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Through the Breach recruiting



Our gaming group is looking for a second female player. Right now our campaign is Through the Breach, Wyrd's game of Victorian steampunk horror. Our group consists of three reliable male players and one female player. Looking for one more girl to help balance the numbers a bit.

We play on Friday evenings, from around 7:30 pm till 12 am, Pacific Time.

Experience with Through the Breach is not necessary. Rules can be taught. Our games are a mix of social challenges and combat.  If you have played TtB before, please be aware that we do use the following rules modification:

1)  Rather than Fated only flips against static TNs, we use opposed flips with the Fate Master having his own deck.

2)  We don't use the five game sessions per Fated artificial deadline to end the campaign, but rather a more organic system that allows characters to grow more naturally.

We use skype for VOIP and Fantasy Grounds as a Virtual Table Top.  I have an Ultimate FG license, so any free version of the client is sufficient to join in.

Thanks for reading, please contact me if you might be interested!


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