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  2. Always Scheme

    Sadly Scheme bluffing is hard to pull off in most scheme pools. I like the idea and occasionally it has happened, but only if we happened to have 3 or more schemey schemes in the pool. I hate to say it, but unless every scheme required scheme markers of some kind, bluffing just really wont be a thing. I think I'm leaning more and more towards just flip 5 random schemes. I do see the reasoning behind an Always scheme and imagine it will stay, and that is fine too as long it's a good one. I'd rather it be one that feels slightly too hard rather than one perceived as easy.
  3. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    Oh wow new for me! Lets see how this works. Time to play! Gonna use a depleted for my modle!
  4. FOIL CARDS: What is out there?

    So far the "foil" cards are for all Wave 1 and 2 masters, the more recent Alternate models (Taelor, Rafkin, Nicodem, Titania, Hungering Darkness, Nekima, McCabe Nightmare crew, Hamelin Nightmare crew), and the Emissaries from Wave 3. The only Wave 4 master with a foil card (right now) is Titania, and only as the Alternate Titania model. Collodi card:
  5. Help with starting Malifaux with Titania

    All of these suggestions are excellent. If you would like a powerful model that kills I would suggest Nekima. She works well with other masters plus Titania's trigger to push a model 8" and get an attack is great with Nekima.
  6. Wave 5 and "New Resurrectionists Meta"

    Hmmm.. I'm not sure that much will change for us. Nicodem - mostly the same play style - actually a boost to the summon engine if that's the way you play him with Asura. Their Last Breath might mean he includes some other models more often. I think Rafkin might see more play. Yan Lo - yay! Now he plays like I think he was intended to and can actually be competitive and fun to play. He's going to see the biggest change. I played him before he was cool! I think we'll see him in tournaments and doing better this year overall. Molly - the same really. Being able to know Schemes will be a a huge boost in some pools, but I don't think her lists will change dramatically. McMourning - might see some changes with Beast/Academic lists, but I doubt you'll see it all that often or that it will significantly change his lists. Seamus - A slight boost to his power level, but still takes some finesse and not an easy master to excel with. You may actually see him on the table more, which is good. Kirai - no changes really, not that she needed them. Reva - no significant changes. I'm not sold that the Spirit upgrade is worth it at all. You might see a few lists go this way, but I think she will be largely unchanged. Tara - hard to tell. Might help boost her a bit, but as always she's stronger in Outcasts. I do think the Kentaurai will change play style across the board. They offer some really nice abilities (even if they fold like a card house). Nicodem will go from summoning only Punk Zombies to alternating between Punk Zombies and Kentaurai based on need. They are also some of the best models Wyrd has ever produced IMO.
  7. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    I'l start this dead simple, whit my lightning bug
  8. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    @Math Mathonwy True, but it still Shouldn't make my henchman envious, still, stitched might have been a better example. And they're kind of fragile. @Da Git I honestly think the nothing best would be better without incorporeal and 1 wound more and min 5 defense no matter the amount of cards. Incorporeal doesn't do a lot for it. It seems to me wretches are popular because they're cheap minions in outcast that gives slow. @Dogmantra the problem is that a flat damage curve doesn't really save them when they are so easy to kill. Also try only flatten the curve if you can't bypass incorporeal, and my whole beef is that there are so many ways to bypass it
  9. Wave 5 Redefining Our Meta

    Yeah my bottom three were a lot harder to discern than the top three. I do agree that Colette is circling the bottom currently which is unfortunate as I love Colette and use her probably more than any other master. Her drop seems so sudden and is a testament to how much the meta has changed over the course of 1-2 books. As for Raspy, I do love ice queen but I just don't feel like she brings as much utility to the table as Mei which is why she was bottom for me. Mei has two distinct styles of play with vent steam being an incredible, albeit somewhat situational support ability. Obviously her other is kicking people in their faces from across the table. I feel like these upgrades enhanced what she already does and makes her a better fighter (both in terms of offense and defense) as well as a better support model. Raspy gained a bit of utility but ultimately her AP is probably better spent on blasting and even though her Ml attack is welcomed. I still think engaging her is still a valid tactic against her. I am willing to be wrong on that and as others have said I don't think there are any "bad" choices. I look forward to trying them all.
  10. Misaki Alpha.

    Theres definitely sth to it. But once you see snipers in the opponent team you should deploy all your models in cover or out of LoS. This Crewsetup fortunately doesn't need LoS to deliver Misaki. But yes. buried Models or Sniper kinda counter this List.
  11. Lady J crew is probably better. No corpses when she kills them. What does Sonia do that removes the mindless and not kills them (legit question, i know about the blast damage, cant think of good summoning she does or corpse removal)? Just Killing mindless zombies doesnt work as if nico is behind it, the resser draws a bunch of cards and then laughs it all back up again.
  12. Wave 5 and "New Resurrectionists Meta"

    well, yan lo will show up and not be consider subpar. That said the main playstyles of each masters, excluding ssamus, will be the same just with new faces doing the job better. For instance nico has been buffed quite nicely with asura, but his game plan of summon all the things. Now seamus gameplay might have changed, not sure if cute or effective. The guy can now jump in the middle of things and be quite scary while a burning crew goes to town getting more fire dudes summoning out, while carlos helps.
  13. Misaki Alpha.

    One benefit of the trapper against this set up is that thy can deploy from the shadows and should be able to take out an Abom thus stopping the engine. I did this against a Viks player in a recent tourney and while the viks did what they did, it lost him a card and the desolation engine. That said, i'm a fan of 4 aboms for the same shenanigans.
  14. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    It's... really not. Bagels were created by the Jewish people in Poland, and it became a staple of Polish diets long before it came to America. When it did show up in America, it was brought there by Polish immigrants... the same sort of immigrants who would travel to Malifaux, in fact. Around 1900, bagels became a very popular breakfast/lunch meal in New York, but they had already been popular in London for half a century... during the time period when the Guild had its headquarters in London. It's safe to assume that the Guild is relatively pro-bagel.
  15. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Historical accuracy in these situations is difficult. I mean, we're talking about a world radically different from our own, but little details like this still pull us out of the story even if there's some historicity there. My first book was a weird, created world steampunk novel, and I spent *way* too much time researching the advent of showers, only to realize that if it felt weird to me, even if it was accurate, it was going to feel weird to the reader.
  16. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Yes, but Bagel and Cream Cheese is a distinctly american dish, typically served for breakfast/morning tea. "Despite being blind, Justice had no problem making her way to the counter, selecting a bagel, cutting it in half, and smearing it with cream cheese" ...almost sounds like a commercial for Einstein Bros Bagels! An example that I'm more familiar with: pizza was invented in Italy in the mid-1800s. Before that, people had been eating some similar types of flatbreads and focaccias. Now, it would be very plausible to see a Guild Guard eating a simple flatbread or a savoury flat cake etc., much less a Pepperoni Pizza or a Meat Lovers. It's not the item per se, or the historical accuracy, it's the details. After all, Malifaux is a fictional world so for all I know they could be eating roasted Nephilim livers with purple mayo and it would be plausible. But this story, from what I perceived, related a bit too much to modern-day amenities and situations. While I was reading it, I had the impression that Perdita and Lady J were meeting at Starbucks rather than the Guild Enclave... Then, it may just be me, but I pay attention to details (perhaps sometimes too much!) and the whole thing didn't ring plausible. Much much better the other stories which went back to a more appropriate setting - Ressers above all, my favorite story (despite being my least favorite faction!)
  17. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    Mmhhhh... Time for the great, astounding and extraordinary Carlos Vasquez... *Waitingformymini*
  18. Misaki Alpha.

    Well you pay 7SS to get activation controle and 4 additional Handcards for an alpha, and to get Misaki and Deso whereever you want. And since when were void wretches or rat catchers suboptimal schemers?
  19. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    I think Incorporeal's biggest strength is in flattening the damage curve of big spread damage tracks, and making random severe/RJ damage flips less devestating.
  20. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    To my mind, Huggy is most assuredly not a "0"ss model. Lynch pays for it in a multitude of ways. Without Huggy, he'd be one of the weakest masters in the game, he has a cache of 1 and pretty much has to take one of his limiteds, the best of which is 2ss. @Angelshard I'd disagree that Nothing Beast is fragile, Henchman, and his 0ss upgrade, bury and card discard shenanigans all make him fairly durable. Void Wretches are also becoming the new black in the US meta by the sounds of it too. As I said earlier, Incorp models could definitely use a slight stat increase, but it would need to be slight. And even then, none of those models are horrible. I'd also out Sorrows on that list too.
  21. Today
  22. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    To be fair, that particular 4 Stone model is more durable than most 6 Stone models.
  23. Oops! I forgot....

    I forget to use Tixies "Don't Fight Over Me Boys" all the time. I feel stupid every time she dies standing next to several suitable punching bags.
  24. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Yes, I do see a lot of potential story arcs in the fluff, and that's one of the things I mentioned I liked the most. If things follow this direction, really, a major reshuffling of masters and factions, including core modifications of stats and abilities, could be on the way...exciting!
  25. As with Arcaniststs and Outcasts sections, how do you think wave 5 and new gg2018 are going to change our meta an why? Thanks in advance
  26. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    @Da Git Hungering darkness, insidious madness, nothing beast and void wretches are all extremely fragile for their cost (and yes I know huggy is 0)
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