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Reasons and opinions.



Ok so why am I doing this? As I posted earlier, some of the Plastic models in the crew that, while nice,just don't seem to look nice or good to me. So, to understand my reasoning,i thought I would give my views on how the models look. And to make it understandable, i will go from the best looking of the mini's to the worst.

Student of Conflict::This is my favorite in the set, and she looks like what she is supposed to in my opinion. A youngish girl(10-13??)that looks like a private school student that got lost in Malifaux and was taken under the wing of some mercenaries. Plus the sword reminds me of Cloud from FF7. I give the model a 7/10.

Vik of Ashes: Out of the 2 Viks,she's my favorite. The pose is nice,and i do like the sword. My problem with the model is in my opinion her hair looks to much like she's going to an 80's punk concert instead of a woman in a version of the Wild West mythos,which took place from the late 1780s to the early 1920s in America. Also,they Viks are supposed to be seductive to slutty depending on the way you look at them. But the figure looks almost as if she's afraid to show skin. That's not a bad thing,but from the fluff(especially in the 2nd ed rule book story) she doesn't seem scantily clad enough. Not a bad model, but it just doesn't seem to fit the fluff. I give her 6/10

Vik of Blood: Another nice model with good and bad points. First the good. She fits the look from the above mentioned fluff story better than her sister,her hair seems to fit better in my opinion, and she does look like a hardened merc. Her pose though is where I have my problem,along with her face. It seems to me that with her pose if she stood up, she would be taller than her "sister",which doesn't make sense as they are supposed to be identical in looks. Which is also my problem with her face..it just doesn't seem to match up. But it's still a good figure..just like her "sister",doesn't match up in my opinion. Another 6/10.

"Yellow" Ronin(drawing Daito): Ok...this is the ONLY Ronin in my opinion that is worth it,and that isn't saying to much. She at least looks somewhat respectful, and i can see her as an ex 10 Thunder's member who got tired of the rules and left the Faction. So..im ok with her. My Problem with her is where is her Pistol?? The older Metal versions 2 of the 3 had the pistol,which seems to make more sense. Plus all 3 look like they are women that though attractive,will hurt you. And this mini just doesn't seem to have the same sense to her. Still, a solid 5/10

"Blue" Ronin(Pigtails): Interesting. I thought Ronin meant "Master less Samurai" not "Asian street walker with swords". I'm not trying to insult any Asian person with my comment, but she looks in my opinion like either a streetwalker or a stripper trying to be a ninja warrior. The Model isn't bad...but I just..I just don't like it as a Ronin. Still, it's an ok model,even if it has no pistol. 4.75/10

"Red" Ronin(kneeling): If the above mini looks like a stripper/streetwalker pretending to be a ninja in my eyes,this one looks like a girl in a "sexy ninja girl" Halloween costume. Just doesn't seem to be a sword for hire model. And once again...no pistol. 4/10

Taelor: This..just makes me want to cry. How could they turn a woman that in the fluff is a strong sexy amazon warrior that is calling out her next victim(least that's what i get from the metal model) to this derpy looking woman that looks like she can barely hold her hammer. She looks thinner and weaker than the original mini,and as one of my favorite characters in the world...this is just not acceptable. The plastic model is in my opinion of the 2 or 3 worst models made by Wyrd,and just don't seem as good as some of the others i own and seen. Don't get me wrong...i love Wyrd's minis....just not this one. 0.25/10...just doesn't work for me at all.

This has been a very long winded and very opinionated list of reasons why I'm changing the crew around. Thank you for sticking with me so far, and my next blog will explain how i intend to "fix" the crew.

Later all.....and Stay Wyrd.


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