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    All I can say is that this went through a lot of playtesting with a lot of suggestions proposed. Not everyone is going to be happy with any change that is made. I'm sorry if this change affects you negatively, but I truly believe it will cause more improvements in game quality than it will have negative impacts.
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    Hello Wyrdos, It is time for the summer edition of our twice-a-year errata! Unlike the winter errata, which looks at overall game health and improvements, the summer errata is aimed at only addressing significant problem areas within the game. We only looked at some of the most outstanding game issues that have persisted for some time in this errata. We are well aware that not every player likes errata, as there may be some confusion about the current versions of the cards. We offer all of our errata cards for free, and they are available in numerous places online. We believe that improving game health in the long-term is worth the risks. We just ask that you bear with us through updates, and we appreciate any help you can do in informing your communities. We truly believe this changes will make Malifaux more fun for everyone involved. With all that said, we have 4 changes for you in this errata: The Mechanical Rider's summon increased its TN by 2 (making it less likely to top deck), and its Arcane Ritual Trigger is significantly changed. It now places a single Scheme Marker within 1" of the target, but can position it further away for each additional Tome. It is no longer limited to once per Turn. The Mechanical Rider has been a standout model for awhile now. The increase in TN for summoning will make it more likely to require resources without stopping it from this function, and the Trigger change will make it less skilled at Schemes while still being quite good at them. This is a knock, but not one that fundamentally changes how this model plays. Wind Gamin no longer bury when killed. Now, if they die, they can push a model 5". Wind Gamin are a powerful 4ss model, and the point of this change was to be sure they died, thereby functioning within the normal confines of the game. Practiced Production now prevents you from placing Scheme Markers near non-Peon, non-Insignificant friendly models. This should help with some of the stronger combinations with models like the Malifaux Raptors by requiring models that could score to begin with, thus controlling this powerful Upgrade. Stuffed Piglets are now 3 Soulstones to hire. There have been complaints for a long time now about cheap Activations in the form of Stuffed Piglets. By making them cost 3, it limits this ability without impacting their gameplay for those that like them as they are. We feel that these changes will greatly improve gameplay for the Malifaux community. With all errata, we try to maintain models with as few changes as possible, ensuring that people can still use their favorite models... just in a toned down way. You can find a PDF of the cards attached below, as well as images up on our website. The cards will be up on DriveThruRPG in the coming weeks (we want to ensure there are no errors, so there is a longer delay). Thank you for your understand and support, and happy flipping. May all your Jokers be red. Mech Rider.pdf Wind Gamin.pdf Practiced Production.pdf Stuffed Piglets.pdf
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    The Scheme Condition thing is being addressed in GG18, which will be available after GenCon for people who would prefer to use it.
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    Your comment button went reckless.
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    Hey all! I'm at GenCon right now as people come say hi and pick up their new shinies. I'm going to take a moment though to share some news... The update decks are sold out online. We get them printed overseas and had to ship them over. We got a bunch air shipped in for the show...And we thought it was enough. The demand has been wonderful... But we sold out. We're trying to grab some before they get on the boat to air ship more... If we do, we'll announce it and add more to the sale. Otherwise, thank you and we'll have more in a few weeks to send for stores. As for the voting. I'll set up a form when I get back so anyone who missed voting can. We'll need your order number, etc. You'll have a few weeks after GenCon to vote. Please don't message customer service; we'll get that form up soon. Thanks all! I'm back into the fray!
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    Puuh, private life is a harsh mistress this month but I managed to start painting the Kirai Box: Bases will be done when everything Resser-related is finished :-)
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    Another figure from the set "The Mercy of Death" - Shieldbearer 1 "Redhead". 32mm plastic.Tomorrow I will continue to publish figures from this wonderful set;)
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    Hey Wyrdos! All new Monday means an all new preview! This week we are taking a look at the Charm Warders from the Ten Thunders. These are going to be available in the upcoming Broken Promises book, available at GenCon. Discuss away!
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    piglet(4ss) and x3 stuffed(3x2ss) piglets =10ss
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    Hello guys, I was able to finish the lone marshal (8ss) and the sexycutioner (9ss) for a total of 17ss. I'm not sure if I will be able to finish the second executioner as I'm going on holidays soon.
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    Thanks for the comments, friends! I'm really happy that you appreciated my work The next stern guy
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    Thanks friends! I'm very happy that you liked my work! As promised - the next figure
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    Hello friends! I completely completed the set of The Mercy of Death During this week, I'll post all the work Enjoy viewing
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    Hey Wyrdos! The start of August means that our August LGS Promotion is underway! This month, you can receive the alternate Madam Sybelle,by spending 60 USD or equivalent in your local game store! The form to be filled out is found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/promotions Pick up that Through the Breach Second Edition, or maybe some of those models that you've been looking for an excuse to buy and have Alt Madam Sybelle mailed to you! Rewards, for supporting your LGS? Sounds like a win-win to me!
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    Ya'll keep asking after an Alt Ototo - probably have to make that happen.
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    Somehow Monday find a way to poke it's head up every week, but we try to make it better with a Monday Preview! Today we are looking at the Gautraeux Bokor. I'll let this spooky little gremlin speak for himself...and the spirits. And of course it wouldn't be a Monday Preview without a look into the process that made this gorgeous piece of art! Discuss away!
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    Why is it that folks seem to think that a bump in SS was the only thing discussed behind closed doors. Anyone who has been involved in Wyrd play testing knows that all kinds of ideas get discussed before a decision is made. I got to be honest that it rubs me the wrong way when the Malifaux game designers are accused of lazy development, given the complexities designed into the game already. In this case the ultimate issue with the Stuffed Piglets wasn't their wound count, or their selective self-detonation, or anything else about how the models performed. It was specifically that 2SS is too cheap for a non-totem activation (non-Totem because by and large totems are Rare 1, and the ones that aren't are integral to the associated master's intended play style), complicated with the fact that the designer didn't want to make major changes to the actions and abilities on the card. How do you specifically address the design direction of "1 activation > 2SS"? All I see is either giving them a Rare limit, which would have to be like Rare 3 to avoid the spamming 2SS activations issue, or bump their SS cost.
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    @trikk TL;DR: Those ranking sites take into account loads of zombie accounts, massively skewing the results and rendering useless any conclusions based upon the "Faction Rankings" information summaries. Gremlins turn out to be actually the 5th best faction by tournament results when considering the top 20 players only in each Faction, so you really can't draw any objective data from these to help your case that Reckless is somehow propelling Gremlins into the role of OP Faction. In fact, Arcanists are ranked #1 in the US, and #2 in the UK. So I'm going to say that Armor is probably OP, and needs to be scrapped. Yep. I said it Okay, here's the problem with those data on the Ranking sites: they can't be taken at face value. I had a long look at the figures on the three of them, and a couple of things stood out. 1). The pie chart at the top of the "Factions" tab tells you how many players each Faction has (who've previously registered at formal tournaments, I assume). But when you look down the list of ranked players below that, there's never as many ranked players as there are players counted for that pie chart. Try it - go to the UK rankings site, and you'll see for instance that the Gremlins supposedly have 100 players, but there are only 61 names on the rankings list. Add up the scores that those 61 ranked players have achieved - it comes out less than the total score shown in the "Faction Rankings" table to the right of the pie chart. So you have to assume that past players have been registered but have then lapsed for whatever reason, and while their scores still count for the Faction totals, their names no longer appear on the lists. These are the "zombie players" I referred to above. (Sorry Rezzers - I know this is insensitive labelling on my part...). For example, the UK site says there are currently 334 Arcanist players, and yet there are only 85 ranked and actively playing. But the average score presented in that table is still derived from "Total Score / Total Players", so you get a horribly meaningless number. The simple fact that the Arcanists are the most popular Faction, and have had so many more players dabble in them at tournaments, means that their average score is dragged down well below any level indicative of how their top competitive players are performing. 2). The bottom-most players tend to have scores of 5.00 points each, and while I don't know how these points are awarded, I figured that anybody with a score of 5.00 probably just attended one event using that Faction, didn't place, and moved on (either from that Faction, or from Malifaux entirely. Or perhaps just from tournament play). Also, there's a long tail of players in each Faction who have really low scores, indicating that they probably stuck at it slightly longer than the 5.00 Club, but are certainly not the elite, competitive players that I think you're referencing when you talk about Gremlin tournament dominance. So I made up a spreadsheet, and used only the top 20 ranked players for each Faction, as I figured that ought to capture a good snapshot of the players who're actively attending tournaments, and who best represent how the Factions are performing currently. I could've taken the top 10, or the top 30, but I just chose 20. 3). The Polish rankings website doesn't really have enough players to make a reasonable assessment (there's only 15 ranked Gremlin players, for instance), so I didn't do this analysis for you guys. You shouldn't read anything meaningful into those numbers, either - with lower player numbers, faction averages are easily skewed by individual results. My point is, there's just not enough data in the Polish set about which to make any claims about Faction dominance. Not through any fault of theirs - nor would there be enough in my native New Zealand, or most areas other than the US and UK. So, adding up the scores for the top 20 players in each Faction separately across each of the UK & US rankings, I calculated the Faction average scores per player (the number that you're quoting to illustrate Gremlin dominance), and here are the results: UK Rankings: Pos Faction Avg 1 Neverborn 307.12 2 Arcanist 305.30 3 Outcast 293.11 4 Resurrectionists 267.65 5 Gremlins 259.59 6 Ten Thunders 249.97 7 Guild 244.61 US Rankings: Pos Faction Avg 1 Arcanist 204.92 2 Resurrectionists 192.69 3 Ten Thunders 187.66 4 Neverborn 180.68 5 Gremlins 165.53 6 Guild 159.08 7 Outcast 157.53 So there it is. Don't believe the data - believe the data! Good old stats...
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    I think the scheduled errata has some to do with it. I think an increasingly competitive player base has something to do with it, too. The fact that I read all the threads and let people know I read them probably doesn't hurt, as people know they'll be seen and aren't just shouting into the internet void. Lastly, I think that people are excited about the game (added into GenCon and GG18 and Upgrades), and that makes them want to talk about it. The two easiest things to talk about are hobby and balance, especially in a game where "netlisting" is pretty often seen as a futile gesture.
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    Hey all, Just a few minor updates to the information from the newsletter. First, Kandara. The incorrect image was used in the advertising. I've updated it to be correct, but here it is below. Additionally, I wanted to make note that there are only two Kentauroi in the box: Last, but not least, people wanted to know more about the Tarot deck! The deck is made of regular card stock, and you can see it better below.
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    Hey folks, First and foremost, we wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the Femme Fatale painting contest! We love having community competitions and giving everyone a chance to get involved. It is always something we enjoy seeing, and we hope you enjoy taking part! Unfortunately, we've also got some bad news. Looking through the voting for Femme Fatale there were certain inconsistencies that we noticed. We aren’t going into too many details, but it is clear that a few of the contestants seriously violated the spirit of the competition. While it was not specifically against the rules, some people did not keep the contest completely anonymous (encouraging people to vote for them outside of the forums). This is extremely disappointing to us, as it is disrespectful to the other entrants who put their time and energy into their submissions. We want our painting contests to honor and respect the work that the many talented painters put into them, and as such we are going to change the rules for upcoming contests. The best solution is to change how the judging works, which means less community involvement in the voting process. It truly is a shame that a few people have led to us having to redo the system, as we loved seeing the community as a whole engage with the voting process and models. That being said it is important to us that integrity remain in the competition for all parties involved. Once again, we offer a sincere thanks to the people who understood the spirit of the competition and did their best painting work. Truly seeing the community put their best behind the competitions, and seeing which painter is best is exciting. We hope that all the changes we make moving forward help to keep the competitions fun, exciting, and honest. A reminder that our next painting contest is Iron Painter, which will begin on September 1st.
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    Hi gang! This is James, the henchman in Greenville, NC to share the results and some info from our 14 person tournament on Saturday 7/29 at Blue Ox Games here in town. Results 1. Erik Lodal, Gremlins 2. Kemp Lambert, Ressurectionists 2. Alfredo Pupperino, Neverborn 4. Sam Newman, Neverborn 5. Patrick Healy, Guild 6. Elliot Triebenbacher, Ressurectionists 7. Craig Shipman, Guild 8. John Lilley, Neverborn 9. Chris Blue, Outcasts 10. Jim Ortiz, Arcanists 11. Samuel Leu, Guild 12. Braelyn Wagoner, Arcanists 13. Kelly Smith, Resurrectionists 14. Mike Metcalf, Outcasts Master Breakdown Guild (3 players) Nellie 58.3%, Perdita 33.3%, Sonnia 8.4% Neverborn (3 players) Collodi 33.3%, Titania 25%, Lucius 16.6%, Zoraida 16.6%, Lilith 8.4% Ressers (3 players) Reva 58.3%, Molly 16.6%, Tara 16.6%, Seamus 8.4% Outcasts (2 players) Viktorias 50%, Tara 50% Arcanists (2 players) Ramos 50%, Marcus 25%, Collette 25% Gremlins (1 player) Somer 100% Strategies and Schemes Round 1 Standard Deployment Strategy: Extraction Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Accusation!, Hidden Trap, Recover Evidence TO's thoughts: Whenever I build a scheme pool I like to make things difficult -- because I'm evil. Actually, it's more that I like to build counter-intuitive pools that force people into difficult situations. I thought Recover Evidence would be a natural choice, given the centralized nature of Extraction, but it surprised me how many players went for Hidden Trap this round. I often feel it's a difficult scheme to pull off, and this resulted in some major final turn swings. Average Player VP: 5.5 Round 2 Flank Deployment Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Leave Your Mark, Hunting Party, Set Up TO's thoughts: I felt before the event that this was the second-most difficult round. I felt the trap players would fall into would be to build excessively kill-focused crews to force heads being dropped and score Hunting Party, with the risk that a interact-heavy crew could breach the backfield and score Leave Your Mark, potentially also having their scheme runner be the "sucker" for Frame for Murder. Scores were higher in Round 2, but it was the only round where no player was able to score a full 10. Average Player VP: 6.1 Round 3 Corner Deployment Strategy: Interference Schemes: Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Accusation!, Show of Force, Search the Ruins TO's thoughts: This was my favorite round when I created it, and the one my local players said they found the most difficult in preparing for the event. I liked the opposing forces of trying to score Interference with the center board-heavy Show of Force and Search the Ruins. The players who did best this round found creative ways of matching their opponent in models and finding interesting ways to accuse enemy models controlling quarters. Average Player VP: 6.1 Round 4 Close Deployment Strategy: Stake a Claim Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Undercover Entourage, Tail 'Em TO's thoughts: Watching the round unfold this was by far the most fun to watch. The top two tables saw Somer play Neverborn Zoraida and Nellie play Collodi, which was fascinating to see all four players use their control elements and tricks to try and stop the trickiest pool of the day (in my opinion). The combination of Leave Your Mark and Undercover Entourage could potentially result in huge VP swings either way, depending on how they were countered -- but it was also a potential trap considering the AP investment Stake a Claim requires. This was a blast. Average Player VP: 5.71 Final TO thoughts: I consider a total scheme pool a success if I see a wide variety of schemes chosen, paired with an average VP lower than 6.5 on the day. In total players averaged 5.85 across all four rounds, which I hope they felt like was a decent challenge. The amount of control masters taken made games fascinating to watch, particularly in the later rounds when players were more-closely paired. Top 10 Interesting Observations From The Day 1. No Ten Thunders is fairly rare in our meta. Two tournaments ago we have six 10T players in a 16-person tournament. 2. So. Much. Burt. At this point many of us know just how strong Burt Jebsen is, and there's no sign of that slowing down. Burt was used in a total of 18 games on the day, for an average inclusion rate in lists of 32.1%. 3. Wait ... is that FINGERS?! Voted Gremlin Henchman most-likely to induce opinions, Fingers appeared in two games on the day. These were the first two games I've ever seen him in compeditive play. His chatty aura is situationally incredible, especially in a pool like Round 4 with close deployment and interact-heavy schemes. Maybe it's time to consider clipping him from your Brewmaster sprue. 4. Sometimes you need a third tiebreaker. The finish for second and third was so tight that Best Coast Pairings gave up and put two players in the second spot. They tied on Swiss, Diff and total VP -- which took it to head-to-head. 5. Tara vs. Tara means that nothing happens. Outcast Tara and Resser Tara met in Round 2 and tied 7-7. May nobody ever be able to settle which is the better Tara. 6. I don't like to make sweeping generalizations, especially based on one tournament -- but it was interesting to see a potential Neverborn meta shift in the works with two players finishing 3rd and 4th with the faction with 3rd playing Collodi four rounds and 4th playing Lilith in just one round, Titania in one and Zoraida in two. Great to see the faction open up. 7. Weird science. Two Arcanist players in a four round tournament and no Sandeep just felt ... wrong. 8. Games with Reva predominantly featured her out-and-out kill combo of "Littany of the Fallen" and "Decaying Aura," but she had a 3-4 record on the day. 9. BREAKING NEWS: Somer is still good. Erik absolutely deserved the win on the day, and nothing should take away from that. He was masterful with Somer throughout the day, but the depth of the scheme pool showed just how adaptable he is as a master. Somer's ability to slot himself in where needed and fill multiple roles in a game continue to show his strength inside the Gremlins faction. 10. Far fewer rules queries. At this point people are fairly familiar with the FAQ and errata docs, which made for an easy day as a TO. I got to enjoy the games and answer less questions. If you're reading this far: Thank you for ensuring my rambling wasn't in vain. The event was a blast and I hope everyone had fun. I can't wait for Wave 5 and see how things change by the next time we host an event in Eastern NC.
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    "DAY 54: They haven't realized I'm a dog yet."
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    The Dark Carnival set had a Colette model that was converted into Mr. Cooper, a Cassandra that was converted into Lola, and a Performer that was converted into a male. This year's Curiosity Killed the Cat Nightmare box includes a male version of the Obedient Wretch, which is normally a female model. So no, we don't hate guys.
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    Maybe Hot4Perdita should parlay his new-found skills into a business opportunity. I'll pay $100 US plus the cost of the models if you buy McCabe and Yasunori and give it Recalled Training sometime around December Maybe start Sandeep as well.
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    You must truly be the unluckiest person in the world. You started playing guild, and then just after you were able to buy austringers, your friend pointed out that they can't go beyond 12" range. And that your plan to bury Papa loco in a death marshalls coffin doesn't permanently give perdita or Sonnia positives to their blast flips. So you switch to arcanists, and the first time you use the mech rider, you get told that you need an 8, rather than a 6 to get the summon off (and just to say that on turn 2, the odds go from 16.9% chance of success to 13.0%. turns 3+ you suffer a 14.8% extra chance to fail, so the chances you fail when you would have passed pre-errata on the flip will occur about once every 2 games. ) I said last time, and I'll say again. It is up to you and your opponents if you use the errata or not. If you only play in a small group, and they agree with you, then use which ever errata you like, form None, just using the stats printed in the books to using the most upto date card you have. we also warned you in the last thread that there was this errata date due, but there won't be any more until January. So hopefully, any combinations you do see over the next 6 months you get to use. And with your string on luck, I'd be interested to see what you have done well with in December, cause that way I'll have an idea what is about to change
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    If Bayou Gremlin's go up to 4 SS they will need a lot more than just another Wound. Yes, Gremlin's can do some amazing things when everything goes right. When it doesn't though (and this happens quite frequently, especially against people who know what they do) Gremlin's are easily taken apart. As a faction, Gremlins were designed and need many of the things that are being complained about. Gremlin's need synergy, easy access to healing, out activation, cheap models, and suits. They are not durable models and generally injure themselves (or each other) to do the "awesome" things that people complain about. Take the Bayou Gremlin for example. Gaining the extra Ap from Drunk and Reckless means they will not be able to again until they heal. This requires another model to do. That model isn't free so there is an additional opportunity cost to the ability. Hiring that additional model doesn't just mean not hiring something else it means the player has to protect it and huddle the Bayou Gremlin's near it to gain the healing access. As a long time Gremlin player, I would say that Gremlin's as a whole are in a fairly good place. None of my player group really struggle against my gremlin crews, truthfully they have grown increasingly adept at "weathering the storm" and "tearing the onion apart." Now that isn't to say that some models couldn't use a bit of a rework only that it isn't usually the "factional" abilities (Reckless, healing, Dumb Luck, etc.) causing the issues. From what I have been reading in the last few months, the real issue is with Mercenary models that have access to them. There is a very easy fix to this, make the offending abilities only applicable when in Gremlin led crews. I have argued many times that models designed for a specific Master, crew, or faction should work best with that Master, crew, or faction, and not outside of it (The Rotten Belles' much-maligned Lure action is a perfect example of how this could be applied). In short, without trying to sound condescending (but it inevitably will), many of the complaints about Gremlin's stem from the initial shock of what they can do when everything goes right. The more you play them the easier they are to defeat, this is why they haven't been consistent performers at the top of the competitive fields. Sure they may be (debatable) right now but that likely has more to do with the current crop of Strategies and Schemes (or the players piloting them) than the actual models/ abilities themselves.
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    Bring out yer dead! Today's Monday preview is for all of us who are shuffling around this morning like certain undead might do. We are taking a look at an awesome new piece of art from the upcoming Gravedigger for the Ressurrectionists. And of course we have a peek at the process behind this art piece!! Discuss away!
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    wow-wow-wow, just calm down and put the weapons on the ground... Malifaux Mondays will return at next Monday... If serious I am bit busy by organisation big painting contests here in Russia. Including Malyfaux painting contest (http://mintdragon.ru/enparade) Malifaux Mondays will return very soon with more doctors) P.S. at the first days of the autumn we see him fully painted
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    This is kinda veering way off the topic of if reckless is op, but to add my thoughts on some of the scheme talk: Claim Jump is a huge reason Reckless is so strong right now. A single model being able to take the always scheme is silly (and I think the same thing about anyone with a 0 movement trick or 3AP like 10T brothers). Making Hunting Party always imo is a bad idea. Suited Hunting Party made all-enforcer/henchman lists super common and I like what GG2017 has done to make minion crews a bit more common, as well as the fact that always having a marker scheme means there's always potential for a bluffing element with scheme markers. On the other hand, Dig Their Graves being the always scheme I think would have a similar effect of curtailing super model spam because it's a killy scheme but also an interacty scheme, so you want a good balance of survival, killing, and AP. I generally think it's the best new scheme of 2017, possibly any Gaining Grounds.
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    Base is almost done, I'm going to start working on the Emissary tonight. Those Changelings took a while to finish, probably should have done them separately
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    Heres progression on Killjoy. Wanted to make his skin look bruised and diseased
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    Hey-hey, it's monday today! and it's mine malifaux monday at this time. I painted Misaki for Femme Fatale Contest but win nothing. Few pics in blog as usuall: https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/08/malifaux-monday-55-misaki.html
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    I think you're also overestimating the effects of errata. In most cases, models affected by the errata are still useful. People still use Austringers to great effect. Guardians are actually used more often now. Papa Loco still sees the table. You're reaction really seems like, "this model's ability was cuddled and now it's entirely useless." And that's almost never the case.
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    Heh, someone finally noticed. Said chihuahua happens to be running around the offices today.
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    One of the cats is a chihuahua dressed as a cat, officially best model
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    I think that 2E definitely got further down the road than 1E in that regard. You're not longer saying, "Oh, if they announce Ressers, the Guild can still compete... if they pick Lady Justice." In 2E, all of the masters are pretty much around the same place, in that I can pick up... Mah Tucket, maybe? ...and still have a good game and a good chance of winning against a player of equal skill who is running... oh, let's say Sandeep, since he's the current favorite. Some masters are better at some things than others, and some masters are better at Gaining Grounds than others, but you can still have a decent game, even if one model has a bit of an advantage over the other. But then, I've played other miniatures games (and 1E Malifaux) where you reveal your list, see what the opponent is running, and can pretty much reach across the table and shake hands right then and there. It's a matter of perspective.
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    There are a good number of us who care about the quality of the game as a whole, not as partisan representatives of our own factions. 2ss activations that can be used to fill out a list where there is already a dearth of mid range to cheap options put a lot of lists over the top as far as activation control goes. Those who play with and against these models a lot should be speaking up about things like this. A change to stuffed piglets was absolutely justified. Suggesting that the change was out of laziness is not something you can really speak to if you were not a part of the discussion. I think every single one of these changes was good for the health of the game and that comes as an arcanist player who consistently uses mech rider, wind gamin, and practiced production. I play against good gremlin players a decent amount and it is my honest opinion that the pressure towards the gremlin faction is completely justified. It has and will continue to be discussed in other places. I would be glad to run you through a list of the reasons in PM if you'd like.
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    A model that is 2 SS that does absolutely nothing except activate is still worth hiring for early game activation control. Stuffed piglets actually did something. Reducing their stats, making them 1 hit killable, making them auto explode or many other of the suggested fixes wouldn't have addressed that fundamental point. A repeatable, burnable activation that does absolutely nothing else is still great value at 2 stones. No change to piglets save inelegant and confusing rules to limit their activation potential would change that fact, and the identified problem, spam for activation, would not be solved by changes to stats and abilities.
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    Counting on stuff to be in the right place at the right time is a great way to be disappointed in your models/faction. The only time I've seen slop haulers seem to tilt the game was in a Ulix crew where the slop hauler never needed to move anywhere because my opponent was making sure every injured pig he cared about was in that bubble. If I had dropped a blasting crew or a control crew into him instead of Ramos, things would have gone very differently during that game. Just one lure of any kind, or one long range "discard scheme marker" effect, or a first-strike model diving in to kill the slop hauler and the whole engine would have been wrong-footed. Then there's the Somer and Bayou Gremlins, supported by Lenny. We had one of our tournament players start trying to play them to figure them out well enough to potentially podcast about it, and they weren't clicking for him. Slop hauler died relatively early on, and suddenly Somer's summoning, inspiration, the Gremlins' reckless ability, and even their Gremlin Luck went from "this could be cool" to "I'm killing my own models faster than my opponent is!" Overpowering is when proficiency does not matter, and neither do things like terrain and victory conditions. Something that is overpowered can be reasonably expected to win every time, except when it's played into by something else that's overpowering. At which point, skill level, knowledge of list, knowledge of rules, and practice in general start mattering, as does having some lucky die rolls. A few years ago in another game system, you could pop onto an online forum, get a list for a faction, ebay a painted army, and show up at tournaments with a flowchart and end up on the podium at the end of the day. That's because those lists in those factions were overpowering. That is, they did not require any skill to overwhelm your opponent, regardless of their skill level, and they did not require any change in play to account for actual victory conditions or terrain. They were boring to play and play against. Gremlins have not been boring to play against in my experience, and generally don't seem to be boring to play. There's a lot of intricate things that the Gremlin player does have to watch out for within their own crews, because the key pieces to keep their stuff going tend to not like getting direct attention. For example: Merris is a solid support piece or scheme runner, provided she gets ignored; Exhaust Trail is great for answering crews that drop pulses and blasters into your Gremlins (including your own when you're playing Wong), right up until your opponent snipes her out. That Slop Hauler has a massive bulls-eye painted on its bulbous forehead, and if the Gremlin player hired it as a key piece in their crew, they're now splitting attention between scoring VP and keeping the Slop Hauler alive to do its job (unless its job is to be the FFM goat). Sure, there's Stilts and dudes with 10 wounds, and now with Sparks you can hand out armor, which helps make things more resilient. There's Gremlins out there with Df/Wp 6, making them well above average. But here's the thing: in chess the Queen is a supremely powerful piece, can do a lot of threat/counter-threat work. In Chess there's a term used when analyzing a board state: [piece] is overworked. When the opposing Queen is overworked, it means that if I'm willing to make a sacrifice play, I can draw the Queen out of position or force my opponent to give up a piece to a failed bluff. Similar things happen in Malifaux: a crew member can end up overworked. That is, they don't have enough AP during their activation to do everything that they need to do for your plans to work. For Gremlins, Fast and Reckless are things that mitigate that. In the case of some models, possibly mitigate it too much. Fast and Reckless Francois is mean. He gets a lot more work done than maybe he should for his cost. The answer to that is to look at whether or not it's affecting the health of the game. If it is, then a surgical fix like making Reckless give Fast will prevent stacking while still allowing the Gremlins to hurt themselves to get things done. Before doing that though, it's a good idea to check for other things that provide a similar effect, like Swift and Fast, and determine if the cost to get those extra AP balances out. There is, however, another thing that mitigates that: Companion. Maybe the problem isn't Francois ending up with 3-4 AP, but as was mentioned before in this post, the problem is that model A companions into model B. Using the overworked Queen parallel: the queen isn't overworked if my opponent can take two actions before my next action: she can counter attack, and the other piece she was supporting can move to a less threatened position. Here in Malifaux, that overworked model can go do one of the things it was trying to do, and potentially companion off into another model that needs to do something before it dies for your plans to come together. This was a problem when Companion could chain more than once, but that was addressed. It could be that it's not really either of these in isolation, but rather both being used. Model A goes reckless, gets some work done, then companion activates Model B, who also goes reckless and gets some work done. If that is the case, then the answer lies in making adjustments to how Reckless and Companion interact--which is a potentially complicated problem because some models have the ability to activate another model at the end of their activation and others have the ability to activate themselves at the end of a friendly model's activation. I believe Gremlins are mostly (if not entirely) the Companion ability, which is consistent for them. For the health of the game, it's still a good idea to check similar effects just like we would with Fast and Reckless.
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    A biting preview, @Kai. With these card sharks, any fin goes. Excited to sink my teeth into these models when I dive into The Other Side. These Jaw-some puns are sending shivers down my spine. I should probably stop before I jump the shark.
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    Last Weeks I was a little occupied, by finishing my entry for the femme fatal contest. I totally forgot to take pictures of the promised Master Queeg. Now After I finished my entry, I want to catch up on this. Becaus Queeg himself is a quite plain (but very nice) Model, I thought he needed some kind of fancy base. So I decided to stick a worker onto the base. Some friendly arcanist prisoner, who kindly and freely agreed to take part in this little diorama. The "arcanist" is build out of the ttb-character set. One Sort of Legs had this slightly kneeling pose, so I only had to rework it a little bit to archive my desired result. The mechanical Arm was not part of my plans at first. But after I figured out that all other good left arms had been gone, I had to choose it and now I'm happy with how it turned out. The paintjob of Queeg should resemble a mix of my guardsmen theme (with the red trousers with black-white stripes at the sides) and some kind of wealthy planter (potrayed by the pinstriped vest).
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    Hey Folks, I'm here to announce the winners of the two categories for Femme Fatale! For the single Model category it ended up as follows 1st: @Stark with Abuela (FF72) 2nd: @Bozydar with Miss Anne (FF12) 3rd: @Rugh Z'ull with Cyber Punk Girl (FF67) For the Diorama category it ended up as follows 1st: @Rugh Z'ull with the Honeypot (FFD09) 2nd: @Bozydar with Lades of the Guild (FFD03) 3rd: @Vraeth with Death of December Again thank you to all for participating and we look forward to seeing you in Iron Painter on September 1st!
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    So, now that TTB2 has released I can finally talk about it after getting the book at Origins. Spoilers ahead. . . . . . . . . . . Should be out of the preview now, so let's get started. The Dragon is confirmed to have split and the part that went earthside is the Mt. Etna entity. Possessed a priest and made it's way to Asia where his host body died and he ended up getting trapped in her dead body before a Buddhist monk came along and he was able to use him and manipulate Buddhist teachings to create an order dedicated to creating hosts with strong enough spirits to house him. This is also the cause of the boundary between Earth and Malifaux becoming weaker. Sheez'Uul. Manipulated a Neverborn into releasing him, then started using red blood to keep his spiritually weak host's body together. This resulted in the Nephilim undergoing a ritual to gaining caustic blood(their Black Blood), foiling Sheez'Uul's plan to use blood and forcing him to escape to Earth like the Dragon did(although in one piece). Also indirectly responsible for December failing to manifest off of the energies sustaining the first Breach. And is explicitly confirmed to be in the blade. Witness is still imprisoned in a frozen lake in a soulstone geode. Despair is in an ornate puzzlebox. Plague was the original creator of the Red Cage, and caused it to crash down to the ground intending to harnass the resulting energies to ascend, but was distracted by Kirai after he stole the second part of the key to the Cage from her, which resulted in the masters gaining the powers to become basically temporary Tyrants(Avatars). It was only repurposed by the ancient neverborn to imprison Cherufe. Also he controlled rats and bugs to eat the real Hamelin so that he could assume Hamelins form as a disguise of sorts and walk out of his prison. Meridion draws her power from Ley Lines, which is why she was imprisoned in them.(no breaking out of prison when doing so would destroy her source of power). Obliteration's prison is made out of his own essence, so he like Meridion is going to have a hard time breaking out any time soon. Onto more general info now: The Cult of December was formed from some of the mages who originally opened the first Breach. Native American legends of skin walkers comes from ancient neverborn coming across one of the smaller less stable breaches the forms from time to time and intermingled with them, giving some the ability to change their shape. It's likely that the Tyrants used to be fae based on the wording used. They were called fellows of the original inhabitants, and Titania is refereed to as the queen of the people. Also Malifaux back then was a utopian society with everyone being unaging and highly advanced magic and technology. Dopplegangers and Nephilim are evolutionary cousins, with the dopplegangers having the ability to change form at will, and the Nephilim changing form in response to spilling red blood. The source of this ability to change form is from the magic of the Tyrants. The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, along with most other gods in their religion, are based on creatures from Malifaux they saw and fought when breach open up in their area. The Tyrant War was sometime around 8000 years before the present day. The Grave Spirit is the source of necromancy.
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    One of my few warm memories with Ramos (I don't play him much) is stoning for an extra tome to make the sniper not only fail, but stumble backwards and fall off of his perch.
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    Thank you, Burnin`Coal! Another approach painting skin is Ryle: And with a little digital help...
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    Give Molly an upgrade that lets her hire journalists.