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Nekima comes to claim what is hers!

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So its well overdue for an update and here we go:

In the last 4 weeks there has been a lot going on, both Faux wise and IRL. Things of note should have been posted - so here they are:


3 Feb:

I was invited to play in the Red Jokers slow grow campaign.

This was kinda sprung on me when I rocked up to play. I was all fired up to try out GG16. But had a crack at the campaign instead.

I had what was in my miniature case and as my waldgeists were 90% complete I decided to run with:

Juju with the unkillable upgrade (from the swamp?)

3x waldgeists 

2x tots

1x primordial magick

1 stone


I was up 10 thunders, it was my opponents 2nd game in the campaign. Can't exactly remember what he took.

I made a huge mistake of trying to bodyguard a Geist - do'h! Lost 3 vp there.

game ended up a draw 5 each or something.


It was the first time id played Jeremy and it was a cool game.


The campaign is mostly run on Wednesday nights at a rotating venue and there isn't always room for additional people to play. It's also run on Friday nights. Unfortunately my Friday nights can't be dedicated to faux. So I've had to drop out of the league :(


6 Feb 2016:

I managed to get in my first game in preparation for Twatifaux - what's shaping up to be the premier malifaux event in Melbourne.

The players pack can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6NPUtRKDPt7V0poejdhUV9DNm8/view?pref=2&pli=1


Opponent: Luke

Crew: Outcasts

Jack Daw Can't really remember his upgrades or much of the rest of his crew. 

My Crew:

  • Lilith
  • Wings + Beckon
  • Nekima
  • Doppleganger + Mimics Blessing
  • Graves
  • Waldgeist
  • Waldgeist
  • Tot
  • Primordial Magic
  • +1 cache


  • Squatters Rights


  • Convict Labour
  • Hunting Party
  • Show of Force
  • Covert Breakthrough
  • Catch and Release


Scheme Selection

I took Hunting Party and Covert Breakthrough. 

Luke Ended up with Convict Labour and Hunting Party

Convict Labour seems very very hard....


Luke deployed first fairly front and centre not going deep down his max length of 18 inches. I deployed half of my crew at the top of the deployment zone (18 inches) and then the rest at the 9 inches up and 18 across.

Game Summary:

We both moved in for the middle Squatter, I pushed up one tree, and failed to show the door to the other. I was able to get Lilith into combat with Jack Daw on the first turn with a move, charge and engagement range. I burned through my stones so I could get the +'s to hit enabling me to be at neutrals. I had Graves in the thick of it as well, splashing black blood all over his minions. I did lose my tot without anything in return.

That bought the second turn around in which I cheated in a high number with the doppleganger. I got Nekima in as well, Jack was toast. I took out most of his crew on this second turn. I think the finishing move for Nekima was actually stoning for a Blood for Blood so I could do two guaranteed points on Daw. Nekima then ate the rest of his crew.

I used the Illusionary Forest to great effect blocking Johan off from being able to get in.

By the end of turn two, I had lost Lilith but his crew was down to a montressor and *maybe* a Johan plus one small undead minion.

Final Score

We called it at the end of turn 2, it looked like I was going to get up 7-2 or something.

Thoughts/ Things I learned:

  • Zero Actions, I'm finally getting better with them
  • Choose one or two things to focus on a turn, and make one of these scoring points
  • Make sure I keep cards for defensive flips
  • Lilith is plus to damage and not hit (i made a mistake and got confused. Thankfully I had some spare stones so Luke was happy enough to let me just pretend I had burned the stones to be at a neutral flip to hit Daw. Had this had happened in a tourney I may have had to just give my opponent the win.
  •  We had a rule query about Liliths illusionary forest and if it disappears when she dies. We didn't want to get too bogged down with doing internet searches and stuff so just played it as it was written - so apparently correctly - it doesn't disappear when she dies.


22 Feb:


And.......................It took me way too long to post this so here is a 4th entry of note - another game!


Opponent: James


  • Ramos -- 5SS Cache
    • Field Generator 
    • Under Pressure 
    • Arcane Reservoir 
  • Brass Arachnid 
  • Electrical Creation
  • Howard Langston
  • Johan
  • Joss
    • Bleeding Edge Tech
  • Metal Gamin

My Crew:

  • Lilith
    • Wings + Beckon
  • Nekima
  • Doppleganger
  • Graves
  • Waldgeist
  • Waldgeist
  • Tot
  • Primordial Magic
  • +2 cache


  • Interference


  • Convict Labour
  • Exhaust Their Forces
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Neutralise the Leader
  • Occupy Their Turf


Scheme Selection

I had Neutralise the Leader and Occupy their Turf.

James had Convict Labour and Exhaust their Forces


Standard deployment. There were two medium sized severe terrain points around the middle of the board. James had a H2 blocking piece of terrain on his side of the board about 5 inches or so from the midline. 

Game Summary

James and I the only ones at this games club who relatively actively play Faux. The last few times we have played I have been beaten rather convincingly.

The game began with James moving Ramos upto hid behind the blocking terrain. I was able to show a Waldgeist the door and then walk twice to be within 6 inches of Ramos. When it was liliths turn to activate she tangled shadows twice to try and pull ramos out to say hello. I stoned twice but was unable to get him. 

I moved nekima up to be able to take advantage of the second turn tangle. 

Second turn, I cheated fate to get initiative. I had a pretty good hand, two picture card masks. I was able to get off tangle with my second action and then start wailing on Ramos. He was pretty well blocked in so he couldn't get away. Nekima finished him off. Howard came in and failed to kill Nekima. I fed james a Primordial Magic on the right hand flank and my Waldgeist who got tangled was eaten on my left. I also lost my Tot gaining nothing in return.

Once again I used the terrain to block off Johan and the systematically take out some stuff with Nekima.

James ended up having Joss alive and maybe the metal Gamin.

Final Score

I got 4 for Interference and 3 for Neutralise the Leader for a total of 7

James got 1 or 2 for Exhaust their forces and 2 for Interference for a total of 3 or 4.

7-3/4 win

Things I learned/Thoughts

  • How will this list get more than 7 possible points? This will have to be something for me to think about...
  • I think I played a pretty much flawless game, not missing any zero actions, maybe I missed one with Lilith...
  • I did runout of cards for the insta kill ability of Howards. I had to punt 2 soul stones instead of cards. I don't want to be in this position ever ever again.

All Month Long Hobby Updates:


I put together the Guild Models from the two player boxset and got some base colours onto them. But nothing to really show as yet, they are just a blue blur at this stage. I may be doing some demo games and needed them put together so I went the extra step and got the base colours onto them too.

Additionally, Not sure if this counts as assembly or not but I am also working on some Illusionary Forest, Germinate and Scheme Markers done with the cheque floor plasticard. At this stage I have cut out 3 50mmx50mm forest markers and 5 scheme markers. No photos of these till they are painted though…


This time all models are 100% complete and have been varnished. My Photo skills are pretty rubbish and are shot with my iPhone.

Firstly the 3 waldgeists:

I'm fairly happy with how they turned out. I could have done a little more work on the bark but at the end of the day they are animated trees. Not too much I can really do with them. 











Secondly Graves.

I've continued with the purple skin for the nephilim. This guy wasn't too hard to paint. He's a nice model and can't wait to start showing people the door. 




Finally, the true mother herself and the name of the post - Nekima!

Being such a central model to my crews I put a lot of work into her. I'm very pleased with the result. 




New Years Resolution Count:

Game Count = 6

Models Purchased = 0

Models Painted = 5

Models Assembled = 4

Total Count = -3; I think its going to be hard to end up in a positive given the amount of models I plan to paint this year but heck I can give it a shot!!!


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