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  2. We'll start at Masterskiye , 3 rounds, Gaining Grounds 2017, fixed faction, allowed partial unpaint allowed pre-reg http://rpg.by/index.php?showtopic=21826 registration till 11-00 up to 18 entrants, Entrance Fee ~10BYN Masterskiye: Misnk, Byadi str. 9 , vk.com/wahaclubminsk
  3. Wave 5 Change in Master Levels

    Did Hamelin really need to be made better?
  4. is incorporeal a bad defence?

    Incorporeal is either hit or miss - if you face crew without CA attacks, your models basically have double wounds, but if you face eg. Sonnia, Rasputina or Wong Incorporeal ends being slightly better Unimpeded.
  5. Ply for Information 9/12

    Got a chance to test this last night and really liked it. I like the fact that the mechanic is interact to apply a condition, but it applies a non-stacking condition to the model that did the interact. No pushing in and zapping two models with it. The only oddness was that you could score it first turn. I realize this was true last iteration and may be intended, but it would be nice to get confirmation that that is true. It caught me and my opponent off guard.
  6. Wave 5 Change in Master Levels

    Centaurs could be insane with Leve, needs to be tested. Not sure about Statue. I also like his new upgrade, removing enemy markers is always good.
  7. Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    Thanks for the mention @edopersichetti, I agree with you agreeing with me, more people should do it! No modesty here! And now back to our regular program... SPOILERS AHOY! Ahoy there Spoilers! I kind of liked Zoraida getting curb stomped a bit. As powerful as she is, she has never really had anyone directly competing with her. She's sat in her hut reading the strands of fate and manipulating/weaving them to her advantage for the past century. She knew something was up, but in her arrogance/ignorance didn't know what. After all, Fate had never led her astray before and while doubtful, she had no reason to not believe the portents she was reading. Also, look at the calibre of her deceivers, in one corner we have Nytemare, an ancient Tyrant who escaped Titania's purge the best and Titania, an ancient queen (who for all we know was the original weaver of Fate, and Zoraida's just picking up on her legacy). Whilst Zoraida's had a century to control Fate, she may very well be a stripling compared to Titania and there's no know what Nytemare can do. We already know he can weave reality and illusion to his whims. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Pandy comes back into the picture as she's really the only one who stands a chance against Nytemare & even she got curb stomped in M1E book 2. I'm also really seeing how Lilith emerges from Nythera. She may very well become Undead which would be very interesting. We know Titania traded her eyes before Nythera, but was she and her followers Undead before or after? Lilith was certainly going to die before being put in there, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was (but still retaining her eyes). Zoraida said Nythera was designed to keep Titania alive, but she never said in what state... Another potential story arc for the for the Arcanists in the next book might be a reunion of sorts, It would be cool for Toni (maybe teaming up with Kaeris) to launch a rescue mission after Ramos now that the Guild has lived up to their end of the bargain...
  8. The more I look at it the less I like incorporeal as a defensive ability. The ignore terrain part is awesome, but it seems to me that models with incorporeal gets punished so very hard on df, wp and wd for a defense that is quite easy to bypass. Ca attacks aside there are so very many ways to bypass this ability. And that is before factoring in that you round up. Incorporeal is only better than armour +1 If you take 4 damage or more and only beat armour +2 at 6 damage or higher. I honestly think the stat penalties for gaining this ability are too harsh. When my hungering darkness looks at my effigy with envy something is wrong. Unless I'm missing something and incorporeal models are supposed to be fragile little flowers that pay heavily for the ability to ignore terrain.
  9. Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Hey @bikingviking you should go to this one. Good crowd
  10. Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    This theme is really a hard one and my first OSL project. I will give it a try. And I'm really looking forward to see some nice ponys @LordZombie ;D
  11. Always Scheme

    @Kadeton, I 100% get you. One of the things that triggered a knee jerk dislike to this idea was the thought of flipping and then looking up 4x numbered schemes, drawing scheme cards instead is what makes me ok with this system. I'm just attached to the Fate Deck, we currently use it in EVERY aspect of the game, and we did use it very "elegant" (but not in a way that made for good meta/fresh games/etc...) fashion for schemes. When I give demos to people showing how schemes are generated is what I use as an one the examples of the value of cards with suits over dice cause I always get a quick "that's cool" reaction from them and it easier/faster to understand than triggers (which will come later in the demo). Just looking for the best of both worlds if it can be found. If not, I'm going to fall on the side of what creates a better tourney environment.
  12. Help with starting Malifaux with Titania

    I wouldn't until you've got some more games under the belt. He's very play style dependent and not the easiest model to use.
  13. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    Good episode, I liked the host swap I'm curious as to why you don't think cheating bastard is good enough. Your whole crew cheating last seems so strong to me that it's worth risking huggy for. Every time the opponent wins with a weak or low moderate card he's forced to cheat air take a huge risk. Coupled with your already awesome deck management and I think it'll be amazing. The rest of the upgrade is just sugar on top.
  14. Wave 5 Redefining Our Meta

    Good to see that several people are in agreement with me about where our meta is at the moment. I don't see anyone as completely unplayable but there's several uphill battles to stay competitive.
  15. Today
  16. Phosphexborn

    The Colonel.Anima Tactics
  17. Misaki Alpha.

    You are basically paying 7ss to get Misaki anywhere you want on board and have to take suboptimal models to support the plan. Seems to me like you are just setting up your opponent for a free win.
  18. So, I start with Titania's box, Primordial Magick, and Rougarous. I think that will get Lilith a bit later: I need some time to play with Titania. One more question: what about Bandersnatch with Titania? I've seen that some people recommend him. Should I get this box?
  19. Iron Painter 2017

    @Nikodemus thanks for pointing him in the right direction!
  20. Help with starting Malifaux with Titania

    I would very much recommend schemes and stones building on a budget guide. They have some excellent suggestions on what transitions well into what so that you can efficiently expand your collection.
  21. I really like play Titania with the Misterious Emissary, so the box of emissary and the box of changeling could be right for expanding the crew, roungarou and primordial are very good chose also
  22. You should get the Primordial Magic to replace Titania's lame totem, a box of rougarous for the nice synergies with the automn knights and maybe Lilith's box so you can get Barbaros and Lilith is a cool master to play as well.
  23. New Hoffman

    Hoffman will often have effective armor of three against def(assuming noone is ignoring triggers) because I usually have armor 2 nearby.
  24. If his cost would drop by 1-2 stones he would find his spot in many outcasts crews. I hope that he'll receive some boost in January errata.
  25. New Outcast Player - Is Parker competitive?

    This! Also, I've gotten a lot of work out of Mad Dogs utility (ie push back and blowing up cover). I'm not saying he's better or even equal to Alyce or McTavish. Because he isn't, however I would never discount him and not taking him makes me nervous not having those utility options. Plus he can take crate of dynamite. And the one game I managed to blow up 2 scheme markers in the middle of a Somer crew in a turn was just so satisfying. Or the time I rapidfired on an engaged Nekima (engaged with Parker) and pushed her out of combat on first shot and took her down. I have fond memories of using him...
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