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Marcus joins #TOMB3 week 1!



Hi all!


On the Wyrd forums I found the TOMB 3 Rules and Signup thread. It inspired me - I have so much lying around. This is a great way of building up a new crew, sharing experiences, and getting some feedback about it all. So here's my blog for october!


I am choosing to play Marcus! Why you would ask? Apart from him being a beast (pun intended) there's another story to that. Recently I really started painting my models. I made basic bases from greenstuff, and as I progressed I wanted to do better bases. My Google-Fu directed me towards Basius; awesome tools to make cool bases. There was a Basius kick-starter, I backed it, and am now awaiting my stuff.

Of the three pads I backed, for one I choose the forest pad. I recently got back from vacation where we wandered through the forest almost every day, and really loved that idea for bases. And who live in the fores? Yes, beasts! So actually my desire to run Marcus was born in the availability of cool forest basing!




I have the Marcus box for $50, leaving me $10 for this month. I will save that up. This month I want to put the models together, maybe start painting, but I am waiting for my forest basius to arrive before actually putting everything together. On my wishlist are: Molemen (although I read mixed reports about them), Silurids, Waldgeists, Rogue Necromancy. From my rezzers I already have some canine remains to reuse, which should be awesome as well.

With this TOMB I am also setting a higher bar for painting the models. I am not a great painter, but am aspiring to get better at it. Doing a lot of rezzers lately I guess this will be a nice change. I will try to paint more neatly, use vibrant colours for all the beasts, and otherwise just make them awesome models.


As for figuring out how/what I am going to play, I am revisiting some of the Marcus resources I have read and listened to the last couple of weeks, grouped together in this topic:

Also looking forward to the excellent podcast Schemes and Stones doing a Marcus edition!


Here's some inspiration I found for some models.

For Cojo I am really liking the albino paintscheme that dgraz uses. The fiery paintstyle is nice as well!



For the Rattler there's like millions of cool options. This snake is very vibrant, for example:



The tiger might get a paintjob to look like our cats? Not sure how that will work out :D



Anyways, so here it is: my start to TOMB!


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