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About this blog

This is where I blog about Marcus in his quest to get on the tabletop smashing faces. This is under the banner of the #TOMB3 effort.

Entries in this blog


The new year has begun, and I´ve been busy with #TOMB3! In this post I will show my painting progress, and rant on a bit on random topics that are Marcus related.

First off I noticed that Marcus has another theme, besides from beasts. Namely butts! I think this is the crew for which I painted most butts.


Second, it;s lovely how much painting variation there is in this crew. Everything is so unlike the others, so I had lots of experience painting. Trees, frogs (silurids), hairy beasts, less hairy beasts, etc. I really like it. The model I am most proud of, is my Rattler. I think she turned out very pretty, and its the one model in my entire collection I spent most time on. The colour scheme is really striking!


Another thing I really liked to paint where the silurids. I did them in a froggy painting style. As I painted the two seperate they have a bit other tone/colour, but I am growing fond of that!


Then the Waldgeists. Really loved them too! Tried to paint glowing eyes, which didnt work out too well. I think they look really forresty :) Again I painted these in different tones; not every tree is the same colour after all!


Another MVP is the Cerberus. In game she is THE beast of the pack. There hasn't been a game so far where the opponent wasn't suprised at how good it is. I love her, and also because she is painted in the colour and pattern of one of our cats! I did my best painting the eyes, and after doing that for this model I vowed to (at least try to) paint all the eyes on my models from now on. It gives so much character!


Well, for me those where the highlights of painting this crew so far. Now onto the models I had less fun painting.

Molemen: I really like them ingame, and they are little ugly models. Just as I like them, as I want them to look like naked molerats. Who are ugly as well. Think these turned out quite nice!


Painting Marcus I wanted to do a really dark skintone. I couldnt get a foto showing it well, as I feel the picture somehow turned out too dark. Still I think it could use more highlights, but I couldnt get them right. After trying for some days I thought I might as well keep him like this. Painting dark skin is hard!
The Jackalope is a funny little model! I googled some nice inspiration, and think I got an original painting scheme which looks pretty. He;s a funny thing. One game he killed a Death Marshall on the charge on turn one :D
Myranda is a bit of a bland model imo. She has nothing interesting going on. Just a squatting lady in an ugly robe. Rushed the paintjob a bit on her. Ingame she is amazing though! (unless turned into Cojo, then she dies the same turn or the turn after).


Then the Blessed and Cojo. They are the same category for me: unfun to paint. I found that this style of model (furry but bulky) is something I don't like to paint, nor am I any good at it. I am really eager to try out the Blessed in game. She should be amazing! Cojo on the other hand... I don't like his paintjob, the chest on the model isn't right this way and there's an ugly blotch at the backside. But I am going to paint other stuff first before I might repaint him. Trying him out a few times in the games now I feel like I will almost never field him anyway.



So there's lots of pictures! Lots of fun to paint, and learned a lot, improving my painting schemes.


For the games I played: I tried to make the other limited upgrade work for Marcus. You know, the one that doesn't give +3Wk of +2dg. Well, every game (5+) I wished I had taken the other upgrade, sadly. But even then I won! Some things I learned include: don't engage a librarian with Marcus. That thing strips all suits, and that makes it really hard for him to get away/be really effective. Marcus also is quite squishy, so I used a lot of soulstones for damage prevention with him. Cojo seems plain bad, and the Cerberus is insanely good. The entire crew is fast, which is a nice switch from Ressers as well! In a week I will attend a tournament here where I want to try out my Marcus, so we'll see how he does in a competative environment :)

Comments and feedback are more then welcome! I want to learn to paint better, mostly, and have a Rogue Necromancy and last of the molemen, silurids and waldgeists primed up. Also a Dawn Serpent to round up the beasts. I feel my Marcus pool is quite complete then.

Thanks for reading!


It's been almost two months since the TOMB3 has started, and I had a slow start. But I am getting up to steam now! Last week I played my first game (against Lucius) and I am finishing up my paintjobs on the Cerberus, Silurid and Jackalope. So this blog entree is about that.

First some words about the test game. I played against Lucius, the guy playing him quite new to the master (as I am to Marcus). Due to time we didn't finish the game, but we both knew how it would end: total annihilation of the Guild forces. If there's one thing that stuck with me from that game, it's that the Sabertooth Cerberus is a beast! (pun intended). He mauled Dashel to death on his first attack after a leap, so had 1 AP left after doing what she should do. I love that cat, so she went higher on the painting list. I was running the list I posted in my previous blog entree, and got a good general feel for the crew. There's lots of things I could have done better. A couple of things I liked: Marcus with Pack Leader is awesome (so many free attacks its silly), Cerberus is hawt (ofc!) and with all the unimpeded forests are my friend. Didnt get a good feel for the Silurid, so will give that thing more tries, especially as I am quite proud of my painting job on it.


So that brings me to my painting. I decided for this crew that everything should have an example picture or inspiration to give me ideas for the colour scheme. The Cerberus is obviously one of our cats, and turned out much better then I thought she would (after base coats it looked horrible). The Silurid is my pride of the crew so far. I really tried hard to paint it like a frog, including the yellow line across the flanks. I will have to paint the cat's rock, and then do the basing. Otherwise they are done. That brings me about halfway the basic crew, next up to paing will probably be Myranda or the Waldgeist. Want to save Marcus for last, and do a real dark (close to black) skin colour, as I think that's very pretty.




I did notice that my phone isnt taking good pictures. When I finish the basic crew I will ask someone to make some good pictures for me so I can share them :)

Still loving the naked molerat. I think it sees Marcus as it's queen :D


So my basing pad arrived! This means I can make some gorgeous forest bases! First thing I did is work out a basic 50ss crew to base and paint first. This is what I ended up with:

50ss Crew

Marcus -- 6ss
 +The Trail Of The Gods - 1ss
 +Feral Instincts - 1ss
 +Pack Leader - 1ss

Jackalope - 2ss

Moleman - 4ss

Myranda - 8ss
 +Imbued Energies - 1ss

Razorspine Rattler - 7ss

Sabertooth Cerberus - 9ss
 +Imbued Energies - 1ss

Silurid - 7ss

Waldgeist - 6ss

No idea if it is any good, but it feels versatile and gives me the oppertunity to test out a lot of things. Cojo is kept in reserves for Myranda to change into. Now that our tournament is over I feel I can concentrate on playing Marcus now.

So what model to start painting? Been some weeks since I painted, and wanted to get the rust out before tackling the big boys. Also, I want to inspire myself to a higher painting standard. I chose to start with a Moleman. Don't know why. This is the reference I found to inspire the painting scheme:


This beauty is a Naked Molerat. Its a eusocial mammal, which is very unique. Also, it's very ugly (in a beautiful way). I love the thingies ever since I first heard of them, and I feel the experiment that is the Moleman is fitting to be compared to this. So white, pink/flesh and stained teeth. Now that I think of it, maybe I can find some whiskers to add to them as well to make it even worse :D Next cat whisker I find will end up on my Moleman, lol.


Anyways, so here's a WIP. I feel the moleman itself is quite done. Not sure if I want to finish with a glaze/very light wash. A lot of things I learned straight away: I should use better covered base coats. Also I liked getting the painting muscles flexed again.


Now that I see the model I think I might change the painting scheme of Cojo. I have planned him to be white albino, but it might be too similar to the moleman.

The rest of the crew is based and primed in all its glory, so I can get playing them before painting them all.


Comments and feedback are more then welcome! Next up I hope to report my findings of a game, and, ofcourse, more painting!


There's two things I would like to post an update about. The first a bit more practical, the other something I already learned from the TOMB proces.

I have glued the Marcus box together. They are very nice miniatures and weren't too difficult to assemble. I noticed a bit change from other plastic boxes; all those mighty beasts arent tiny fiddly plastics. They are sturdy, but have some places where there's quite the obvious gap. Filling it nicely with greenstuff has been my challenge. All in all I think they turned out very nice! Now I want to paint them stuck to their bases. As mentioned before I have backed the Basius kickstarter, and as soon as my pads arrive it's Marcus painting time!


Other thing I noticed is that I found it hard to stay within the budget limit of the TOMB challenge. We started out with $60, and then add $25 per month. But I already got so much stuff I spent my budget months in advance. And I am planning on getting even more! So TOMB already learned me I am way too addicted for my own good! :D So far I already got myself Waldgeists, Molemen and Silurids (with Zoraida box, ofc!).

Do you have that as well? You try to start out small, but before you know you expand into everything that can be of use to a crew you like to play!


Hi all!


On the Wyrd forums I found the TOMB 3 Rules and Signup thread. It inspired me - I have so much lying around. This is a great way of building up a new crew, sharing experiences, and getting some feedback about it all. So here's my blog for october!


I am choosing to play Marcus! Why you would ask? Apart from him being a beast (pun intended) there's another story to that. Recently I really started painting my models. I made basic bases from greenstuff, and as I progressed I wanted to do better bases. My Google-Fu directed me towards Basius; awesome tools to make cool bases. There was a Basius kick-starter, I backed it, and am now awaiting my stuff.

Of the three pads I backed, for one I choose the forest pad. I recently got back from vacation where we wandered through the forest almost every day, and really loved that idea for bases. And who live in the fores? Yes, beasts! So actually my desire to run Marcus was born in the availability of cool forest basing!




I have the Marcus box for $50, leaving me $10 for this month. I will save that up. This month I want to put the models together, maybe start painting, but I am waiting for my forest basius to arrive before actually putting everything together. On my wishlist are: Molemen (although I read mixed reports about them), Silurids, Waldgeists, Rogue Necromancy. From my rezzers I already have some canine remains to reuse, which should be awesome as well.

With this TOMB I am also setting a higher bar for painting the models. I am not a great painter, but am aspiring to get better at it. Doing a lot of rezzers lately I guess this will be a nice change. I will try to paint more neatly, use vibrant colours for all the beasts, and otherwise just make them awesome models.


As for figuring out how/what I am going to play, I am revisiting some of the Marcus resources I have read and listened to the last couple of weeks, grouped together in this topic:

Also looking forward to the excellent podcast Schemes and Stones doing a Marcus edition!


Here's some inspiration I found for some models.

For Cojo I am really liking the albino paintscheme that dgraz uses. The fiery paintstyle is nice as well!



For the Rattler there's like millions of cool options. This snake is very vibrant, for example:



The tiger might get a paintjob to look like our cats? Not sure how that will work out :D



Anyways, so here it is: my start to TOMB!

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