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  2. Adran

    Imbued Protection?

    Part of your problem is you've missed one of the advantages of the upgrade. It discourages the enemy from attacking your model. So them not attackign the upgraded model is actually giving you value. Likewise if upping Kaeris defence means they don't think they can do Eliminate the leadership, you've just reduced their possible schemes from 5 to 4. The Discard effect of the upgrade to prevent damage normally pays back 1 ss from its cost in effect, because its doing the same as a prevention flip. So paying 1 SS for +1 Df is not bad.
  3. McSkip

    Jack Daw Project

    Yes, one game vs colodi. Jack won because my opponent charged with hooded rider too soon and in round 2 with nekima instead of a combined charge in round 2. The guilty forming a wall that doesnt fall so easy. They eat the first charge so that your damage dealer can clean up. In the process more guilty are summoned. Further games with Jack after a tournament this weekend. I go with ressers so no games with Jack the last weeks.
  4. Adran

    Growing Injustice Drawbacks?

    Looks like an accurate reading. It suggests that its not a good idea to rely too much on summoned cursed upgrades because they aren't as useful as hired upgrades, so where possible use the summoned ones to summon a new guilty
  5. Haagrum

    Growing Injustice Drawbacks?

    A strict rules-as-written interpretation would agree with your conclusion. I wouldn't have any problems with playing it as though they could be pulled back onto Jack Daw. His abilities were written before Growing Injustice was designed. However, if I was a TO, I would probably rule that only those upgrades which started on Jack Daw could be pulled back to him by Remember Injustice and the Cursed upgrades' text.
  6. Adran

    Card advantage?

    Lynch is the master of Card advantage, in a combination of his card draw, and his ability which allows his crew to discard aces without losing the card. There are several ways to try and abuse these mechanics, ranging from the simple use a ten thunders brother, and his card cycling becomes draw if you have the aces, to the potentially complex Torkage shuffle utilising Lusts Df trigger and the Torkage rapid fire to draw cards on every attack. Its worth noting that whilst Sensi yu can use Lynch's muligan ability, it will not allow him to discard the aces and regain them (The action had to be specifically written to dis-allow that combination). Zoraida has the bewitched spell, whihc can get a decent number of cards on the right target. Dreamer has an upgrade that gives him several cards. Neverborn get an upgrade that lets them cycle 3 cards from the soulstone they spend to draw cards, which will combine nicely, with things like rush of magic and Arcane resevoir. Lileth with the Lovelace sisters, and a primordial magic are then draw to 13 keep 7 each turn, Sonnia with the Brutal Effigy can draw cards for every kill. Combine that with her new upgrade that adds blasts to her Ml attack, and the Trigger on her sword to draw cards for every ram in the attack, and she can draw a stupid number of cards, but largely by being in a dangerous location. (The Brutal effigy works well with her ranged attack as well, and most of the guild masters don't really struggle to kill things so will get a few cards from the effigy buff). Nicodem can take an upgrade that lest him draw cards when undead die, and then used Zombies to fuel his summoning so drawing cards in the process. There are lots of ways to draw cards in all factions. I've listed a very small number, you're probably best to just read through the books, because there are plenty of ways to draw. I couldn't even list all the ways in Arcanists to draw cards without worrying I'd missed several.
  7. lusciousmccabe

    Rainbow Witchling

    So working on a new project and decided to post some WIPs while I'm at it. I'm trying some quite unfamiliar techniques so any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Basically I wanted to do a transition of colour moving up the model with the highlight for each area becoming the base tone for the one above it. I found violet highlights on the lower section looked odd so, now I'm thinking of going for more of a light blue/teal highlight there for a kind of full spectrum look? Not sure that's the best way to proceed, or how to balance the colours in some of the unpainted areas. Also about halfway (I think) done with the non-metallic gold on the swords and finding it hard to make convincing on such weird shapes. Cheers for your attention!
  8. Dereikt

    Imbued Protection?

    My initial impression of the book 1 Arcanist general upgrades was that the soulstone costs were the wrong way around-Imbued protection should be the one SS upgrade and imbued energies should be 2. My experience since has mostly confirmed those thoughts. I've tried using it to increase Kaeris's survivability with Eliminate the leadership in the pool, with two outcomes-either Kaeris dies relatively easily anyway and gives away the points, or my opponent takes a different scheme and the 2ss spent on the upgrade are wasted. I'm pretty sure that a simpler and more effective approach to that scheme is just to use a less fragile master, especially in GG18 with Eliminate the leadership tied to a pure kill based strategy Kaeris is terrible at. I've also used it to try to increase the survivability of Df6 models, mostly with Show of force to worry about, but there also I've found I'm adding a minor boost of survivability, while turning medium cost models into expensive ones and expensive ones into absurdly expensive ones. On anything living, Well Rehearsed provides a more reliable boost to survivability while also getting extra pushes. Mostly, my problems with it come down to the cost, and the lack of a certain benefit. If your opponent doesn't attack Defence directly, you're seeing no benefit, and if they don't attack the upgraded model, you're also seeing no benefit, and 2ss is an expensive upgrade to be seeing no benefit on when we have imbued energies at a lower cost that is certain to provide a strong advantage(even if your model dies before you use it for fast, you get cards). The Ice Golem.. is a bad, overcosted model, even post errata. I don't really see combining it with a weak, overcosted upgrade as likely to somehow produce a decent model.
  9. Today
  10. Nikodemus

    Card advantage?

    Few from the top of my head for TT: Crime Bosses draw cards when enemy scheme markers get placed near them. Wokou Raiders (via Misaki infiltration) have a built-in trigger to place enemy scheme markers. Shenlong and Sensei Yu can re-place scheme markers using Wandering River Style upgrade. Misaki has her "discard or die" trigger but that can be decently intensive on her own hand to actually do. Misdirection leader-only upgrade gives a Df trigger that redirects attacks to other nearby models unless they discard cards. Death Contract upgrade has a "discard or die" effect that procs when killed. Also depending on how you define card advantage, Mr. Tannen (TT/NB dual) has a 6" aura where enemies can't cheat without discarding first. Works pretty well if you get a few important models to the aura.
  11. Fatesealer

    Total Testosterone 2018 Begins!

  12. lusciousmccabe

    Card advantage?

    There's also Lucius with that upgrade for a bigger hand and cycling. Lots of little stuff though, nothing that really chains up for a massive hand. Nino and the Executioner can also force discards (or death) with triggers. Witchling stalkers as well iirc.
  13. Ludvig

    Card advantage?

    Guild have the austringers with Jury and their effigy as well as a few draws scattered around the faction. Quellers also give a draw when you stone. Overall maybe not great at it.
  14. Platov

    Card advantage?

    There are quite a lot of card draw in gremlins. Old Cranky + Sammy LaCroix (+Gremlin crier) Gremlin Crier + any card discarding models(Or Mah Tucket). Somer with his Survival Of Fittest ability + Banjonista(This combo can draw a lot of cards. Really a lot. Up to full deck in your hand, if you build a roster around it, but it's stupid.)
  15. Hey, potential Jack Daw player here. I was wondering if I could get some clarification on the interactions with the new Growing Injustice upgrade. It seems like due to wordings, the upgrades are kinda clunky. Here's the problems 1. Sin Eater allows Daw to pull his upgrades off nearby models, but only if he started the game with them. So the new upgrade can't be pulled off? 2. Remember Injustice has the same restrictions. 3. The cursed upgrades themselves specify that if the model with them gets killed, they go back to the model that purchased them. As Daw didn't technically purchase them he wouldn't be able to reattach them from this ability. Basically it seems like any new upgrades you gain from Growing Injustice can't be put back on Daw once they're used and just kinda need to be turned into Guilty to regain the upgrade. Is this an accurate reading of the card? or am I misunderstanding something?
  16. lusciousmccabe

    Which holes in the Wiki would you like to see filled?

    Had a read through of the Investigator there. Would you be able to expand on these sentences? "Higher than expected Def and Wounds, as well as Disguised (which prevents charges) give this model more resilience than you would expect. Especially since you can push models out of engagement, so if they want to come back in they have to walk back in to hit you again." And Watch out in strats and schemes where control abilities, their pushes can ruin your day. I assumed you were talking about using Stand Back! It's Evidence! to get them out of melee and move your opponent out of scoring positions, but I didn't want to add anything since I was only guessing. Great work!
  17. Malifaux will be demo'ed at Arcon, Oslo between 10 and 12 on Saturday 23/6. Link to con here: https://www.spillfestival.no/ Room overview will be at entrance. Starter box and and a couple of crews will be provided, - mostly dealing with basic play, but a table will be available for regular play as well.
  18. Mortarion

    Mortarion's Malifaux models

    Thank you! And i really hope that there will be more models in the style of the Lawyers and Lucius in the future.
  19. wafew

    Our worst models

    I'm not saying it does, I'm saying that the models themselves are similar, not the first ability of theirs that i mention, in fact i'm mentionning the things that ARE different about them. They each have to do with whats best for the respective unit. Of course FtS is better on FT, he's a sniper. Your argument would be similar to saying that fins are a world better than wings, which is true when speaking of fish. Why go to that length of exaggeration... I'm not arguing that, he's a sniper, it's what he does. when compared to a focused FT, yes, otherwise, it's just 2" worse. which is quite acceptable, if not better than a lot of other shooting models in the game, which also stands at 1/3 of the board length, which lets him hit a target on the center from where he deploys, and if he sits in the center of the board, has the range to hit anyone within 6" of the sides. FT also has a much worse Melee, and shorter charge range. FT trades his melee, so he can shoot further and a pos flip. Again, why with all the exaggerations... You don't have to take/like the model or think it's good, just stop trashing it so hard and keep complainning about it when it has it's strengths. Either nothing is going to change, or Wyrd will buff them, to the point where everyone will take them, and then there'll be another model to trash about until the cycle repeats.
  20. Davie

    Our worst models

    Then just do that. You don't have to Play her if you don't like her. I understand that this thread is about the models you dont like and wish to be stronger. And I understand that you come from the "competetive tournament Player point of view". And while I do not participate in tournaments and am certainly more "casual" than you are, I also like to win and play Lists that are considered competetive in my small 8-People-Meta. But I just can't understand why you want to buff all those models. I feel like if you buff these models, for example Ophelia, you'll soon end up complaining about why Somer is now weaker than Ophelia. To me this would end up in a cycle of evening out all cracks and bumps and flaws that make this game fun for me. There are around 60+ different kinds of models per faction I think. You simply cannot make every single one of those viable, while keeping their individuality and keeping at least a bit of a balance between the factions. There have to be weak models for others to shine.
  21. dannydb

    Imbued Protection?

    I occasionally stick it on rogue necromancies in order to keep their heads a little longer, or on kaeris if i bother taking her
  22. ataraxianj

    TFL and Championship

    And the biggest Malifaux League is coming to a close with its 3rd annual championships! Zookscon is coming up next weekend in NJ, and I'm excited to see some great competition on some sweet tables!
  23. dannydb

    Card advantage?

    hi all so I'm currently on exploring other factions through vassal (I'm not giving up on my one true love arcanists, just doing some academic research, the best way to know your enemy is to be your enemy right!) so I'm starting with TT though getting a feel for the basics of the faction. so what I'd like to know is what are some of the ways of getting card advantage in various factions and how cost effective are they, i mean everyone knows philip and the nanny plus other models or serena bowman/bloodwrech/doppelganger BDSM party but what about other factions? note i don't particularly need advice with arcanists, myranda and steamfitters i know about!
  24. Trixter

    WTS Gencon Puppet Wars Teddy

    Is it still actual?
  25. ProximoCoal

    -The Other Side- tourney!

  26. DanteJH

    Our worst models

    I wrote the Ophelia tactica but I’ll try and add more specific stuff
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