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    There we go for the photos of my month of April ! I've finaly succeeded in painting everything I wanted, plus a few... Customeeple Gardens : 5points Punk Zombie : 7 points Ohaguro Bettari : 8 points 2 Flying piglets : 8 points Komainu : 5 points Shang : 3 points (was for the Creature feature contest) Table Top World Manor : 5 points (was for the TTW painting competition) And a bonus model : Gremlin Taxidermiste : 0 points Total = 41 Hope you'll enjoy
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    So I had the day off and managed to complete the Widow Weaver! Sorry about the bad picts, need to get myself a light box I think...
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    Thanks guys for kind words of support. Life's been filled with ups and downs again as my younger daughter needed another surgery. Wheeling off your kid to the surgery ward and leaving her there has been the most difficult thing I've ever experienced, gut-wrenching and absolutely terrifying. Fortunately, the surgery went well, she had 15 cm of her thin intestine removed and this seemed to have fixed her problem. Anyway, back to painting. Lots of great stuff this month. Too much to take it all in but I've been trying to keep track of new posts in this thread and there are always some works that leave me speechless. Three more models from me for this month. They bring me to a total of 45 soulstones (17 for Lazarus and Serena, 30 for Sonnias and 8 for Francisco). More pictures on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/04/double-sonnias-and-another-francisco.html
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    alt jorogumos fitting their bases ?
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    Well, the month is nearly over, and all I added to the list was Nicodem. Caedrus claims 59SS (the rest of the models are on Page 3, plus this 15SS Master). I'm not super sure the red lenses work ... maybe some purple glazing in there would help. Mortimer and Von Schill are very close to finished, so hopefully next month should see them done (unless I get some time tonight!). Some beautiful models this month. @bedjy- love all the models, but the scenery is superb! @Shock & Awe- Now I have to go buy some Stiched models... Have a good one, see you next month! Caedrus.
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    Well, my stitched are done! This is my (feeble) tribute to the inspiration of @Burnin' Coal for the bodies and @Joachim for the eyes. It's nowhere near as good as ya'll, but it's given me a lot of good new ideas! Hope you like them. For SS - That gets me to 52SS for the month (was at 34SS before this, and three x6SS = 18SS... total of 52SS... right? my math is terrible)
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    I LOVE THIS MODEL! Mancha Roja +9 = 31ss total so far...
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! It took me a while to get into the office today as there were webs everywhere. Something tells me this mysterious Monday preview may have had something to do with it. Speculate away!
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    Let's do it Irish More photos as always in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2018/04/malifaux-monday-82-seamus-and-leprechaun.html
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    My April models are done. Two Medical Automatons and a Steamfitter for 2x5SS + 6ss = 16SS this month.
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    I managed to get Mercury done before the end of the month as well! However no base yet, waiting for my order from greenstuff world, the rolling pin with wooden floorboard patterns, so I will probably rebase all of my Dark Carnival models. But here he is, and if I get the bases done soon I will post new pictures!
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    I finally finished my Coraline Candy for 9 stones! I painted her like she was wearing a yellow raincoat and boots with jeans. I am quite happy with the Kill Bill blood effect 😀 I have a hard time taking photos with my phone, I'll try to take pics of the two terrain pieces I made (a fountain and a clock tower) with my partner's phone later. And here she is! Innocence incarnated: I also started Wendigo,which was my only unpainted creature mini, but forgot about the deadline like so many others. However, I wouldn't have painted him without the contest and he only needs highlights, so it was still good to try to participate 😆 @Chou you have quite a lot of minis going on! They all look very promising, Ama with her vibrant colours is my favourite.
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    @Franchute not by any means! I've finished Ama no Zako, two jorogumos and the hodepodge emissary, but I only have pictures from the WIPs (except from Ama no Zako). I'll try to do the third jorogumo or the desperate mercenary before the deadline. I'm not a big fan of showing unfinished models but well, here are some pictures of those models (I'll update them by the end of the month with more crappy pictures):
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    A this point, the cost is not necessary. It's just for the actually painted minis to help me enter the number into the spreadsheet. By the way, my Rasputina for 15ss. The style of base is the one I have been using for the rest of my miniatures. I'll probably add some snow later on:
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    @Franchute, here are my completed models for April: Field reporter: Thrall: Monster hunter proxy: Monster hunter proxy 2: For a total of 25ss. Painting the thrall's base and static grass/varnishing will happen tonight, along with prepping models for this month. As an aside, I've just tipped over 50% of my Malifaux collection painted, so this painting challenge is working! Have a great month ahead all, 'Brown
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    need to fix eyes but the face and hair are done
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    Here we go! May pledge done. AquaMarcus (15ss) is ready to lead his beast, including the Great White Jackalope (2ss) and Luther (9ss). Meanwhile, Wonder Amina (9ss) and Ferdinand "Wayne" Vogel (8ss) are prepared to defend him in court, or as the most Dapper of Lycanthropes (technically 0ss, how do we want to deal with the Beast Within?) backed by a dynamic duo of Soul Stone Miners (12ss) for a grand total of 55ss, and my final master in my DC Arcanists.
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    First Guild steal our Mercs so they get nerfed and now they steal conversations about our lists as well! They truly are the bad guys of Malifaux!
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    I got my guild models done this month. Unfortunately they were supposed to be put on the table this sunday, but an event got cancelled at the last minute which was unfortunate. Though it still had the effect to make me finish some of my guild models who were sitting on my paint table for a lot longer that I would have hoped. So this month I finished abuela (7ss), 2 death marshal recruiters (7ss+ 7ss) and brutal effigy (4ss) for a total of 25ss @Franchute. Painting guild models I've gotten quite a bit better at painting trench coats 😛 and I'm very pleased with how these turned out. I now noticed that I messed up one eye of the recruiter, but I'll touch that up later. I've also tried some rust effects on abuelas wheelchair, but I'm not really pleased with it. Does anyone have some tips for rust effects? There is still some time this month which I'll probably use to continue my Kirai crew. I'm finally gonna field it in 2 weeks after receiving it as a birthday gift from @whodares last July :p? That's what you get for trying to field pained crews.
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    Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
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    I tried to get them to name it the 50mm Kai Bridge but I guess I flipped the Black Joker on my skill...
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    When I was building my table my niece and nephew started playing on it with some Lego men and furniture. I was about to tell them that wasn't what it was for, then I realised it would be a lie. 😀