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Prelude to Chaos Session 3

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Characters present:
Joseph Strum
Joanne Strivins
Devar Wolf
Pieter Strahovski

Few days have passed since the event at mansion.
Characters received letters from Mr. Johnson, inviting them for a job that begins at southern entrance to Malifaux. Curious of quest at hand they arrived to location they were given, each arriving at their own pace. First to arrive was Joseph, he saw Richard Johnson talking to two other well dressed men and a lady in front of two horse drawn carriages, one being heavier in build and seemed to be reinforced to be able to hold something heavy. As he walked to them they stopped their conversation and faced the iron giant. First of two men introduced himself as Dr. Hamington, he was an thin with bowler on his head and face as foxy looking as man could be. Second gentleman, Peter Toitoi had a large build accompanied with large belly, though his face was not as jolly as his body suggested, having ice cold look that seemed to judge everything he saw. Lady in the group who seemed to be in her early thirties introduced herself as Angela Frost, she was wearing long coat and her silver hair was tied on back. Sturm asked for more information on a job and Johnson explained how the request was simply to escort them to Edge point town, help them retrieve what they were looking for and then get everything back to malifaux train heading towards downtown. They would have one week to get to the train with the delivery. Next one to arrive was Strahovski, he greeted the party and asked for more information on the quest he would be completing. Johnson gave him the same explanation and soon after Wolf walked to the scene, Johnson sighed and repeated the briefing. After few minutes man in poncho and sombrero, he greeted the employers and was given the same information as others. Finally Joanne arrived along with Michael, Richard rubbed his forehead and gave the explanation one last time with dry tone of voice.
As the last of luggages were being placed on their places, company took their place in the carriages. Joanne, Michael and Drifter took seat in the first one along with the group of clients, while Joseph, Devar and Pieter took their place in the heavier cart that would follow the lighter one. Then the retinue set onward their destination: Edge point.

After travelling for a while the group saw an blockade made out of tree trunks and boulders. As their speed slowed while closing in to the roadblock, team noticed five men rise from their hidey holes around hundred meters away from blockade, two in their left and three on right.
The men who were closing in drew their pistols, this was enough to give the drifter reason to draw his rifle and open fire against them. Taking out one of them caused rest of the group to quickening their pace and trying to take cover though there was nothing to take cover in. Rest of them team was preparing for combat as the bandits closed in, but Drifter was faster with his gun than the attackers were with their feet. After two more bandits fell, farthest one on the right saw the disadvantageous situation and turned tail to run for his life. Last attacker fell as the last ammunition in Drifter’s rifle hit him in middle of the chest. The one who started running was far away when Drifter had reloaded his rifle and beyond his care. Group step out of the carts, and only one left in was Johnson telling others to clean the road so they could continue. Joanne, Devar, Pieter, Michael and Drifter went on to search through the bodies of their attackers in hopes of finding something useful. While they started to loot, Ms.Frost rolled up her sleeves, saying to Mr.Toitoi and Sturm how it seemed to be up to them to clear the road. After the gathering team had returned and clearing team had finished their labor, all got back to their seats and journey continued till the dusk was starting to colour the horizon when they saw Edge point ahead of them.


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