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Follow me as I delve headfirst into all things Malifaux and Wyrd

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Rail Crew Working

Extremely happy to say I wrapped up my rail crew today.


Quick but effective, i'm hoping to attend a tournament in Atlanta at the end of the month. 

Declaring Arcanist, letting Mei Feng hop around crazy haha

The Rail Crew-10thunders.JPG




The beginning

So I've been eyeballing Malifaux for the better part of three years, buying a M2E rule book and the M&SU crew box. 

A baby and new career later and i've finally found the time to pursue the game!

I've come from a war-gaming background and found Malifaux refreshing in game play and aesthetics.

This past Friday I was able to play in Atlanta at the most excellent Giga-bites cafe'


I'll be working towards a Henchmen position and growing a community in the Macon/Warner Robins area of Georgia

So far I have finished my Ramos crew (speed painted, 2hrs)

I'm now working on a Yan lo Ancestor crew and the Rail crew (who doesn't want Mei Feng Kung Fu'ing someone off Joss' head!)


Ill be updating Regularly!!





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