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  2. I think that is better without a single setup,more variety more fun. But I found good try combo with models
  3. Psh. Only if they rear up. They're more long than tall.
  4. Unfinished Hunt being After Succeeding would help. If they could remove friendly scheme markers they would be pulling double duty for Titinia (helping to lift out of place markers and possibly reclaim some cards for her TNs and suit reqs) which may situationally help them in other crews, too. May be too much for the cost but at current I would only hire this model if I think I can abuse Savage Mauling (With Dreamer, a crew with Taproot, or Collodi + Breath of Life or something) as it's not embodying a scheme runner Hunter in a practical way.
  5. and that ^ is why when you talk to non-Arcanist groups about the Raptor all you hear is salt and rage. In the hands of someone who has enough experience to play a disruptive game and make use of the synergies of the crew, it does a lot. Add to it a single showgirl who can take at least one upgrade (Angelica, for instance) and the upgrade Practiced Production and it goes from being a tricky tool to use to your opponent being able to look at your crew and think: Leave Your Mark is in the pool, they have Angelica with PP and a Raptor. I can't hit buried things with this crew and nothing I have that's fast enough can afford to try and disrupt LYM if that bird pops up behind all this blocking severe/impassible terrain. They're up 3 VP from crew selection alone. Now what? Can I kill Angelica between turns 2-3 when she cannot be charged and will likely be in hard cover and defensive? Of course, if you have the spare stones and want to use Cassandra or Carlos as the PP carrier instead, that's a different animal with a similar song. Cassandra can put attacks on the negative and is nimble, and Carlos is both stupendously fast and surprisingly good at tanking. They can afford to play more forward than Angelica, and they ask different questions of you and your opponent. We have other models that work well as Practiced Production nodes, like the Soulstone Miner. It, however, is 6 stones, armored, and significant. It presents a very different kind of problem, but loses the mobility advantage after it unburies, or if the deployment is Close Deployment. It also doesn't do anything on the level that @dancater describes above in terms of disruption. You could possibly use things like Wind Gamin as well, as they're flying and walk 5 with a leap ability (and significant), but again, not to the level of mobility and disruption that you get for cheaper out of the Raptor. Though Wind Gamin get some salt as well because they're another model that does a whole lot more for its cost in the hands of an experienced player. Outside of Practiced Production and Leave Your Mark (or any other scheme that involves putting schemes in your opponent's deployment zone), Raptors also work incredibly well as Hunting Party defense. Typically when used for this, they're hired into a crew that's almost entirely enforcers and henchmen. As an example: With Hunting Party in the pool, everything in this crew except Ironsides and the Raptor can score on the scheme. Your opponent can only score if they kill the Raptor (or do some newer, more interesting tricks like using Amina Naidu to give people the Peon station before having them killed), so for you to defend against the scheme and deny them those points, you just have the Raptor take to the skies and pop up on a corner so far away from everything in the opposing crew that it's not worth trying to go after. If you put a crew like this together, an experienced opponent is probably not taking Hunting Party unless they can attack buried things (another thing that's becoming a little more common) or have reliable ways of changing your models' station. Something else to note is that they are on a 40mm base and can place anywhere on the table. Need a 30mm Web Marker covered? Need to stop someone from using a Corpse or Scrap Marker? Does one of your opponent's scary abilities require line of sight to a Scheme Marker? No problem. Camp on top of that marker and force your opponent to spend precious AP going after a 3 stone disruption piece. Your bird is doing what it was hired to do (disruption), and whatever is killing it is not (barring Hunting Party).
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  7. I looked it up it allows a beast and a construct to trade places. I can see where that could be handy.
  8. That looks like an excellent choice. Swapping isn't really allowed but if you can convince me that it will ruin your weekend playing a master then the chances are I will let you trade, mainly because its for funz
  9. Nellie is flexible enough to make lots of stuff work.
  10. I like the idea of male nurses. You could include some guild stuff instead of the useless construct and canine though.
  11. remember if you up to the duel you'll get all the bonus models for that faction as well great way to get a full 2 commander army for 2 factions.
  12. Oxies should be Cuddled! Right now I'm not interested in using this model.
  13. Which is a good place to start. I'd probably give them more Might and Wounds and probably increase their Height to 3 (those things are pretty big).
  14. Three people should be fine. It's a shorter adventure, but the Rat Kings at the end should present a decent enough challenge to the group, especially if people are still learning the system. I'd recommend fluffing it up a bit with some increased social interaction with the guards. If you have plans for future games, placing a grimoire or other curiosity in the rat warren might be a good way to segue into the next adventure.
  15. Yes. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54fe412ce4b0c449f7369857/t/5939b802e3df282dbda114b4/1496954886734/?format=500w So......... Might 1 | Grace 1 | Speed 2 | Resilience 0 Charm -3 | Intellect -2 | Cunning -1 | Tenacity 0 Basically just random guesses there. Nothing official. I'd probably have Karkinoi be Enforcer level, so +8. That leaves Derived at: Defense 4 (12) Willpower 2 (10) Wounds 4 Walk 5 Charge 6 Height 2 I'd pick some skills, and that could obviously adjust some of the numbers, but I think that's a good place. I think their Actions you can largely figure out, as you really just want an attack action and a lay egg thing. I'd probably make the lay egg a (2). The Scything Claws I'd probably do as 2/3/4, but that does extra damage when you're engaged with more than one of them. I dunno, just throwing stuff out there. It's your game, so...
  16. One of them already showed up in the Ferryman One-Shot awhile back.
  17. You get in contact with the folks that do that sort of stuff and start up a petition and I will most certainly sign those papers when HBO comes a' calin'.
  18. This may be a large shot, as we have not seen novels, but I would love to see a Netflix, Hulu series. As no other gaming company has really done a Live Action movie, or series. I think this would be amazing. I am sure this far fetch and just a dream for myself, but Wyrd has the story already, and Game of Thrones will be ending soon. Wyrd we need a new "Game of Thrones" Show!
  19. I'm not sold on the 'butterfly effect' but it's creative and well executed. Nice paintjob.
  20. They have not been changed. I can only say that I have already written that I think about the specialization of this model in the previous topic. Maybe I'm wrong and this model is where it should be. As an example - the Oxfordian Magician, now they cost as much as the Baltugins, but they have specialization and are much more effective than Hyenas. What do you think about this?
  21. On your list of comparison I would give Silurids the attacking advantage, in that I can absolutely make a model safe from the Stalker for the whole turn just by activating it. Sure, if you just want raw damage, the stalker will be better, but most of the time you want to hurt a certain target, and the stalker just can't do that as consistently. And it looks easier to me to shut down the midnight stalker than the Silurid. yes, the place is automatic, but it happens at the beginning of the turn. If I just walk a model up to the stalker, its largely neutered since he can't attack it, and has to hope to be able to run away to be able to do anything. I'd probably still give the stalker the overall mobility edge but it doesn't look as clear cut to me as you make out. (But then I seem to prioritise stopping scheme runners higher than a lot of people). The stalker sits in a bizarre place where he is better defensively the later you activate him, but better offensively the earlier you activate him, making him much harder to find an ideal time to activate especially as he is relatively easily neutered by a model ending its activation engaged with him.
  22. I think that sounds like a really cool idea. Given that they have already done a alt female McMourning, would you have it focus around her, or something else?
  23. The future is unwritten. If it does, it won't be for a good while.
  24. Anyone else want an alternate McMourning Crew - gender bent of course. I'm a nurse myself, and male at that. I'd like to see some concepts for male nurses, and please don't tell me to just use the orderlies out of the starter box. The rest of the box could look decent with all of the genders swapped, I'm imagining a take on Bride of Frankenstein for the construct and even the Chihuahua could be changed out for a feline of some kind. Thoughts?, Dave
  25. The other thing the emissary moving up himself does is gives you something else to threaten with for when they concentrate on Lady J.
  26. Anyone else want an alternate McMourning Crew - gender bent of course. I'm a nurse myself, and male at that. I'd like to see some concepts for male nurses, and please don't tell me to just use the orderlies out of the starter box. The rest of the box could look decent with all of the genders swapped, I'm imagining a take on Bride of Frankenstein for the construct and even the Chihuahua could be changed out for a feline of some kind. Thoughts?, Dave
  27. I'm starting to think it might be best for using movement tricks from other models or like four n six said, using it to get out of engagement to shoot. He could use Mei Feng's railwalk for instance, or Tixiebelle's gremlin lure. Might help get him into range a bit faster so he can autofire more often.
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