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Pre Twatifaux Update

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Well, tomorrow is twatifaux. 

Im a wee but under prepared but I'm totally stoked to be able to field a painted crew. 

Since my last post I've played one more game. This time we played scenario 2. I looked at James' Ramos crew and realised I couldn't beat it. James realised that in our last game I couldn't have tangled Ramos into Lilith as he has the upgrade where I lose all suits when I cast at him... It wa unintentional and the game would have been totally different. 

Anyway, there was no luck for me to be able to get him so I just played for the VP's. He removed most of my models but I had around 8-4 VP's when the corpse markers were down. 

I also had an intro game with a mate of mine, Ned. He played used the Neverborn and I had guild. The crews seem pretty well balanced, I copped the black joker a few times in flips but Ned picked up the basics pretty quickly. We didn't have any schemes or strats - it was just to learn the basic mechanics. 

Angel Eyes was pretty useful with her move trigger to get out of combat and then shoot me up.

i went down in a screaming heap of corpse markers, lol!

Ned pointed out how good Scion is, I think I'll be using him soon... Watch this space!

I've also got a good hobby update (pics after twatifaux)  

My doppleganger and primordial magic are finished. I also changed over the bases on my terror tots, chereb and Lilith. My little crew is coming along nicely.

After Twatifaux I'm going to be painting up a new master box and a whole host of new models so keep your eyes peeled and I'll have some updates up really soon!


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