take 1 peon such as primordial, printing press, raptor, etc. and hide it in a corner. Its not a high skill tactic and while the scheme is good for cracking down on summoners and minion spam, it does not pose an adequate challenge in relation to other schools in the pool. Add: Take Prisoner: Still unsure why this already isn't available. Increasing the number of end of turn / end of game schemes in which you can score multiple points for in one round encourages a different play style and bluffing. This scheme in particular will allow your opponent to kill all but one model if they so choose, however they must continually worry about chasing down the prisoner target in addition to other kill now, scheme later objectives such as getting your last symbol of authority and scoring entourage/ breakthrough/ search the ruins. Recover Evidence: Again while you can declare this, kill all your opponents models, and then go pickup markers, it is difficult to do so. I don't think anyone was complaining that this was to easy or to hard, in fact most of my most enjoyable games were when one opponent was fighting to score this scheme. I think this scheme is viable in killy crews as stated, but also encourages taking as many models and staying back as possible which is a balanced dynamic. Power Ritual: Unrevealed power ritual was a good scheme in my opinion. I think not giving the option to reveal it makes it viable, and I would love to see how it plays out in the current meta since it has been a year plus since I played. Might not be perfect and could be to similar to LYM, if we can start testing it now we can get it to a doable spot. Public Demonstration: Again much like recover it creates the struggle of getting 3 named minions adding up to 15ss minions in your list, but also encourages your opponent to kill said minions if he catches on early what you are up to. It might stack to nicely with hold up their forces, so potentially we add a clause that you can't score both in the same turn, but generally a really good scheme for encouraging killing but also rewarding minions that might be durable or movement focused over killing. A positional based killy scheme: While this may seem like a campaign against killing because I am salty about Travis and Monster Hunters, what I am really after here is balance. Dig your graves is a great scheme because even though some models probably do it to easily, it is more than just strait killing. It requires thought and set up, in addition to giving you a reason to create scheme markers in random places, allowing for bluffing and such. In my opinion instead of make them suffer what we really need is another killing scheme that has this similar dynamic. My suggestion would be a scheme that requires killing a model on your half of the table. We could even keep it masters and henchman killing minions and peons with a positional caveat. This way instead of just blindly killing and scoring you actually have to get a model to your side of the table or perhaps within 6' of the center. Heck, I would not even mind bring quick murder back over make them suffer as at least you and your opponent can build for it and play around it (it is much harder to hide a 9ss henchman all game then say primordial magic). By the way I do understand why 2018 is where it is. In 2017 you had activation control dominate, and a number of schemes that were just filler and rarely taken. I love the removal of suited schemes and think that focusing on rewarding a style of play beyond activation spam is critical. I also think that getting schemes right is as important if not more so than adding diversity of scheme pools available. By adding these schemes not only do you add diversity to the game for those that are playing a high volume of games at the competitive level which tends to limit crew selection to optimized combos and models, but you also increase balance of each pool that can be potentially generated. By adding just 4 schemes you DRAMATICALLY decrease the likelihood of drawing 2 schemes that score by solely killing in a pool together. But you do keep in tact the option to probably have one of these schemes, keeping Killy crews viable. While pools that have 2 killing schemes would still exist, they would be more rare and allow you to breakout your best killers vs your opponents best killers in this rare circumstance, rather then every game just being about you both having the best kill list. TLDR: It is critical we expand the number of available schemes in gaining grounds 2018 in order to encourage diverse crew selection and play styles in addition to improving the playability of the game over a year long timeline.
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    Sing us a song, you're the errata man. Sing us a song tonight. Well we're all in the mood for a balancing, and you've got us feeling alright.
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    Been there, done that - not doing it again. Particularly when you can get upwards to near 200+ entries. The rules were posted before folks signed up for it so nothing should be a surprise. Besides, at that point, folks would have hollered that the judges were bias, or that there is something else wrong. As it stands, there will continue to be drop outs, there will continue to be accusations of unfairness and there will be private e-mails/pm's sent asking if a particular judge is cross eyed or just plain ignorant. With this, particularly the tier system, you the community get to do the placement, and then the judges will come in and participate from round 2 onward. Don't care for it - eyeball your peers. We want it to be fun for everyone, and honestly I'm very pleased with the participation up to this point, but having run this contest as long as we have, inevitably any of the above up there is going to happen and some folks are going to get a bit testy. At the end of the day, please remember to have fun as well while being competitive and creative. Looking forward to your entries. Not envying the judges.
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    I've finished up my rougarou for fielding them tomorrow (2x8=16ss, together with the rest thats a total of 46ss this month). This is the first time I've tried using glazes, so any feedback is very welcome. I've used a lot of washes, drybrushing and glazes to try and create a dirty/undead effect. The goal was to at least not have the bland brown drybrushed fur. This model deserves something extra.
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    As an operative has pointed out here: Arcanist roots grew around the idea that magic and its accoutrements are not just tools of the Guild, and that everyone who has talent should be able to develop and learn to use it without being branded a witch by the superstitious and murdered by the authoritarian. Yes, there are some limitations even within that more freedom-oriented mode of thinking, but those tend to be reasonable limitations that are aimed at supporting our efforts. Without the efforts of Doctor Ramos, the very networks that give us our freedom and resources, our ability to learn and congregate in safety and to operate against brutal and corrupt regimes, those very networks would not exist. It's through his connections that we have cover and safety. It's through his diligence and creativity that we can be certain of the safety of our friends and families who want to eek out a life in Malifaux without being ground into paste by the uncaring and unthinking Guild. That's our public face. It's a pretty one, with some scarring to be sure. But we also know about our other dealings. We want to have control and influence over the Soulstones, we want them getting to our friends and supporters on both sides of the Breach. It's also in our best interest to have friends on The Other Side that can open controlled portals. This would significantly reduce the risks to our operatives who move soulstones back to Earth on our behalf as well as allow us faster movement from the source to market. I know, many of us are feeling a little freer being out from under the reins of Doctor Ramos, and for those that feel this way there is a benefit as well. If Victor Ramos is freed and joins the Council, he will have many more responsibilities and targets for his ambitions. This will mean that he's not likely to come pick our leashes back up. We all remember when he dropped off the grid to work on that special project of his, right? He'll be on special projects Earth-side, and we'll have the gratitude of the Council for our assistance in their achieving their Earth-side goals. That their goals would expand demand for our skills and products is just a bow around the present of having friends with their abilities.
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    Was working on the base but my wife decided it would be a good time to go into labor so we shall see if I get to finish. Otherwise I still get a new little wyrdo!
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    Hey Wyrdos! Time for another Malifaux preview! Today we are taking a look at the art for Hinamatsu from Broken Promises. Let's learn a little bit about this puppet! Hinamatsu is an old puppet. Given life only a short time after Collodi itself, Hinamatsu was created to perform in theater productions opposite living actors. It grew jealous of the attention heaped upon the other performers, however, and murdered one of them out of spite. Fearing further incidents, Hinamatsu's master lured it into entering an underground vault near Debtor's Delve and sealed the puppet inside. Locked away in that hidden place for over a century, Hinamatsu swore that it would never again follow another's instructions. Let's take a look!
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    My Alt Rafkin is done OSL is so dificult so it was quite challange but I like the final efect even if there was my first time doing diorama and model with that:) I keep my fingers crossed for the rest of you folks and I hope everyone will finish his entry !!!
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    And 16 more ss to make it a total of 46 this month. More than I'd planned but I'm glad I actually managed to paint something for myself as well. More, better pictures on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2017/09/fred-wilma.html
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    GG 2018 Test v2.pdf - an update with some more work thrown in. Changes: There is no longer the Even / Odd spread for GG18, though page 15 does allow that, should you want to use it. This is really just a give me to the fact that people aren't using this as a tournament document anymore. The Always Scheme is no longer tied to a Strategy, it is instead tied to the suit of the Strategy. This means that I didn't have to list out what Scheme went with old Strategies, should they be used in the rotation, etc. This also meant that I had to update the suits on the new Strategies to match the pairs I wanted. Punish the Weak went back to being a copy/paste of Make Them Suffer, but Minions/Peons no longer count as "existing" if they are in your deployment zone. This should stop some of the hiding stuff that was going on without removing Peons from the running. Dig Their Graves is now a numbered Scheme again, replacing Leave Your Mark. Frankly, I don't love Leave Your Mark. This also means there are two killing Schemes in the numbered Schemes (which is still quite a bit down from 4). Leave Your Mark is deleted, yo. I switched the numbers of Hold Up Their Forces and Search The Ruins. This has no mechanical effect, but it made layout work a bit better, so... The Always Scheme is now Surround Them, which is an updated version of Power Ritual. This means that two Always Schemes are not about killing and two are. It also means that the interaction heavy Strategies (Ply and Extraction) are forcing you to the corners. On a note of some of the discussion... first, remember that you don't need to convince each other of things. The argumentation is good, but there's no reason to dog pile on someone if your opinion has been expressed. Second, please remember that almost everyone taking the time to post on our forum is a hardcore player. What works for you may not work quite as well for others. Most tournaments have a good number of non-hardcore players, and they are not going to want unique everything all the time. Usability is going to be key. I think this current version is probably too complex for those people, but I'm willing to give it a shot. My final note is that, again, just because I'm updated this does not mean it is the direction we'll be going. This is absolutely more complicated, and a Scheme isn't really an "Always" Scheme if it's not always. The idea of this document works well for me, but the practical considerations are, nevertheless, present. Malifaux is a complicated enough game for many people; we don't need our organized play making it more so. Just something to keep in mind... Carry on.
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    Probably tomorrow. As it was, it was an all day affair getting to this point and making certain rankings and theme was up for y'all today before everyone left the office for the day (as it was, some still stayed to make it happen).
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    Unfotunately the floor was banished by shadows(
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    Well, I'm calling this done...
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    Should be ready by the end of teh week, only bases, clothes, and some other details to be done
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    GG 2018 Test.pdf That's a first crack at something different. It ties the Always Scheme to the Strategy (which has been mentioned). It's still far from unique Scheme Pools, but it gives some of that flavor. The Killing Strategies have Guard the Treasure (as does the Joker). All the others have one of the Killing Schemes. In this iteration, only Vendetta is within the Scheme Pool for straight killing, otherwise you need the Always to do it. This means that killing will always be a part of the mission, but it'll be rare that you get 2 Schemes that focus on it. I'm going to say this next part in big bold letters: I AM NOT SAYING WE ARE MAKING THIS CHANGE. I AM THROWING IT OUT THERE AS A DISCUSSION POINT. That is why it is buried in this thread. I also didn't put a ton of time into it, as it is a first draft, proof of concept. Anyway, there ya go.
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    Ah yes, I remember that. Piece of cake, only took me a few minutes...
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    You can now find the July Errata cards on Wargame Vault. Mechanical Rider Practiced Production 3x Wind Gamin 6x Stuffed Piglets Thank you!
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    GG18 has done a great job of cleaning up the strength of peons that has been prevalent in GG17 for the most part, but there is one outstanding exception I noticed with inescapable trap. Peons should be eligible to be part of the 2 models required within 3" of a scheme marker for this scheme in my opinion. Overall I think it makes sense for peons to never be able to score schemes, but always be eligible ways for your opponent to score and with the exception of this scheme that is how the rest of GG18 pack is.
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    Hi everyone! This is my gremlins crew so far, which right now just consists of Som'er's crew box. When I started Malifaux I was immediately drawn to the Gremlins of the bayou, I've been wanting to create a swamp/bayou themed army for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. I painted Som'er as Baron Samedi to tie him more into the whole Voodoo bayou theme of the army. Right now I'm working on Burt and Gracie, plus a bunch of extra gremlins for Som'er to spawn.
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    Well, I still have one day and the most difficult is in the past)
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    im almost done I think... still some stuff to do.. but I'm feeling I went way to fast on this?
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    This + girl + waterfalls + puddles + neon + rain + Noir + Sci fi. Well, will see
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    As to the removal of certain Schemes like Take Prisoner and Recover Evidence... first, I'll point out that I wrote Recover Evidence and got regular pushback from the community against it. Generally, testers thought it was a good idea that didn't work out in final balance. The reason it was removed from GG18 is that very reason. How often was it truly being chosen as a Scheme in competitive play? How about Take Prisoner? In the feedback I've seen, the answer is 'almost never.' If you have evidence to the contrary, I'd be happy to hear it. My perception of the situation is that people like the idea of Take Prisoner and Recover Evidence, but in principle they're going to choose another Scheme. If you look over the span of Malifaux time, you'll see that we are committed to gathering and using feedback. GG18 is no different. I'm happy to make changes to the document, as long as the 'problem' is evidenced and the 'solution' works within the overall structure. Next week, it is likely that we'll go down to 3 killing Schemes, as I feel fairly thoroughly convinced.
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    I have to agree with the sentiment of this post. Even as a guild player who stands to reap in the benefits of the kill-focused nature of GG18 I think it needs to be toned down. I've played a couple dozen GG18 games at this point and my plan every time has just been to kill as efficiently and quickly as possible. As mentioned by the OP, there are 4 out of 13 schemes that are solely about killing in addition to another 1-2 (search the ruins and covert breakthrough) that heavily favor early killing and scheming later after all your opponent's models are dead. The math works out that over 50% of games will have at least 2 of these schemes in them, meaning that players can choose to for a full "table your opponent" strategy in most games. In addition, most of the GG18 strategies fit this approach, further compounding the problem. Public execution obvious is all about killing. Killing is very potent in Ours because it means you will have more SS available to contest table quarters with than your opponent, which gives you a much higher chance to score the strategy. Symbols is not a huge offender, but it definitely isn't bad to kill enemies in that strategy. Ply for Information is similar to Symbols, except that confrontation is forced so there will naturally be more killing that happens since you have to come together with the enemy crew at some point in order to score the strategy. One area where I disagree with the OP is his point that the only way to fix this is to add more schemes. While I do think that adding more schemes would be a good way to solve this (as I have mentioned before with rotating schemes based on the strategy OR 26 schemes rather than 13), another way is simply to remove some of these killy schemes and replace them others. Make them suffer is the first one that I would cut. Dig graves while it is a good scheme on its own, I think doesn't fit well with the killy nature of the rest of these schemes and the GG18 strategies so it would also be a good one to remove for a more scheme focused approach. In addition, one "band aid" fix that I think is absolutely necessary is for the shed blood condition from public execution to not be stackable with killing schemes. What I mean by that is something like this added to the strategy language: "When a model in this crew kills an enemy non-peon it MAY choose to gain the shed blood condition. If it does so it may not score any scheme points because of this kill." Right now there is absolutely no reason not to take a scheme like dig graves into public execution since you can score it almost for free while also contesting/scoring the strategy. A caveat like this would help curb the double down nature of this combination of killy strategy + killy scheme that is way too common right now. Ultimately I think there are several available fixes here. The core problem is that GG18 right now is all about killing. I personally don't care how it gets addressed, but I feel very strongly that it needs to be taken care of.
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    In order to upgrade my paintiung process I start using a high tech modeling tool for rapid prototyping ... it's not so far from the final project .....
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    Monday's aren't always great, but Malifaux previews make them better! We are continuing looking at some additional art for models out of Broken Promises! This week we are taking a look at the Medical Automaton. Now to find out about the job this little robot does! Working in the mines is dangerous work, and often times, there simply aren't enough doctors to ensure that every Contract Town has someone capable of treating wounds. The Medical Automaton arose out of that need. At first it was seen as a bit of a marvel as it was able to perform a number of complicated tasks just as well as a skilled doctor. As it tended to more patients, though, its flaws started to become more apparent...
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    It's a 0-10 scale. NoOSL should be a 0, this is a competition, not youth soccer. Participation scores are harmful to the spirit of the competition and participants growth as painters/hobbyists. This is something that should have been clearly communicated up front. Maybe I'm wrong and this is supposed to be a big group hug session, but that's not what I signed up for. I signed up for an honest challenge to better grow as a hobbyist, work down some of my pile of shame, and get real criticism of my work.
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    It doesn't get unhealthy until you also keep a constant eye on Kai's profile and track his every move in the forum... Right now he's checking his own profile... ...who does that when you have 200 people waiting for you?? I mean really
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    I can honestly say, that the conversation about this round, has been really interesting to read. It is really encouraging how civil and positive the comments have been. I had long grown tired of forums, where it always seems to digress into a pissing match. This forum has been a breath of fresh air. Hoping to become a contributing member in the future, here.
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    You never know, what you may find in an abandoned house..
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    Hey Wyrdos! Another Monday another preview! With Broken Promises released, we are taking a look at some art from outside of the book! Today we are taking a look at some art for the Bayou Smuggler that isn't in the book! Let's learn a little about this swamp dweller! The Guild doesn't tend to look favorably upon trade with the Gremlins of the Bayou, particularly when that trade involves firearms (which make the gremlins more dangerous) or moonshine (which cuts into the profits of the Guild's lucrative alcohol sales). For a Bayou Smuggler the potential profit that can be made by trading firearms, moonshine, bacon, and clothing from one race to another greatly outweighs the risk of getting caught by the Guild.
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    Kai? Anyone have a picture of Kai's face I can photoshop onto a rogue necromancy?
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    As promised, did some painting to the base... (again, crappy phone pic)...
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    Iron Painter has a wide skill range in its participants. Don't fret about it. I know I paint prettier than some, worst than some, but I paint and I enjoy it. That's the important part. Far as those impressive WIPs go, I admire, maybe get inspired, think to myself "gosh that's pretty", and go back to my own work. Enjoy the act and don't negatively compare yourself to others. That way lies unhappiness; there's always a bigger fish. And if it's the material gains that keep you going, remember if you stick with this for five rounds you just might win yourself a hot model
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    I feel I am being somewhat sabotaged in my attempts at completing Round 1. #cathelp
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    Doctor and nurses are coming. More pics in blog as usual ))) https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/09/malifaux-mondays-59-mcmourning-and.html
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    Hello, I've finally gave in and bought Ulix and a core crew to go along with him. I was thinking of buying him for a while now because I like the idea of a crew of mostly pigs and his mechanic seemed fun. When a friend of mine suggested we could start a mini Shifting Loyalties campaign, it was the perfect excuse to start and go down the the road to Porkville. The plan is to keep him my stand-alone Gremlin master (we'll see how that'll work out). If time allows, I'd like to spend some extra time on basing and writing up a little bit of background. Anyway, here's my first pig, Agamemnon, the piglet with big ambitions. And his base. I'd like to add some water effect later, too. After a hard day in the Bayou and half a bucket of slop, Agamemnon gazes across the slough and dreams about conquering Truffles.
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    The Get Gourd Carving Contest takes place between now and the end of October. To participate, you need to carve a gourd (like a pumpkin) with some Wyrd theme. Once you do, post a picture of it to Facebook or Twitter and tag us! As long as this is done before November, you're entered in. Up to 5 random entries will be drawn, each of which will receive a free Carver miniature. Wyrd will also vote internally on our favorite, and the winner will receive a Through the Breach Hannah miniature.
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    Hey guys, seeing as how there's already a Collodi and Dreamer Tactica, how about trying to get the other Masters up? In the Arcanist section, they already have 4 Masters' Tactica as stickies, we could certainly catch up to them. This is a good time too, since Wave 5 would add to every Master's repertoire, generating more interest and questions about each Master. I could start the ball rolling for Pandora and let the other more experienced players chip in. Pandora Quick Rundown: The Good High Wp Excellent control through Paralyse and Activation order Kills through death by a thousand cuts, getting around Armor, HtW, HtK Can be deceptively mobile thanks to pushes on winning Wp duels from defending with Wp and attacking with Incite Highly survivable against normal attack actions since she can use her high Wp to defend and push out of engagement The Bad Low Df Moderate Wd, can fold quickly to beaters that get around her defensive tricks Vulnerable to simple duels, pulses and blasts Low Wk, has trouble getting to the middle of the board initially Small cache Can be rendered toothless by a Crew that ignores pulses and auras (Von Schill and his Freikorps) Main Builds by Limited Upgrades The Box Opens - Commonly known as Melee Pandora, Box gives Pandora Terrifying 13 and makes targeting her even more dangerous. This allows her to sit in the middle of the field and tie down models with her 3" engagement. Fears Given Form and Aether Connection are often taken with this build, the former to give her more passive threat, the latter to increase her survivability. Best taken in a pool that has heavy bunching in the middle of the board. Voices - A more control oriented Pandora that hands out Paralyse and dictates Activation order, this is the Pandora that gives her the NPE rep. Upgrades that will go well with this are Depression to add a reliable suite and another way to dictate activation order, and Fugue State to limit interactions. I do not play this build, so any additional input will be appreciated. Woe is Me - The new Wave 5 upgrade that gives Pandora summoning and Woe Infiltration. As of now, the only out of faction Woe is the Guild Reporter, but she brings some decent utility and control for her price. Summoning allows Pandora to bring in Sorrows right in the thick of the action, circumventing issues of their squishiness and allowing for a more aggressive Misery aggro build. Coupled with the Poltergeist summon on death of a model via Misery, Pandora can bring a whole lot of Misery pain to the enemy Crew even when they don't want to move towards it. Pandora in detail: Stats Pandora has the characteristics of Living and Woe. That means she is affected by Terrifying (Living) and she benefits from Woe interactions such as Martyr (on Iggy) and Depression (when attached to another model). She has 10 Wd, the average for the Neverborn faction. With a lowly Df 3, it seems like she’ll crumple to any heavy hitter targeting Df. Fortunately, this is negated in most cases with her ability Expose Fears, which allows her to use her respectable Wp 7 stat in place of her Df in an opposed duel. She is however, vulnerable to simple Df duels, so be careful not to park a model with Fears Given Form anywhere near her. The duel will require her to pitch a high card or take a likely 3 damage. She’s also on the slow side, with a Wk 4 and Cg 4, but she has some movement tricks up her sleeve to push her along. Abilities Misery: Her signature ability, Pandora pings an enemy model for 1 damage whenever it fails a Wp duel within her 6” aura. Do note the phrasing and timing – the ability triggers when the model fails a duel, so it means that the damage still happens even if the model or Pandora pushes out of 6” due to other offensive or defensive triggers. However, the model suffers 1 damage after resolving the current Action, which means an attack action would deal all its damage first before the Misery damage kicks in. This is particularly relevant for getting around Hard to Kill. Also, Misery auras stack and are considered separate sources of damage, so a model caught in between Pandora with a Sorrow will be hit by 2 separate sources of 1 damage, getting around Armor. Finally, Misery only pings when an enemy model uses their Wp stat in a duel. If an enemy model attacks Pandora using a Ml, Sh or Ca action and Pandora defends with her Wp successfully, the enemy model would have failed the respective Ml, Sh or Ca duel, not a Wp duel. Expose Fears: This ability significantly increases Pandora’s survivability. Being able to resist every opposed duel with her high Wp means she should be able to successfully defend herself most of the time, barring some bad card flips. This combos well with her other ability, Fading Memory, allowing her to push 4” in any direction, which is practically out of almost every engagement range. Do note that Expose Fears is not a defensive trigger, so models that ignore triggers cannot get around it. Also, in situations models can choose to target either Df or Wp (such as Bishop), they have to call which stat they are targeting first, so Pandora still has the final say of using Wp. This is confirmed in the FAQ. Fading Memory: With this ability, Pandora can push 4” in any direction whenever she wins an opposed Wp duel against an enemy model. A common misconception for beginning players is what constitutes a Wp duel. In this case, it refers to duels in which Pandora uses her Wp stat, regardless of what the enemy uses. In practice, this translates to 2 scenarios only – when she’s attacked by an enemy (not friendly) model and uses her Wp stat to defend, or when she uses Incite, the only attack action she has that uses Wp as the attacking stat. In the former, she can use this defensively to push out of enemy engagement or into cover, and in the latter, she can use Incite offensively to push into engagement with more models, making it a movement trick for her as well. Martyr: This allows Pandora to take 1 damage to reduce 1 damage another Woe within 6” suffers. This allows her to keep her otherwise squishy Sorrows alive longer. This can also be combo-ed with Iggy who also has Martyr to either reduce 2 damage from a Sorrow, or extend its range by passing the damage down the line. E.g. Sorrow is 12” away from Pandora but Iggy is 6” between the two of them. Do weigh carefully when to use this ability though, as a typical Pandora crew has little options for healing unless you bring Candy. Attack Actions (1) Self Loathing: Ca 7 attack action with engagement range of 3”, resisted by Wp. Attacking an enemy model with this will trigger Misery if the attack is successful, as the enemy model essentially failed a Wp duel. The 3” range is great for tying up models and affecting them with the Fears Given Form upgrade. Being a Ca attack, it gets around Incorporeal as well. However, the attack uses the printed damage track of a 1 AP attack action of the target model, so attacks are more effective against heavy hitters and less so against scheme runners. The new Wave 5 upgrade Rile Them Up now offers Pandora her own damage track when using this attack, letting her deal with weaker models more effectively. Do note that even if the model has no damage track, both Self Loathing and Self Harm can still be used, dealing no damage but triggering Misery. (1) Self Harm: Similar to Self Loathing, it is the version with a range of 10” and Ca 6 using the target's 1 AP attack action damage track. (0) Incite: The bread and butter of Pandora, this is something to be cast almost every turn. It sports a decent range 12” and is resisted by Wp. On success, it gives the target Mood Swings, a condition that allows you to force the opponent to activate this model instead of other models if it hasn’t gone yet. The condition is important for setting up activation control, especially if Candy is around to Paralyse the first model to go in the Turn. It also allows you to compensate for losing Initiative if placed on an inconsequential model. With Wave 5, it is one way to setup for summoning Sorrows, since you need to target an enemy model with a condition to summon. Also, important to note that it is Wp 7 and not Ca 7, meaning it triggers Fading Memory for a free 4” push. I usually try to keep a high or stone for the suite to trigger Mass Hysteria on the first Turn, allowing this action to be taken twice and thus pushing Pandora into the thick of things faster. The Rile Them Up upgrade allows Pandora to further capitalise on this action by discarding a card to take Incite as a (1) AP action once per turn. While that’s potentially 4 Incites in one turn, I think that’s a bit of an overkill. I find that there is a diminishing return for Incite. Beyond 2 models with Mood Swings, it becomes less useful for activation order control as the 3rd and 4th models are unlikely to be inconsequential chaff. In those cases, beating on them with Self Loathing or Self Harm would be more AP efficient. Tactical Actions (1) Inflict: Pandora can force enemy models within pulse 4” to take a TN 14 Wp duel or suffer 1 damage. In reality, this translates to a minimum of 2 due to Pandora’s Misery aura, possibly even higher depending on whether there are Sorrows in range. It’s a great way to burn the opponent’s hand if models are too tightly bunched up in an area. Upgrades: This section will focus on relevant Pandora upgrades, starting from the non-limited ones to understand their role, followed by the Limited ones that will determine her play style. General Neverborn Upgrades Aether Connection: A defensive upgrade for 1SS, this allows you to prevent 1 additional damage when stoning for damage prevention. Good when you anticipate a lot of beat down on Pandora and intend to use your stones heavily for keeping her alive. This is almost essential for Melee Dora. Fears Given Form: For 1 SS, this upgrade makes all models within engagement range take a Df 14 duel or suffer 3 damage. Given Pandora's 3" engagement range, she is a good option for FGF to tie down and threaten a lot of models at the same time. This ups her passive threat level to combo with Misery for increased damage output. Even if it doesn't actually deal any damage, it is good for draining cards if you throw her into the midst of 3+ models. However, it also paints a big red target on her, so be prepared for countermeasures. Important note: FGF is crew agnostic - it affects your own models too! On Wings of Darkness: Nah. Pact: Nah. Stone of Tyrant Echoes: Nah. Pandora/Woe Upgrades Cry For Me: This 2 SS upgrade gives Pandora a 1 AP Attack Action that can put the Pity condition on enemy models, making them suffer -flips on Wp duels till the end of the turn. The more important function is the double mask trigger, allowing a Blast Marker to be placed, triggering additional TN 14 Wp duels for all models except the target touched by it. On failure, they also gain the Pity condition. For 2 SS though, this upgrade feels a little too expensive for me. In Melee and Summoning Dora, her AP is usually better used for other purposes. Moreover, there are other models than can generate similar Wp debuffs in a bubble such as Insidious Madness, Tannen and Poltergeist as passive abilities. This might see more use in Control Dora, where a successful blast will make it much harder to defend against subsequent attempts to Paralyse models. It also depends on models bunching up, so perhaps a strat like Guard the Stash would be an appropriate time to consider this. Again, do note the phrasing. The blast affects ALL models, including friendly models and Pandora! Might be a sneaky and situational way to push Pandora out of the way too, since succeeding the Wp duel will trigger Fading Memory. Fugue State: Another 2 SS upgrade, this one is great for controlling the game in Interact heavy scheme pools. It gives Pandora Monotony, forcing enemy models within 8" that declare an Interact Action to take a TN 15 Wp duel or suffer 1 damage. With Misery around, this is likely to be 2 points of damage, possibly even more if there are Sorrows. It also gives a 1 AP Attack Action to make models Insignificant till the end of the game or until Pandora is killed, further shutting down enemy models from Interacting. Great way to deny your opponent from playing the game (and losing friends). Given the competing upgrade slots and its cost, I'd consider this only if I'm really playing a full control Dora. Rile Them Up: A new Wave 5 upgrade that costs 2 SS, Pandora can now discard a card to take the Incite action as a 1 AP action once a turn. With the Mass Hysteria trigger, she can potentially Incite 4 times a turn now. It also gives her a 2/3/4 damage track to her Self Loathing and Self Harm attacks, making her better able to take out scheme runners and models with weak or no damage tracks. Within a Misery bubble, this is essentially a 3/4/5 damage track or higher. I find this upgrade to be a bit too situational for consistent use. Most times, one Incite + trigger is sufficient, especially if there's Iggy supporting with additional Incite. It competes for AP use, which I often need for other purposes. Similarly, I'd rather be using other beater models or Misery to take out weak models, as Pandora's Self Loathing is most efficiently used on big beater models, which should be her primary target for the Attack in the first place. The odd exception to this is when Pandora is taking on a Master with a weak damage track, but even then, there are other ways to deal with the Master. Depression: A Woe specific, Rare 1 upgrade for 1 SS, this can be taken by Pandora, Candy, Iggy or Baby Kade. It gives a 0 Action to discard a card to add the card's suit to all duels for the rest of the Activation. It also gives all other friendly Woes within LOS a 1 AP Attack Action, Melancholy, which can give enemy models the condition Nobody Likes Me, forcing the affected model to Activate last. Used in combination with Incite in the presence of Candy's Sweets and Sours auras, it can have a devastating effect of activation order control + Paralyse and damage. This upgrade is typically taken by Baby Kade in a Dreamer crew for his trigger. In a Pandora crew where Kade is less often present, it can be taken by Candy to help with her healing action which requires a to succeed, or give her a on her Attack Action to trigger Mood Swings. It might also be worth taking on Summoning Dora if there are available slots. While the 0 Action for suits is unlikely to be taken because of the competing Incite action, it offers all the summoned Sorrows an attack that is resisted by the Wp to trigger Misery, something the Sorrows otherwise lack. Of course, this is dependent on how you play your other support models since a Candy in the middle of the action or an Iggy in the back field can play a similar role and free up Pandora's upgrade slots.
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    I bought the tanuki just to paint. They're quite enjoyable. I attempted to label the sake jars with kinbukuro 金袋, which is literally moneybags; a slang term for scrotum. In mythology, tanuki will use their kinbukuro as a weapon.
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    I've struggled with making a decision on this one with too many ideas and then debating over how literal to be. I hate my stupid overthinky brain so I'm keeping it simple
  43. 8 points
    My first try at OSL. Hope you like it!
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    you're wrong. Nobody's is trash. even the amazing ones had to start somewhere. There may be a difference between entries, but none are trash. We all finished to the best of our abilities in the given circumstances
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    Yay, voting! I am little wary of just filling in the form as I go along, since it is so long. What if my browser or computer crashes, or something else happens? So I created a quick excel file to fill in. Once I have this done I will just put the scores in the site all at one time by hand. I thought I'd share it in case anyone else might have a use for it. This is completely unsanctioned, and I won't guarantee that it is free from any errors -- I just typed it real quick for my one use. (Oh, and if it happens to add up my own score to a perfect 25, just don't worry about it ) Here's the file: http://kraftsy.com/ironpainter2017_round1.xlsx BTW, some of y'all have some weird user names!
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    Time for Neverborn's half of the M2E starter set More photos as allways in our blog https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/10/malifaux-monday-61-bloodwretch.html
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    Started late because of a week hospitalization but I desperatly want to complete this piece. I always wanted to make dark forest, creepy but beautiful. And I wanted a light in it. Perfect timing they say. My wip
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    done for today... (sorry for the crappy phone pic) tomorrow I paint
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    Well, since OSL is my strongest skill, I decided to try something new) I never try the flashlight, moreover, I didn't find ANY of references or similar works( The only artist who painted something similar was Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. So I think it's interesting challenge) My work - the scene from the story, where described last hours of the living Molly Squidpiddge. She was taking pictures of Gorgones Tear in the museum, when Seamus came for her. The photos she caught, show the shadow of the serpentine woman who no one saw. I hope to be in time with that project)