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    Looks interesting although it may lack teeth. If the scenario supports Candy's bubble you should get mileage out of her. Looks like Graves can do the terracotta shuffle you found! I think Tannen and a changeling could sub out for Candy, not sure if she is generally worth her cost outside of HH.
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    No scribe, no df buff -concerned face. Interested to see how this goes as the biggest flaw I've found so far in my mimic only build is a lack of hitting power. Still don't know what to think of Vogel haven't tried him yet as I don't proxy. Also while thousand faces is there the other mainstays for protecting squishy mimics - mimics blessing and useless duplications aren't so again my main concern here will be survivability. Especially if you hit a seek and destroy crew, I hope your crew is good at hiding. The lawyer may help with hard to wound but spending candy's activations healing makes her a very expensive piece for the job.