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Sticking beasts and staying within budget

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There's two things I would like to post an update about. The first a bit more practical, the other something I already learned from the TOMB proces.

I have glued the Marcus box together. They are very nice miniatures and weren't too difficult to assemble. I noticed a bit change from other plastic boxes; all those mighty beasts arent tiny fiddly plastics. They are sturdy, but have some places where there's quite the obvious gap. Filling it nicely with greenstuff has been my challenge. All in all I think they turned out very nice! Now I want to paint them stuck to their bases. As mentioned before I have backed the Basius kickstarter, and as soon as my pads arrive it's Marcus painting time!


Other thing I noticed is that I found it hard to stay within the budget limit of the TOMB challenge. We started out with $60, and then add $25 per month. But I already got so much stuff I spent my budget months in advance. And I am planning on getting even more! So TOMB already learned me I am way too addicted for my own good! :D So far I already got myself Waldgeists, Molemen and Silurids (with Zoraida box, ofc!).

Do you have that as well? You try to start out small, but before you know you expand into everything that can be of use to a crew you like to play!

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