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Project: Neverborn



I want to focus on Neverborn this year. I've dabbled in Guild and had a few games with Ressers but I finally settled on Neverborn.

Such a cool backstory and a great range of models to boot.

I painted up the Mother of Monsters box set about 18 months ago and since then, I have decided that I want to change the basing. I was originally going with sand + grass. This will now be black and white chequer bases. I'm not going to rebase this box set until I have at least gotten some other models painted and based.

I have also, in stupidity, decided that I will paint the bases before I paint the models? WTF - why would I do that....???!!! As such, none of my models are actually attached to bases. I need to blu-tac them down in order to have a game. I detest doing this and hopefully it will make me paint more so I can get rid of the Blu-Tac.

In keeping with my NYR, it is probably fitting to list the models that I have and the various states they are currently in:


  • Lilith (painted and varnished, but I want to come back and highlight her up a bit more and She in need of rebasing)
  • Pandora (undercoated white)
  • Zoraida (on sprue)
  • Dreamer + LCB (on sprue)
  • Jakob Lynch (on sprue)
  • Lucius (on sprue)
  • Collodi (assembled) 


  • Barbaros (painted and varnished - in need of rebasing)
  • Candy (Undercoated white)
  • Bad Juju (assembeled)
  • Lord Chompy Bits (on sprue)
  • Nekima (assembled)  
  • Vasilisa (assembled) 
  • Widow Weaver (on sprue)
  • Alternate Barbaros (on sprue)
  • Wrath (assembled) 
  • Angel Eyes (assembled) 


  • Baby Kade (assembled) 
  • Coppelius (assembled )
  • Doppleganger (on sprue)
  • Mr Graves (assembeled)
  • Mr Tannen (on sprue)
  • Miss Ery (assembled )
  • Tuco (on sprue)
  • Lilith (on sprue)
  • Lelu (on sprue)
  • Iggy (on sprue)
  • Mature Nephilim (assembled) 
  • Hooded Rider (assembled) 
  • Scion of Black Blood (assembled)


  • 3x Sorrows (assembled and mostly painted) 
  • 3x Silurid (assembled) 
  • 6x Terror Tots (assembled, 3 finished and varnished) 
  • 3x Illuminated (on sprue)
  • 2x Beckoners (on sprue)
  • 2x Young Nephilim (assembled and half painted)
  • 3x Depleted (on sprue)
  • 3x Waldgiest (assembled) 
  • 3x Wicked Dolls (assembled) 
  • 3x Insidious Madnesses (on sprue)
  • 2x Black Blood Shaman (on sprue)
  • Mysterious Effigy (assembled) 
  • 2x Bloodwretch (assembled) 


  • 3x Alps (on sprue)


  • Cherub (Painted and varnished, in need of rebasing) 
  • Poltergeist (assembled and half painted)
  • Voodoo Doll (assembled) 
  • 3x Daydreams (on sprue)
  • Hungering Darkness (on sprue)
  • The Scribe (on sprue)
  • Primordial Magic (assembled) 
  • 4x Marionettes (assembled) 


So there we have it. My first plan of attack is to get the bases done. Lets have a look at where these are now up to:


  • 1 - Complete
  • 5 - Black squares done


  • 7 - Black Squares done


  • 24 - Complete

This will raise the issue of what am I going to do to undercoat the models. I'll have to figure something out. I am hoping for inspiration while I paint up the white and painting the white is much harder than painting up the black.

I'm going to aim to get that done today. I have finished off the black squares on the 50mm and 40mm bases today already so that will be a good amount done in one day for me if I can manage it.




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LOL, at first I thought you where going to start Neverborn afresh. Then I scrolled down and saw your list; you have too much stuff, sir!

Nice bases! And painting the bases before the models isn't a bad idea at all. Just get your models painted so you can get rid of the blu tac!

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Lol, yeah I pretty much have the whole collection that has been released in plastics. 

I'm not done as yet, but I'll save that for my next post when they're completed.

oh and any ideas how to secure the models for when I undercoat them? 

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