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About this blog

Hello wyrdos! I'm a henchman in Moscow, and I work at a great place to play Malifaux — Geek Wars store. Here I'll try to post about all the wyrd activities we organize. 

Entries in this blog


Malifaux at Igrokon 2016

On September 24-25 we organized a grand Malifaux presentation at Igrokon 2016, the largest board games convention in Russia. Together with Sergey Gybin (Ravenswood) and some volunteers we made demo games for more than 200 people. Everyone was really amazed by Malifaux and Through The Breach style, so after this huge event Russian Malifaux community will grow even faster than now!

You can take a look at our booth at our image gallery. 

P.S. Teddy was a true star. 



Last Sunday we had an Enforcer Brawl tournament at Geek Wars store, and it was so fun! As far as I know it was the biggest tournament in Russia so far (27 participants), and I'm really proud for our community and I hope to see even more players at our store. 

Here is a short video to show you the mayhem we had :) https://vk.com/geekwars?z=video-88141179_456239029%2Fvideos-88141179%2Fpl_-88141179_-2

And here are some photos:







Recently we decided to find out who is stronger — Perdita or Yan Lo. 

The rules were quite simple — one master, three upgrades, fight to the death on a 1'x1' table. 

Yan Lo took the Brutal Nekhekhara, Innerving Aura and something else I don't remember

Perdita took the upgrade which lets her ignore armor and incorporeal and something more. 6gMsvpAMOzg.jpg

What upgrades would you take for these masters? 

Next week I'll publish the results, but before I'd like to see your predictions. 



Last saturday at Geek Wars we've had an awesome tournament! 12 participants, 3 rounds and tons of fun! 

Alas, I don't know the players' names on the forum, so I can't mention the winners. I had a small prize package from the henchman's welcome kit, but to encourage the guys I made for them a free participation in our next event, which is going to be held very soon!