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  2. Franchute

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    After contemplating the box of shame for a while, I decided to paint some paint on Carlos: @Burnin' Coal I followed your advice and tortured hit foot with a spike. How did you dot to fill the hole once he was done?
  3. TeddyBear

    Mah is good

    Thanks! i'll take inspiration from them 😎
  4. JurisprudentiallyYours

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    There might be some misunderstanding - my point is that all labels for eras are essentially constructs and the origination of the construct is important to understanding of that construct. The Pax Romana wasn't ideal - it was military might applied to regional dissent to ensure the flow of wealth to the imperial center. This was only good for Romans and, to be fair, only some subset of Romans. But to say "it wasn't the Pax Romana because there wasn't peace and some tribes suffered under Roman rule" is to miss the point entirely. Even with a global setting like Malifaux, that context matters. The Victorian Era is not known as the American Civil War and the American Civil War is not known as the Victorian Era. There are different defining events for different regions/states/cultures that may occur in the same time frame. We are running into the issue of using a part, "the Victorian era", as a descriptor for the whole, "events on Earth that occurred during the years 1837-1901." Anyway, this has gone pretty far afield from my initial point - which is that there is no guarantee that our understanding of the Victorian Era, simplistic or not, could have occurred in the Malifaux setting because the origin of the construct, a relatively peaceful experience for Great Britain, does not seem that likely in the Malifaux setting's "Magic & World at War" that occurred after the first breach closed.
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  6. Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I think the Malifaux setting is a worldwide setting. Hence my analysis of the Victorian era being bloody as usual in worldwide terms. Now if you want to speak about Britain, there was no war on the British soil (as often) but while the British Empire expanded, it shed blood around the world (as did all the imperialist countries of the time). So, the Wikipedia qualification of "The period is characterised[sic] as one of relative peace among the Great Powers (as established by the Congress of Vienna), increased economic activity, "refined sensibilities" and national self-confidence for Great Britain." is overly simplistic imho. It is the same as defining the 1950-1970 era as peaceful, even relatively (many historians do and that is what we learn at school in France for example, even though we had a shameful civil war and knew violent decolonization wars). There were terrible wars during this time, just not on the European and North American soils. It is the same as "Pax Romana", it is a figure of speech and a warped history construct because we often want to see Ancient Rome as an ideal. Border wars & civil wars were extremely common all throughout the history of the Roman Empire.
  7. JurisprudentiallyYours

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    RELATIVE. Relative. Relative peace. Not peaceful. Yes - there was constant conflict and strife throughout history...but to engender such a limited reading would negate terms like "Pax Romana" or "Pax Britannica" simply because some collective violence had occurred. Historians understand the Victorian era to be marked by relative peace. If you would like to cherry pick examples though, even the Franco-Prussian War that "ended at the doors of Paris" was one year long - if Europe has also known the Seven Years War, Thirty Years War, Eighty Years War, and HUNDRED YEARS WAR, would ONE YEAR not be relatively short compared to those? If you want to use Wikipedia for your research, I invite you to continue reading and following links - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_United_Kingdom links to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorian_era as the main article which, lo and behold, includes as the fourth sentence: "The period is characterised[sic] as one of relative peace among the Great Powers (as established by the Congress of Vienna), increased economic activity, "refined sensibilities" and national self-confidence for Great Britain." Finally, thinking about how things receive their labels is important. For a silly example, @yool1981 could be having a great day. Everything is just awesome - it might even be part of a great overall week! You might call it "yool1981's Awesome week of Awesomeness," get some shirts made, commemorative photos, the whole deal. The number of murders in the wider world, instances of infant mortality, sexual violence, petty theft - they do not negate "yool1981's Awesome week of Awesomeness" because it is focused on you. The Victorian Era wasn't defined by the United States - the American Civil War and associated death from violence and disease did not change the British experience of relative peace. The Victorians were colonizers - the violence suffered by colonized peoples did not factor into their world view and did not change the British experience of relative peace. Rebellion in India and China were absolutely horrific, but they led to increased British control and wealth...the experience of the Sepoys and Boxers did not change the British experience of relative peace.
  8. 7thSquirrel

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Not my style, mostly for reasons that @daniello_s has been stating. If others like it I will forgive them for having different opinions from me though. I will note, however, if this model does ever enter my collection it will absolutely have at least the feet brass knuckles removed... probably more.
  9. Before anyone says Carlos already has armor so Streamfitter you can't give it to him. The Streamfitter would have to do a Interact to remove burning before putting armor on him. My read is Dance of flames says model has the following condition (Armor +1) based on its burning condition to maximum of 2 If he has no burning condition, then he has no armor. This will remove any armor given to him. This is because it says he has the condition. Not he gains the condition. If it said gain the condition, then I believe that it will add on to any armor that he has.
  10. daniello_s

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Forget whether it is Victorian or Edwardian setting. With all respect but IMHO this model is plainly stupid... Did Cojo ask for help and Marcus supplied the ape, Ramos platings and Ironsides brass knuckles???🤣
  11. I'm leaning toward there only ever being 3 possible values for Armor on Carlos, no armor, Armor +1, or Armor +2 do to the "has" wording on Dance of Flames. The wording of that card doesn't give a point in time that the Armor condition is increased or decreased, it seems like it would be a constant evaluation of Armor Condition equals Burning Condition (max of +2).
  12. daniello_s

    Mah is good

    Gremlin power! Forgot to mention - if i want to go crazy i swap one Swine Cursed for Rooster. Rooster pushed into enemy crew with buffed Ml is so funny thing to do😎
  13. cbtb11235813

    Tournament advice

    Johan is amazing with Ironsides! If you're lucky enough to be facing a crew of constructs/tyrants, to hit and to damage on, with flurry, is hard to beat. I've gotten 18 damage out of a single activation on several occasions with that
  14. Kbonn

    Yan Lo tactica!

    If you are taking Asura and the Emissary, I'd consider Maniacal laugh for the 3rd upgrade.
  15. From Wikipedia: In the history of the United Kingdom, the Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign, from 20 June 1837 until her death on 22 January 1901. This time period was absolutely not marked by peace, even relative. From the top of my mind: _ War was waged in Europe (for example, France and Germany had a war that ended at the doors of Paris). _ The USA fought against Mexico and knew a violent civil war that still echoes nowadays. The natives had a very difficult time also. _ China knew the Opium wars and the Boxer rebellion. _ Countries were colonized in Africa and Asia. _ There was famine and rebelion in India. One may argue that there has never been a peaceful era in the history of mankind but that's another topic.
  16. Franchute

    (Argentina) Tournament at Buenos Aires on June

    I'm looking forward to a great tournament!
  17. Sagrit

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    Hmm... Chiaki was very simple to assemble, i had no issues with her base...
  18. JurisprudentiallyYours

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    And even more technically, as the Victorian era was marked by a period of relative peace and the freedom to focus on social policies, art, and architecture, I'm not convinced that a Victorian era as we understand it was even possible. I mean, first breach closed around 1790, right? I think the Black Powder Wars and the dependence on magic would have likely altered the timeline just slightly - can we even be sure there was a Queen Victoria in the Malifaux world? There were eight attempts on her life - surely magical fire would have made some difference. Similarly, "Victorian" is the one style of architecture that definitively, 100%, cannot be featured in Malifaux as it developed from that peaceful era on Earth while the breach was closed. I love the Malifaux setting and all of the backstory and ongoing story, but this is honestly one of the limitations of historical fiction, right? "Oh, there was magic so everything was different...except for all the stuff that is easier to leave the same."
  19. Math Mathonwy

    Mah is good

    Did we just post three lists with the only common model between them being Mah herself? And Little Lass in two of the lists? Ummm... Wow. Whoever said that Gremlins lack viable choices? But goes to show how versatile Mah is! I wonder if any other Master would produce three list suggestions with zero overlap in models (discounting totems)?
  20. daniello_s

    Mah is good

    My core crew is: Mah - dc, manifest destiny, apron Whiskey Golem - Barrell Up Emissary - mah's conflux 2x Swine Cursed 3x Survivor Sometimes i change Emissary for Burt/Taxidermist with dc
  21. Math Mathonwy

    Mah is good

    The only autotakes for me are Raphael (with Dirty Cheater) and a Slop Hauler (I'm old school like that). Little Lass has always been in my lists but she isn't optimal as such. Other than those, I often take a Mech Pork, a Taxidermist, and Trixiebelle. Common pics are also a Banjonista, Crier, The Sow, Francois, Crier, Sammy, Bayou Gremlins, Merris, Iron Skeeter, even Sparks (not optimal!). My exact list for the first tournament game (Public Executions), for example, was Mah (Manifest Destiny, Know the Terrain, Liquid Bravery) (7 Pool) Little Lass (Pit Traps) Trixiebelle (A Gun for a Lady) Raphael (Dirty Cheater) Taxidermist (Dirty Cheater) Mech Pork 2 x Slop Hauler
  22. DanteJH

    Mah is good

    Yeah, I got mah some months back and was actually presently surprised! I like using her as a disruption piece with ‘aim for the sore spots’ being a favorite. A 4’ melee means an 8’ bubble of engagement around mah, it’s silly good. I was suprised how stupid fast she is too! As you said, get off my land and let mah handle this it HUGE. I haven’t used hollerin much but I’ll try it next game, I haven’t been disappointed by beat face mah yet. Ml 8! I also really do like bushwackers. I take 2 with mah and a crier and they do serious work! They’re great all round models with a decent gun, a great melee and more movement than they no what to do with! here’s my base list 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 5 Pool - Know The Terrain (1) - Manifest Destiny (1) - Do Over (1) The Little Lass (4) - Lead Lined Apron (0) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Gremlin Crier (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Bayou Bushwhacker (5) Bayou Bushwhacker (5) Pretty elite crew but I haven’t dropped a game with it yet! Most of it should be pretty self explanatory except pere. He’s just there because he makes me giggle
  23. No, it clearly states it cannot be cheated. She can only ignore negatives, not anything else that states you can't cheat.
  24. Ludvig

    Zoraida Poisoned Fate

    Yes. If your model is terrifying/manipulative and/or they have triggers for extra attacks you could probably sink even more cards into it. Might be better to try and target an enemy though.
  25. TeddyBear

    Mah is good

    i'll be boring maybe, but what core list do you use generally with her? I don't have bushwackers..
  26. I looked around a bit and didn't see this, probably because it's pretty straightforward. I just want to double check. Let's my Zoraida obeys a model within 6" with a condition and while I have poisoned fate. Via complete dominance I charge another model with this obeyed model (and am within 6"). When I cheat for those charge attacks it will count as the model cheating, correct? If so, that means they'll take 2 damage each time they cheat. So, If I wanted to blow up my hand I could cause the model to charge, cheat 4 times (attack and damage) and cause 8 damage to itself. I'm pretty sure that is correct, but want to double check.
  27. My question is - can Nelle Cochrane use her Revisionist History Ability to cheat hazardous terrain damage flips? Rules of hazardous terrain say:
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