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Ok...you've seen my reasons and opinions of the plastic crew. Now to see what i'm going to do to fix them.

Monday(5/11/15) I went to my LGS to just look around and see what I could see. To my surprise, I found found the 1.5 Vik's crew, and I am not ashamed to admit I had a girlish giggle moment. So with the purchase of it and the Through the Breach Female Kit,ideas began to surface in the mass of Swiss cheese filled with Tofu i call a brain. :):):)

First, I would assemble and paint both the Metal Viks along with Taelor, which should be the easy part(I hope)

Second, I would use TtB kit to make 3 Ronin up based on ideas i had of people who left the faction they where once a member of.

Here are the ideas I have for them:

Ronin #1: An ex Guild Guard that was tired of the 2 faced tactics the Guild employs. The model has the sword on the kit and one of the holstered pistols on her left hip with her hand on it so she can draw if needed. To honor a friend of mine, I will be painting the mini's hair purple.

Ronin #2: A young woman that had dreams of joining Colette's Showgirl troupe,she had the looks but not the talent. I gave the model the cigarette and the derringer from the set, and the skirt with the exposed leg.

Ronin #3 An ex M&SU member who after losing an arm and leg to the Union,she left after getting her replacements,deciding a life on the run was better than a life of servitude to an organization that caused her limb loss in the first place. This mini will have both one of the steam-tech legs and arms,and a minor conversion involving Jakob Lynch's coiled bullwhip. And yes..she has a hip pistol also.

This harkems back to the original metal models where you had a melee equipped model(m&su girl),a ranged model(showgirl) and a model ready to use either weapon option(guard).

Also..i'm keeping the Student as is...i like her.

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