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  2. thinking of some TOs who have made massive investments in tables and tables of terrain that enable them to run and assist in the events that others run, those alsom represent significant investment above and beyond their own needs for the good of the community, and if they manage here and there to recoup such costs, then fair play.
  3. Theoryfaux ahead: I feel like Joss and Langston pack the meanest punch. Joss can also create scrap for you to attach more upgrades and Langston's kill trigger offers discard options. Langston + the emissary also packs a mean punch since you can forcea large amount of discards followed by actual kills from that auto kill trigger. The peacekeeper with a ram attached does offer ridiculous minimum damage. I guess it would somewhat depend on what type of defenses you expect to face: wounds/armor/htk/incorp etc.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback so far, appreciate it
  5. Sent payment for ticket
  6. I haven't, though I do like Conflux of Amalgamation, and that Df/Sh 6. I like the Hoffman avatar too. To stay on topic, which model(s) would you replace for it? Would you play it in addition to either set?
  7. Thanks for a good day Ross. Would happily attend your next one, time, baby and wife permitting. I'll even bring a coat. Thanks to Ross, Owen and Ben for three good games. Especially Ben, that was an intense, close game to finish up the day. Dan.
  8. For me is carrion emmisary almost autoinclude for mcmourning. He is excellent support model for McM crew. Adding +wk aura, solid atck, marker manipulation and of course shards of kythera action granting blocking LoS and free mindless zombie for sebastian to sacrifice. If everything goes well u can summon 6ss worht model almost for free on turn 4. On the other hand emmisary is quite fragile model and its utility really depends on your playstyle. With last book My little helper is also great option.
  9. Personal view. I'm happy with the £10-20 price for a day. I like prizes and stuff, but will admit that I do now have lots of the stuff from prizes already. I have no objection to people making a profit from events, if that is their aim, and if that isn't their aim, then I would imagine that if they made a profit from one event, they would probably spend a bit more on the next event. I don't want T.O.s to make a loss from events, and then stop running them, so if it costs me an extra £5 each time I play to make sure we have the wide choice of events, then its a price worth paying.
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  11. Short answer; £15 is fine for me. I'm not over fussed by prizes myself, although I personally prefer quality swag over another crew box. Longer thoughts; From day one of UK Malifaux (back in 2010) we've been blessed in the UK to have top notch and dedicated TO's running regular events. Without the likes of David Brown (@Clousseau) there wouldn't be a UK Malifaux scene. This is bolstered by those guys who run events at their local venue each month who are the unsung life blood of the scene (e.g. @Vorpalhit at The Outpost). I've never seen anything that I'm uncomfortable with in terms of TO behavior in the UK. I also don't think there's anything inherently wrong with TO's making a profit from running events (though I'm not aware of any that do), their tax affairs being their own issue. Personally I've never run an event where I've spent less than I've received in ticket prices, and I normally run at a marginal loss. Ultimately the venue needs to make a profit or we'll quickly run out of places to play. While Mike's post above is useful as an illustration I wouldn't want TO's to be pressured into that level of detail routinely. Partly because I don't want it to become a tool to beat TO's with (their job is hard enough) and also because it can be quite invasive. In his example Mike points out he paid his own travel costs, which is admirable. I wouldn't want a TO who were less financially secure, and therefore couldn't afford to run events if their own travel weren't covered, to be put in an awkward position. I think ticket cost in and swag out are enough information for players to make an informed decision on attending an event or not.
  12. Just need to be careful of HMRC
  13. Another option is don't rely on any one model. You can lose your master at the top of turn 2 and still win. Part of the problem with the suggested Marcus Alphastrike, is that the opposing crew has hired a lot of cheap models to give them the activation control they need. In which case if you have some way to remove the Alpha strike, them they don't have a plan b. (For example Marcus can only alpha a model thats witin 16" of him at the beginning of his activatipon, so most of the time you have to alpha before the models activation, and that gives you the downsides of the chaunt an activation earlier, which can easily mean the death of the cerberus, or at least he loss of its 3 headed). And to defend against the Cerberus you want to save your high cards to deny the maul trigger. If they are hitting, but without a tome, then I would normally rather take the hit if I'm expecting them to have several more attacks. I find that alpha strikes against Ressers is naturally a risky idea, because they are normally well placed to bounce back. (I would admit that Ressers are often most reliabnt on their master so if you can get an alpha strike to work, it is most devistating).
  14. £15.00 for a day of entertainment is cheap, regardless of any potential added value in terms of a raffle win. I go for game play / ranking points/ and to enjoy the fun community, swag isn't part of the equation. Big two day events at the £40.00, it's nice to get poker chips or similar as a momento, but a huge bag of swag or raffle isn't necessary. In all honesty I loathe the long raffle that drags out the day. By 5pm after a day of tough competition I want to pack up, say my goodbyes and go home. If we have got to the point that ticket price and numbers have raised revenue so that TOs get a return on their time great.
  15. Shussh, Mrs Marshall will pitch a fit
  16. PMed
  17. Have you considered the Emissary? He has the advantage of bringing Df 6 and Sh 6 to the loop.
  18. Mike and you paid for my hotel as i was the ringer
  19. Langston is only Ch 6 2" so it shouldn't be unreasonable to cover most of your important models. You only need to block that very last approach, he can have a million ap but if his last nimble walk ends up with him engaging one of your minions he wont' be charging anything important. Langston needs 3 AP to kill a 3ss night terror unless his first hit goes above min damage so it's not like he's unstoppable. Ressers also have nurses and their own summoning so they can probably match you in activations and keep a nurse unactivated that will just paralyze Langston.
  20. Realised i forgot to add in the spend on name badges / lanyards. May have made a loss then. Don't tell Mrs Marshall will you
  21. Thunders have a lot of minions and enforcercers more expensive than Bettaru and Yamaziko I would imagine that abilities such as the gremlin bayou two-card and models with built in flips would increase in value rather than high-stats. High stats win out when you know you will be able to cheat, more flips wins if both hands are exmpty.
  22. My most expensive one-dayer was 200kr which is about 17-18 pounds depending on exchange rate. That did include entry to a full weekend convention which pushed the price up a bit per player but hardl any of the players used that admission to the rest of the convention anyway. I do a rough estimation based on shipping and tolls for the event kit, what it will cost to rent the place etc. and then add some additional prices like trophies and stuff. If we get a lot of extra cash we spend it on something fun little extra. No one thought it was an unfair price and the event sold out in about four hours. If you are upfront about what will be offered and what you are charging I don't really see an issue. I have never felt the need to announce all the expenses and neither have any of my attendees. If you get an overhead of a few pounds as the organizer it usually doesn't even cover the cost of gas for driving terrain there and back and it isn't anywhere close to actually paying for the time you invest arranging it. Especially in the UK where there seem to be a lot of events to choose from I would argue that players who feel it's too expensive will just not go. When I have attended events I have never given any thought to why someone is charging the equivalent of 10 or 15 pounds.
  23. Transparency seems good so UK Nationals 120 tickets sold at 40 so £4800 (other 8 were freebies, promotions etc.) Venue and Food is £10 a day so £2560 Poker Chips £646 Fate deck £908 Trophies £450 (including oar and fedex bill for the Wyrd prize support) Printer, printing etc - £75 Total spend £4639 Remainder was spent on travel (getting Aaron from airport etc.) Use my own money for my hotel room, food etc.
  24. thinking back on my last game, taking the taxidermist instead of frank would have been the right play. It could have gone in fast and reckless and chopped up something easier with its pos flips on damage, gotten those corpse markers down and begun to flood that quarter with extra stuffed piglets. ah well, next time maybe.
  25. To be honest, with more soulstones you're more likely to see the extra card draw models or the hand size increasing models. So it's probably going to be the same amount of cheating flips. And, really, at really large formats you'd probably want to increase the hand sizes anyway. Just like the smaller formats reduce the hand sizes. Otherwise you're going to run in to issues with making forced card discards better, as well...
  26. Guys, IMO block the charges doesn´t are an option with 38"/37" of range The best option are resist the charge, covering your important miniatues with tricks like Grave Spirit, Seamus Hat, Mindless Zombies for Nicodemo trigger, Molly trigger, Kiray & Seishin... If he can resist the Alpha my hitter have to die because usually he's alone in the middle of enemy crew... The problem becomes when you can´t cover all your important miniatures, because I can charge usually to anything in the board and you'll start the T2 of the game with 1 or 2 miniatures less, with the consecuent sobreactivation and lost of punch That post doesn't helps me because i'm the Arcanist, but we are friends and very competitive players, and something to do grow better and do more interesting games are welcome =P
  27. I'm prepping to revisit my first Master, C. Hoffman, and I wanted to get the forum's opinions/feelings regarding two sets of beaters: Ryle and Peacekeeper (21 ss) Or Joss and Langston (22 ss)
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