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  2. Do I even Neverborn, bruh?

    I've been playing Malifaux for over a year or so. I play Neverborn. Right from the beginning they were the faction for me. The models are the most interesting and monsters are always more fun. I play every master and I've used almost every model. I read the forums, I build my lists appropriately, I feel like I understand the game pretty well. But. I lose. Constantly. To everyone and in almost every situation. I'm in a slow grow tournament right now and I've just had my butt handed to me again and again. It's like I have this insane ability to pick the worst match ups every game. Is it just me? Does anyone else experience a lot of bad match ups as Neverborn? I feel like, as a faction, they have a lot of weaknesses. Low defense, no armor, not a lot of ways to deal with range, not many heals or healers, no condition removal. Most of what I find myself going up against, lots of range, blast markers, burning etc, as basic game mechanics are just a hell of a lot stronger than what the Neverborn appear to have going for them. I'm at a loss. I feel like I don't know how to play my faction. What are the Neverborns real strengths and how do I capitalize on them?
  3. Archie

    Who else are you finding to be good candidates for MLH? Aside from Emissary obviously...
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  5. Archie

    It's not a bad idea, actually. Seems really cute on Close Deployment or possible Flank. I think the biggest drawback would be that MLH is Rare 2 and oftens shows up twice in my lists and I'm not sure if Archie's playstyle always deserves one of those copies. He doesn't have great (0)s compared with other models that may want to hold MLH. Sure, you can try Leap twice, but you still need to flip or cheat two 8+ cards to jump 3" (admittedly about 5" after abusing the placement mechanic) so it seems a little lacklustre. It might well be worth it if you're running an elite killy crew.
  6. McMourning with Beast models?

    Cojo and Cerberus too, so why not. Still, 0 usage from my other choices, but for one or two pieces, I can't go wrong. Sanctioned Spellcasters are fine Minions, I think, but I own McM, McCabe, Perdita, Lucius and Nellie as Masters and every Henchman except for Sam and Judge. Don't know which choice can perform better with the Spellcasters.
  7. Educate me on Molly

    Crooligans have a place again I find if you make your list with Asura, as long as they deploy in range of Asura. She actually makes them forward deploying assault batteries. Assuming you don’t need to move or go defensive they can focus and then hands from below anything that moves up and that makes anything Molly wants to summon on them hit more reliably.
  8. W: 3 Guilders H: Come and See

    So, I want the new Alt Lazarus. Problem: I am 3 Guilders Short. So, if you have 3 Guilders, I can offer in exchange: Vintage Misaki Vintage Rasputina Dr. Drufrense Alt Rafkin Translucent Bette Noir Alt Bishop Cash
  9. Hello everyone. We invite you that concerned to malifaux. You will learn about how to play, heard about question, be helped create roster, and have a simply demo game. Where : Club "Daegu Miniwargame" 2nd floor, 24, Wolbae-ro 23-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea Date n Time : 3~4/02/18. 13:00~ 18:00
  10. Educate me on Molly

    Ew, you guys are totally right about Crooligans. I haven't used them in ages, precisely because of From the Shadows non-synergy, and had forgotten why I'm not a fan. That's frustrating, I really love Always on the Move. Both Creepy and Blistering Fog (if you get it off) are useful once you out-activate your opponent if you jump in before Molly summons 3 times. I still might run one Crooligan here, everything else about them seems so good, but would replace the second with some other 4ss minion to drop a scheme marker on turn 1. I haven't tried them yet, but Little Gasser looks like it could be very good at filling the random 4ss minion role. It seems solid at tangling with miscellaneous cheap models in the flanks or on our backline. I can also definitely see circumstances where you double walk it into the scrum, hand out Poison to a crowd of models, and splash out a ton of black blood when your models take Poison damage. It also turns on Scent of Death for Shikome, and charging with summoned models is pretty great. That's a lot of potential at a very low investment. I would love it if our opponent chose Show of Force and grouped up in the center. The first VP for it is free, but then they've let us summon healthy models and we can just kill everything. We can also summon doxies to push the enemy out of the scoring area, or lure them out with Belles. No plan survives contact with the enemy and all that, but I can't imagine Show of Force getting 3vp against Molly, and denying the second seems entirely possible. Using Spirit Whispers to drop scheme markers is really cool, as Datsue Ba can enable both Dig Their Graves and Inescapable Trap on her own if left unmolested. I'm not a fan of Inescapable Trap though, since I would hope to have killed too much by the end of turn 4 to score the full 3vp. I also worry about requiring such a fragile and expensive model to be within 6" of the action. Even with MLH, Collodi and Titania have the mobility to get within 3" of her and delete her with Casts, while Lilith and Nekima can just fly next to her. All 4 of them have higher attacking stats than Datsue Ba's appropriate defensive stat, so even on +flips from Defensive I don't see how she stays alive. Even if she does survive, spamming scheme markers is risky against Titania, Cyclops, and Malifaux Provides. I definitely don't use the Whispers aura enough, but it looks like a big gamble in the Neverborn matchup. I haven't run Necropunks with Molly. I know they're very popular though, and I like them a lot with other masters. Do you find that you need flanking scheme runners with Molly? And have you found it to be a problem hitting the TN for leap? They seem better to me with Horrors, both in playstyle and resource management, but table experience is better than Theoryfaux. Performers really do seem fantastic here. I could see swapping out Sybelle for a Kentauri and upgrading a 5ss model into a Performer.
  11. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Wrastlers'

    The stool could be turned into another thing really simply also...
  12. McMourning with Beast models?

    Razorspine Rattler is available as a single model, so you don't need to buy Marcus' box set in order to get it. Could be great with McMourning because of Poison, and it would add some speed to the list. What about the Guild Sanctioned Spellcasters for McMourning (assuming run as a Resser Master)? Would you get some use out of them with any of your other Guild masters?
  13. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Wrastlers'

    You could probably replace that pig with a keg or something real easy.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Mixed kebab for me my brother will have the same 2 in total
  16. Monthly painting challenge - January

    You are painting fast and with great results. Congrats Amazing!
  17. Monthly painting challenge - January

    Wow, this mini looks alive!
  18. Making vassal map

    Hello, I tried to make my own map for the module. However, when I put down a terrain element, I can't go back to previous element. For example, if I need to nudge a house I have dropped 3 terrain elements away I can't? Did I miss a functionnality or is it making a map truly that difficult ? Thank you for your help (Sorry for the language, english is not my birth language)
  19. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Wrastlers'

    Have anyone tried to mix the parts around in case you wanted to run 6 of these guys?
  20. I'm not sure it helps being the weekend after masters and also first full payday after Christmas. I'm sure the scene will be back up and running as per usual soon enough.
  21. One model per investigator so two if you have two of them nearby.
  22. Merseyfaux 2 - 21st Jan - sold out - S&S in thread

    Thank you to everyone who came along. as well as just play for hosting us Top 3 were 1. Greg Pliskosz- Ressers 2. Paul Butler - Ten Thunders 3. Alex Drake - Arcanists Best painted in a strong field was Cai Bird with his Ten Thunders And favourite opponent of the day was Dave Laing All took home a shiny trophy! The venue is moving downstairs and doubling floor space so Merseyfaux 3 should have space for more players. Had some feedback through other social media but if there is anything anyone wants to bring up or chat about feel free to contact me Thank you again
  23. Unboxing Malifaux - 'Wrastlers'

    criers and wrastlers are most visual amazing gremlin models for a long time.
  24. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Josh - stuffed vine leaves, mixed kebab Kamila - hummus, lamb shish
  25. Zoraida, new and improved?

    He gets to draw cards during obey charge, but not during its activation, as Rage Builds buff lasts only until the end of current activation, not end of turn. But the combo is pretty solid anyway
  26. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    James Henley Fish cakes Mixed chargrill yogurt
  27. Haul of Eggs 6 - Sat 24th March - Daventry

    Payment sent, thank you.
  28. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    List up to date. Thanks all.
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