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Henchman Hardcore at Cardplace Store, Moscow

Last Saturday, July 30, 2016 Cardplace club (Mendeleyevskaya metro station) hosted the first Malifaux tournament "Welcome to Malifaux!", in Henchman Hardcore format (20 Soul Stones).
The format turned to be very lively, active and all participants enjoyed it. And some of them were especially pleased, since they managed to finish the battle with prizes)

To conclude:

1st place: Atwei and his Arkanists (S mall Mystery box + diploma) 

2nd place: Toktogul who played for Outcasts (1 SS guilder + diploma)

3rd place: Bukr Jenkins , The Guild (Foil card + diploma)

Let me once again congratulate the winners, and thank all the participants for a good game and warm and homely atmosphere!

We look forward to seeing you at our next tournaments! 




Demo games July 9

July 9, Saturday, we held our first Malifaux demo dames. The event was full of fun, all participants enjoyed it, and new players joined our community. 4 crews participated in the battle: Lady Justice, Ortega Family, Dreamer, and Collodi. Here are some photos of this event. 



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