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  2. There never is a tracking option for the FLGS promo models. The wabbits are a little bit later than usual in the promo timeline though--the typical response is that they begin shipping out FLGS promos on the third week of the following month (i.e., this time last year some people already had their April promo figure in hand). I haven't yet seen anyone report receiving theirs on the Facebook group. I have seen one or two wabbits for sale on the Facebook sales group, where there were zero for a long stretch of time before.
  3. Im awful with MCM. Simply awful. I can't figure him out. Poison, no poison, killy, schemey, I consistently lose with him. There is no other master I struggle with like him. Im better with pre errata lucius than him. So when I see him winning in GG 2017 on logfaux, Im stunned. Not middle of the pack but clearly in the top top strata of masters. I feel like I read somewhere that one player who solos MCM was responsible for that. If that player is here, please enlighten us.
  4. Sorry for ressing this post and going a bit OT, any news on when the war wabbit will be shipped? is there a tracking option?
  5. Great resource! Thanks for all the work putting this together. If I wasn't a broke @$$ grad student I'd gladly contribute to your Patrion account.
  6. I am not sure if this is truly the case. There are many ways to obviate the issue of Nicodem's summoning and they are not difficult to overlook: they could give us more living minions or spirits that are not undead. For some reason they decided that Nico needs more tools - and that's what we have. As for gravediggers: yesterday I took part in a 40ss tournament with fixed list (it was a tournament for beginners mainly), and when I was creating my list around Molly I realized that my best option for 7 ss in fixed list is Johan, a mercenary. So there is definitely a need for a good 7 ss model. Does Gravedigger in his current state compete with Johan? As a Molly player, I don't need that corpses and I would be happy to buff Gravedigger's attack with them. But then, he is melee 5 only. So compare it with Johan: Johan is melee 6 and 3 weak damage. Gravedigger is melee 5 and he competes with Johan in his damage output only if you have already killed something (or used one of Molly's AP to summon 4 ss minion and cycle a card). So Gravedigger looks like a win-more option, while Johan is good on average.
  7. Thanks for the work done!
  8. This is almost an exact copy of how I've started. Been playing for a few months, so take what I say as a fellow beginner Johan is almost a must have. He get's better with M&SU models, and he's your solid piece for removing conditions when needed. He's also a healer. Soulstone Miners are fun to use in schemes were you need/can place a model hidden in a corner. From there it can threaten flanks/rears, drop schemes or harvest for soulstones. Ironsides and Mei Feng, to me, feel like they are competing for the same strategy/scheme combos, the difference is how you want to play it out (and depends on opposing faction). However, the Ironsides box has the Oxfordian Mages. I might be biased towards the trio, but I found myself severly lacking ranged potential in my crews so far (and I like mages). I have gotten my hands on Willie, 2 Wind Gamin, 1 Metal Gamin and Hans in addition to the 3 masters, spiders, miners, Johan and creation
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  10. Neither trigger would work because you can't push into base contact with yourself either.
  11. W.I.P Simulacrum 29 counting as Carrion Emissary... this bad boy is just pinned not glued currently and i have a lot of Bits on order to complete him... watch this place the end product is gonna be epic! wait till you see how I'm gonna add wings to account for the carrion emissary's flight based movement! using this a a base I'm getting rid of the ribcage and bringing in a Soulstone heart fuck yeah!!! need to add a few more smaller arms to the body... this thing is gonna be BAD ASS!
  12. From the album Display case

    simulacrum 29
  13. Highly enjoyable tournament yesterday, good to meet some of the locals and see some of my friends come across from Woking, Oxford and wherever else. Some minor gripes that can be easily fixed. Table numbers. The event worked without but it would've been easier and more organised with them. Times. Dave did a solid job of calling times for the most part but a clock or something downstairs would help a lot. @Doctor Dave use Bag-o-Tools next time The more major gripe however was terrain. A good portion of the tables were excellent some were really lacking and unfortunately although I still had fun in my second round the terrain, or lack of, really effected the game negatively. Now I totally understand getting a collection up and running for game that uses so much like Malifaux is hard and I don't begrudge the TO or the store for not quite having enough but it's definitely something that will need looking at in the future. And I say this from experience, I was down money wise from some events to make sure I had terrain and didn't need to ask to borrow so much so when I say I understand I really do. But yeah, great event, everyone was lovely, three fun games, nice to catch up with some people, see some new faces and the staff and store were great too. Price support was also cracking and makes me wish I didn't decide to go all experimental Thanks again all and congratulations to Kendall on the win.
  14. I feel like this model should have the "oni" characteristic, since most (or all) the other yokai in Malifaux have it.
  15. From the album Display case

  16. That was already suggested, but they didn't go with it. I don't have a clue why...
  17. Was there any timeline shared for Nekima's Alt/neo model ? Are there other pictures of the sculpt? It looks like there's big miniatures behind it (though they might be for The Other side)
  18. I'm guessing his trigger doesn't work if he attacks himself, seeing as a model can't attack itself?
  19. Since 03.06.2017 starting campaign "Bustle in swampland". 4 gaming weeks by 2 weeks each. I'm glad to see everyone. More information here https://vk.com/wall-127759599_187
  20. I'm not much of a painter but I'm trying to get reasonable looking paint jobs on my Malifaux minis. I don't mess around with a bunch of highlighting to layers. I throw on a base coat, slather in shading ink or minwax, and then maybe touch up a few spots that got too dark. I usually use Army Painter Barbarian Flesh to paint skin. I am about start working on my Rail Crew and realized that I don't think I want them to look like a bunch of white guys dressed up for Halloween. I also want to avoid making them offensively yellowish. The only people that are yellow are suffering from jaundice or are living in Springfield. What's a good (and low skill way) to make these models' skin look like it belongs on an asian character?
  21. I've had good luck with getting my own mats mat with www.pixartprinting.com. Printing a 3x3 vinyl banner with your own art on it runs around $15. The mats I've order have turned out nicely. The heavier mousepad material mats are nice but for what you pay for those you could have 3 or 4 different mats printed on vinyl to give you a bit of variety. They are cheap enough that I'm tempted to get one with a bunch of terrain printed on it permit for quicker setup that's more portable than having to lug around a box of terrain and set it up. The trick will be coming up with a terrain layout that's fairly balanced for both sides using the various deployments zones.
  22. Here's my monthly pledge. Phiona, the printing press and another model for a total of 18ss this month.
  23. Nice stuff! Any chance of you sharing how you do the water effects on those gremlin bases?
  24. I've finished assembling and am about halfway through painting my first Malifaux purchases. I'm looking for advice on what to add next to give me some options on what I put on the table. I've got M&SU box, Rail Crew box, a pack of arachnids, and an Electrical creation. I'm considering getting Johan, Soulstone Miners, Carlos, or possibly the Ironsides box. Carlos and the Soulstone Miners both look like the could be a lot of fun, Johan seems like he beefs up what I already own, and Ironsides gets me a third master, a solid support piece in the Captain, and the mages bring some ranged attackers to my melee heavy model collection. I haven't played a game yet so I'm just guessing at what I'll need in my toolbox. What do I need to look at adding to my collection next to have the tools to deal with most schemes? Am I on the right track with the models that I'm looking at? I'd prefer purchases that make the two masters I have work better instead of branching out more but am not totally against getting a third master if the box is full of stuff that everyone will use (like the Ironsides box). I'd like to focus on getting some depth and flexibility with Ramos and Mei Feng instead of spreading my attentions.
  25. On a similar note to Bete, has anyone tried Killjoy with Reva?
  26. They are too short to jump over him
  27. Sebastian is Ht1? I never knew that. Maybe a Ht2 or less clause?
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