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About this blog

Logfaux has survived its infancy. As a youth brimming with vigor, it is full of promise for the future. However, this future will only be realized if a proper balance is struck between disciplined growth and adaptability.

In our case, adaptability is the ability to respond to the community and this discussion is often a complex affair. For these reasons, the thought process going into the future development of Logfaux deserves the public light.

Entries in this blog


Exporting game data

Background: I am fond of technology. I get excited by using tools that make my life easier, more efficient or just plain pleasant. There is no turn-off like realizing that you are captive of such a tool. Mischief plays no part in this. Sure, it makes the feeling worse, but captivity is bad regardless of context. Just absolutely bad. Bad things happen Earth-side, too. Vendors lose interest, passwords get forgotten, databases fail catastrophically: all very improbable contingencies, but …



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