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    I haven’t yet watched the stranger things tv show so I thought about what the theme meant to me. I sometimes think the strangest things that happen in dreams is when ordinary things go wrong. The unsettling feeling that the world isn’t how you understood it is often more disconcerting than a monster or ghost might be. I was inspired by my opponent in this round who used a teacup in their last round and thought incorporating some white crockery might be a nice nod to them. Blood and stringy gore was made by mixing paint, inks and UHU glue and also some special effects paints. I added the freehand expiry date to show the end date of the competition and imply that maybe this is what happens to all eggs if you don’t eat them in time. Enjoy your breakfast everyone!
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    The divers are by Infamy Miniatures, the sharks by Reaper Miniatures, and most of the little sea creatures by Morland Studios.
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    We is gunna needs a bigga boat! Inspired by the 1975 movie classic "Jaws" Quint, Brody and Hooper head out to hunt a Great White shark in their little fishing boat "The Orca"... Gremlin style! Starring: Shark - Schleich Great White Quint - Bayou Gremlin Hooper - War Wabbit Gremlin Brody - Bayou Gremlin Orka - GW Lake Town Additional Sculpting by Tamiya Quick Set Epoxy Water Effects by Golden Gloss Gel Medium No (real) sharks were harmed during the production of this entry. Cant say the same for Gremlins. Copyright 2017
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    I based my piece on Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne (written in 1870). The character is an former Indian prince who has designed and constructed a submarine which he uses to travel under the world's oceans. His submarine is his palace and he has abandoned life on land. I loved the book and couldn't resist finding an appropriately attired bust that I could turn into the antihero of Captain Nemo. The window represents his view from the 'Nautilus' his submarine during his journey of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
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    Rotating base with figures by Wyrd and Reaper
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    I spent a week and a half making a big complex diorama for this round. There was something very mediocre about the whole thing, and I spent most of the time in despair and self loathing, so I threw it over my shoulder and decided to have some fun instead. What I ended up with was something that I made just for me. I've done models like this before, the multicoloured psychedelic kind of thing, and they are always divisive - some people liking them and others thinking I've made a mess. Silly cosmic abomination! You can't read, you don't have eyes! I took inspiration from acid art, particularly Alan Forbes, whom I've been a huge fan of all my life. For some reason I've never tried adapting those motifs into miniature painting until now, it's a perfect fit being all brushwork. When I showed the model to my brother, I pointed out the texture I painted onto the cloth areas because I thought it may be too subtle to notice. He told me it'd be weirder if I didn't do a freehand texture at this point. So I've got that to live up to now.
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    He has come from far faraway
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    After a week of deciding on the idea, my choice fell on __1824__4m21cm__ I decided, that while alternatives weren`t bad at all, this choice would serve the theme the best. Water itself is the antagonist. For this round I tried a more picturesque approach to the style of painting Why this girl is in the cell (and who is she) is for you to find out (I left a hint or two) The whole diorama proved to be much harder to paint, than I thought: I finished with only 3 hours to spare!
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    First but not least attempt to create water on base.
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    the upsidedown lays behind the looking glass....
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    Sometimes world we are living in is too strange even for monsters. Everything except wisp is a handmade from polymer clay.
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    To me the main theme of Stranger Things is our constant collision with unknown, our wish to control and expand, our failure when our intentions are corrupted (even when we use most advanced military technologies) and our success when we remain humane. What will be brought to us by strangers coming from one of the greatest of other dimensions - Outer Space? How will we react? What will be the cost? I was inspired by some cool pieces: Series X-files, Stranger Things, Alien; games such as Prey, System Shock 2 Thank you and hope you like it
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    Bad things happen. Sometimes strange things happen. Sometimes you play your favorite game with your friends in your parents basement, and... BUM! Monster from another dimension try to get you through weird portal in your wall. Well, as i said- strange things happen.
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    They told Bart that the best time for fishing was at night when no one else was on the water; they never told him what kind of fish he was likely to catch... I had tons of fun making my entry for this round! The rowboat and giant angler fish were entirely scratch built from Sculpey; the fisherman is from the Bandersnatch kit and was modified to be shielding his eyes from the light instead of holding the lantern. The water is Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast resin, the surface of which was textured with Woodland Scenics Water Ripples. When all was said and done, this diorama ended up weighing just over 5 pounds.
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    This round was throuly a challenge! I learned a lot of new things as I never try resin, water effect, water splash etc. I tried to make dynamic diorama with some action so I hope I showed it well. I hope you like it:)
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    My take on the Stranger Things theme. Models used: Wyrd - Nothing Beast and Infamy Miniatures - Sgt.Crookes. Base is scratch built, mostly from plaster and some plasticard bits and pieces. Hope you like it and as always, feel free to leave a comment (critique is welcome as well ;) )
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    What's wrong in this picture ? The Spawn wants to use the road ! Why would a greedy pirate invite anyone into the tavern ? How come, that he left the tavern in the first place ? Why does the the pirate drink beer, when there are Space Shrooms available ? Free beer at the tavern ? Come on, be reasonable ! Why is this strange thing lying on the ground, our pirate is stumbling across ?
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    "Stranger Things Happen" We all know how it feels when that Black Joker is flipped but sometimes, just sometimes, it is worse than Bad Things! Thanks to my noble Gaki for sacrificing himself/herself to the cause as well as a pile of old WoW cards! I wish I could have devoted more time to this entry but work got in the way. I'm happy with what I achieved in the time but it could have been so much better! I can paint, honestly! LOL
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    Here is my vision of water mage in Malifaux. Oxfrodian mage riding a wave he summoned, rising columns of water to strike his foes
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    I had a few ideas for this round, but decided on a safe one instead. I've now painted five of these, it's one of my all time favourite miniatures. I based the feathers on pheasant tails, then added other colours as glazes. The freehand scale patterns are great fun. I've used this on many Lizardmen models before, but this is perhaps my best execution of it. I used screenshots from the recent Total War game as reference. Another go with resin as water effects too, with the same tricky problems. I suppose it looks ok though.
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    Like many of the other participants I haven't seen Stranger things yet, but Malifaux provides plenty of strange material! I'm imagining the reaction of a photographer who gets a request for family Christmas Photos from Pandora. Candy and the Changeling (the two children in the front), were incredibly small models - essentially 15mm scale - and a fun challenge to paint. The ugly Christmas sweater design on Teddy and the photo studio backdrop are done with freehand. All the models are magnetized so they can be removed and played on the table as well. Last pic is of the "strange" Christmas cards which Pandora will send out this holiday season...
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    I have not much time this month, so I spent all previous night assembling and painting. Not good enough, but the time is over. The undead with a bottle is strange enough, but drunk skeleton kicking some sort of underground mutant who tried to steal the bottle - well, there are stranger things.
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    Took forever... My body hurts... need to sleep... Enjoy
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    Stark – Molly Squidpiddge alt. end of story – Round 2 «Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink» In this work I decided to continue the series of short scenes from the life of Molly Squidpiddge (previous work). At the #2 Chronicles was the story «Seamus Crashes a Funeral» which is about creating the undead Molly. The previous work is also based on that story, but for the second round I chose the excerpt from an article written by Molly, about her maiden voyage of the first ship ever constructed in the Malifaux, and it was named “The Erebus”. In this story her sea journey ended well but as we know – people don’t travel by sea in Malifaux, because it belongs to the deep-sea creatures. And this scene shows an alternative version of the story development, how could her story end then. But it was hard to change the past! The Meridion itself prevented me! For more than 12 years of painting miniatures I have never experienced falls as devastating as when epoxy resin entirely spilled out of the mold and when afterwards it heated up and melted the said mold! But I didn’t give up and now will present to you a short story in pictures - how it looked in the beginning, ‘Meridon’s workings’ (honestly, take my word for it and never mix 150 ml of epoxy resin at once) and the final result. Thank you for attention!
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    Well, that was a tricky theme, so I decided not to complicate my work and go straight to the great TV-series) Besides, I had an old box with metal Dreamer who was absolutely perfect for my idea! And yes, all shadows on the floor are painted, they're not real) Sooo, those who watched 1 season will easily guess that scene)) * THE FACE!! THE FACE OF METAL DREAMER WAS SOOOO TERRIBLE!!! You know know nothing about pain if you never ever painted that face. Seriously, Wyrd, thank you for the plastic mosels! Thank you!* Yes, I know that сollage is not my strong point xD
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    The Mirror Is A Window To The Soul
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    Robot Dance Battle! Robots from Bombshell Miniatures
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    Reveal the truth about how the Necrons and the Blood Angels allied.
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    Everything what courageous sons of the motherland touch has nice taste of the rusty military style. I wondering if terrible inhabitants of the Kingdom Death would survive one cup of the true russian tea
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    Misaki ready to dance :)
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    My entry this round was inspired by the song "First Of The Year (Equinox)" by Skrillex. In the video the little girl has a powerful imaginary friend that is very strange. This little girl makes known what goes bump in the night.
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    "Coastal Conflict" A PanO Jotums and Yu Jing Guijia dueling on the coast of an alien world. I desperately wanted to paint a Wyrd mini for the theme, but felt there are few "water" themed models in Malifaux and that the ones which could be (Gremlins, Swampfiends) would be over represented this round. Models in this diorama are from Infinity. I fully painted both models before I began the diorama. To create the horizon in the background I used multiple ink washes (for ocean) and my airbrush (planets) on a large 11"x17" sheet of card stock. The water on the base was created starting with epoxy resin which I dyed with dark blue ink (I desired opaque water). Then I mixed blue paint with heavy gel medium to create the waves on top of the resin. The biggest pain was the hours of drying in between applying all the layers. For the big waves near the models' feet and the water covering the Jotum's flamethrower I needed 4 layers of gel! Many thanks to the judges and good luck to the other participants this round!
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    My take on the Water, Water Everywhere theme. I imagine every parent's nightmare The whole scene is 4,5 x 4,5 cm (5,5cm high) and is scratch built. Hope you like it and as always, feel free to leave a comment!
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    Same situation as on round one - first time ever tried to work with water effect. And with dioramas as well actually!
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    Darkness is thirsty! Darkness wanna drink!
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    So, we have a poor demon soul in the middle of the ocean on a wooden box. How did he ended up there? Whats happened? No idea! It's my first molding experience ever. Tentacles, eyes and fishes are made from polymeric clay. Water is molding resin.