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  2. Monday Preview - Gunner

    This mini would be almost enough to make me consider playing Guild.
  3. Von Schill

    Sure but if you do that, Von Schill has 1 AP left to walk 5"? Seems weak when Hamelin could just obey the two of them and doesn't care about being on the backline.
  4. Von Schill

    Maybe it's just because I'm a newbie, largely playing against other newbies... but I've loved this upgrade. Being able to swap out one of VS's AP and give it to e.g. Lazarus or the Strongarm Suit has seemed to be incredibly powerful. Especially in the first turn of the game when I can walk and give it to both of them for a future turn. Walk + Rapid Fire on Lazarus or Walk + Charge on SS has been amazing.
  5. [France] Grenoble - démos

    Hey everyone and mostly those from the Grenoble area in France ! I'm coming at Hobbyshop on Friday to organize some demos of our favorite game (or soon to be). I'll be glad to answer any question about the game, the rules, the models and the story There is the link to the hobbyshop website Hobbyshop - 7 rue Paul Bert - 38000 Grenoble
  6. Wording

    I can't know for sure of course, but I believe that the reason that it was listed as a wording change is that the new wording changes (while in effect a rule change) now express what was intended all along. I think what you perceive as a mistake is actually the correction of the mistake. The mistake is not that the rules have changed now, the mistake was that the previous wording didn't properly express what was intended.
  7. Von Schill

    After the first game I just can't see a reason for the Oathkeeper one. There's just not very many situations where effectively changing out a master ap for a minion/enforcer AP is worthwhile. I'd rather just not hire him out in Friekorp theme and use the other actual good models in Outcasts. but if I do that, might as well play another master becuase they offer better things. Right now his best options are that he can reposition an enemy model, more than likely at hte expense of leaving himself open to counter attack.
  8. Round Three Voting - Information

    thanks for the opportunity PM incoming
  9. Ah okay, so first one can be damage prevented but even without damage the condition would still stick at least. Thanks.
  10. using thalarian quellers effectively with sonnia

    Markers did great against Molly (one of the 2-day tourney games). 2 markers at the centre was a huge annoyance for her. She spent way too many soulstones and inefficient walks/pushes to counteract.
  11. Today
  12. New to Malifaux, New to Sandeep

    Havn't picked anything yet. I was wondering what else was good? any other suggestions besides Silent Ones, and what upgrades would be good for them? So far: Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: Sandeep oxfordLeader: Sandeep Desai Command another Plane or A Moment of Weakness Enlightened Soul Tutelage Amina Naidu Warding runesOxfordian Mage Blood Ward Temporary Shielding Oxfordian Mage Doom Ward Temporary Shielding Oxfordian Mage Nemesis Ward Temporary Shielding Silent One
  13. Doing damage is in step five. Determine success and do what the action says. After step five is after that so you are done with prevention and stuff before applying the effets of Shenlongs trigger. Reference p33 of the big rules. After succeeding is specifically called out as one of the after conditions that resolve after step five, they are listed on page 32.
  14. Shenlong can punch and give the following condition after succeeding: "This model may not use soulstones." So, after succeeding is step 5, just like damage. But when is damage prevention? "After determining how much damage the model suffers but before applying the damage." The question is: Can Shelong apply this condtion to an opponent and thus prevent her from damage preventing that very attack? I would guess yes, since damage prevention must be the very last thing, after triggers/conditions/damage have been determined?
  15. Results & next round will be up today It takes time to work through everything and get results calculated, posted, next round stuff set up etc.
  16. Which upgrade to get for League (Shifting Loyalties) Mei Feng

    Thanks for your help guys, I'm going to go with Seismic Claws. I think Mei is more about movement than about damaging the enemy. Outside the campaign, I'll probably try all her upgrades several times in all kinds of combos, but for the campaign, the first thing I want her to be able to do is push enemy models around after beating them so my hard hitters get into range better.
  17. What would you play against Nellie in that encounter?

    Molly. I'd play the hell out of Molly, with a side of Heyreddin and Anna Lovelace thrown in. Let Nellie cheat damage all she wants, it won't do her any good vs Slice & Dice Punk Zombies with Black Blood, and Anna shooting into engagements with min damage 3. Throw in Heyreddin with Unnerving Aura to gum up the works (but keep Molly at the least out of his aura) and have all your damage flips on positives (even Anna's gun, which means it's even easier to get moderate/severe for summoning in mindless zombies or seishen for more black blood speed bumps if they are within Mollies aura. Use her attacks to debuff key enemies, etc. Add in some Necropunks for solid, self-healing, self-reliant scheme runners (or summon a drowned for a quick scheme marker away from enemies for quick markers). That's of course with Sybelle and a Belle for some much needed lures and added pain (or a Doxy for last moment pushes of the doxy and a friend/enemy into/out of the scoring zones as needed). That would be my go to master for that set up anyway.
  18. Neverborn Deployment and Movement

    Thank you everyone. All the info is great. And especially thanks Vorschlag. That was exactly the info I was searching for. I know that how you approach each match will be different due to objectives and reaction to the other player, but I was thinking of it like football formations, for no better term at the moment.
  19. Lucius - how to use him in Neverborn

    Lucius the fairy king can be brutal with Knights ragarou and queeg. Queegs auto push trigger and potential to use a minions 0 twice makes the situation ... gruesome. The wild hunt variation taking ragarou, mounted gaurdsmen and hounds creates a more aggressive strike force but lacks the push abuse. Fae are also the only likely way to set up the Lucius emmisarry build to get the most out of his 0pt to attack for each scheme discarded in range. Bayou contract Lucius (swamp fiends and accompanying detachment) I've had less success with this build than the fae but path finders, their traps walgiest and McTavish have been entertaining. Silurids with queeg sets up some schemes very easily but will need a lawyer if you want to start dropping wp duels on swampfiends, Lucius' bubble won't be enough to prevent card burn. Austringers occasionally accompany the swampfiends and will be more often with vendetta on its way back in. Path finders with changelings are brutal against swarm crews, but this falls a little outside the bayou. Purposefully shooting gupps to get explosions and summon bad juju in someone's face is another matter. Masquerade ball Lucius (all mimics) works well, if the pool is interact heavy. You can lock out interactions with Tannen and the doppelganger, become extremely mobile with changelings and Graves' show you the door and hand out defence bonus' with lawyers and useless duplications etc. The issue is that unless graves and candy are enough to take out an aggressive piece or two the crew will quickly fold. Maybe Mr Vogel can help fix this hole in the mimic repertoire. In most builds I take his own totem and try to get the most of the defence buff. It works well with mimics and Fae and can be obnoxious with waldgiest. When combined with mounted guard it significantly effects your play but will be targeted. With Lucius' new upgrade the worm becomes an interesting alternative especially for very suit hungry builds.
  20. M2e Colette

    That would actually be amazing! Especially since there has been an increase in giving model's actions or movements outside of their activation's over the past year or two. It would be especially good vs Neverborn. What if it had some sort of conditional effect? Such as if models within the 8 inch aura did take an action outside of their activation, they had to discard two cards or Colette heals 2/draws 2 cards/place a scheme marker etc...? I feel like the healing and/or scheme marker placement would be good if you wanted to play a tanky version of Colette with her new damaging upgrade. But the just no actions within so far is really powerful too.
  21. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Arcanists)

    So for the cost of 11 SS, a crow, 2 activations, as well as specific activation order to full heal a df4 master is OP? hmmmm if that's the case then there are a lot of factions that get far more for that cost that are going to need taking down.
  22. Decision for a new player

    Thanks to everyone who answered. I didn't mean for it to sound like I was dismissing a part of the game or not trying to figure it out on my own. I was trying to get an early start on how to think of movement during game, similar to formations in football. I have found everyone's input valuable, as you all have more experience than myself.
  23. Stranger Things ELIM

    Colour choices work especially well on the blue one. Green tongue with the purple one ain't too shabby either. Really nice tabletop work all around.
  24. Wording

    @retnab, you didn't understand nothing... The problem is not a single word. It's your entire "translation" that it's wrong. I don't want to accuse anyone. I'm here just to discuss. Any man can make mistakes. Me, you, everyone. Not a proble. But I want to show you where is the problem. So, if you wish to discuss it, I will start from the beginning. On the 6th november, there was a new version of the GG18. About Supply Wagons strategy, at page 11, there was: Colors and emphasis are mine. I colored in red just a typo (this can be safely removed). I highlighted in green the relevant part. This strategy rules, essentially, says us that: 1- nothing prevent SW markers to come in base contact with models; 2- the SW markers stops in base contact with impassible terrain; 3- but if the impassible would be a marker (not every kind of terrain... just an ONLY impassible) the marker itself is removed. The wording is very clear: "If this Marker ... come into contact with impassable terrain, it stops in base contact ..., if it was a ... Marker, remove that marker" So, SW markers would stop against impassable, exept if that impassable was a maker, in that case thje marker is removed. Clear. Simple. Neat. On the 7th november, the day after, you opend this thread under the title "WORDING". You introduce your post saying: Emphasis mine. Then, about Wagons Supplies you suggested these "just wording clean-up": So, basically now: 1- SW markers cannot be in BTB with impassible (that's the OPPOSITE of the previous); 2- SW removes all markers with any terrain traits, not only those with impassible rule (that is a HUGE difference); 3- then it was added "model", so that the SW markers cannot be pushed in BTB even with models (that's, again, the opposite of the previous iteration, and it makes a relevant difference since a model cannot anymore "pass" the wagon to another friendly model in range...). Now, you didn't fix a wording issue. You rewrote entirely the strategy making a new, different one. On the following version of GG18, the actual one released on the 13th november, there was those "just wording clean-up" you proposed, including that of SW. Ok... Designers can do everything they want. I agree about it and it's right this way. So, if it was a deliberate choice I would respect it. But in the post of presentation of this new version, mattc didn't mention nothing about new rules for Supplies Wagons. It just said: So, no mention of SW markers that cannot be pushed in base contact with models. No mention about markers that cannot be in btb with impassable. No mention about SW markers that now removes all kind of terrain markers, not only impassable ones. No mention of nothing. I don't think that mattc isn't able to realize that this is a completely new strategy now. I don't think that he forgot to report these changes, or that he could be convinced that these would be "Some minor changes ... mostly grammar". I guess that mattc trusted your version of SW strategy as you presented it, namely that "none of the changes" you suggested "would affect how they currently play, it's just wording clean-up and some simplifying". I guess him made a simple copy&paste, sure he was just making a simple wording clean up. So now.... we can get even a very different strategy from what was written before. If this is the intention of the designers and if the playtests show it's better for the game. I'm ok with it, if it would be the case. But I'd like to know that these changes are made. Here we have a mistake. Simple and clear. As I said everyone, even the best mind in the world, make mistakes. But as the ancient Rome's people were used to say: "Errare humanum est. Perseverare diabolicus."
  25. Hello Hoosier Wyrdos! Come out and play some friendly games of Malifaux every other Thursday evening beginning on Thursday November 30 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. New to the game? Play a demo with yours truly, your friendly neighborhood henchman. If you don't have models yet, don't worry, I have several painted crews available for use!Want to try out that new upgrade or Master? Get in a 50 ss game with a friend or someone new!Looking for something different? Try a story encounter! This is a casual recurring event to grow our Malifaux community in Central Indiana. Come join the fun and remember... Bad things happen! *** Please Note: I am available for further demos outside of every other Thursday. If you are interested in scheduling something, please feel free to message me! ***
  26. Yes, this is my point. Further I think that Arcanist players are in a unique position (as are other faction regulars) to discuss what is both over and under powered in the faction. We have vested interest in our favorite and best models but equally we also know without the element of frustration/bad game/ambush which opponents experience which models we look at and go 'wow, that is awesome'. So from an internal balance perspective I don't think we can discuss what needs to be buffed without acknowledging what needs to be nerfed. The fact that we have a number of genuinely weak models and only a few particularly strong ones indicates that yes probably some buffs are needed to tighten the internal balance of the faction. Again this is particularly tricky as Arcanists have several distinct threads and excellent diversity. Also think we need to differentiate here between always taken because its massively powerful and always taken because it fills a unique slot. Back in the day the Mech Rider was an 'always take' because it was such a fast useful model (not unique) with powerful summoning (not unique) and durability as the game progressed (not unique), what was unique was the overall power package it was thus OP and got a deserved nerf, no problem. The Nurse may or may not be OP, what it has is a heal/paralyze ability which is unique to it and given the nature of the action it is very flexible. The Nurse does something no other model does in or out of faction and that ability always has some useful application, add in it is cheap and also can do schemes and it is a obvious inclusion in many, many rezzer lists. This is an additional twist in balancing, differentiating between models which are simply OP, models with unique skills which are a little too useful and models with unique and reasonable skills which simply see disproportionate table time because the skills they bring are useful and flexible. So we have one in faction cheap condition removal the Arcane Effigy, it is a great little model and the condition removal is amazingly useful, so it sees a lot of my lists. Not because it is OP but because it is a cheap inclusion with an essential skill and the only way to get that skill without merc tax (Johan/Johanna, who also sees many lists for that same skill anyway).
  27. I'm off to Florida on Thursday for a week... so I hope we find out soon!!
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