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Naked Moleman, basing and priming



So my basing pad arrived! This means I can make some gorgeous forest bases! First thing I did is work out a basic 50ss crew to base and paint first. This is what I ended up with:

50ss Crew

Marcus -- 6ss
 +The Trail Of The Gods - 1ss
 +Feral Instincts - 1ss
 +Pack Leader - 1ss

Jackalope - 2ss

Moleman - 4ss

Myranda - 8ss
 +Imbued Energies - 1ss

Razorspine Rattler - 7ss

Sabertooth Cerberus - 9ss
 +Imbued Energies - 1ss

Silurid - 7ss

Waldgeist - 6ss

No idea if it is any good, but it feels versatile and gives me the oppertunity to test out a lot of things. Cojo is kept in reserves for Myranda to change into. Now that our tournament is over I feel I can concentrate on playing Marcus now.

So what model to start painting? Been some weeks since I painted, and wanted to get the rust out before tackling the big boys. Also, I want to inspire myself to a higher painting standard. I chose to start with a Moleman. Don't know why. This is the reference I found to inspire the painting scheme:


This beauty is a Naked Molerat. Its a eusocial mammal, which is very unique. Also, it's very ugly (in a beautiful way). I love the thingies ever since I first heard of them, and I feel the experiment that is the Moleman is fitting to be compared to this. So white, pink/flesh and stained teeth. Now that I think of it, maybe I can find some whiskers to add to them as well to make it even worse :D Next cat whisker I find will end up on my Moleman, lol.


Anyways, so here's a WIP. I feel the moleman itself is quite done. Not sure if I want to finish with a glaze/very light wash. A lot of things I learned straight away: I should use better covered base coats. Also I liked getting the painting muscles flexed again.


Now that I see the model I think I might change the painting scheme of Cojo. I have planned him to be white albino, but it might be too similar to the moleman.

The rest of the crew is based and primed in all its glory, so I can get playing them before painting them all.


Comments and feedback are more then welcome! Next up I hope to report my findings of a game, and, ofcourse, more painting!


Recommended Comments

How are you liking the Basius Forrest?  I got it in the first batch and I hate to say it but it is the one I am least impressed with. I don't know if it is user error or material,.  But the detail isn't impressive and I have trouble with the logs.

If you are getting good results any tips?

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I kinda like the basius forest. But I agree that it isn't as simple to make great bases with it then I thought. Using regular green stuff I have made a couple of nice bases, but it's hard to get the entire base covered in detail. I feel that will be solved when I use it more and get more used to the best way to handle it.

I find the detail to be really impressive, especially the logs. For me its more that there's so much detail, and I am not sure if I want to be painting more detail on my base as opposed to the model that's standing on it :) You can pick out leaves, even the stems of the leaves, but for now I am using a wash based way of painting them not to give them too much detail to distract from the model too much.

A tip that I found out so far, is to let the green stuff cure a bit before pressing it in the mold. Also making everything really wet helps (I use water). Also use enough green stuff, if you dont use enough, you cant make the details.

Hope this helps :)


Pictures of my painted crew will be following soon, you can see how the bases turned out!

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 I will try using less fresh green stuff with the log side.  They have been coming out warped when lifted. Also on uneven surfaced areas loosing details because all isn't touching might be because of too little used, but when I try using more I feel like I have a nice surface detail sitting on a chunk of wasted green stuff, leaving ugly sides. 

Thanks! I feel like I hijacked the post for non-malifaux stuff.

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