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  2. don't work only tri-chi recive reactive
  3. Sorry that I messed up. I started suggesting neverborn models and then realized I was in the TT forum and edited the post. The doppleganger is a very solid neverborn model if you want to improve on that side.
  4. Thanks @whodares That's opened up a few options I haven't heard of before. I know pushing and luring can be great for setting up a strategy, and Doppelganger can help with Graves, so I'll definitely look around and play different styles. I'll only had 7 games, and my model pool has been pretty small, but hopefully I'll get to imply a tactic or two that you've brought up today Thanks
  5. I didn't have the option of thralls the laat time I ran him burny so I didn't remember they were witch hunters. I usually don't have a problem with Sam doing anything useful first turn, the list tends to be out activated if you keep witchlings the cheapest models. Lucius Sam with his useless upgrade Handler, witch hunt 4 stalkers Thatputs you at 41ss or something. Add a hunter or something?
  6. It depends on the playstyle. If you like pushing your models to the enemy, go for ten thunders. If you like luring the enemy to you, go with neverborn. The Thunders have Sensei Yu, which makes Mulligan crazy good for a 0 action. You can cycle up to 6 cards in a turn from just Lynch's and Yu's Mulligan. Yu is also pushbot 9000, so you can feel better throwing Huggy in the face on turn 1. @Ludvig also mentioned the Samurai and the Brothers. The brothers are already a strong 5ss model and lynch pushes it up to 11. You can get the preferred stance as long as you have the ace for free and then go defensive for free. Armor 1 Df7 models are fairly hard to take down So what do the neverborn offer? They can offer you a better lure and some more things the lure triggers, such as pounce. You can bring Lilitu as opposed to a beckoner and get a Ca 7 lure instead of a ca6. As a player, you should know by now how powerful a 7 attack is. If you then bring Lelu with you, you can lure into his pounce so that 1 AP lure becomes a 2 AP or possibly 3 AP action (if Lelu activated already and gave his condition for free pounce). Neverborn are just more tricky to play against in general and will make your opponents life hell with all the wp-based horror duels. An illuminated's Terrifying 10 is pretty lame and gimmicky, but drop 2 web markers from Widow weaver and suddenly they have -2 wp to resist. Or you can go for a teddy who has default Terrifying 13, so that's guaranteed to burn a card in your opponents hand. Got a map with small corridors or an area the opponent must go to? Bring the Emissary and lay down Hazardous Terrain there. You want to go there? Take a high walk duel or suffer 1/4/5 damage. I could go on, but this is just to show you that I find neither "inferior" towards the other. It's just a preference of playstyle.
  7. I've done McMourning without any upgrades. Without rancid transplant and plastic surgery together he does much less big damage. I've used lady J with the starter set models too. She was pretty killy but straight forward. I think avoiding upgrades and combos with a lot of synergy can make things more straight forward.
  8. Thanks, Sorry about getting it mixed up 😃 I'll check them out, and cycling for aces is definately worth while.
  9. "After succeeding" (Tooth's trigger is after succeeding, not damaging) triggers occur after step 5 of Action resolution. The push from her attack occurs inside step 5 along with the action's effects - the push always occurs first in all cases. If they want it clear of the action completely, it does need an "after resolving the current action" or similar language. "when... places" may be confusing ("When" = "if" as mentioned in the FAQ, I believe) so maybe "after... places" depending on the intent and where they want the charge to happen if they do in fact want it to happen inside the action.
  10. I can see that. Probably should read "if it is a Master or Henchman, it gains fast instead." So I am struggling with this model. I understand taking away Tanuki's Hat, but where Charm Warder and Lotus Eater are finding their places in the 5ss spectrum, this model has slowly begun to underwhelm me. What are your guys perspectives? As of right now, Take A Little Nap pretty much the only reason to take this model. Even with the new reactivate. Poison 4 in one turn is hard to accomplish with out dedicating some serious AP. Monk of Low River is cheaper, with a better heal, is more stalwart and I feel better utility. Despite the chance of getting reactivate. We just don't generate enough poison, even in a brewmaster crew, to make use of that ability except maybe once or twice a game. I understand that even one or two reactivates is potentially devastating, but generating poison 4 is no small task. I suppose there is some synergy between LRM and Tanuki for helping to generate poison, but because it ticks down, it makes it harder to stack. This encourages use of Akaname I suppose. Which I like, even though it's an underwhelming model. But other than that the only models that pass out poison natively are I think Yin... and Sensei Yu when he punches someone. Both of whom have better things to do with their AP generally speaking. So then we get to Brewmaster. There is some interesting synergy with him here. Basically 2 AP from Brewie = Reactivate on an enforcer. That's pretty snazzy. I mean really snazzy. Ok, so this model is ridiculous with Brewie. But even still! I'd almost rather spend the 1ss more for a Performer. Her lure is better for Brewie, the scheme marker pop is great combo'ed with his Swill and Obey. And her sip of wine trigger is far superior to Cure for a Hangover. But that enforcer reactivate... for 2 of brewie's AP... Ok, I have to bring this up. This makes Yasunori DUMB. Let's say Yasunori is chilling out after charging in and doing what Yasu does. Brewie activates. You have a bunch of options here... that involves 0 to push up to yasu (giving him poison 2), bopping him for poison 2 and obeying him to murderface someting. Then tanuki goes and heals any damage yasu may have taken from the activation inbetween and gives him reactivate. Just to recap: Yasu gets on a charge up to 4 attacks. Obey gives him up to 3. Then he gets another potential 4 from reactivate. That's 11 min 3 attacks. If Brewie is in range from pushes or being able to just stroll up, you can even still drinking contest. Yes this requires some setup, but it's not that hard in 10T. So here's my statement before I realized this was a thing you could do: I want to like this model, but I feel some of what it's lost and some of what it's gained just puts it in a cool sounding model that I would never take outside of Brewie (maybe, I'd have to test compared to a performer). What am I missing here, folks? to I want to like this model, but I feel some of what it's lost and some of what it's gained just puts it in a cool sounding model that I would never take outside of Brewie (SWEET JEEBUS YASUNORI!!!!!!). Thoughts?
  11. Another Demo: May 26th from 4pm to 7pm. I'll be available in Wargamer store (ul. Śniadeckich 3, Kielce)
  12. Yeah. I feel that there is almost no reason to go to mantle of flames now.
  13. Got it mixed up. Ten thunders can cycle a lot of cards to find aces and have a lot of powerful discard abilities. Take a look at samurai and ten thunder brothers. The upgrade recalled training is stupid good too.
  14. I'm pleased to invite everyone to The Old Pig Knows The Way, Malifaux Tournament in Kielce, Poland on June 11th 2017. It will be a 50ss fixed master event with 3 rounds. We will use GG 2017. Entry fee is 15 PLN, and the registration will start at 9:00 AM. Event plan available also on https://www.facebook.com/events/1345721008856145/?fref=ts
  15. Agreed with the above, but I'd reword the whole ability to the below. My other confusion with this ability would be the timing. Let's The Tooth hits a model with her melee attack. The attack places a scheme marker in base with a model after succeeding (fix in edit) but the attack has a built in push on her target which occurs after the scheme marker is placed. Does this model charge the tooth before the push occurs? Original Steadfast Protector: If an enemy model places a Scheme Marker, if the enemy model is within LoS and range to be Charged, this model may discard a card to Charge the enemy model. This Charge may be made even if this model is engaged. If more than one model places a scheme Marker at the same time, this model may only Charge one of them. Reworded Steadfast Protector: When an enemy placing one or more scheme markers, if it was done by an enemy model model within LOS and this model's charge range, you may discard a card after fully resolving the current action to charge that model even if this model is engaged.
  16. Thought you responded to the drawing cards with Lynch topic. I don't think there's any debate on wastrels bring useful to McCabe, more what their use is in other crews.
  17. Do you mean something like this? Tara (4ss cache) +Knowledge of Eternity (2) +Obliteration Symbiote (2) The Nothing Beast (10) +Void Shield (0) +Oath Keeper (1) Scion of the Void (8) +Oath Keeper (1) Death Marshal (6) Void Wretch (4) Void Wretch (4) Void Wretch (4) Void Wretch (4) Void Wretch (4) I am still waiting for my pieces to show up in the mail, but I think the upgrades make sense. Unless you would suggest something else.
  18. Why is Steadfast Protector now so clunky? "If an enemy model places a Scheme Marker, if the enemy model is within LoS and range to be Charged, this model may discard a card to Charge the enemy model." Trivial change for clarity: "When an enemy model within LOS and Charge Range places a scheme marker, this model may discard a card to Charge the enemy model."
  19. Today
  20. Hello, So I recently started playing Malifaux, and own the Dark Debts box. The people at my local store say 10T Lynch has better options, so I was wondering if I could have some advice as to what works best with him. I know Darkened models are still viable, and Terror Tots sprint has been working extremely well so far, but Huggy & Lynch alone (in the latter games at least) have been giving out brilliance enough. Because I'm pretty new, but have known the people at my local store for years, one of them has offered to let me 'Play test' some models, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 😃
  21. I would like to one day do this as well. Do you remember what your crew was roughly?
  22. Good change w/ the mask on her attack and helps to be able to heal herself with the suit (although I don't think I'd ever user it on herself). I also assume people know her condition won't persist after she dies and comes back - but could potentially confuse new players (until they read the rules on summons). For simplicity I'd rather it read "until it leaves play" instead of "until the end of the game". The change actually hurts the model a tad to potentially being buried, but in the end makes it clearer with its unique "resummon" ability I'm still of the opinion that Bottle of Painkillers should not require a suit to go off, rather the condition removal should be a trigger on a ram. Candy's heal is better and running Depression Candy can guarantee the suit, and she is CA expert (so 3 heals instead of 2). I don't see that change making her heal crazy powerful or anything (otherwise Candy would see play today) but allow me to hire the model specifically as a healer since its 3ss less than Candy even though the TN number is a bit harder. If the concern is copying the heal and mass healing like crazy, change the heal to just a straight 1 hp heal instead of 1/2/3, or 1/1/3. What are you're thoughts on the heal?
  23. Ignoring all Abilities is a slippery slide, unfortunately. Black Blood is the common one that's an issue (via Molly). Assume the first wording applies to the second instance as well (i.e., it ignores Black Blood in both places).
  24. Could still be that he gets reactivate or something like that (the emmissarys trinket for example)? So, if they want to keep it once per turn, you still need the phrase
  25. Nicely done, here's something to add on my to-do list.
  26. There is difference in Entropy Condition description: Barrier to the Other World: Entropy +2: When this model Activates, it suffers damage equal to the value of this Condition, ignoring Black Blood. Charm of Entropy: Entropy +1: When this model Activates, it suffers damage equal to the value of this Condition. If the former is correct it's better to say "ignoring any Abilities" or "without triggering any Abilities", because BB isn't the only Ability of such kind.
  27. @Tokapondora nailed it. I really like where this model is at now. And even though Essence Lantern changed (good change) I feel like there are factions who don't get normal access to that level of +flips that benefit from it GREATLY. Gremlins comes to mind, considering just how many models they can activate. I really like where this model has evolved to. It has a distinct roll and flavor. The entropy changes are sport on. This is exactly the kind of tech piece I want it to be. Hope you all feel the same.
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