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Player characters and minions

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Here is the list of Fated characters and possible assistants who are involved in TtB Campaign: Prelude to Chaos. 

Character: Joseph Sturm - Invested

Nationality: German - Age: 30 - Hair colour: Blond

Allignment: Outcast - Pursuit(s): Guard

Player: Wollsey


Character: Joanne Strivins - Fated

Nationality: English - Age: 22 - Hair colour: Red

Station: Mortuary staff - Pursuit(s): Overseer

Fulfilled Destinies: "When the Gears turn upon the story best forgotten"


Character: Arnold Bergrant - Fated

Nationality: South american - Age: 35 - Hair colour: Black

Station: Harlot - Pursuit(s): Primal

Player: Jaksu88


Character: Devar Wolf - Fated

Nationality: Threekindoms - Age: 25 - Hair colour: Black

Station: Orphan - Pursuit(s): Dabbler

Player: Devawarewolf


Character: Pieter Strahovski - Fated

Nationality: Russian - Age: 47 - Hair colour: Grey

Allignment: M&SU - Pursuit(s): Gunfighter

Fufilled Destinies: "When coins fall from the sky like silver raindrops"

Player: Amdor


Character: "Drifter" - Fated

Nationality: Roman - Age: 26 - Hair colour: Brown

Station: Indentured servant - Pursuit(s): Mercenary



Joanne's bodyguard: Michael - Gunfighter

Nationality: American - Age: 32 - Hair colour: brown


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