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  2. From what I have seen (only 3 games so far), but I don't think so. The A&D just does not attack that much. Thinking about it now, it might work on Bete. It would have made killing sensui easier (but it was easy with the flurry anyway). I am still thinking that in this army it just is not worth it.
  3. Great looking models and thanks for the detailed pointers that will save me any grief when I go to assemble them
  4. I like him for his ability to cause horror duels, ignore cover and to remove slow and paralyzed, two very common and threatening conditions.
  5. Hey Wyrdos. I am holding Malifaux demos in two different locations throughout the month of May within the Portsmouth (UK) area. These are as follows: Fridays between 6pm and 11pm at Malifaux Club, A Fistful of Dice, Elm Grove, Southsea. Demos through the week are also available if you contact me. Tuesday between 7pm and 11pm at Solent Wargamers Club, Royal British Legion, Fratton Road, Portsmouth. 2nd, 4th and 5th Monday of the month between 6pm and 10pm at Geeky Mondays, St John Ambulance Training Centre, Buckland, Portsmouth. If you would like to take part in one of these Demos (or a game), please contact me via Private Message on here. If you have a faction you are interested in, please let me know so that I can add these factions into our Demo. many thanks, John the Beast
  6. Today
  7. Would Bigger They Are depend on schemes and opposing faction? Guild and Ressers seem to have good non-discardable upgrades and at least in my experience Quick Murder targets tend to pack an upgrade or two on them. Could maybe be thought of as a soft counter pick to Show of Force as well?
  8. Only because I probably cant make it. trololo
  9. Don't worry there's so many upgrades keeping track of them is tough! Personally i think your list is fantastic, i love Montresor but have not had much success using him in Henchman Hardcore, your list seems to take advantage of his mighty -1 wp aura.
  10. Pre Nephillim neverborn imprisoned Titania fearing the power of the grave spirit. Look where that got them. Where are all the fae? pretty clear the outcome of imprisoning Titania was bad for her former followers. I don't think that imprisoned argument holds merit.
  11. So this last game, Bete only buried once. He was shot at by a focus sniper, I was losing and used a 9. He then used an 11 to hit, and I used a 10 to bury. Did take the whole sniper's turn though. As for bigger they are...I answer this in my long thread, but for the short answer, no would not have been worth the 1 ss for it for a third game in a row. Thanks, Steven
  12. I quite enjoy the gibbering, and the hordes. But in all seriousness, the Lovecraftian angle is nice, the Karkanoi are great because I love bug models, and the sweet, sweet recursion. Oh also landsharks.
  13. I got a Mei Feng "foil" card as part of a trade. Happy to sell it or trade it for any LE models.
  14. I want to like these guys, I really do. I have fielded them a couple times and tried to use them as scheme-runners, but I feel like they are missing something (armor?) to make them really good. Has anyone found a niche with these guys? I love the models and the fluff surrounding them and want to use them more.
  15. I'm keen so James Henley will be too
  16. Post event meal. As has become traditional there will be a meal after the event for anyone that wants to come - after all its a Bank Holiday on the Monday. I'm suggesting Frankie & Bennies at Kingston which is about 10 minutes drive away and central for travelling whichever way you are going. Please let me know (post here or on facebook) asap so I can book a table.
  17. Does anyone happen to have a screenshot of the alternate Titania render they showed? The only one I can find is this one and it doesn't show her rising out of a pool of anything. Is all the confusion just coming from the image being cropped off at the knees?
  18. Good news everyone! Listen to that great new start of our history!!! That Sunday, 30th of April, we will have tournament in new place - boardgame club "Igrostock" (1 Gagarin`s street, Smolensk) - Start of tournament at 2 p.m. - Tournament format: 50 SS, you name 3 masters of your faction. Crews will be basing on your strategy and schemes. - Tournament will use M2E rules and Gaining Ground 2017 - There will be 3 rounds 2 hours each - Only official Decks are allowed - Only official Malifaux minis are allowed - Proxy miniatures are prohibited - Conversions are allowed if minis are recognazible and consist of 2/3 Malifaux miniatures - You can use unpainted minis - You can use printed statcards and upgrade cards - Enter fee - 200 RUR We will try to make this tournament unforgetable, so be ready to face the danger of Malifaux!!! Chalenge your enemies and remember - Malifaux it`s a game for gentlemens! P.S. We invited the TV. And we have the great chanse to show Malifaux to the mass of people!
  19. Every Tuesday in May we will be having Malifaux tournaments. All start at 6pm and Will run for two rounds of swiss before cutting to finals. Rounds are a hard 90 minutes, meaning that when time is called the current activation finishes, end of turn is resolved, and points are calculated as per end of game. Casual during and after the event for late comers. $5 entry. All entry goes to the first place winner as store credit. Tokens provided to all participants. Mystery box provided to 2nd place and best hobby (Crystal Brush Standard). Raffle- gain a ticket in the raffle per loss, names will be drawn at the end of swiss (excluding anyone in the finals) and stuff from my random cool swag bag will be given away. 2nd- 25ss Henchman Brawl, Open Arsenal 9th- 35ss 2015 (Standard Book), Open Arsenal 16th- 40ss RETURN OF THE CIRCUS OF DEATH event. Special 'terrain' rules. Single List 23rd- 40ss 2017 Gaining Grounds, Open Arsenal 30th- League Day- Standard event with extra tickets for the lottery given to folk who complete the BINGO Missions during their games.
  20. I love the color blending on the emissaries flesh and Zipp's smoke, great work!
  21. I love malifaux. I love painting. I also love my wife and my dog. The following painting log is a mix of the first two. Somehow I don't think this is the place to document learning to play malifaux with my dog. I will be posting my attempts to transform my mountain of grey plastic into a mountain of colourful plastic whilst hopefully picking up hints and tips on how to improve my painting. the emissary was a lot of fun to paint. Zipp is still wip.
  22. No riflemen but here are mine next to McCabe, Lone Marshall and the Pale Rider. They fit right in!
  23. Maybe nephilim have a bunch of "genders" where tot-young-mature/Nekima is one, tot-something-inbetween-completely human looking like Graves and Lilith is another and Lilitu and Lelu are stages of genus three and four? It's strange how Graves is nephilim-mimic if Lilith is pure nephilim. Seems like her and Nekima are half-sisters at best and someone screwed a doppelgänger. Would explain the rivalry... We also know for a fact that you can get turned into a nephilim like Tuco and look more nephilim-esque than Lilith to boot!
  24. DM on the way.
  25. The marker furthest away being within 6" automatically means the closer marker is also within 6". They are considered individual markers for all intents and purposes(except perhaps placing mindless zombies per the latest faq), they just need to touch each other when placed. Sorry if my first answer was unclear.
  26. Mmm come to think of it if Mason is referring to the new incoming book...now i understand the smiley. I haven't read it of course. I was refering to existing material from either TTB or Malifaux. To make it short, it was always about a practical way to enact a terror campaign on the "prey". Can't wait to see what new material they come up with. I agree with you, Nephilim shape is a mess apart from the Tot-Young-Mature-Nekima lineage...Imho Lilith should have done away with her old "metal" appearance when they made her plastic. No horns, no hoofs...no wings...clothes...she's nothing like a nephilim and in fact looks like the "enemy". Titania looks like a more suitable model.
  27. Anychance of a size comparison to say McCabe and a rifleman?
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