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  2. No. Poison and burning aren't damaging results.
  3. Master tiers or who is who.

    Not saying they are easy to kill, just that they are not considered specially tanky.
  4. Self Loathing vs Kentaurinoi and more

    Is poison and burning also a damage result? Regarding kentauroi it says "if this action was generated by a charge." I'm not sure it counts as the lance action being generated, but I can see how you could transfer the wording to self loathing.
  5. Good call. Then I would go for those +2 damage results if the circumstance is met.
  6. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    I’m up for it. Tobias Dracup
  7. Errata 2018 - your minds

    There is no doubt that Burt needed the increase in cost. I am a bit more sceptical about McTavish, but he was quite often seen in many crews, so the price hike is probably in order, particularly considering his value as a Glowy target. Also some of the models that he does have some synergy with were reduced, Wild Boars that is, so a crew with him and 2 Wild Boars will actually have saved one SS. I think he is more situational now, which in my mind is not really a bad thing. Francois I think is slightly overcosted now. If one uses a Skeeter to transport and chain activate him, then he is probably dead, and the Skeeter has been put in harms way, the alternative is using him with Ophelia, where he can at least get a lot of the same mobility, but without the cost. Some alternatives have become cheaper, while he has become more expensive, so I think he is quite situational now. On the other hand, Raphael is slightly underpriced, and in an Ophelia crew you'd often bring both, making the crew unchanged. Mancha Roja seems appropriately costed to me, I think he can be a valuable tool in some setups either because one can threaten to paralyze enemy models using other models or because his Challenge Aura on a height 3 or even 4 model can really mess with the opponent. The decrease in cost doesn't make or break him, but it is definitely a boon. Likewise the Whiskey Golem has become more attractive without being an autopick, so I think he is where he should be, though I'd prefer if Angry Drunk had something done to it. Comparing it to Francois, it does get the same number of actions, though the third one is a lot less flexible, but for one SS more, it also gains quite a lot of survivability, while the damage is lower than that of Francois, the difference is not extreme, and the amount of resources going into doing that damage are much more limited. Moon Shinobi have an undeservedly bad reputation. They have a few abilities that can really make them worth their points, but they do need to be played well to really shine. First of all, they are probably one of the models in the game most likely to do severe damage, making them useful for Ply for Information. They can also sometimes push after the last activation of the turn but before scoring, and that can really make them a pain in Ours, as the opponent will have to factor them into his calculations for more than one table quarter. The same ability also increases their chance to get points from Hold Up Their Forces and Public Demonstration and perhaps Take Prisoner, for two of these schemes their 2" engagement range might also be an advantage. Finally, their defensive trigger makes them very interesting with Som'er, as they can sometimes be moved quite a lot before activating by using AP of lesser models using the mask Som'er in many cases would like to make available anyway, in particular those Piglets can really move them far by utilizing their (1) charges and if they hit their own mask trigger. I think their reduced cost makes them quite competitive. All in all I think it is a nice errata. Gremlins didn't get as much out of it as some factions, but several of the changed models are a lot more viable now. Two of our less powerful masters got a big helping hand at least for casual games, where their starter crews were reduced by 3 SS and some models they might want to utilise were also reduced in cost. In a game like this, I think the goal should be that all models be situational but viable, and there is no doubt that we are closer to that goal now than before the errata.
  8. Self Loathing doesn`t say anything about damage tracks. It mentions "damaging results"
  9. I would say it doesn't. That's not a damage track.
  10. And what happens if under certain circumstances the attack deals +2 dmg?
  11. Master tiers or who is who.

    Lucius being God Tier is just a joke
  12. Tooth & Nail II - 11th February 2018

    Once again you pick a day I can't do. It's almost like you don't want me to play
  13. Merseyfaux 2 - 21st Jan - sold out - S&S in thread

    Luckily the store has been doing well and are moving downstairs, therefore doubling the available floor space. This is happening in the next few weeks so future events will have more space and a better split if there are another events on the same day. Cheers Radek
  14. M2E Marcus

    I am testing a Rougarou and the Captain in a list at the moment. I quite like it. The push of the Captain was good before, but with the additional pounce, it gets really great. Bonus if you push the Rougarou in position before But then, I was the odd one out to play the Captain before he was reduced in cost, so he makes almost eveny list I play at the moment
  15. M2E Marcus

    I think if you're going for a wp/pack leader build, they are probably very useful, and I would try and fit them in probably in the place of one of my leapers. They can put out more wp duels than the rest of the list put together. Which is what I normally struggle with
  16. Today
  17. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Apologies for the late reply, can you add myswlf (Dave L), Kai, Jamie, Ali and Joe to the list please? Danke!
  18. Tooth & Nail II - 11th February 2018

    Count me in Phil, I will pay this evening.
  19. Greetings fellow people of the Malifaux forum…. This will be a fixed faction 50ss crews playing over three 120 minute rounds using Gaining Grounds 2018. Fully painted crews only, we do not care how good bad or ugly your paint job is as long as effort has been put in to make them look cool on the tabletop. Lastly we only have room for 14 players. The Venue: Impact UK, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN Shop Tel: (01909) 560273 Entry Fee: Advanced booked tickets £10 – On the door price £15 Rules Pack: I will update this soon Prizes Players that do not win a prize will receive a Guilder and we will also be holding a raffle for some Mystery Boxes. The main prizes are curtsey of Art of War Studios & Impact Wargaming. 1st Place Set of Gold Scheme Markers & £10 in store voucher 2nd Place Set of Silver Scheme Markers & £5 in store voucher 3rd Place Set of Markers/Tokens & £5 in store voucher 4th Place Set of Markers/Tokens Last Place “Pot Noodle” Prize for the “Most Outstanding Competitor”
  20. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Ok, so we're booked in at Imge at 7:30 on Saturday, the same place we've eaten for the last couple of years. I need to confirm numbers tonight, if anyone else wants in they need to let me know ASAP, thanks. Right now I have the following names; Me, Dave, Judith, Connor, Ben Sime, Tim Brown, Connor T, Luke, Martin, Connor M, James Henley, Kamila, Greg, Josh, Wookie AJ BArr Ant
  21. Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Can we get an updated release schedule? those December bone piles seem to have gone missing...
  22. Errata 2018 - your minds

    Franc and Burt are worthy 8SS (well, at least Burt definitely) so I'd say we will see them in Gremlin's crews still. Lenny is sad panda and will stay this way until something will be done about him. Emissary might be used with Zoraida and Mah in Supply Wagons but he has so little synergy with other models it is painful. I won't say anything more about Pigapult and Stuffed Piggies as they are 'dead models' at the moment. Piggies can be seen at least when Taxidermist is in the crew. Rami - never used him. Don't think I will. I'd rather spend 7SS on something else. I was surprised when Ralph got -1SS price drop, not Rami...
  23. I would say that it depends on Pandora Charging. If she charged, then the lance action has a 3/4/6 damage track. If she didn't charge then it is 1/2/4 Pandora doesn't get to choose but the damage track of the action changes under certain circumstances. But I would not be surprised if it was only 1/2/4 regardless of anything.
  24. As you say Critical strike is a common trigger, so the wording is consistent across all. There are some models that will struggle to ever get a second ram, but some models that can get 3 or 4 rams.
  25. Master tiers or who is who.

    Yeah, guild masters have very decent stats but saying gremlin masters are easily killed is also a joke. One attack and then they squeal behind something or out of reach. Didn't latch onto this because it seemed pretty tengential to the topic at hand.
  26. Educate me on Molly

    So this is a bit of a wall of text, but I wanted to lay out some thoughts I've had on Spirit Molly. I played Ressers a ton last year, and played Kirai and Molly almost exclusively. I originally started playing Horror Molly, but once I had a deeper toolbox from my Kirai crew, I started taking Forgotten Path, and have found it has several strategies/tactics I find super interesting and powerful. Whether any flavor of Molly has a place at all in GG18 is somewhat questionable, as I think Molly really shined in Extraction and Guard the Stash, whereas now the only strategy that encourages your opponent to cluster is on Jokers. Furthermore, she gains relatively little from Asura Roten, as she doesn't use corpse markers, and while Kentauri are great, Molly has always had access to an 8 stone model who can move her around, so she won't actually be gaining any mobility. But who cares, Molly is lovable and fast and fun, so let's talk about her. Spirit Molly vs Horror Molly While still very aggressive, I think Spirit Molly plays very differently from Horror Molly. If you intend to just fly to the opponent's deployment zone and summon in their face, Horror Molly is much less card intensive and probably more threatening as well. Horror Molly is also arguably stronger in situations where your opponent clumps up heavily, although I find that if you can summon 3+wd models off of Molly, it doesn't really matter what you're summoning. What Spirit Molly excels at, in my opinion, is board control. In maps with heavy terrain, particularly with choke points (like the one above), being able to summon Hanged to lock down firing lanes, in addition to having access to mainly incorporeal or flying models, is an enormous advantage. Furthermore, I think Spirit Molly is much better at killing dangerous, expensive models because of Adversary and again, the Hanged. Considering GG18 has no strategies that demand a cluster in the center of the map, and in general seems to be pushing the meta toward taking pricier, more impactful models, I actually think Spirit Molly may be better suited for the coming year than Horror Molly. General game plans with Molly: 1 - Area denial with hanged and belles As I mentioned earlier, I really love taking Spirit Molly in maps with lots of blocking and severe terrain, particularly with chokepoints. If your opponent is playing one or more 10+SS models, all the better, as Spirit Molly is very good at isolating and deleting any single model. You want to use Molly's mobility to set up a rapid stranglehold over key areas of the map. A typical turn one should look like this: Drop scheme markers to feed Phillip and sculpt your hand while you wait for your opponent to overextend any model. Even if your opponent is playing cagily, you can have Sybelle walk up, pop MLH, and call a Rotten Belle and Molly. Lure the model into range, then summon a hanged. Don't summon any more yet! Save your high cards to use Molly's (0) and have The Hanged Whispers from Beyond onto a beater or master. Summon another hanged if you can, doxies or belles if not (summoning 1hp Goryo and Shikome in the middle of the board is trading Master AP for minion AP, bad times. Also uses high cards you want to save for attacks.). Accomplice into the hanged, whispers again. It's not at all uncommon end turn one with Molly and a small entourage in position, their master and beatstick on half wounds and unable to heal. Don't worry at all about summoning Hanged with just one wound (though of course if your opponent allows you to summon them healthier, by all means do so). Even on one wound you get to fire two shots off, often at strange angles, before your opponent gets to react. If you lured your victim into Whispers range, it's not uncommon to have a 1wd hanged survive for a turn or two out of range of reprisal. Be careful to not overextend. You don't need to actively get kills, instead set your lures up so you can murder anything that comes out and run schemes if they cower. The window of opportunity in which your opponent can prevent themselves from being boxed out is tiny, and if they don't fully commit to escape, they will bleed too many models to win. Even if your opponent reacts quickly, they often need to bunch up to do so, in which case you start summoning 3+ wound models into their crew. Your principle should be to walk as little as possible with your threatening models, so that all your AP can be used on attacks and summons, while forcing your opponent to do nothing or spend AP walking into your range. Knowing when the board permits you to box your opponent in definitely takes some trial and error, as some terrain setups are more open than they appear. In particular, setups with lots of small LoS blocking crates or trees, but few terrain pieces that actually restrict movement, are very punishing if you overextend. Some crews are also impossible to contain - either because they are hyper-mobile, or because they have a mechanic that allows them to progress towards victory from behind cover (mainly summoners, but some other masters like Reva and Yan Lo can also ruin you if you don't pressure them.) I'll go into how I approach those crews next. 2 - Belle bombing Molly's summoning mechanic lines up very poorly against low-impact models running down flanks. Against crews trying spread across the board and run schemes, my midgame objective is to have summoned a TON of belles. It's not difficult to summon three Belles/Doxies on turn one, and from there, set up lures so that future summons are healthier. Datsue Ba shines in these games, as she can maintain activation control by summoning Seishin and Gaki, and both Weigh Sins and Denial of Sanzu are huge against scheme runners. Be really careful to not just summon the most expensive model you can every round. Hanged are miserable against random 5wd models, so it's often much better to summon a Shikome (who are now a bit cheaper!) to go run schemes and save the 13 for an important duel. Basically, if your opponent's game plan is to scatter, pull them in. A flock of belles will shred most scheme runners, particularly if you are running Asura Roten (and you usually should be) so they can pounce on min 2 damage. There's nothing about this that Horror Molly can't do (I think Molly players should be summoning Belles and Doxies more often in general), but I find that Horror Molly tends to have a bit more space in the crew to run Rogue Necromancies or Valedictorians or whatever to just kill scheme runners, while my Spirit Molly crews lean heavier on utility models. 3 - Aggressive pressure This is basically the same playstyle as Horror Molly - fling Molly up the board and gum up their works with black blood summons. Unlike the other two plans, you care very much about summoning healthy models, as many and as fast as possible. Incorporeal gets much better when you can summon with more wounds, which is nice. Onryo, who I believe are garbage in most situations, tend to overperform here as, as their Haunt and Persecute abilities are actually relevant when summoned into your opponents models. Along with any Hanged, you can force lots of medium TN duels to pressure your opponents hand as well as their models and AP. Keep in mind which models can apply Adversary, and if you manage to trigger it, capitalize heavily. While this is happening, the rest of your crew can walk up. Be ready to pull Molly back with Belles (or Sybelle if you are running her) if your opponent is dealing with your summons fast enough to threaten her. Keep in mind that Whispered Secret can really mess up a summoner or pricey enforcer (as they can't stone to negate the -), and is often well worth an AP and a high card, while Revelation is a perfectly respectable attack. I find the spirit toolboxy games can be somewhat messy, and they require you to understand your models' strengths and limitations. I'll get into my hot takes about that in another post (Sybelle still has play, Izamu is a trap, etc), as it's getting pretty late and this post is already much longer than I intended. Hopefully some of this is useful!
  27. Master tiers or who is who.

    Half of them are damn near impossible to kill with all the squeeling. Incidentally, that's the half with high defenses.
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