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  2. How is Tara's Bury Mechanic Post Wave 5?

    I feel like Death Marshals can do it somewhat reliably. Especially since you need to pass a wp vs wp duel in order to get out and even if you win, the marshal has 2AP to get you back in the box. Obviously killing the Marshal is not overly difficult so theres that but it's still a lot more reliable than glimpse. Lady J also has a new ability that is incredibly reliable. It just so happens that she rather cleave models in half rather than bury them I get that it can be powerful but by having so many hoops to jump through it makes it too difficult to use as a primary mechanic. Perhaps it just wasn't meant as such but it doesn't seem that way given the consistent boosts in offensive bury abilities each wave.
  3. So about that Ice Golem

    Ummm no, not since M2E launched. It was even a big point about how good the Ice Golem was and how it was finally worth taking when the second edition launched.
  4. Yesterday
  5. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    I wouldn't. I find hiring them is a trap because they are pretty significantly overcosted as a hire and I've found them to be fragile as spun glass. Conversly I find them OP summons and feel they should never have been made summonable.
  6. How is Tara's Bury Mechanic Post Wave 5?

    Offensive burying in a reliable way is a bad idea because it's better than paralyze. It's almost essentially an automatic death strike at best, or better than paralyze at worst, because you actually get to remove the model from the table. There are very good reasons Tara, and in fact all models who can offensively bury cannot do it reliably.
  7. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    ...Are you sure you're Canadian?
  8. TenThunders

    Wowzers this case looks glorious! Great hell of a job! I may not be a fan of the cotton in the waterfall but everything else is incredible. It has inspired me to attempt to make one with my father. What kind of wood did you use? If you dont mind me asking
  9. Guild Lucius post errata

    Wastrels I find work well with Lucius's devil's deal ability due to cast offs, and built in to sh attack flips is quite good against enemies in cover. I find Lucius starting crew has his best play potential at heart. Captain dashel is a reliable forward piece, especially when backed up with hard to wound +1 from the guild lawyer. I generally drop the guild guard for the sergeants and equip dashel with the arrest him! Upgrade. The scribe is invaluable, its 2 soulstones with legs. Guild lawyers are surprisingly resilient and offer the fee's ability which can cause a reasonable amount of misery for your opponent. If you take the surprisingly loyal upgrade on Lucius my 3 mimics that stand out are as follows. Terracotta Warrior: the Thousand strong ability has great synergy for devils deal however its 5 ss that won't do alot more than follow Lucius. Doppelganger: To steal the initiative. Candy: A good heal for Lucius and summoned Guild Guards. Also more control for the guild lawyers a true recommend. Finally if you feel like really driving a point home for guild Lucius. A pair of guild rifleman backed up with Lucius bearing the secret assets and vengeance bullet upgrade will reliably delete most soulstones enabled models. Ive also used Sidir, but I put sidir in everything so that's most likely a bias, but the promises upgrade allows you to run more henchmen and enforcers with Lucius thanks to to the Wp duels to everyone in 6" of him with an upgrade.
  10. IMG_2512.JPG

    The model is actually designed to be in greyscale, it's a theme with my guild crew... the challenge happily lined up with my current crew project
  11. So about that Ice Golem

    Even just a strait up decrease in cost would be worth looking into. The summon is a set TN so you could make the golem 4ss and it wouldn't have any bearing on Raspy's summon. I do agree though that in it's current state he'd need to drop 2-3 stones for me to even consider
  12. Iron Painter 2017

    Sorry, Sunday was the cut date.
  13. So about that Ice Golem

    A personal upgrade would be a good way to buff him to be playable without making summoning him too strong. Not sure what the best thing to give him would be though. More df or wk is obvious, a healing 0 action could be cool, or a push 0 instead of a wk increase. Ice mirror while engaged maybe, it steps on the toes of the emissary a bit, but they do a few different things. A pulse attack of some kind where it's just like him smashing the ground to do either AoE dmg, wk duel for slow (or - wk to go along with his attack trigger). Or what about just add an ability "This model can take an imbued protection upgrade for 0SS." Helps the defense problem, lets imbued protection get used a bit more, easier, easy to remember without getting the reprinted card. There's options that I don't think would make him OP (I'm not completely sure he'd be worth running at 8SS atm, def not 9 though, so there's definitely wiggle room there.
  14. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    NEW YORK CITY?! Get a rope.
  15. Fresh Fish (*be gentle*)

    Ha! Now that you've said that, I can't un-picture it. I'll have to call him Cookie-Slang now and give him a theme song like the Cookie Monster. That would have been a better idea, and I will definitely try that next time, thank you for the advice. I have painted like that before and find I'm more inclined to the rough look that dry brushing leaves. I know that puts me in the minority, and I can fully appreciate that shading after a higher contrast brushing blends the colors a bit more, but my taste at the moment goes in the other direction. As to the single tone, I felt that too when I'd got him done, but looking at the art and trying to wrap my head around how or where to add a second color outside of the green I put into the scales on his back, I could not think of what or where to add it. The model seems like a copy of the Xenomorph from the Alien movies, and it felt like it should be a solid color.... but again, I see what you mean. As to his face.... he has one, but he doesn't. He has a head. But, again, I see that and will think about it a bit more for next time. Actually the gems are one of the Citadel technical paints, Waystone Green. It's meant to be used to make gemstone colors or a bit more of a glossy finish. I wanted it for the tongue because I don't like matte colored tongues (that looks odd to me) and I liked the idea of the scales looking gemstone like. I know I need to learn a bit more about light reflection and angle, so I'll keep that in mind too. It's not harsh at all! I understand I have a lot to learn and I'm trying to do something different each time, so some of it will work and some of it won't. The idea is to keep what does work and chuck what doesn't, but we can't learn anything by just doing the same thing over and over - you have to mess it up a bit to get better (hence, now I know to avoid making base cookies!) All in all, my models are like my children; I love them and all their imperfections. I felt there was something more to do with him, but I'll admit the scale and lack of variation in the build made it hard to get my creativity going. I'm happy with how he came out, but I'm also happy to have the ideas and input to think about for next time. Thank you for the feedback, it's always appreciated.
  16. So about that Ice Golem

    Sandeep can make any model better. So while I do think if your willing to invest so much into making the golem viable you can succeed in covering some of his weaknesses. However why not just take Joss and invest in him? You'll end up getting better results with a better model. Besides Incorporeal doesn't exactly fix the problem. The problem is Df2 and just getting pinged to death by anything that even looks at you. Even most 4ss models can make a significant dent in this model when focused upon. The only thing I've seen to actually greatly boost the golem was a metal gamin. Unfortunately with the way protection of metal works you'll never get it to work for long. It has to be one of the most frustrating abilities and I've almost never gotten it to work outside of Raspy who simply sits there in one spot for the entire game.
  17. Fated to run this.

    How hard would it be to homebrew pursuits? Just because I may want to make anything dealing with the dolls ( including marionette and the one that looks like oogie boogie) a pursuit. Or patiently wait for the nightmare book and hope it has stuff for it in there and if not allow me to do so accurately.
  18. The second photo, assembled mini. This is my first try participating any online paint-before-deadline-and-make-it-look-nice events. This miniature has a lot of flavours and I believe I can emphasize that using OSL. I've never done any serious OSL previously, so don't expect much.
  19. So about that Ice Golem

    I've done some theory crafting about taking the Ice Golem with Sandeep and making him Incorporeal. Combining that with the Golem using Sandeep's 6" place or his drag and heal, I think there may be some utility there. Considering you can now summon Banasuva much more easily, it's something I think will be fun to try. The Golem's bash attack always seems to be such a suprise to my opponents, I think Sandeep is able to cover some of the Golem's weaknesses. I have to admit I was bummed when I re-read the Raspy summon upgrade and realized that the Golem and Snowstorm cant use the 0 action heal. It's only the blessed, silent ones, acolytes, and dancers. Yet another opportunity to improve the Golem lost
  20. So about that Ice Golem

    It just feels so gimmicky to me. For 1 more stone I can hire a performer who can pull models way easier (no projectile, higher stat and can actually lock down models) and with some great triggers. It's not as far as Mouse's drag but the range is longer. Yeah you wont get that 1 damage but for everything else you are getting (significant, DMM, precious, manipulative, an actual melee attack, anti scheme ability), I see no reason to ever take Mouse. I agree. I just hope that there is also a reason to actually hire this model at some point and that it's not just relegated to a summon model only.
  21. My entry, should be interesting to see if i can get it done :)
  22. Oops! I forgot....

    Stuff on upgrades. I play Brawler Pandora mainly these days and I constantly forget The Box Opens has the attack action Those That Dwell Within. Making a model lose all immunities to Horror in a Brawler Pandora list is pretty horrible, especially if it's something attacking Pandora. Same with Titania when I take Behold my Glory. I just always seem to forget they're there. However I always remember Illusionary Forest when I take Beckon Malifaux with Lilith.
  23. So about that Ice Golem

    I've had him draw stuff into and chain activate a beater like Johan. That's not exactly useless. He has some oddball stuff about him at a glance, but he provides another control vector that can be used on friendlies to pull them up (after he's been pulled up 6" by Ironsides) and potentially put them into HPM state (min damage 1 won't beat the Arcane Shielding of the Oxfordians), or to pull something that's already activated out of position. If he spends his 2 AP pulling an enemy 8" into him and pulling Johan 8" into him (damaging Johan to give the Relic Hammer wielding beater HPM as well as his own built in working with friends benefit for being near a friendly M&SU model), in order to chain activate Johan (who then flurries), I think that's AP well spent. With the Ice Golem being summonable, it's liability is lessened. Rasputina could potentially put one of these (for a stone and a card) somewhere distracting. Sure, it's going to die and die horribly, but if you hire/summon with that in mind it won't be a surprise. It might even help you get some VP or an activation edge if the circumstances are good for it--but that's the advantage of having the choice to summon it. If the scenario calls for it, you bring it in. Otherwise, you don't. It's not unlike the University Transmortis Students under a master like Molly: she summons in the one(s) that will work for the situation, instead of hiring and hoping.
  24. How is Tara's Bury Mechanic Post Wave 5?

    So it seems like no matter how many band aids are applied. Glimpse still seems to be the main problem in getting an offensive bury to work effectively. Not being able to control when an enemy model fails a simple duel or where that model ends up unburying seems to be the biggest point of frustration in using this as anything other than a secondary effect. I do like the idea of thinking of it as more of a horror duel to deplete someone's hand but I do wish it could be used as more of a central mechanic. So what exactly does the Talos bring to Tara then? It's a pretty solid beater but Outcasts have enough of those on hand. Is there some other purpose I'm not seeing?
  25. Next Friday (9/29) we will be hosting a Melee in the Mines! 50ss game as normal Alternate sculpts are allowed and encouraged Due to the limited space, all models lose Flight At the start of the game, both players place two 30mm Soulstone Node Markers within 6 inches of the centerline Any model in base contact with a Soulstone Node Marker may Interact (1) to discard the marker and gain 2 Soulstones First flip is at 6:30 pm. (Pushed back to make it easier for late arrivals!) If you have any further questions please let me know! Mox Boarding House 5105 Leary Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107
  26. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    Eh, I misremembered their df as 5 instead of 4, but yes, between wp 7, incorop, terrifying 12 and an aura that strips horror immunity I would say they have decent protections.
  27. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    Did you really say hanged have decent stats for a 9 stone model? I would respectfully, but forcefully, disagree.
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