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Anticipating C. Hoffman

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I have a great affection toward alternate history, and the effects of advanced technology on cultures from various eras. For a time I was deep into Steampunk, on speaking terms with various influential figures and such. Aside from my infatuation with Coppelius, this was the reason my first Master was C. Hoffman. And partially why I'm returning to him.

No matter what alternative era you find yourself in, it seems that the resulting technological anachronisms exist ubiquitiously. Malifaux may be a few more years from Deiselpunk, but many of its aesthetics (and of other eras too) have already seeped into the setting. Certainly, you can handwave robots as complex magical golems, but much of their supposed internal mechanisms are too small for even magically assisted analog circuits. This indicates a level of knowledge over a hundred years before its time, thanks to the Malifaux equivalent of future-tech high-yield batteries, riding the line of Magitech powered Cyberpunk. The Guild even counts as a Megacorp precursor.

Of course, all of these considerations flavor my approach to building my new Hoffman collection. 




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