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Hanging Up the Badge of Office

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So after much thinking I've decided to hang up my Guild badge after the UK Nationals. 

I have loved playing them this year, ever since Lady Justice carried me to my first Malifaux tournament win in January. They have taught me whole new ways of dealing damage. Few things are funnier than seeing enemy Henchmen running away from the Governor's Proxy because they know what's coming from Ama no Zako...

The rarity factor has also been great. Over here there's Paul Butler (now 10T), Paul Campbell, Aaron Bailey and me playing Guild at a high level. Players just don't get much chance to prepare for us, especially my particular brand of "wtfaux" inspired weirdness! 

When the Guild are running well, they're an awesome damage dealing machine. I've won 4 tournaments this year and podiumed another twice, chiefly by going on tears and smashing the absolute living bejeezus out of whoever's in front of me.

But that's ultimately all they do. There is no control game. Card draw happens to other people. They can struggle to pull a game back if things go wrong. The biggest damage dealers can fall over in the face of a stiff breeze, despite high wound counts. 

In order to become a better player and build on what I've accomplished, I feel like I need some more options. Particularly when it comes to shenanigans!

I have no doubt I'll play Guild again. They are fun. But for 2016, I'll be playing with little green men...

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