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  2. Is collette still strong enough?

    No one is better than Sandeep, he is borderline broken and/or new enough that a lot of players haven't figured put how to deal. Collette is still strong, they just removed a very boring interaction with prompt making her an uninspiring spambot instead of a real master. Most masters who grant ap have restictions about not doing it on the same model. She still hands out ap like it was candy through prompt and all together now combined with (0) interacts.
  3. Hi, I just started to play malifaux about 3 month ago.. I have played infinity forms while, and when I started, I asked who is the strongest master in arcanist and it was between sandeep and Colette. I picked Sandeep, but I think it is about time for me to expend, and was gonna go buy dark carnival... Then realized that Colette is doing not so hot according to the logfaux. is Colette still strong enough for me to buy dark carnival? Would I regret it? Is she(he?) better than Sandeep?
  4. Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in "CITADEL" club ( Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovskoe shosse, 20, TC "Novaya Era", 5th, floor). 50 SS, scheme & strategies from Gaining Ground 2017, 3 rounds for 2 hours each, first round start at 11:00 a.m. More info you can find here - http://citadelnn.com/forum/index.php/topic,6287.msg118281.html#new To contact me, write PM.
  5. With the miniature gaming portion of TempleCon not happening in the summer like last year, I thought it was a good idea to run a tourney to pick up the slack. Hope to see some more of you guys (not just the usual four...) at this one. Here are the details: 50 SS Gaining Grounds 2017 $15 Entry Fee 10 am Registration, 11 am start time The tournament will take place at Table Top Games, 875 State Road, Westport MA (774) 319-5655 I will be buying a 16 player prize kit for this one. Hope to see you there!
  6. Reckless = OP?

    Yes, but Slop Haulers aren`t as powerful with reckless as Swinecursed or Burt. Pigapult won`t give you VP for Claim Jump. I don`t really think half the units you mention are competitively useless because of cross faction power. They are just overshined by the 2-4 top picks like Swinecurse/Burt/Francois/Lightning Bugs that make everything else look pretty bad.
  7. Essential summons for Spirit Molly?

    Before I switched to horror Molly I found Onryo + Goryo to be very useful. Summoning an Onryo is like summoning a bomb that gives out adversary and possibly slow, with the obligatory black blood. They're on of the easiest ways to give out adversary in a Molly crew. Goryo are decent because the 50mm base allows them to gain a lot of wounds on the initial summon. If you summon them out of engagement they can charge a target that has adversary, on the turn they are summoned. Goryo are good because they fill they are the only thing you can summon on an 11, so they are nice to have if you can't quite summon a Shikome.
  8. Today
  9. Reckless = OP?

    There is one issue with this in a competitive environment the 2-4 models will just be replaced with other reckless models. Would I take burt for 7+1 for dirty cheater (which btw is rare 2 and makes it a sacred resource) if he wasn't reckless? No. I could take 2 lightning bugs or 2 slops and then have 6 ap and 10-12 wounds. See this is the issue because reckless is the best part about any gremlin (I'm being honest here... ap wins games today). So with the exception of like three models mctavish, first mate and gracie (and they all basically have 3-4 ap) every competitively played gremlin model has reckless. bayou gremlins, lighting bugs, slop haulers, swine cursed, trixie, francois, burt, gremlin taxidermist, pigapult and fingers. (this excludes totems and stuffed piglets because they are too cheap to care). If you told me hey I'm going to cuddle reckless a little bit (maybe a little more damage or something). But give every gremlin in the faction reckless then I would be okay with it because then we would have more options and make the faction more fun. (banjonista, mancha roja, moon shinobi, sparks, bayou bushwacker would all be pretty cool with reckless.) I mean half out units are useless in a competitive environment which kinda sucks.
  10. Reckless = OP?

    Hot take: Burt isn't as big a problem for faction balance because as a mercenary, anyone can take him.
  11. Collodi's Decoy ability and blasts

    You do everything including placing markers and removing models completely for one model at a time before moving onto the next.
  12. Rasputina

    I have never taken Raspy without a Silent One. My meta hates those guys so much that they will skew the board just to get to them. My "standard" Raspy crew is: Raspy, Snowstorm, Emissary, Acolyte, Silent One, Gamin, Wendigo, Effigy. I will occasionally replace the Emissary with a Myranda/Blessed or Mech Rider depending on the scheme pool. The most change in the list though is in Raspy's upgrades. I always take Arcane Reservoir. I usually take Shattered Heart and Cold Nights. However if I think I will see lots of Df flips or Hard to Wound (Ten T or Ressers) I will take December's Pawn to go Joker fishing instead. Snowstorm tends to get Armor of December. Playstyle: Raspy is a control master to me. I use Cold Nights cast by both her and the Wendigo to block the boardsup and force opponents to come to me. This is of course terrain dependent but there have been times I've completely shut off someone from getting to Squatter's or Stash markers by forcing them to go the long way around terrain. It also helps that it clumps them up in tight passages to blast into. Raspy usually tries to go early turn 1 if there's no one in range to smash in order to get the walls off quickly. Later turns I will often wait to activate her so that she has Bite of Winter and the Effigy buff up. Because of the threat of her damage potential it tends to change how people play against her. I'll see opponents act more conservatively, not wanting to be wiped off the board which allows me more ability to take my objectives despite the relative slowness of the crew. If they go the more aggressive route, Raspy will toss armor on Snowstorm or the Emissary and let them tank all day. Raspy is my normal anti Resser drop ESPECIALLY if I know they are playing Karai. She can use her Frozen Heart nodes to stay out of LOS from Karai and kill those pesky spirits without summoning Ikiro and she gets around incorporeal. Vs other ressers she's ok with hard to wound as it will sometimes result in a black joker blasting multiple models off the board.
  13. Reckless = OP?

    If the Gremlin flavor is based around the 3 or 4 undercosted models then I don`t really mind. I play Arcanists too and if they change wind gamin, Practiced Production/Raptor thing and Sandeep I really wouldn`t consider the flavor "lost". I also play Guild and I`m advocating changing of Nellie too (even though she`s the best Guild master out there). Like I said, you don`t have to remove reckless from the game. You just have to take it off 2-4 models or Adjust their cost.
  14. 8/05 Tournament in Brooklyn

    We will be hosting a casual Malifaux event at Nu Brand Gaming in Brooklyn on August 5th. This will be a regular gaining grounds event, using the gg17 schemes and strategies. We will be setting a relaxed 2:15 minute round time so that everyone has plenty of time to finish their games. Schemes will be revealed the day of the event. Schedule; 10:00am Arrival 10:30-12:45 Game 1 -Standard Deployment, Squatter's Rights 12:45-1:15 - Lunch 1:30-3:45 Game 2 - Corner Deployment, Guard the Stash 4:00-6:15 Game 3 - Flank Deployment, Reckoning Venue Information Nu Brand Gaming194 31st Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 The price for the event is $15 for general admission and $10 for Nu Brand members. Any grudge matches for the first game will happily be obliged.
  15. Reckless = OP?

    Honestly now that I've seen complaints about basically every model used in a Somer crew and reckless I just feel like this whole thread is a slippery slope. I think at this point if you give anything you lose it all. If we cuddle Burt and take something away then Trixie & Francois will be complained about after a few months and then "evidence" that reckless is too strong will be out there. I think changing reckless would piss off the whole gremlin player base and imo ruin the credibility of wyrd. One thing is tweaking a single model or two....tweaking basically 25% of a faction that's nuts and most actual player of the faction would find it unfair unless basically every other faction got their top 50% of models tuned down. Honestly a world where 1) reckless in crapped on (once per game, fast this turn slow next, etc.) Or 2) all our cool models lose it would suck and I it would just make us bad. I feel like a ton of commentors saying the negatives don't really care what happens to Gremlins playability afterwards because they can go back to whatever they play and be happy that one faction they face will be so much easier. I only play gremlin (gf plays guild) and I would hate to see a faction I really love go down in flames. I hope wyrd sees past these complaints and scrolls through the forms back to early 2017 when some guy was complaining he couldn't win a game. I think wyrd should just work on gg18 to make ap/model count a little less powerful a resource and then after that we can see. Right now gg17 doesn't have sufficient schemes that balance out for elite crews so obviously Gremlins/Tara's crew/ summoners will run rampant and do well. Are Gremlins best equipped at this gg17? Maybe? Is that reason to cuddle them to the ground...no Also on a side note It makes me feel good to an extent people are complaining about lighting bug efficiency healing somers new buddies. I brought that strategy to light ohh so long ago on my old account
  16. Collodi's Decoy ability and blasts

    That makes sense, but I was more wondering about the technicality where a model at 0 wounds isn't removed until after the damage resolution step (relevant for post damage pushes, etc). So the stitched is a 0 wounds but still on the board until all damage is resolved. Wouldn't that technically allow Collodi to target and sac him to prevent the damage?
  17. Opposed Actions with a TN

    If you'd like additional reassurance on how it's played, the QuickStart rules in the two player starter set include an example of the situation. For an opposed duel with a target number, you check the target number after both players have their final duel totals, not before.
  18. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    You can sometimes go defensive and just discard/draw. Recruiters also can deplete your hand.
  19. Claim Jump - list of models

    If a model drops a scheme marker with its first AP and walks with the second, Austringer can make it drop the second with Deliver orders... Not efficient, but it's there.
  20. Opposed Actions with a TN

    It's a straight opposed duel. You check whether the TN was reached or not at the end of opposed duel. Small rulebook page 25: Under "Determine Success" it goes into more detail:
  21. Opposed Actions with a TN

    I need some help getting this clear in my head. If a model takes an action that targets an enemy model that also has a required TN for it to work, does the defender flip immediately or do they wait until the attacking model meets the TN? I have read the rules several times, but I am not seeing anything on it. I could see it going either way. I just am not sure which way is correct. Is the casting considered a simple duel to achieve the TN and then an opposed after the TN is made or is it a straight opposed duel?
  22. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    I mainly just use it for the card draw. I played the local henchman the other night, and he kept cheating his low cards in his hand on duels he was losing anyway to keep his hand smaller than mine so I couldn't card draw with the scales.
  23. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    I wouldn`t use it on my enemy ever
  24. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    I would only ever use tip the scales on my own models. At Ca 3, it's near impossible to do it to an enemy.
  25. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    There is a 1 in 1000 games situation I would use Tip the Scales on my own models. The discard effect from Swordfighter is pretty awesomely replenished by the Scales. The +1Wp aura is great with Death Marshals.
  26. Wave 5 upgrade speculation/hopes

    True, you might need some more cards after having to discard two to do the 0 action. Or, if you have a high enough card in hand, you could Tip the scales for ++. This sword fighter upgrade really resembles the Trick Shooting of the Lone Marshall. I like it.
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