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Taelor Flowers




It's been a while since I've been able to paint my own models (been working on some commission stuff recently), so I took some time to finally paint up everyone's favourite foul-mouthed mercenary, Taelor. I'm a bit of a geek on top of all the nerdiness that comes from miniature-based hobbying, and a big fan of Scott Pilgrim. I own a gorgeous t-shirt with one of Megan Lara's designs on it, a lovely pastel-coloured Ramona Flowers effort that regularly accompanies me to Malifaux tournaments, and made my mind up to paint Taelor in the same colours, seen as she's got such lovely hair and a big hammer too. Above is the result of all that, brightly dyed hair, big purple hammer, and seven exes and all.

Of course, it's not strictly Ten Thunders, but Taelor Flowers does occasionally accompany Lucas McCabe and Mei Feng to battle, so I figured I would get away with throwing her in here too. While I finish off the rest of my commission work I'm working on how to make Toshiro's dead flesh look properly gruesome, so I can get through the rest of my Ancestor's crew; it's also a cheeky excuse to paint the Komainu I ordered at Gencon, too. Hopefully I'll get on to that lot soon!

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