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About this blog

Logfaux has survived its infancy. As a youth brimming with vigor, it is full of promise for the future. However, this future will only be realized if a proper balance is struck between disciplined growth and adaptability.

In our case, adaptability is the ability to respond to the community and this discussion is often a complex affair. For these reasons, the thought process going into the future development of Logfaux deserves the public light.

Entries in this blog


Exporting game data

Background: I am fond of technology. I get excited by using tools that make my life easier, more efficient or just plain pleasant. There is no turn-off like realizing that you are captive of such a tool. Mischief plays no part in this. Sure, it makes the feeling worse, but captivity is bad regardless of context. Just absolutely bad. Bad things happen Earth-side, too. Vendors lose interest, passwords get forgotten, databases fail catastrophically: all very improbable contingencies, but not impossible. Captivity stifles creativity by restricting its pool to a cabal. It is the equivalent of monopolist practice in the real economy and its effect is the equivalent of that other evil's effects: monoculture, discontent, decay from within. Thoughts: These points pertain to Logfaux. Players and organizers put a lot of time and effort into enriching the Logfaux database for their individual and the communal benefit. It is only fair that they have access to their data. But why stop there? They could have access to all the (anonymized) data! Logfaux users should be able to get the game data they have filtered for on the My Dashboard and Meta pages in a ubiquitous format, like CSV or XLS. Then they could import that data into other tools and do all sorts of data analysis. Who knows what they might come up with?   Let's find out! 



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