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  2. Malifaux traitors list

    So many rules, in so many places!
  3. Malifaux traitors list

    It's all good mate, just so you know it's not in any of the books it's in fact in the alternative format section in the downloadable organised play on the website.
  4. Malifaux traitors list

    Ah. Thank you for the clarification, @theunseengamer, that sounds a lot more feasible than what I was envisioning. You're right, I'd never encountered Treacherous Ties rules before. My apologies. I was assuming 50ss games. Hopefully your extra explanation will be helpful if there are any Adelaidians who see your post but, like me, don't yet have access to all of the rule books and may not have heard of how Treacherous Ties campaigns work. I hope you get lots of players and that it's a blast!
  5. Malifaux traitors list

    @Scatterbrain I'm assuming you're not familiar with treacherous ties, so game are only 25ss and your leader comes from a different faction, which mean people already organising to teen up to borrow each other's henchmen, so we're everyone already lining up to borrow each others models and the lower model count I really not think it will become a problem, if it does become a problem it shouldn't be that hard for me to find a solution on the go.
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  7. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Just wondering - which schemes and/or strats do you see as a particular issue?
  8. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Hey, sorry to slow down the brewmaster train but I would seriously recommend taking zoraida over brewmaster. Brewie is great in certain scheme and strat pools but zoraida is ALWAYS applicable. Just warning you, if you choose brewmaster there will be times you won’t have a lot of options for the schemes and strats
  9. Lucius with Condescending and Conflux

    I didn't use Condescending but I once killed an Activated Misaki with (0) Hidden Sniper followed by a Charge using Backstab and then final AP using Backstab. Lucius can be a decent Beater in the right circumstances. Alternately you can tie a model or two up and give them Red Tape with his Sword Cane so he's unlikely to be hit back.
  10. Malifaux traitors list

    Yet it's fixed faction? If so, assuming a player happened to win three consecutive games with radically different crews each time, they'd probably be out of available Minions by the fourth game. As it is, players would need to own practically their entire faction, plus any suitable out-of-faction model choices with particular masters, and mercs, just to be able to play competitively after a single win. That's potentially over $1 000 AUS worth of Malifaux miniatures and incalculable hours of hobby/painting to get them tournament ready. If your league has four or more players who have that kind of a collection, more power to you! But it's not something that would attract even an intermediate player, let alone a relative beginner.
  11. I'm only a little jealous. Only a little. Or so I keep telling myself. I own Lilith, Jakob Lynch, Titania and Zoraida and Zoraida is the next master I want to learn. She should be pretty good in this pool as well. Silurids can relocate to where they're needed in order to swing the count for Ours, Juju doesn't really die (though if a swampfiend dies for him to come back that's still pretty much break even for that quarter). Zoraida can also obey your own pieces into position or your opponent out of theirs. I still think Titania is a better fit, out of the schemes only Undercover Entourage and Take Prisoner sound like really good schemes for Zoraida so Titania just has more legs to stand on. In my (quite limited experience) opinion.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ah, yes, I should mention that: I own basically everything for Neverborn that's come out in plastic except the Spawn Mother/Gupps and the Crossroad 7 The only reason I've ruled out Lilith is that I used her almost exclusively when we first started learning, and want to learn the other Masters (in this case, Titania, Dreamer, Collodi, Lucius, and Zoraida and Pandora - those last two get a pass because I like their styles and I have them painted )
  14. Disclaimer, I'm only confident enough with masters I own and I'm not entirely sure which ones you own. I will go with one I do know you own though. (Unless I'm hallucinating...) Master: Titania, Royal Indignation, An Audience with the Queen, Behold My Glory Reasoning: Titania can take a beating and is mobile with her flight. She should easily be able to do Undercover Entourage and Dig their Graves is practically written for her. With An Audience with the Queen she should even have a decent chance of doing Take Prisoner. Behold My Glory is practically stapled to her card and I chose Royal Indignation over Pact with the Grave Spirit because gremlins have a bunch of minions that can do stupid amounts of damage and being able to ignore parts of it is nice. Potentially I guess that AAwtQ or BMG could be replaced by Aether Connection if you really want to tank. Crew: Primordial Magic Barbaros - Malifaux Provides Mr. Graves Lilitu The Tooth Rougarou Mysterious Effigy Reasoning: Barbaros for the Challenge/She will end us all tag team with Titania, Malifaux Provides so he can heal. Barbaros, Mr. Graves and Lilitu also give you three models that can do Guarded Treasure if you feel so inclined and Lilitu is another model that can help with Take Prisoner if you need/want. Tooth Rougarou challenge pounce combo should dig graves like nobody's business, especially against gremlins. That leaves only Show of Force out of the running. I wanted to put Retribution's Eye on Mr. Graves but lack the soul stones for it. This was fun! PS. I read and enjoy the thread.
  15. Malifaux traitors list

    Malifaux league entry will only be $10 Games night will be Thursdays at Harlequin Halls running for 4 weeks. Starter no the 8 of March 2018 Use the treacherous ties alternative format Custom rules when you win a game all the models you use cannot be use again for the rest of the league, Winner will be determined by the most Victory points accumulated through the length of the league, Location: Harlequin Halls Blackwood Chapter Blackwood Uniting Churc 266 Main Road Blackwood parking around back the entrance is right in front of the car park
  16. Monthly painting challenge - February

    @RustAndTheCity - NMM on this fragile sculpt is an endeavor in itself, and you're doing an amazing job there @Piccio - love the different shades you've used, they really do bring them to life @Joachim - great dirty look on them, also the basing makes them look even more dynamic @Franchute - superb nmm on the blade, really impressive stuff Here's Anna for 9 extra ss, bringing me to a total of 34 soulstones for February. I probably won't paint anything more this month but I may start assembling minis for March As always, more pics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/02/anna-lovelace.html
  17. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Ohh ya will try to grab a pic of old papa loco tonight.
  18. Monday Preview - The Undying

    I’m thinking this too... The newsletter doesn’t list it either. Weird (Wyrd?) that it’d be the Monday Preview, then not be released and the Backdraft encounter box released before it. I’ve seen the distributors listing March too. Maybe it’s just a mistake and missed off the March release list. Any word @Aaron? It’s confusing peoples.
  19. I mean, if this becomes a regular thing (ie, if I get bored enough on a regular enough basis to keep doing it...) then sure. But this time? Probably not, given that I actually showed both you and Swig the crew I'm taking next week... that might be a little too much of an advantage, no?....
  20. Enter the Quarantine zone 50ss - March 4th - Wayland games Hockley

    As it currently stands there is 7 definite attendees that I know of
  21. Be My Wyrdtine @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/02/18

    We're looking at Roughly 16 players from rough maths! Rough
  22. Be My Wyrdtine @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/02/18

    Entrants list Steve Johnston Nicholas Carpenter Trevor Malkin Luke Mosley Phil Snead Mike Jenkins Martin Jones Rob Hallam Perry Dale
  23. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    Nah only I just started playing around with well rehearsed with the addition of Cojo & using slate ridge mailers and Medical automaton, so I haven't looked into it it with Kaeris yet. I'm sure it's good, but the 5" in-activation threat range on Langston is so much pressure for the opponent. On Johanna it may be useful.
  24. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    One of my local players loves Kaeris and is really successful with her. Flaming Angel did a LOT to open up her play style since it's a totally unresistable source of burning on enemy models to set up immolate/heat wave or friendly models for easy Truth in Flames on early turns.
  25. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    Have you ever played around with Well Rehearsed on either Howard or Johan when playing them in a crew with Grab and Drop Kaeris? The two inch push at the end of their activation seems like it could come in handy.
  26. The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    I'll be there. Hotel booked, ticket to be bought when the website lets me pay!
  27. Lets talk about the Flaming Angel in the room

    Yes correct. The only burning you need is for your own models - the grab and drop & cards, and the child and occasionally Kaeris provide all you need. This burning setup provides the synergy. Minimal setup but maximum efficency. PS: apologies for many typos, I have corrected the original post. Typing quickly from phone leads to careless errors
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