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    Wyrdos, We are excited to announce a brand new contest: Storied Soundtracks! In this contest, writers will compete by writing a story based on a song specified by the contest (below). The story can be any length, based within the Malifaux storyverse. At the end of the contest, Wyrd will select the winner who will receive a prize. All stories should be posted in this thread, and no one should post in this thread outside of a posted story -- discussion can be in a different topic. All stories must be posted by March 15th, 2017 to be eligible to win. The contest winner will have their story (with some editing) published in Chronicles and be paid $0.03 per word, to a maximum payment of 10,000 words (your story may be longer, but you will not be paid above that amount). Every contest entrant who submits at least a 5,000 word story will be given $15 in Wyrd store credit as a thank you for participating. The song your story should draw inspiration from can be found below. Good luck, and write on!
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    Hi everybody! I´m new here and I've started with Lucius crew. Here is the first mini. Hope you like it^^
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    New monday! new Malifaux lady. Rowan Nilsson - alt Rafkin. More pics in blog as usual: http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/02/malifaux-monday-36-rowan-nilsson.html
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    Steve from Wargame Vault here. Our abject apologies that some folks have been getting the wrong cards yet again. This is entirely our fault not Wyrd's. At this moment, we are not yet sure how it happened, especially why some folks are getting correct cards in their reshipment while others are not. We have a few theories that we are validating to see if they are the root cause or not. Once we have the root cause identified, we will process correct card shipments out to everyone affected and also issue account credit for the delay and hassle we've caused you. We will be in touch by email and I'll post updates here to the forum. Many replacement shipments are still in transit, so folks will continue to receive theirs in the weeks ahead. Steve Wieck CEO Wargame Vault OneBookShelf
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    Hi Wyrdos, Today I am delighted to announce the formal release of bag-o-tools.com. Some of you are already aware of what this is, but for those who are not, Bag O’ Tools is a Malifaux Event management system. It is a website for TO’s that offer a tool bag of features to help organise and run the average Malifaux event. This is just the surface of the functionality we offer: Events: Register players, generate fixtures, set up Strategy, Deployment and schemes. Round 1 will randomise fixtures and round 2 onwards generating Swiss fixtures while also insuring no one draws another player they have already played. Display: Hook up to a TV screen or monitor to give your participants a visual aid for the event. Display rotates between current league standings, fixtures table, results and current round countdown timer. Scoresheet: From their smartphones or tablets, the scoresheet lets players know their table number and opponent once fixtures are generated. They can also see current round strategy, schemes and deployment. From there they can even select schemes and publish the final game score to the TO (optional). Live: Can’t attend an event? No problem. Live allows people to keep track of what is happening at an event so they can still feel part of a tournament they couldn’t attend. This year already we have had valuable feedback from TO’s who have used it. Some of this feedback has already gone back into improving Bag O’ Tools. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions from the community. So if you have something we encourage you to get in touch! Cheers, Jamie
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    Hello Wyrdos, We wanted to take a moment to bring attention to a fundraising campaign for Tommy Castillo, who has done some artwork for Wyrd in the past. Tommy is currently raising money for a much needed kidney transplant, and he could use our help. We have created a special gift card on the Wyrd webstore. All of the proceeds from that gift card will be donated to Tommy's YouCaring page. This gift card will only be available between now and Monday, February 27th. You can find it on our webstore here. You can also donate directly to Tommy via the YouCaring page. Anything you can give would be a great help to him. Thank you for reading, and stay Wyrd!
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    Welp, enough teeth gnashing and wailing I think.
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    Just a quick update... Wargame Vault is processing the orders, which will print and ship this week. Everyone should get a confirmation when that happens. They also will make special notations on non-US orders for customs.
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    Hi again, here are the beckoners. I painted them some days ago and I forgot to upload the pics >.<
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    Well, friday is here and the first recruiter) From the first time I saw him - I know what base he needed)) this Orphan insert was created especially for that model, it's demonstrate how death marshals summon their coffins) And a bonus pic from hobby center Geek Wars)
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    Well folks, for all Fridays I'he missed, I post my latest work - Death marshal recruiters! May be some of you just received them)) It was a pretty interesting models for painting and I also level up my OSL skills I also had to sculpt a blindfold for oldman, because his eyes... well... that was a worst eyes-sculpt I've ever worked with. More pictures of both models I'll post in the two next Fridays))
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    To be honest Rules Lawyering seems like exactly something Lucius would do
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    I feel the opposite way. Companies screw up, they're run by humans. The fact that they: 1 - Acknowledged the screw-up 2 - Took Full responsibility 3 - Made no excuses 4 - Specified that Wyrd was not in the least at fault 5 - Are sending 2 waves of replacements on their penny 6 - Giving us 10 bucks on top of that (Which should cover at least 1 more errata in the future) 7 - Inform me before I even complain and point out that no more effort is required on my part to keep the process going 8 - Answer me (on the first screw-up) on a Saturday evening way past work hours and NOT with a copy-paste response. Really makes me see them as professionals that just had a bad (and short) streak. Also, they will refund you immediately if you prefer not waiting. At this point I don't know what else can be expected of them. I can only think of: Have even more incredible customer support (which I find is impossible) Never commit an error in their business (which I also find impossible) If anything, I want to support these guys MORE.
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    My issue is thus: The game is played with cards. While PDFs can be printed in a pinch, I don't want to play with janky print-outs. I want to play using cards that have correct rules on them. At this point I'm at 30 days from my initial order, and have 2 sets of incorrect cards for my trouble. It makes me very hesitant to go through all this again if the next wave of errata has a similar number of card changes. Obviously this isn't Wyrd's fault, but it is their problem. If I can't get the stuff I need to play from whatever vendor is providing it then my only real choice is to set aside my Malifaux stuff an play some other skirmish games. The thing is I want to play Malifaux because I like a lot more than other games I have armies for. In order to get my full enjoyment out of it I need all the usual high quality components though (i.e.e bitchin cards).
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    So... been a while. Getting back in to things, finishing some of the Ortegas (notes)
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    Hello Malifaux painters! I am continuing the painters challenge tradition run recently by Jaxx23 and Vaiuri. These rules will largely follow those of Vaiuri, as they worked really well this past year. This will be monthly challenge that will run until December 2017 (just so we can line up with the calendar for the next one). Sign up here at any of the levels below. Masters count for 15 SS. I will name each monthly thread with the title Monthly Painters' Challenge, to distinguish it from the previous Painters Challenge (especially since we will have both up Feb and March). Category Minion - paint between 1 and 5 stones a month. Enforcer - paint between 6 and 10 stones a month. Henchman - paint between 11 and 15 stones a month. Master - paint between 16 and 30 stones a month. Emissary - no limits, anything over 30 stones! Declare which category you with to enter when you sign up. You can drop down during the year, but not up - so be ambitious! Submissions At the start of each month I will start a new thread that will contain all the WIP photos and banter for that months entries. Use these threads to chart your progress, offer feedback, ask questions and enjoy the journey! At the end of the month, update the thread with a picture of what you have completed for the month with a stone total and I will add it to our tacking sheet. I will get a link up to this soon. Mulligans Life stuff happens. Everyone gets 2 mulligans - that is, on 2 separate months you can declare the use of a mulligan and your score will be 0 for the month. You are allowed to carry over part finished models from one month to the next, they count when done. Time Frame We will start the new challenge in March 2017. See if you can find others that are interested. I will post a notice in the main Malifaux forum. Mechanics I will try this to start: at the beginning of each month, post what you are going to paint. At the end, post a photo, model names, and total Soul Stone Cost painted. I will add the SS to the tracking sheet. So, a bit different than last year: post pleges and completed models in the month for which they were painted. More info to come. I hope lots of people are ready to join in! Cheers, prof_bycid
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    Hello all, Im new to Malifaux and Asami is the first model from Wyrd I'm working on. Very great models, detail, and are a blast to paint. Comments, suggests, etc encouraged!
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    It is getting made. I'd rather not give a guesstimate of when and have that potentially be wrong, so here we are
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    Lady J and the scales of justice for February so far. Finished my guild commission.
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    February Chronicles is now available here. Starting Malifaux On A Budget - The Neverborn - Pick your master and learn how to build an effective crew in the second installment of a new tactics series. Get to Know a Wyrdo - The Wyrdest of us interviews the newest of us, Kyle! The Other Side... of Playtesting - Aaron talks a bit about his experience running playtesting. Black Betty - An aspiring Showgirl must put on the show of her life or risk losing her life. Starting a Station - Learn how to make a railroad terrain piece. Denial of Sanzu - In this Through the Breach adventure, the Fated begin a journey that will take them into the spirit world. Cabin in the Woods - A Malifaux slasher Scenario... or a Malifaux 'trying to survive' Senario. Brought to you by Lindsey!
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    I'll make a post about the subject tomorrow, but a quick note on it for today is that this time we received a printed copy of the cards and verified each one individually at Wyrd three times before they were unlocked for new printing. WGV is doing research into how the correct files were printed for us, but not for others. I'm sure they'll have a solution for everyone soon and get it taken care of for everyone.
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    https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/2/6/monday-preview-a-stitch-in-time How to sign up for the global Through the Breach campaign!
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    University of Transmortis for all! More photos in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/02/malifaux-monday-35-university-of.html
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    Sadly I was a little bit camera-lazy last weak. But today I took a some shots of the things we've done. First the promised 40 markers for Squatter's Rights. First we thought about getting 40 Bases, but we discovered that the 32 mm hole cutter for my drill produced perfect 30mm bases. The Signs are made out of balsawood with the idea in mind to turn them to the direction, pointing to the controling player. Next I finished some rock formations for the desert board. They turned out okay. But I need to train my rock carving skills a bit to be completely satisfied. Greebo had a lot of bought, unpainted terrain. So we grabbed some brushes and started painting: Mabye I'll add some Seamus Lymerics to the sides of the walkways. But for now I'm happy to put them away. Drybrushing everything was such a boring work. And because it was so boring, I had to start something more interesting. A little log cabin for the upcomming winter board. But I couldn't stop myself and was forced to construct some furniture ... ... and a cute little stove The door of the cabin will be broken, so that some snow could come into the room. The windows will get some sort of Fabric or Leather to cover them from inside and the roof will be covered in Snow, with only a few little spots of earth/moos shining through. Mabye I'll try to get some Imprints of wolves (or other animals), when I apply the snow.
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    Finally ready, prepare for the next project)
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    Hi guys. It is time to break the silence The figure completed yesterday morning, but forces on the photograph was not, because I hasten to share creations now Mysterious Emissary Painted specially commissioned - Wyrd Games, 32mm (actually 70mm) More photos
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    Some of my favorite picks when Playing Sonnia 1) Brutal Effigy- Fear not the Sword is exceptionally powerful with Sonnia, perhaps more than with any other master. Heals / card craw is per model damaged or killed, so a big blast can potentially heal her several wounds per blast. He is also a 4ss minion who is pretty durable and finish the job. The card draw is also really nice- since Sonnia tends to demolish a hand with all her discard abilities. 2) Guild Pathfinder- Moving and relocating Traps is very powerful with somebody like Sonnia, they tie down enemy models, potentially make them slow, and force them to deal with Disengaging Strikes. Clockwork traps are extremely expendable, so if Sonnia randomizes onto one she can cheat to make a big explosion. Traps also have heavy armour, so if Sonnia blasts one for Moderate it will live to fight another day and continue tying down enemies. Pathfinders also have a mask trigger on their musket to ignore armor, Sonnia's crew tends to have some issues with Armour, and generally doesn't need a lot of masks, and they can draw a card once per turn when something nearby dies, and Sonnia loves cards. 3) As mentioned Handler is nice for sling shoting witchlings into engagements, and generally improving the burning of nearby friendlies. Note that if a Witchling Stalker is in range of the burning aura, each of its ml6 attacks will apply Burning +2. Also if you are playing Hopkins with Vengence Bullet + Debt to the Guild, if you can draw a bead to a Master or a Henchmen in cover and 10 inches, you can activate Debt, Rapid Fire and Vengence Bullet your first hit for a to negate cover. Make sure it hits, and you've now got burning on em, so the rest of those shots ignore his cover and do more damage and apply more burning. 4) A Body guard who can move her around (sorry Sammy). Francisco with Hermanos and Wade In is probably the best overall, but Grimwell with Research Grant can be a solid choice. Francisco offer's better protection overall by boosting Sonnia's defense to respectable levels and can hop into melees and push friendlies- like Sonnia out if you need to. Grimwell offer's a bit more speed, benefits from the potentially crippling Disrupt Magic upgrade, and can replenish soul stones which Sonnia loves spending. Judge can also work, especially if you are running Emissary and Samael. Samael is interesting and I have trouble fitting him into my lists. He really needs some help moving around, but since Sonnia does too they are often competing for the attention of the limited movement tricks available to Guild. The Emissary helps Samael a lot however, Samael really appreciates the placement possibilities offered by Back in the Box. As you can set up a scheme marker in the perfect spot to drop him for a viscous rapid fire, or drop him off next to the Emissary if he is in a good enough spot. Judge with Unrelenting Leader helps with this strategy. Judge can use the Unrelenting Leader upgrade to have the Emissary box Sam out of activation, can use his (0) to pull Sonnia (or the Emissary)into a better position. The Emissary can- as always set something out of line of sight on fire with a (0), and now it can use Visions of Flame and Tyranny of Order to shoot it with Samael's Min Damage 4 Gun. Once the Emissary is done, Sam Hops out in base contact or next to a scheme marker in prime position to rapid fire. For Sam I like Debt to the Guild and Vengeance Bullet. If you can get a chance to rapid fire on a Master or Henchmen, you can burn both upgrades to unleash hell. If your poor target is on Fire... you will be ignoring cover and line of sight with a min damage 7 shot and two follow up shots at min damage 5. If your poor target is not on fire and in cover, try to have Sam in a Withchling Handler's Burn them all aura. The first shot of the rapid fire will negate the cover with the Vengence Bullet, and the Fire will take care of the cover from there. Just make sure the Vengence Bullet doesn't miss.
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    Sacrifice to give friendly master +2Ht
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    Hello, My progression of the month: three Malifaux raptors.
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    I think Wargames Vault has made mistakes, and mistakes happen in any venture, the measure of a business is how they deal with those mistakes. Mistakes can be understood and forgiven depending on the response of those involved. At the moment the previous response for the initial foul ups and mistakes on the part of Wargames Vault might have been sufficient if the second round had corrected the issue. However the continued errors for a known problem which were supposedly fixed really paints them as careless at best. In my opinion, they now need to go further than just replacing the incorrect cards, AND covering any shipping costs incurred to those affected to make this right. While nothing which happened seems to be Wyrd's fault, if Wargames Vault doesn't get this corrected it's going to reflect badly on them for continuing to do business with a company that can't seem to get it together. Especially since Wargames Vault is their solution for card replacement for their new aggressive errata policy. A separate but related issue Is also that I believe Aaron said the limited edition cards of the models affected had been submitted to them and they are still not showing up on their ordering sight.
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    That friday was so busy and I forgot to upload the second recruiter( This guy was much more difficult than the previous one. I did a huge job with owl on that mini, especially under his coat, sculpt blindfold and repair that tiny-tiny skeletons hand which snap when I tried to clean it up =_= This model takes a lot of time, but I'm very pleased with the result))
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    I can't take credit for the original idea for this scheme on The Sow. I think I saw a similar scheme on this forum somewhere and was immediately inspired to try it out. I'm pretty pleased with the results, still re-learning to paint after several years away from the hobby. But this forum and other sites have been great learning tools. Anyway...so I'm painting for tabletop use here and not looking to win any competitions. So dry brushing has been my "go to" technique for painting the fur on models like this. Does anybody have any different experience or techniques for fur? I try to do 1 - 2 models a week, so "speed" is sort of important...though I guess painting speed is super relative.
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    Hello everyone. After a long time stalking this forum, without posting anything, I decided to be a bit more participative, and anything better than a sight of my crew to start. It took me a bit of time to think about the colour scheme. The Freikorps are like an army, and they should have an uniform. I wanted to avoid the grey, since it's the colour y use the most in other games. This includes the "blue-gray" that could have been cool, and I'm not very fan of the greens, so I find myself very limited. Finally, I choosed beige clothes with leather-brown helmet and pads. The armour in iron to provide a third colour (and emphasize the steampunk-looking) Von Schill: First, The Man should stand out of the rest of the crew. For this reason I painted the upper clothes in prussian blue. A hard man should have scars Steam Trunk: The easiest mini to paint. Wood, metal and some details. Hannah: Bronze, Steel and magic runes. I tried to put one "power source" blue, another green and the magic runes in a mix. Lazarus: I tried to follow the crew's scheme, using bronze instead of leather, but I really dislike the mini. Strongarm: The first mini painted, the tubes are suposed to represent the energy coming from the boiler and returning. Maybe I could have make glow a little the gauntlets. Freikorps Specialist: With a darker brown coat and the flamethrower. Freikorps Librarian: With vandages for soak up the blood from her wounded hands (yes, my Librarians must grab their hands with the knife to use their blood for the spells) She grabbed a pentacle on her palm, and the magic is shining over the blood! Plastic Trapper: With leafs on his cape, I thought that the autumn colours should meet better with the rest of the uniform. Metallic Trapper: With a dark coat, and... I tried to diversify the crew and painted the hands like a dark skin. Freikorpsmann: The vainilla troops. Johanna: My first mercenary out of Freikorps!! Red hair, jeans and plaid shirt. That's all for now, hope they grow soon with Sue, Big Jake and the Effigy.
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    Well, I wrote Shenlong and am quite fine with how he works
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    Well I've moved onto a Kaeris crew and first up are some arachnid friends.
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    When I hear someone asks what he needs for Levi...
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    Hi again!, another one is ready. Hope you like it
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    Hahahaha! Argument stolen! It's not that lawyery, there is clear precedent from Lilith tangling herself. If you don't want people doing it on themselves use "other" in the action/ability.
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    Because it's boring! Malifaux is a game of alternate interaction, you are constantly involved in the game... ....but the rat engine doesn't do that, it just removes that from the game. now - having 12 activations to someone else's 9 is ok, especially when gremlins don't alpha like viks, as you'll still see some plans unfurl. Once you've killed pigs/bayous that's it. Rats however are an unending supply as so many models can become them, generate them, etc. Also, the rats never need to leave the deployment zone, stuffed have to do something to have a game effect. Stuffed piggies don't ruin games, rat engine did
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    Silent Ones, Ice Dancers, and Ice Gamin are all Minions. Luther (Blessed of December) is the Enforcer. Luther brings Subzero. Typically I'll have Ice Dancer, Ice Gamin, and Luther maneuver for a flank, with Bite of Winter and Subzero making them nasty in close combat on attack and defense. With the Work the Crowd (0), the dancers don't need to be inside Colette's bubble to drop a scheme marker as a (0), and with their momentum, I can push them to jam deeper, or break away to support Ice Mirror shenanigans from the Silent One(s). The Silent One(s) will play the part of mini-Raspies that can (0) to drop a scheme marker, eat doves for positives on damage, and benefit from both Prompt and All Together Now and the forward maneuvering Ice Dancers, Luther, and midfield Ice Gamin to put some serious pain out out of activation. I've flat-footed some opponents with it, especially since the Ice Dancer, Luther, and Silent Ones all spike damage hard. It was something I started playing with under the Collect the Bounty constraint of limiting bounty value while maintaining lethality. [edit] If you squeeze in Arcane Conflux with the Emissary, the added positives on the attack increase the effectiveness of the minions. It would likely involve swapping out with Luther/Blessed.
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    I don't think this has had any impact at all on people having information available to them. It has caused people to need to carry a printout, rather than a card, so it's created inconvenience. Also, I think it's somewhat disingenuous to suggest that there haven't been a ton of threads about the actual impacts, but I understand you're trying to make a point. However, I think that point would be better served with a legitimate discussion of why you feel that the errata method isn't the best way to tone down models, rather than a salty comment. Also, realistically, given that there's little chance of adjusting the decision at this point, it would be more for future changes.
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    I've had extensive private discussion with a couple of other Lucius players here on the forum, so it exists. I think you're correct in assuming that Lucius' crew box is a hurdle for playing Lucius as a Neverborn Master, not everyone will rabidly buy his crew box, and then not use half of it, ever. People tend run him as an alternative Lynch, or a non-Puppet Collodi, which I think underappreciates Lucius' variety of talents, but why not just play Lynch or Collodi? Guardsmen, Mimics, and Minions benefit a Lucius crew, and that's the problem. Thematically, Guardsmen don't fit well in a Neverborn crew, and, personally, I loathe running even Austringers for that reason. There have been discussions to the tune of "Is Surprisingly Loyal worth taking if you're only getting one cross faction model?" I'd say yes, and Terracotta Warriors fixes this a bit, but for some people Lucius' value is diminished because of his cross-faction hiring pool. Bluntly, "If I wanted to play Guardsmen, I'd play Guild." Mimics have two problems, they don't have any powerhouse models that can compare to stuff like Illuminated, and they are thematically underdeveloped. Candy, Doppelganger, Mr. Graves, and Mr. Tannen are not primarily Mimics, and they aren't associated with Lucius in any meaningful way. The only Mimics with that attachment are Guild Lawyers. Mimic themed crews are an eclectic assortment of models, with only their (usually seconday) subtype holding them together thematically. Surprisingly Loyal indeed. It makes you feel like Neverborn Lucius takes second to his Guild alternate. That being said, this is the Lucius crew I run, and it's a challenge, everything needs to be like clockwork. It's much friendlier to go Minion-centric. Minions. Again, Lucius relies on other Masters' crews to work this out. Changelings are great utility, but Illuminated, Autumn Knights, ect... are better primary options. You need to especially like Lucius, or what he can do, to play a Lucius Minion crew over Lynch and Collodi, or whomever else. The Errata did turn some heads, and it certainly helped my Mimic lists, but Lucius' theme issues remain.
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    Illuminated (legacy 1.5 crew box, like Torekage and Rail Worker so somewhat understandable. They did break out Ashigaru, that perhaps did not sell very well, but I would expect Illuminated to sell better.) Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Specialist Onryo (this is a pretty weird one as they are the minions from a modern crew box and have keyword synergies with another Master) I think a box of Librarian, Specialist and Trapper (who may be rare 2 but you only get one in the crew box) would sell pretty well. Call it "Freikorps Elite" or something.
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    It's been a while since I posted anything on here...again. Here is what I have been up to with the green buggers!
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    Hello, I painted a Blessed of December (9ss) and three steam arachnids (3 x 4 = 12ss), for a total of 21ss: For February, I'm planning to paint three Malifaux raptors. I'll probably do some dogs after that. Last month! This was a great year. I enjoyed a lot the challenge. I learned from you guys and you motivated me a lot, which much to say given how slow a painter I am!
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    The Participation packages are mysteryboxes containing the classic master reprints which usually can be traded for guilders.
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    In January I painted a total of 21 soulstones. More pictures here and here. This month I plan to paint these (already basecoated)
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    Wow, I can't believe this is the last month of the challenge. I haven't actually completed a year long painting challenge like this before. One month to go! This month I painted for a commission 3 death marshalls and 2 executioners. For myself I painted the judge and a guild hound. The total is around 48 soulstones. For February I will finish Lady J and the scales. I'd also like to finish McCabe and the dog pack.and the brutal effigy. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pledges.