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  2. I want to build a crew around the Last Blossom upgrade Smoke and Shadows. Focused on scheme running and objective based strategies. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Currently the Oiran are on order and I just recieved a Jorogumo from a very generous friend. So this is a build I'm considering. High Mobility from S&S and additional poison damage from Shadow Emmesary. Masaki w/ Stalking Besento, Recalled Training, Hidden Agenda. Shadow Emmesary w/Thunder Conflux. Jorogumo 3 Oiran 2 Tokarage
  3. Thanks a lot ! Not to appear ungrateful but do you think you can add the book strategies that GG2017 also uses? This way we would have everything in one file.
  4. That is the problem - the TO and I feel that it takes a squint to read it as though ending the condition doesn't end after damage is taken, regardless of what the Warrior elects to do. The reading, using the same format would be: WHEN (protected model takes damage => Terracotta Warrior MAY (take damage instead), THEN end the condition. If the condition ending was in the same sentence, I would agree fully. But, given that it is a separate sentence, it can be seen as a separate clause.
  5. Her only upgrade that I use every time is her forest. Everything else is situational, and chances are I'm happier with FGF on her. She isn't the most tanky melee master, but she does have a whole lot of tricks to make up for it. That particular episode of S&S has the best advice I could have gotten with her, which is to ignore her sword for a while. The other tricks she can do are extremely useful in a lot of situations, so her sword should be considered secondary to everything else she does. That way when you add the sword back in, it's just icing on top of an extremely dangerous cake. Being able to root enemies is a good enough trick on its own, and the one I use most often. I will use Tangle Shadows to throw her around, but I don't use it on an opponent as often as I should. If you have the suit in hand, doing that is more effective than walking with her.
  6. generally, "then" is used in wording to denote sequential events of cause and effect. So, WHEN (protected model takes damage) => Terracotta Warrior MAY (take the damage instead, THEN end the Condition). I can see how the case may be made in favour of your interpretation, but you have to really squint at the wording sideways and make an effort to read the ability in that unintuitive fashion.
  7. Ok man, thanks.
  8. You can't ping Dead Outlaws with Abominations since they aren't Constructs
  9. I can certainly see the interpretation where everything is optional, and nothing happens unless the Warrior elects to take the damage. However, the worry is still that it starts with a *When* this model takes damage, and then ends with a *Then* end this condition. Sure, there is a maybe in the middle, but it is not explicitly linked to the "Then, end this condition." I am also trying to make sure that I can be convincing enough for an upcoming TO
  10. Jorogumo like the Black Flashes, too ...
  11. Today
  12. Terracota can't take damage instead of alyce target, it was FAQed recently.
  13. I'm glad you like it! Games are tagged by city, which automatically does the tagging by county/state/country/etc. Auto-completion on the City field will help you select the desired location. I input "Cara" and get Caracas in my list of suggestions. If you go ahead and select Caracas and then search for games in Venezuela or games in South America, you will find your game!
  14. Ordered Jan 8th 5x GG2017 Cards 2x Errata Bundle As of Jan 12th, the printer has confirmed my order, has not printed yet.
  15. Thanks for all the replies folks. Really, I just wondered if the player would get another Alp when the enemy died and I think that question was answered. Cheers
  16. I think you'd have to be consistent re: the second option with Yasanori's own pseudo-obey of kodoku and Wrath of Heavens. By trying to squint and squeeze out a small amount of extra damage via the triggers during the attacks (since they aren't the charge) that would mean charge attacks generated by Yasanori and Kodoku wouldn't benefit from the extra Wrath of Heavens damage.
  17. I was checking also if someone had found an easy way to print these. I'll post a PDF file at a later time for double sided printing if no one mentions a simple way to print these things that I have been missing. Not sure how good it'll be, but I guess we'll see.
  18. I used LibreOffice Draw to put the cards I wanted in one file, changed page format to landscape and size to the images' native size, put one image per slide, export as PDF (uncheck reduce resolution). Then print with Foxit Reader with multiple pages per sheet (3x3). This gives normal sized cards with A4 paper, you might have to tweak something if you use letter paper.
  19. They are on the buy list for my Guld McCabe but so much other stuff to paint first ...
  20. I know, that`s the reason I said "even if that would be possible" Yeah, Dawn Serpent in TT, and now the new Witchling Thralls for us - these are just beasts^^
  21. The Back flash reactivate effect states "target Minion" so no henchies or enforcers . It can be a monster in TT McCabe on the Dawn Serpent
  22. These are long tutorials, but I could see these videos being useful for people who are interested in Malifaux, but haven't yet really dig in.
  23. If you are a podcast listener then listen to the Schemes and Stones Podcast about Lilith. That will answer all your questions and helps a lot. In summary though. I wouldn't say Lilith needs a bodygaurd, she can use Tangle Shadows to escape engagment if needed. Though she does like to have at least one beefy model near her. Mr Graves is quite good for this and relatively cheap. Personally, I rarely take Living Blade or Wicked Mistress. Living blade is too expensive for what it does and the pounce is only 1" so is extremely situational. Wicked Mistress requires quite a high card and a mask which is competing with tangle shadows which does a similar thing. And like you said, you could always use Lilitu or Beckoners.
  24. When I want to look at UK results I go to the Malifaux ranking page. That will generally only give you faction played though. It also doesn't give you a list of what the rounds were, but that can often be found out by finding the tournement pack I don't know anywhere that gives a comprehensive list of masters played in a tournament let alone what lists people used. The place I'm most likely to find that sort of information is going to be the battle reports here, but not many people manage to write a report for the events they attend.
  25. Hounds are pretty amazing if you don't want to play Alpha strike Marcus. I mix Guild Hounds with Corrupted hounds and run them in packs around the board dropping schemes and putting out surprising amounts of damage to other scheme runners
  26. Hey nice idea, already registered. Any chance to add Venezuela and/or South America to locations?
  27. A charge cannot declare a trigger as its not a duel. A horror type duel fo the charge is separate and is not triggered in this case anyway as the duel would be defensive in nature for the Yasunori in this case i.e. being able to charge and IRC there are no triggers that would be relevant anyway as certain abilities (e.g. Kang) may allow it to be ignored. This is a corner case situation as not many instances of 1 AP Charge are around and if it was a straight Ml /Ca/ Sh attack, then its clear that no tigger could be declared. Its my view that its the intent that the actions taken from Promising Whisper, if they are consequent to another action would be limited in the same fashion. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for that to be the case, but I just can't see that it was the framed inent to allow triggers for subsequent actions.
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