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Pre Twatifaux Update

Well, tomorrow is twatifaux. 

Im a wee but under prepared but I'm totally stoked to be able to field a painted crew. 

Since my last post I've played one more game. This time we played scenario 2. I looked at James' Ramos crew and realised I couldn't beat it. James realised that in our last game I couldn't have tangled Ramos into Lilith as he has the upgrade where I lose all suits when I cast at him... It wa unintentional and the game would have been totally different. 

Anyway, there was no luck for me to be able to get him so I just played for the VP's. He removed most of my models but I had around 8-4 VP's when the corpse markers were down. 

I also had an intro game with a mate of mine, Ned. He played used the Neverborn and I had guild. The crews seem pretty well balanced, I copped the black joker a few times in flips but Ned picked up the basics pretty quickly. We didn't have any schemes or strats - it was just to learn the basic mechanics. 

Angel Eyes was pretty useful with her move trigger to get out of combat and then shoot me up.

i went down in a screaming heap of corpse markers, lol!

Ned pointed out how good Scion is, I think I'll be using him soon... Watch this space!

I've also got a good hobby update (pics after twatifaux)  

My doppleganger and primordial magic are finished. I also changed over the bases on my terror tots, chereb and Lilith. My little crew is coming along nicely.

After Twatifaux I'm going to be painting up a new master box and a whole host of new models so keep your eyes peeled and I'll have some updates up really soon!




So its well overdue for an update and here we go:

In the last 4 weeks there has been a lot going on, both Faux wise and IRL. Things of note should have been posted - so here they are:


3 Feb:

I was invited to play in the Red Jokers slow grow campaign.

This was kinda sprung on me when I rocked up to play. I was all fired up to try out GG16. But had a crack at the campaign instead.

I had what was in my miniature case and as my waldgeists were 90% complete I decided to run with:

Juju with the unkillable upgrade (from the swamp?)

3x waldgeists 

2x tots

1x primordial magick

1 stone


I was up 10 thunders, it was my opponents 2nd game in the campaign. Can't exactly remember what he took.

I made a huge mistake of trying to bodyguard a Geist - do'h! Lost 3 vp there.

game ended up a draw 5 each or something.


It was the first time id played Jeremy and it was a cool game.


The campaign is mostly run on Wednesday nights at a rotating venue and there isn't always room for additional people to play. It's also run on Friday nights. Unfortunately my Friday nights can't be dedicated to faux. So I've had to drop out of the league :(


6 Feb 2016:

I managed to get in my first game in preparation for Twatifaux - what's shaping up to be the premier malifaux event in Melbourne.

The players pack can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6NPUtRKDPt7V0poejdhUV9DNm8/view?pref=2&pli=1


Opponent: Luke

Crew: Outcasts

Jack Daw Can't really remember his upgrades or much of the rest of his crew. 

My Crew:

  • Lilith
  • Wings + Beckon
  • Nekima
  • Doppleganger + Mimics Blessing
  • Graves
  • Waldgeist
  • Waldgeist
  • Tot
  • Primordial Magic
  • +1 cache


  • Squatters Rights


  • Convict Labour
  • Hunting Party
  • Show of Force
  • Covert Breakthrough
  • Catch and Release


Scheme Selection

I took Hunting Party and Covert Breakthrough. 

Luke Ended up with Convict Labour and Hunting Party

Convict Labour seems very very hard....


Luke deployed first fairly front and centre not going deep down his max length of 18 inches. I deployed half of my crew at the top of the deployment zone (18 inches) and then the rest at the 9 inches up and 18 across.

Game Summary:

We both moved in for the middle Squatter, I pushed up one tree, and failed to show the door to the other. I was able to get Lilith into combat with Jack Daw on the first turn with a move, charge and engagement range. I burned through my stones so I could get the +'s to hit enabling me to be at neutrals. I had Graves in the thick of it as well, splashing black blood all over his minions. I did lose my tot without anything in return.

That bought the second turn around in which I cheated in a high number with the doppleganger. I got Nekima in as well, Jack was toast. I took out most of his crew on this second turn. I think the finishing move for Nekima was actually stoning for a Blood for Blood so I could do two guaranteed points on Daw. Nekima then ate the rest of his crew.

I used the Illusionary Forest to great effect blocking Johan off from being able to get in.

By the end of turn two, I had lost Lilith but his crew was down to a montressor and *maybe* a Johan plus one small undead minion.

Final Score

We called it at the end of turn 2, it looked like I was going to get up 7-2 or something.

Thoughts/ Things I learned:

  • Zero Actions, I'm finally getting better with them
  • Choose one or two things to focus on a turn, and make one of these scoring points
  • Make sure I keep cards for defensive flips
  • Lilith is plus to damage and not hit (i made a mistake and got confused. Thankfully I had some spare stones so Luke was happy enough to let me just pretend I had burned the stones to be at a neutral flip to hit Daw. Had this had happened in a tourney I may have had to just give my opponent the win.
  •  We had a rule query about Liliths illusionary forest and if it disappears when she dies. We didn't want to get too bogged down with doing internet searches and stuff so just played it as it was written - so apparently correctly - it doesn't disappear when she dies.


22 Feb:


And.......................It took me way too long to post this so here is a 4th entry of note - another game!


Opponent: James


  • Ramos -- 5SS Cache
    • Field Generator 
    • Under Pressure 
    • Arcane Reservoir 
  • Brass Arachnid 
  • Electrical Creation
  • Howard Langston
  • Johan
  • Joss
    • Bleeding Edge Tech
  • Metal Gamin

My Crew:

  • Lilith
    • Wings + Beckon
  • Nekima
  • Doppleganger
  • Graves
  • Waldgeist
  • Waldgeist
  • Tot
  • Primordial Magic
  • +2 cache


  • Interference


  • Convict Labour
  • Exhaust Their Forces
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Neutralise the Leader
  • Occupy Their Turf


Scheme Selection

I had Neutralise the Leader and Occupy their Turf.

James had Convict Labour and Exhaust their Forces


Standard deployment. There were two medium sized severe terrain points around the middle of the board. James had a H2 blocking piece of terrain on his side of the board about 5 inches or so from the midline. 

Game Summary

James and I the only ones at this games club who relatively actively play Faux. The last few times we have played I have been beaten rather convincingly.

The game began with James moving Ramos upto hid behind the blocking terrain. I was able to show a Waldgeist the door and then walk twice to be within 6 inches of Ramos. When it was liliths turn to activate she tangled shadows twice to try and pull ramos out to say hello. I stoned twice but was unable to get him. 

I moved nekima up to be able to take advantage of the second turn tangle. 

Second turn, I cheated fate to get initiative. I had a pretty good hand, two picture card masks. I was able to get off tangle with my second action and then start wailing on Ramos. He was pretty well blocked in so he couldn't get away. Nekima finished him off. Howard came in and failed to kill Nekima. I fed james a Primordial Magic on the right hand flank and my Waldgeist who got tangled was eaten on my left. I also lost my Tot gaining nothing in return.

Once again I used the terrain to block off Johan and the systematically take out some stuff with Nekima.

James ended up having Joss alive and maybe the metal Gamin.

Final Score

I got 4 for Interference and 3 for Neutralise the Leader for a total of 7

James got 1 or 2 for Exhaust their forces and 2 for Interference for a total of 3 or 4.

7-3/4 win

Things I learned/Thoughts

  • How will this list get more than 7 possible points? This will have to be something for me to think about...
  • I think I played a pretty much flawless game, not missing any zero actions, maybe I missed one with Lilith...
  • I did runout of cards for the insta kill ability of Howards. I had to punt 2 soul stones instead of cards. I don't want to be in this position ever ever again.

All Month Long Hobby Updates:


I put together the Guild Models from the two player boxset and got some base colours onto them. But nothing to really show as yet, they are just a blue blur at this stage. I may be doing some demo games and needed them put together so I went the extra step and got the base colours onto them too.

Additionally, Not sure if this counts as assembly or not but I am also working on some Illusionary Forest, Germinate and Scheme Markers done with the cheque floor plasticard. At this stage I have cut out 3 50mmx50mm forest markers and 5 scheme markers. No photos of these till they are painted though…


This time all models are 100% complete and have been varnished. My Photo skills are pretty rubbish and are shot with my iPhone.

Firstly the 3 waldgeists:

I'm fairly happy with how they turned out. I could have done a little more work on the bark but at the end of the day they are animated trees. Not too much I can really do with them. 











Secondly Graves.

I've continued with the purple skin for the nephilim. This guy wasn't too hard to paint. He's a nice model and can't wait to start showing people the door. 




Finally, the true mother herself and the name of the post - Nekima!

Being such a central model to my crews I put a lot of work into her. I'm very pleased with the result. 




New Years Resolution Count:

Game Count = 6

Models Purchased = 0

Models Painted = 5

Models Assembled = 4

Total Count = -3; I think its going to be hard to end up in a positive given the amount of models I plan to paint this year but heck I can give it a shot!!!



Painting Started

Well, I finally finished off my bases. I still need to do the rims, but I'll do that as part of finalising the model. 


After the achievement of getting the bases done, I figured I'd assemble a new toy:



furthermore, I got 3 models painted (mostly). Daylight was running out so I still need to do the eyes. I'm thinking blues? The bark is done using about 6 layers of airbrushing. I am not 100% happy with the gradient variances, but hey they're waldgeists; I can only make them look *so* good. 





Current tally:

3 games

1 assembelled

3 painted

0 purchased 


Three Weeks Later

So its been a couple of weeks and my bases still remain unfinished.

They are getting closer and I hope to have them finished by the end of January (is this how GRRM feels about getting his Winds of Winter finished? Poor bloke, lol!)

Saturday, the 23rd of January, I attended my second Malifaux Tournament - Arcanifaux.

It was 50 Soul Stones and hosted by House of War in Ringwood Melbourne.

It was 3 games in total and very relaxed. We had 16 players attend which is pretty good espeially as a good contingent from Melbourne had travelled to CanCon this weekend.

Enough Pre-amble lets get on with the report.

I used the same list in all 3 games. I am wanting to slowly use newer models. Just prior to starting my blogging, I had assembled Mr Graves so I was keen to give him a shot. I *could* have used more than one new model but I figured that if I change one variable at a time then I will learn to play a little better.


  • Lilith
    • On Wings of Darkness
    • Beckon Malifaux
  • Nekima
  • Mr Graves
  • Waldgeist
  • Waldgeist
  • Young Nephilim
  • Terror Tot
  • Primordial Magic
  • Cache +3

Lots of hitty power, no1 shooting and lots of models to ignore severe terrain.


Game 1:

Opponent: Nick Beatie

Crew: Guild

  • McCabe
  • Austringer
  • Hound x4
  • Luna
  • Mounted Guard x3


  • Guard the Stash


  • Power Ritual
  • Distract
  • Murder Protege
  • Assassinate
  • Line in the sand


Scheme Selection

Being very new to Malifaux, the only model that I had played against before was the Austringer. What I did know was that I was up against a fast list. I felt that I had to take some killy stuff objectives but I couldn't reveal them as he could just outrun me. I went for power ritual and Murder Protege. I didn't reveal either one.

My opponent revealed Line in the Sand and Power Ritual.


I was deployed fairly spread out, Lilith on my left and Nekima on my Right. I got lucky being able to get Nekima to be on the same side of the board as the model I had chosen for Murder Protege (a mounted guard).

He had 2 horses and McCabe on my Right with 4 dogs on the left  and the other horse as a reserve in the middle with his Austringer. 

Game Summary

We had standard deployment.

Part of my plan went off in that I used Graves to push a Waldgeist up to be pretty central and hold the centre. I dropped a Scheme in my left hand corner and my opponent asked why I had not revealed. The truth is that I use my own scheme cards and forgot to put on there the benefit of revealing early i.e. only need two quarters to gain 3 points. He was a good guy about it and let me have it as if it was revealed - I didn't even have to ask so thanks Nick if you're reading this :D

I was able to get Nekima to Kill the Protege Mounted Guard on the 2nd turn and netted two VPS. meanwhile he had schemes all over the place including in 3 of the corners and several on the centre line. He was running for the rear corner where I had my only on down and it was a race for me to kill Luna and for him to get rid of my scheme marker. Two turns in a row I remember flipping the black joker for damage. Didn't really go to well. 

We had to call it at the end of turn 4. I had 2 vps from Murder Protege, 1 VP from Power ritual and 3 VPs from Guard the Stash.

Nick had 3 VP's from power ritual, 2 VP's from Line in the sand and two VP's from guard the stash.

Final Score

6 - 7 Loss

Things I learned

  • Reveal Power ritual (all schemes if I will get bonus points)
  • Graves push does not require base to base
  • Stop models which can come back, i.e. McCabe from activating twice in the turn...
  • Play a little faster
  • ALWAYS cast illusionary forest BEFORE charging
  • Black Blood is 1 inch, particularly when using Nekima.


Game 2:

Opponent: Byron

Crew: Guild

  • Perdita
  • Francisco
  • Nino
  • Papa Loco
  • Santiago
  • Abuela
  • Austringer
  • Enslaved Nephilim


  • Interference


  • Outflank
  • Body Guard
  • Murder Protege
  • Breakthrough
  • Line in the sand


Scheme Selection

First time I had played against The Ortega's so I was not quite confident enough to take assassinate. I went for breakthrough, given that my crew is pretty well versed at getting across the board and Murder Protege given Francisco is a bit of a H2H specialist.

Byron took the same two strategies and we both revealed.

Game Summary

We had standard deployment.

Byron deployed first and was more towards my right side than being central, with the exception of Nino who was deployed in a building on my left side. I was worried about the flurry (hair trigger) that he would be able to shoot down my crew and do me some nasty damage. I deployed Nekima on the right, Lilith on my left with Graves and the Tot. The rest of the stuff was fairly central if not skewed to the right.

Having played against shooty lists in the past in other games I figure that I have to present everything to the opponent and just try to cross as fast as possible and hope to engage and take them out.

This kinda worked. Byron went first and said that it looked like a trap that Lilith was deployed within 18 inches of Nino, he said he'd 'take the bait' and Lilith was targeted with hair trigger before she got to move and took a few wounds. I used at least one soulstone to do damage prevention. Graves then pushed Lilith up the field towards Nino. can't remember Byrons second activation but Lilith was my 2nd activation. She walked 6 then charged the remaining 6 to the top of the building. Byron Heart sank when Lilith showed Nino who is the master of Malifaux. 

Byron had unfortunately deployed his stuff in a poor position between some fences which he didn't realise would stop his pushes so most of his first turn was moving from my right towards the centre. I did run my Tot up to be within range of Abuela who got some shotgun to the face and died in turn 1.

Byron didn't really get a chance to move much further from his spot at turn 1 given that I was running head long at him with Nekima, Lilith and Graves. My Primordial Magic slithered its way down the left hand side of the board to be able to count as a marker for breakthrough.

I eventually got Francisco with Nekima after he had taken out Lilith - I lost the Initiative.

The game got called at the end of turn 4 due to time. I had my two Scheme markers in his zone and had collected 3 points from Murder Protege. I had 3 points from Interference as well. My game journal showed that Byron had 2 points but I think I may have written this down incorrectly... I have a vague recollection that he was able to kill Nekima too. He was not able to even get close to breaking through however.


Final Score

9v5 (or 2 if he didn't get Nekima - we were drinking some beers during the game so my memory is hazy!)

Things I learned

  • Always do zero actions on Lilith and Nekima BEFORE moving or charging - two games in a row and I still failed to do these a couple of times...
  • Concentrate on what I will lose should I lose initiative
  • The placement of trees and forests and what LoS it will block from my own models and which models will get slowed down
  • Tot's are not invincible, don't use them to even attempt to engage models even if they are little old ladies in wheelchairs... little old ladies weild shotguns!
  • LoS is required to target a model. I think I knew this but it was important for Byron at one point and we looked it up in the rule book.


Game 3

Opponent: Nick

Crew: Outcasts

  • Hamlyn
  •             Piper
  •             Melody
  •             Survivalist
  • Amanozako
  •             Oath Keeper
  • Johan
  •             Oathkeeper
  • Ashes and Dust
  • Obedient Wretch
  • Rat
  • Stolen x3


  • Extraction

Scheme Pool:

  • Vendetta
  • Protect Territory
  • Breakthrough
  • Frame for Murder
  • Breakthrough


Scheme Selection

I took Breakthrough as it worked so well for me in the prior game and Frame for murder. I wanted my young nephilim to get killed he hadn’t served me well this tournie... lol. I revealed breakthrough and my opponent revealed protect territory. I failed to think about my opponents unrevealed scheme.

Game Summary

We had Flank Deployment with a huge bit of severe terrain in the middle, right near the informant marker. I was told to pick sides so I took the side with this close to the deployment zone. Love the fact that my crew can just (mostly) ignore severe terrain.

I had no idea what Hamlyn did (does) so I had the goal of just killing him early on, simple kill Hamlyn and then take out the rest of his crew... or so I thought!

Turn 1 I move some stuff up into the severe zone he makes a rat king (or 2?). I get off a tangle shadows on Hamlyn and put him in base with Lilith, I made a HUGE mistake in that I had already moved my Nekima model... I *should* have been able tangle his Hamlyn in and then hit it once or twice with Lilith and then charge in with Nekima. MEGA mistake. Instead Hamlyn stayed around the middle for a couple of turns obeying Nekima onto Lilith. I got Hamlyn to one wound on the second turn then he Obeyed Nekima again who killed Lilith and splashed the last point of damage with black blood. My opponent forgot he could use a soulstone to do a prevention flip. In a friendly I would have told my opponent he could do that but I had already made that big mistake and I had now lost Lilith. Does this make me a jerk? I hope not...

From here on it was just mop up. Nekima killed ashes and dust who, surprise, was being framed for murder. That got Nick 3 vps. He had killed my Young the prior activation so I got 3 as well. Nekima then spent the next two turns (3 and 4) chopping down the tower to stop Ashes from coming back to life.

As there was the big melee around the centre we each scored 4 points for Extraction.

Well, that big bit of severe terrain in the centre may have been my downfall as Graves just couldn’t get away to breakthrough. With the sheer number of models, Nick was able to shut down all my scheme placement. At the same time he was able to place heaps of markers.

This game went to the end of round 5 and we flipped for another round, it didn't continue. Nick was an excellent player and knew his crew inside out and back to front. He played very fast which I was scared was not going to happen due to the number of models he had out. We could have have time to play a round 6 had the game continued - Big double thumbs up.

Final Score

7 v 10


Zero actions ALWAYS before attacking/charging (seems that I forgot to activate Lilith’s zero a couple of times... AGAIN!)

Activation order is SUPER important especially if it is possible to tangle shadows

Protect Primordial Magic if planning on using it for a scheme marker. I haven’t quite figured out how to do this, perhaps run something pretty hitty with it...


Overall tournament thoughts:

Great venue, Allan is doing a splendid job of building up a great community, keep up the good work.

2 losses and one win; I was pretty happy to still finish 8/16. I’m there to have fun and not take the game too seriously so I don’t really want to focus on my win/loss ratio. I am more keen to improve as a player so my opponents wont be like “I don’t want to play him, hes not very good it will be a boring game”.

I learned a lot about my crew. It seems that the 3 most important take homes were:

Take Zero actions at the start of my activation – im just way to keen to get in there and beat stuff down!

Think about opponents unrevealed schemes

Always reveal schemes if it means getting easier VP’s


I am planning on finishing off my bases this Sunday. Yep the painting WILL continue! 

Game Count = 3

Models Purchased = 0

Models Painted = 0

Models Assembled = 0


Project: Neverborn

I want to focus on Neverborn this year. I've dabbled in Guild and had a few games with Ressers but I finally settled on Neverborn.

Such a cool backstory and a great range of models to boot.

I painted up the Mother of Monsters box set about 18 months ago and since then, I have decided that I want to change the basing. I was originally going with sand + grass. This will now be black and white chequer bases. I'm not going to rebase this box set until I have at least gotten some other models painted and based.

I have also, in stupidity, decided that I will paint the bases before I paint the models? WTF - why would I do that....???!!! As such, none of my models are actually attached to bases. I need to blu-tac them down in order to have a game. I detest doing this and hopefully it will make me paint more so I can get rid of the Blu-Tac.

In keeping with my NYR, it is probably fitting to list the models that I have and the various states they are currently in:


  • Lilith (painted and varnished, but I want to come back and highlight her up a bit more and She in need of rebasing)
  • Pandora (undercoated white)
  • Zoraida (on sprue)
  • Dreamer + LCB (on sprue)
  • Jakob Lynch (on sprue)
  • Lucius (on sprue)
  • Collodi (assembled) 


  • Barbaros (painted and varnished - in need of rebasing)
  • Candy (Undercoated white)
  • Bad Juju (assembeled)
  • Lord Chompy Bits (on sprue)
  • Nekima (assembled)  
  • Vasilisa (assembled) 
  • Widow Weaver (on sprue)
  • Alternate Barbaros (on sprue)
  • Wrath (assembled) 
  • Angel Eyes (assembled) 


  • Baby Kade (assembled) 
  • Coppelius (assembled )
  • Doppleganger (on sprue)
  • Mr Graves (assembeled)
  • Mr Tannen (on sprue)
  • Miss Ery (assembled )
  • Tuco (on sprue)
  • Lilith (on sprue)
  • Lelu (on sprue)
  • Iggy (on sprue)
  • Mature Nephilim (assembled) 
  • Hooded Rider (assembled) 
  • Scion of Black Blood (assembled)


  • 3x Sorrows (assembled and mostly painted) 
  • 3x Silurid (assembled) 
  • 6x Terror Tots (assembled, 3 finished and varnished) 
  • 3x Illuminated (on sprue)
  • 2x Beckoners (on sprue)
  • 2x Young Nephilim (assembled and half painted)
  • 3x Depleted (on sprue)
  • 3x Waldgiest (assembled) 
  • 3x Wicked Dolls (assembled) 
  • 3x Insidious Madnesses (on sprue)
  • 2x Black Blood Shaman (on sprue)
  • Mysterious Effigy (assembled) 
  • 2x Bloodwretch (assembled) 


  • 3x Alps (on sprue)


  • Cherub (Painted and varnished, in need of rebasing) 
  • Poltergeist (assembled and half painted)
  • Voodoo Doll (assembled) 
  • 3x Daydreams (on sprue)
  • Hungering Darkness (on sprue)
  • The Scribe (on sprue)
  • Primordial Magic (assembled) 
  • 4x Marionettes (assembled) 


So there we have it. My first plan of attack is to get the bases done. Lets have a look at where these are now up to:


  • 1 - Complete
  • 5 - Black squares done


  • 7 - Black Squares done


  • 24 - Complete

This will raise the issue of what am I going to do to undercoat the models. I'll have to figure something out. I am hoping for inspiration while I paint up the white and painting the white is much harder than painting up the black.

I'm going to aim to get that done today. I have finished off the black squares on the 50mm and 40mm bases today already so that will be a good amount done in one day for me if I can manage it.





New Years Resolution

Over the years I have had many new years resolutions.

This year it was something along the lines of:

  • Drink less beer
  • Exercise more
  • Eat Healthy
  • Lose weight

Lets be honest none of those are going to happen!

How about some realistic targets:

  • Paint more models than I buy
  • Paint more models than I assemble
  • Play more games that the sum of (models that I paint + assemble + buy).

As with all new years resolutions, the best time to start them is tomorrow :P

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