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And not surprisingly in the least...



My painting task failed. Gloriously. I don't mean my efforts in the painting task were glorious, I mean the scale of failure itself was the glory. I got a week into it, then my life unraveled, and then I stopped for months. I only started recently painting again, deciding to paint what I felt like painting while in the mood, and to hell with themes or completing a crew. As a result I painted 2 Wardens, a Guardian, a Hunter, and the Mechanical Attendant. In 4 days.

But that is over now. I am going to stick with what I have been doing and generally not purchase new (plastic) models until Gen Con. OOP metals on eBay are still fair game if they are reasonably priced ($60 for a Snow Storm is not reasonably priced). I really can't buy any more models anyway until I get a second display case, as it is getting VERY crowded in there.

I digress, however, as I have found a new pursuit I can both do at my own pace, and still be creative - Malifaux fiction

Without going into detail, there is mystery, intrigue, suspense, elements of the supernatural, and all sorts of chaos involving an inheritance - what good Victorian era story doesn't have all that?!

Details to follow once I have them, but I have already short-listed some characters and am now developing the primary setting.

Until then...


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