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  2. New Upgrades

    Yeah, Lilith is my favorite master(mistress?) and her new upgrades sound awesome. I'm pretty stoked about them. I'm also excited to hear more about Dreamer's upgrades.
  3. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    hoof, tossing out oathkeeper for a (0) is great. ill take walk and rapid fire Lazarus every turn thanks. Dont forget that Hannah can copy (0) actions from Friekorps models...
  4. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    The card I am looking at makes the "give Oathkeeper" ability a 1-action.
  5. New Upgrades

    I may have to finally get around to painting my Lilith and Nephilim boxes. The new black blood and Hazardous terrain upgrades sounds sexy, particularly with Mysterious Emissary to turn the board into land mines.
  6. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    I want to use Schill punch to "motivate" specialist up the field.
  7. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Nah not at all. I knew the story. I just havent bought it or run it for any of my groups yet. Its the last PD i need for the collection. I own all the others. Including all the one shots from chronicles and the adventure boxes. All printed and kept in a huge binder. Any true GM/FM/DM has to have a binder!
  8. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Hoffman will be pretty fun with Sanctioned Spellcasters (you can`t push friendlies out of the Armor aura)
  9. GenCon news update

    I had a friend buy me some of the new figs and the books a the con, but the other figure I told him to get was not avail on site. If I get it through the Web store and show both receipts can I still get the alt Taelor fig?
  10. Well... new Viks then

    Infact this thing do require some setup, but none of your model dies) Think again.
  11. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Hiring in canine remains via McMourning, or the previous route of hiring in steam arachnids via Hoffman.
  12. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Did I miss something? Is there something out there that is going to lower Def of our opponents? I want to use it in my Guardsmen horde list.
  13. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Worth noting Justice Pine-box is non-Master. I agree with @Myyrä that the Armor thing on Hoffman is THE thing. The cyborg this is full of cool tricks but I don`t think it affects power level that much. It does however open up his hiring pool a lot.
  14. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Problem with gremlin faction has always been internal balance. They are the"made up" faction of M2e and not many testers had models/interest in playing the crews. This caused wide disparity between model powers. Unfortunately this trend trickles down again and again. (book 3 we got nothing useful, book 4 we seen the crazy Zip and insane Iron Skeeters) So looking at the trend for book 5 its a skip year for gremlins, or play your old lists. From the past trends that we have seen, it is unlikely that our under-performing masters ( brewmaster, ophelia, mah, wong) will receive a buff. Most likely we will see Cuddlees to Somer and Zip in the future
  15. 7 Faction Crews Not At The Crossroads

    Well assuming he is allowed to hire upto 4 acedemics and beasts and it doesn't affect his merc hiring, he can do it in Guild or TT. You pick a Faction +tt model, Hog whisperer and desperate merc as 2 mercs, then you can get Arcanist Beast, neverborn beast. (other ways exist, such as piglets or gators from gremlins instead of the hog whisperer)
  16. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Can someone confirm whether the Oath of the Freikorps ability to give out Oathkeeper is a (0) or a (1)?
  17. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    ...I'm not sure. Ulix doubled down on theme but Hoffman was released from it.
  18. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    I've only recently started playing Marcus and I've been considering a Poison list with Performers. Now the idea just got cooler.
  19. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    I remember some user on this forum some time ago mentioned that if we Gremlin players were hoping to see new and shiny upgrades that would considerably improve/fix our masters, we'd be hugely disappointed - I don't remember who it was, but I see now, and I 100% agree.
  20. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Wouldn't it be better if designated scheme runners put out the marker instead? It's like using Nekima to do Claim Jump....ehm, you can do it if you want... As @daniello_s remarked above, Wong will still run with Oooo Glowy 99% of the times.
  21. New Upgrades

    Collodi's IS crazy OP. It's a big change in playstyle from the slow and delayed My Will, but equally powerful. Imagine a Fast Collodi (from Strum) travelling with, say, 3-4 Marionettes. He can get Focus from each and every one of them, every time he attacks, so he can dish out 4 Ml attacks with Focus and attack value, like, 10??? That's something like 16 dmg on average (I'm counting 2 moderate and 2 severe). In general, all Neverborn got nice upgrades, somewhat useful at least. I'm ok with this - just a bit disappointed since I also play Gremlins and collectively their upgrades were hugely underwhelming.
  22. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    Well the aforementioned wardens have great damage but a crummy 5 ml. Death marshals and Judge also have crap attack stats but we can't lower wp unfortunately A couple of the guardsmen have low attack stats but I probably wouldn't take them for.damage either way.
  23. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Whatever gets me vp. If my beaters, or semi beaters, can put out a cheeky marker it sounds good to me.
  24. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    So yea... and they Cuddled stuffed pigs by increasing their cost by 50%...
  25. Today
  26. Wave 5 upgrade hype thread.

    What attacks do you mean?
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