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The beginning..or why I'm doing this.



Greetings fellow Wyrdlings,and other visitors and other living(or living impaired) visitors. This is the first entry in a series of blogs about my Viktoria crew and what i'm doing to them.

First,the reasons::

I love the Viktoria crew for 2nd Edition. They where my second crew and the first crew I ever won a game using,so they will always hold a special place in my heart. But I do have some issues with the crew,and they all stem from the appearance of the models. Now,i'm not saying the models look bad(well, most of them), but in my opinion they just don't seem to fit in with the fluff of the crew as I understand. So, I've been looking for awhile for options to fix the look they have.

So, before I go into what i'm doing with the crew,I figured I would explain what my problems with the crew is and what my ideas for the fix is for them. And yes, not only will I have pictures of what I do to fix the models(i.e. the new models) I will also be posting why I feel like they need to be changed. That's the next part, so if not interested,you may want to skip ahead to a later blog.

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