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And a choice is made.

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But I’ll tease a bit first. What can I say? I’m mean and it’s funny. You know, unless you know how to scroll down and skip the rest… I should stop giving ideas now.
So this Saturday just gone, I went to another tournament (third in three weeks! Kinda tired now) which was Ante Up in Northampton. I’d spent the previous week messing about with Collodi and loving every minute of him, this week I was planning on doing the same with Rasputina. 

Unlike the great puppet, I have some experience from last year where I always chose to use Armour of December and lacked the Blessed of December, Snowstorm and Silent Ones due to the lack of plastics. 

For the most part, these games bored me.  Raspy didn’t want to move and if I did move her, a masters AP for a 3” push to get a mirror target was entirely underwhelming. As were her attacks, for that matter. Raspy was an effective Ca6 vs Df without triggers, when I’d come from Kaeris and her Ca7 vs Df or Wp, as I saw fit. Sure, she had a decent damage track and I now understand the role the focus action a whole lot better than I did before but I found the games to be static and lacklustre.

Move on to now. I have Snowstorm, the Blessed and two Silent Ones and an itch to see how I could do with the Shattered Mirror upgrade. As the tournament pack showed the strats and schemes early, I made a list per round to use these models/upgrades and see how much I enjoyed them.
I won’t bother with a blow by blow as this blog is not intended to be about battle reports. I played three cracking games, two of which were against members of the Squigs and had a blast (hur hur) again.

Damn it.

I was hoping to be proved wrong, that I would find Raspy to be lacklustre once more and have my choice made easy but between leaping Blessed’s, Snowstorm rocking the joint (and not once exploding) and a hilarious first turn charge by Kaeris/Ice Gamin grenade (hurled by Kaeris, not smashed by me), this was not to be. The frozen heart themed crew was very pleasant to play and, if I added the Ice Dancer, I could see running Raspy in theme quite happily. 
So what’s a guy to do to make a choice? Well, I figured I’d have to move on to my other undecided masters (Mei and Ironsides for Arcanists, Lynch and Dreamer for Neverborn) and do much the same: test and review. A daunting task, though I guess half the games would count as practise when I did settle on a faction.

I figured I’d start with Ironsides. Yes, she’s got a reputation for being a weak master but I remembered a guide put onto the Wyrd Place* Facebook group that I read last year, and I firmly believe she can do well in the right situations. Plus, she’s a pugilist in a Steampunk world. That’s just cool. 

It was as I was reading the potential crew members for Ironsides that I was struck by an epiphany. I’d approached this all wrong. Yes, masters are a hugely important part of the game, but if I’m playing Seven Masters for Seven Rounds, then the actual consistent factor is going to be the other sodding models I use. And this is where I know exactly what faction to play, as I just think the Neverborn minions, enforcers and henchmen are more fun to use and plain cooler. 

The M&SU doesn’t inspire me. Beasts don't inspire me. The Showgirls are nice (Cassie is awesome) and the December cult appeals, but the majority of the Arcanist faction leaves me meh. Compared to Neverborn, they have character galore from the top to bottom. With Pandora last year, I’ve run lists with Hans and the Doppleganger, no minions, all minions etc. With other masters, I can do even more and thanks to Collodi, Zoraida and Lynch, be highly flexible in the models I use. 
So this third post has taught me two things. First, I’m dumb and still don’t know how my mind works 34 years into life. Secondly, this is my year of the Neverborn.  


*The guide is excellent and can be found via Ironsides Pull My Finger page. Kudos to Rhiannon Morrison for her excellent write up.

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Good luck, Tayne. Neverborn are indeed the better choice here, even if I am biased on this matter :P This year was the turn for Ten Thunders, or Gremlins on the scene. However for the past two years I found again and again that for tournaments I can have the most fun, more reliability and be more flexible with Neverborn. Not that Ten Thunders are weak or inflexible, on the contrary - it's just that Neverborn always gives off this angry, bloodthirsty vibe I find very pumping for events (except Nythera, because we know where my true loyalties lie with the Dragons). The sheer amount of synergies and tricks and fluffy bits that are all over Neverborn really add up, too.

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Neverborn rock. I love Gremlins, they are my first and preferred faction, but in certain situations they are not flexible enough or simply not suitable. I recently played a Shifting Loyalties campaign and I wasn't convinced about using Gremlins, as they usually...tend to blow themselves up (with consequent huge amount of injuries) :D
Neverborn, on the other hand, provided the opportunity for a very flexible list (especially since my master was Zoraida). I find them a lot more subtle to use than straight-in-your-face gremlins, but very satisfactory.

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