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Half way there,



6 Month update

Well, here I am, 6 months into the challenge. Its going pretty well on the whole.

My Current collection is 1962ss, 414 models.

I’ve played 30 games and that has used 57% of my collection.

My CMON/Micro art bases arrived last week, so I can finally get around to basing the last few models I need to base, meaning Dreamer, Kirai and the Gremlin Faction become playable soon. (well for a given degree of playable)

So a look at the numbers

Collection of 414 models (47 Masters) totalling 1962 ss

I’ve still got to use 197 models (24 masters) totalling 842 ss

Arcanist:- From my 101 models (15 masters) at 464ss, I’ve got 77 models (13 masters) at 364ss to go

Guild:- 62 models (9 Masters) at 279ss, 19 models (3 masters) at 82ss to go

Ressers:- 73 Models (8 Masters) at 296ss, 20 models (3 masters) at 72ss to go

Neverborn 74 models (9 masters) at 355ss, 22 models (2 masters) at 69ss to go

Outcast 75 models (8 masters) at 317 ss, 17 models (2 masters) at 69 ss to go

Ten thunders:-56 models (7 Masters) at 261ss, 23 Models (2 masters) at 113 ss to go

Gremlin:-21 models (3 masters) at 86 ss, 18 models (2 masters) at 74ss to go

I have deliberately left the Arcanist faction so far, since I know I’ve got 2 2day tournements to go to that I want to do well at, and the plan has always been to play Arcanists at them. (5 round and 7 round)

Guild is left with Sonnia, Lucius and McCabe, because in the game I played with him, he didn’t dismount, so I have got to get him off the horse. I’ve got to use 3 lawyers and 3 guild guard still.

Resurectionists have Kirai, and a lot of her crew to go, so its possible I’d use most of what I have left in 1 game with her. I also have 2 Seamus games to get in.

Neverborn Have Dreamer and Lucius. The 2 young Nephlim are probably the hardest to fit in to a list, (Having failed to grow any tots when I tried) but I can probably knock most of the list off when I play Dreamer if I go for the summoning upgrade.

Outcast have Misaki and Leveticus to go. I’ve left Leveticus till near the end as he is a good one for picking up odds and ends for his lists.

Ten thunders have Misaki and McCabe. Minion wise they are probably going to be one of the strangest to finish. I’ve got 3 Oiran and 3 Torkage to go, as well as 2 archers and 2 Ten thunders Brothers. I expect Misaki will be used here picking up a lot of those.

Gremlins have Wong and Sommer, and once I’ve based my figures, I’ll probably get a Sommer game and remove a decent amount of the list in 1 go.

When I put it that way, it doesn’t sound like a lot left. Maybe I can afford to buy more stuff.

I’ve not bought a huge amount this year so far, but that is more due to them not releasing things I don’t have. I’m waiting for Ironsides to hit my local shop, and will be picking up at least the Dark Carnival at Gencon. (Plus most of Shifting loyalties, the 2 player starter set, and I’m sure there is other things that will tempt me. I want to do the 3 headed list with Sow, Rogue necromancy and as many Cerberus as I can fit in, so I’ll need a sow…)

Hobbywise I’ve managed to paint a lot of my figures, to at least a block colour stage. Not well enough to count as finished but painted well enough to play with.

I haven’t done much on Board building (but have bought a 3” square rubber mat, and 18 1foot square terrain tiles, so I should hopefully have something sorted.

In my first 2 tournaments of the year I did pretty well, 2nd in Dover whilst being Undefeated, and then second in the taelorn doubles, but last month I went to the Summer showdown and did rubbish (by my standards). I lost 3 and won 1. And it was with Neverborn, who I have done fine with before. It might be that the playing everything has dulled my edge. (or the Curse of the Marshall)

Over all I’ve won 12 out of the 30 games (3 of the loses were in 3 way games). I probably would have won nearer 20 normally, but would have used a much smaller pool of models.

Report wise, Work has got hectic, and most of my report writing is normally in the morning whilst I’m avoiding going into the Lab because other people aren’t here yet, so its fallen by the wayside.

I hope to get more reports written up, and some discussion on some of the figures.


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