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  2. Pusher ;)

    He does, but I find the extra resources are worth it considering what he brings to the table. Granted I normally use him, in Pandora, with candy or Aeslin so I can get casting expert.
  3. Black Friday Sale

    That sucks about the non translucent cat box, I guess I won’t be buying that crew now seeing as I really dislike the plastic of that nature
  4. The Children's Crusade

    "Firing squad?!" the Dreamer hooted. He blinked behind another tree as Ryle locked onto the boy's voice and fired another burst. "That's cheating. It's not your game to change!" The sapling had just enough time to melt into the gibbering shape of a daydream before the bullets tore through it with the sound of leaves ripping, which faded into metal striking metal. Hoffman cast his mind outward, then, in puzzlement, and felt nothing beyond the oppression of fog under the tree canopy, but nevertheless ordered Ryle to halt. The gun's chatter faded, and immediately he heard human voices. "Bridget, my dear, would you be so good as to attach a plate...here?" Snap of an igniter, hiss of vaporizing water. "Well done. Now, both of you follow the toolkit, I'll be along presently." That was Ramos' voice, but he was imprisoned in the Guild enclave, somewhere Hoffman could not get authorization to visit. His was a special wing, not patrolled by wardens but by humans pensioned and promoted from the barricades; they tended to shout, after years spent standing too close to heavy gunnery, and played up their half-deafness in front of civilians, supervisors, and anyone they found too brainy. Hoffman glanced to his side, and caught the hiss of hydraulics lengthening and, impossibly, sharpening Ryle's metal fingers. "...Remove the illusion," he told the empty air. The construct looming beside him lifted its other arm, bringing equally outsized claws to its mask in a parody of thought. Under their tapping, Ryle's mask warped as well, and the smile it then turned upon Hoffman fanned out teeth in all directions. It was too ridiculous. If the Dreamer had only meddled with Ryle's forearms, he might have felt uneasy. But to twist him entirely into the semblance of a nightmare teddy-bear? No. Ryle was Ryle, no matter what happened to the surface of him, and the 'teddy' was no enemy, and the gloom which lay heavier than fog was in service to the Guild. He sought constructs nearby, again, and this time the giant which stalked the Guild answered. The fog swirled up and out from the sweep of the giant's sword, clearing away to show a dream-Ramos with a dream-Joss at his right hand as ever, but another false, steely teddy-bear on the flank Howard Langston usually defended. Steam arachnids stirred the last of the fog, chittering like daydreams. Hoffman considered the trio. Ramos was in prison and was certainly false. The teddy was as false as his. Joss, however, could possibly have his true, electrified axe. The emissary lifted its other arm as weightily as it had the first, and swung it around with equal gravity. Joss's axe arced electricity too late: he had already been swept inside the cage, grounded and unthreatening. "Remove the illusion," repeated Hoffman. "I think you're taking this a bit too seriously," countered Ramos, as he plucked at the mobile toolkit. "One of you brings a cricket bat, and the other one brings a fully automatic gun." The pieces of the toolkit formed themselves into more dream-spiders, their gears floating unmeshed. "I would accuse the one who brought the gun of escalation." "No, you wouldn't. You're never so blunt." "We can't speak plainly, as engineer to engineer?" Dream-Ramos beckoned the plated teddy forward. "But you are right. I would have tried to de-escalate the situation instead, like so." The teddy charged, slamming into the interposed shield of Hoffman's guardian with a series of clangs that Hoffman felt as well as heard. The constructs skidded further away with every strike and soon were lost to view. "Speaking plainly," Hoffman announced for the Dreamer's benefit, "that bit of steel you attached only makes it look armored." He recalled the synergistic gearing of Ramos' true arachnids, the self-sustaining scavenger edict. "I don't spend my time working on constructs," Hoffman touched his soulstone torch to the nearest bit of scrap and melted it with a delicate jet of flame, "without learning the weak points of any armor plating." He engaged the emergency leap and let the harness vault him into the fog, trailing droplets of solidifying scrap metal from the tip of his torch, to land by the side of dream-Ramos' teddy.
  5. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Four Announcement

    I got an idea. No clue if it will fit the theme but worth a shot.
  6. Black Friday Sale

    Myyra, i have one if your looking. 😊
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  8. 11/30 Tournament, Russia, Orenburg, Igrotey

    Hi everybody! We will be glad to see you in our club "Igrotey" 30 november at TOURNAMENT. Orenburg, Kirova 3a. 35 SS per Team 3 rounds, start at 16.00 P.M., 2 hours per round You can see new information here: https://vk.com/malifaux_oren
  9. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Four Announcement

    Pretty stumped on this theme.
  10. Von Schill

    I missed that. "Ignoring all restrictions" can mean that Von Schill could give himself three copies of Oathkeeper.
  11. Looking down the line

    So you all heard this before but, long time wargamer but new to Malifaux. Maybe down the line I’ll try another faction but Neverborn has me hooked. Love the minis, the fluff, and the tactics behind them. After lurking a while here, decided on Lilith and her crew, Lelu and Lilita, and already have the 2p starter. Figured this will give me a solid start. When I get comfortable with that, what’s the best way to proceed. Continue down her line and get the nephlim box or branch out and start feeling out other masters. The Master of puppets set is already calling to me but hear the play on them is finicky.
  12. Von Schill

    How'd that work? I've only played him twice with the new upgrades, and on one occasion I used turn 1 to give Oathkeeper to himself, Lazarus and Librarian. I didn't have any particular need for him to be moving upfield fast. I don't expect those models to burn oathkeeper, but the flexibility is there.
  13. Von Schill

    Once, just to see if I could do it, bought VS with the two new upgrades and Scramble, then used Emissary to put on The Shirt Comes Off, the used all three actions to put all three Oath Keepers on VS. That left him with 3 rounds of 4AP with a 9" charge and a 2" melee range, ignoring everyone and terrain.
  14. Hello, I've been trying to understand the LoS elevation rules, and I think I understand them, but some situations don't make sense, and I would like to just clarify I got them right. I made images of different situations, with wether or not there is LoS or not https://imgur.com/a/lHzSG Red, Blue and Green rectangles represent different units, and grey rectangles represent terrain, and background lines are there to represent how many inches everything is at.
  15. Soulstones value, refining and why care for Lade

    Well there is one big advantage a higher lade stone has, IE the range that it can be recharged. The two that use spells like being in the back meaning they cannot really recharge either of the two soulstones the group has *both are Lade 1* with their preferred distances. The group as a whole is starting to realize it is not as easy as it sounds as a lot of the party likes range. Only one person tends to jump into the fray and he has started really getting wailed on for it as no one jumps in to help. Oh sure they shoot into combat and keep dealing damage, but no one draws attacks away by giving themselves up as an extra target.
  16. Soulstones value, refining and why care for Lade

    Use this link.
  17. New Acranist here Need your help

    If I was to grab two boxes per Master, I'd get Amina Naidu and Large Arachnids for Ironsides, and Kandara and Wind Gamin for Sandeep. Both of them have pretty open pools of what you can buy, Ironsides loves all M&SU and Sandeep really wants you to buy Kaeris and Raspy's box sets for more Gamin to summon
  18. Von Schill

    Have you used the combination of those 2 upgrades before? It's not all that easy for an opponent to take 6-7 hits, most on either single or double positive. Especially if you get 'cracked' on one of those. Then to follow up with another model. There aren't many models that can take that much of a pounding. I don't think 'telegraphing' your intent is a big deal.
  19. I don't think I'd mind it, but generally happy to see buffs to or rewrites of models that need attention rather than nerfs. From a business perspective, it wouldn't be an expensive exercise as the sculpting and tooling costs from other waves would be gone. The book could easily be padded out with some new faction upgrades for enforcers and henchmen similar to the current waves and new strats and schemes.
  20. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    And everything went well! Thanks a lot!
  21. I love this concept, so excited to see it.
  22. McMourning and Co. Tactica

    I'll take some photos of his crew when I get home.
  23. New Acranist here Need your help

    Agreed, she is not on my essentials list because I have not had time to assemble and use her yet. I'm guessing she will be, she appears very, very good for Ironsides.
  24. Marlena Webster Proxy

    Marlena's teddy is smaller than the full size. Miss Ery vaguely resembles marlena's version, though only a bit. The Stolen or candy combined with Miss Ery would get the idea across, but im not sure if it would fit on the base properly. Maybe Puppet Wars Teddy and Candy or Stolen? Unfortunately children with toys is not a big part of the wargaming market.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Monday Preview - Gunner

    The most interesting thing about this pursuit for me is that it likely means the Heavy Guns are going to be expanded. It is likely this pursuit will start with one, but the ones from the core book are rather expensive so I would not be surprise if some lower end stuff will be included in the book.
  27. Soulstones value, refining and why care for Lade

    Could you elaborate? I'm not sure I understood what you meant.
  28. Soulstones value, refining and why care for Lade

    In close to the back of the player creation’s section, there is a Forum called fiddlin with soulstones. That would be a good place to find house rules for soul stones.
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