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Currently I'm slowly getting TtB campaign going(while introducing the Malifaux to some with no prior knowledge of it) and so I've decided to post here what story I create and how the players survive the challenges they face.

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Characters present:
Joseph Strum
Joanne Strivins
Devar Wolf
Pieter Strahovski

Few days have passed since the event at mansion.
Characters received letters from Mr. Johnson, inviting them for a job that begins at southern entrance to Malifaux. Curious of quest at hand they arrived to location they were given, each arriving at their own pace. First to arrive was Joseph, he saw Richard Johnson talking to two other well dressed men and a lady in front of two horse drawn carriages, one being heavier in build and seemed to be reinforced to be able to hold something heavy. As he walked to them they stopped their conversation and faced the iron giant. First of two men introduced himself as Dr. Hamington, he was an thin with bowler on his head and face as foxy looking as man could be. Second gentleman, Peter Toitoi had a large build accompanied with large belly, though his face was not as jolly as his body suggested, having ice cold look that seemed to judge everything he saw. Lady in the group who seemed to be in her early thirties introduced herself as Angela Frost, she was wearing long coat and her silver hair was tied on back. Sturm asked for more information on a job and Johnson explained how the request was simply to escort them to Edge point town, help them retrieve what they were looking for and then get everything back to malifaux train heading towards downtown. They would have one week to get to the train with the delivery. Next one to arrive was Strahovski, he greeted the party and asked for more information on the quest he would be completing. Johnson gave him the same explanation and soon after Wolf walked to the scene, Johnson sighed and repeated the briefing. After few minutes man in poncho and sombrero, he greeted the employers and was given the same information as others. Finally Joanne arrived along with Michael, Richard rubbed his forehead and gave the explanation one last time with dry tone of voice.
As the last of luggages were being placed on their places, company took their place in the carriages. Joanne, Michael and Drifter took seat in the first one along with the group of clients, while Joseph, Devar and Pieter took their place in the heavier cart that would follow the lighter one. Then the retinue set onward their destination: Edge point.

After travelling for a while the group saw an blockade made out of tree trunks and boulders. As their speed slowed while closing in to the roadblock, team noticed five men rise from their hidey holes around hundred meters away from blockade, two in their left and three on right.
The men who were closing in drew their pistols, this was enough to give the drifter reason to draw his rifle and open fire against them. Taking out one of them caused rest of the group to quickening their pace and trying to take cover though there was nothing to take cover in. Rest of them team was preparing for combat as the bandits closed in, but Drifter was faster with his gun than the attackers were with their feet. After two more bandits fell, farthest one on the right saw the disadvantageous situation and turned tail to run for his life. Last attacker fell as the last ammunition in Drifter’s rifle hit him in middle of the chest. The one who started running was far away when Drifter had reloaded his rifle and beyond his care. Group step out of the carts, and only one left in was Johnson telling others to clean the road so they could continue. Joanne, Devar, Pieter, Michael and Drifter went on to search through the bodies of their attackers in hopes of finding something useful. While they started to loot, Ms.Frost rolled up her sleeves, saying to Mr.Toitoi and Sturm how it seemed to be up to them to clear the road. After the gathering team had returned and clearing team had finished their labor, all got back to their seats and journey continued till the dusk was starting to colour the horizon when they saw Edge point ahead of them.



Characters present:
Joseph Sturm
Joanne Strivins
Pieter Strahovksi


Story continued from Devil’s Den.
Joanne Strivins received the pendant from the floor and put it in her knapsack while others search badly injured people for valuables, except for Arnold who headed to counter and took a bottle of ale which he then opened while taking seat. Joseph let go of thin man, picked his gun from the ground and asked the man for valuables he was carrying. Man took a old pocket watch and offered it, but Joseph told him to just keep it. Then man backed to the corner and did not try to stop them, as the group finally left the Devil’s Den. They headed back to Nana’s house for reward, with the large construct at front leading the group.
Nana could hear the iron giant walking in her stone pathway and started to walk to door before the group got up the porch stairs. When metallic fist knocked on the door, she told them that she’d be there in a minute and soon opened the door for them. The party told her that they had gotten the pendant back and she continuing by telling them to go to the living room. As the group once again entered the cozy living room, Nana told them to wait for while as she would get the money from her jar. As Nana returned Joanne took the pendant from her knapsack and gave it to old lady. Her face enlightened with smile and she took the pendant, thanking the rag tag team while handing three coins for each. After his Nana asked them to stay for cup of coffee, to which they agreed.

A day after they had retrieved Nana’s pendant from Mr. Dodgers, Joanne and Michael met Joseph on street and three of them headed to nearby bar called Red Herring, not knowing how someone was following them. As they entered the bar, all movement and sound stopped as the heads turned to look at odd group. Soon other customers continued whatever they were doing as the trio at the doorway was doing nothing particularly interesting, just looking around and then heading for request board. While they were looking at possible jobs, man past his forties in long coat and wide brimmed hat entered the bar, heading straight for the request board the three were at. Man stood next to them and started to inspect the papers on the board. Requests and bounties didn’t seem interesting enough for the trio, until one sheet of fine paper caught their eyes. It was an request for bodyguard job for two nights starting from tomorrow evening and it did not specify the amount of money they would receive from it. Client’s address was at the border of industrial zone and downtown, the client’s name: Richard Johnson.

Joseph ripped the paper from board, which caused the man next to them tell him how he was still reading it. He introduced himself as Pieter Strahovski and told how he was going to take that job. Joanne told him that they were going to take this job and if he wanted to come with them he would have to prove his worth. They agreed that he would be challenged by Michael to see how well he shoots. And so they headed for nearby alley, placing a trashcan to agreed distance and two empty bottles on top of it. Both men were to shoot without aiming, Michael took the first shot and hit the bottle. Pieter was also able to break the bottle and two new bottles were placed while two men took few steps back, both showing small grin to each other. This time Michael missed, but Pieter was able to hit and so he was accepted to group.
They took carriage to address in the paper, though Joseph had to run behind due to his weight problem.


As they arrived to the address it was already few hours past noon. group stepped from the carriage and looked at the mansion in front of them. While they walked to the gates with bell hanging at the side, Joseph caught up with them and walked the last few meters to them. Joseph pulled from the rope, ringing the bell and soon an older male servant arrived to the other side of the gate, asking them what they wanted. Group told him how they were here to accept the job offered in the paper. The servant looked at them, evaluating the group, then opened the gates and told them to follow him. Man lead them to the mansion and then to large wooden doors, he knocked on the door and said how the master had visitors regarding his upcoming event. Pompous man answered behind the doors, telling the guests to enter and telling the butler to leave. Team entered the large study with bookshelves running along the walls and chair next to table in the middle of room. Man with tired look and wrinkles that made him look older than he might have been, rose from the chair and greeted visitors, introduced himself and shook their hands, even offering hand for Joseph to which he responded by Johnson’s hand. He then continued to tell them how he required protection while visiting a location in the slums, near quarantine zone. Joanne asked how much they would get payed from this job, but Johnson didn’t give them clear answer, telling them it depended on how well they would do their job. Group agreed to take this job and were told that they would leave tomorrow at 5pm, till then they were free to spent time at his estate and rooms would be prepared for those willing to sleep in the mansion. After saying this Johnson excused himself and left the room.

Pieter decided to head back to his regular tavern, while Joanne, Joseph and Michael decided to look around the downtown. Trio did not make it far until guild guards began to harass them, saying how they were disturbing the residents and when Joanne told how she would like to see what shops would have to offer, guards noted how they most likely could not afford anything these shops sold. As they left, the guards followed them all the way to industrial zone.
Three of them returned to mansion and were let through the gates. Joseph stayed outside in order to not damage high quality floor in the mansion, for might have to pay for the damage he caused. In the yard he found two dogs of papillon breed and spent the rest of day trying to train them. Michael wondered around the estate while Joanne headed to study and search for something interesting to read. She came across a book containing weird symbols and text of unknown language, with some english words written between lines. Joanne did not take much interest in the odd book and search for something more manageable and soon found a book regarding Malifaux. Rest of the day passed quietly and as the night arrived two stayed in the rooms reserved for them, while Joseph stay outside in cover with two dogs.

Next day they prepared for the upcoming job and around the mid day they met at the mansion. At five pm they left towards their destination on a carriage with Mr. Johnson, though Joseph had to run once again. Once they arrived to location, which was old large house near enough the border of quarantine zone that the wall could be seen in the evening sunset. Group stepped out of the carriage as Joseph arrived and Mr. Johnson headed towards the entrance above stone stairs. He took large key from his pocket, unlocked the door while opening it and showed sign for someone to go in. Sturm was first to enter, followed by Richard, then Joanne and the gunmen entered last. 

Mansion seemed like no-one had entered in years and dust sent flying by the opening of large double door showed the streams of light passing through old and boarded windows. Johnson started to walks and said that what he was looking for would most likely be in the basement. he picked candelabra from small table and lit it, then Johnson headed to door at corner of the hall. Group entered the gloomy corridor which ended on stairs leading them deep under the mansion. After passing many floors they finally stopped descending and arrived at large wooden doors. They entered the large two leveled hall  and as Mr. johnson lit up candles around them it became clear they were in old library.

Richard told them that he was looking for a black book with star symbol on the spine, as he started to search through the closest shelves. Joseph stayed with Johnson while others spread around the library, not particularly searching for the book but rather to inspect where they had been lead to. After a while Pieter found barred knee high holes at the walls and how he could hear the Malifaux sewer raging somewhere at the other end of tunnels. Joanne and Michael found an booth containing records on books stored there, they called rest of the group there and Richard soon began to search. He then reached for back end of box, then turned something and pulled his hand out. Muffled crunching noise started, as if old gears were trying to spin. Nothing happened and after bit more searching Mr. Johnson said how there was not helpful information here. Noise didn’t last long but reoccurred from time to time afterwards as they spend hours searching for one book. Suddenly Pieter heard crashing noise from the dark corner and found a broken bars at one of holes. Johnson let out loud sigh which echoed through the library and continued by saying how he finally found the book. Just as he finished talking, Pieter noticed a small purplish, child like creature on top of one bookshelf armed with small punch dagger. He opened fire and killed the small creature in one shot, but noticed something moving between the shelves near the group. 
Three Terror tots emerged behind the rows in front of joanne and Michael, while two were heading towards Joseph and Johnson. Pieter pair of Terror tots closing in on him as he backed away and fired at them. While the rest were fighting, a sole nephilim was leaping on top of the bookshelves and soon lept down in middle of group. though most of them were easily dispatched, one of tots was able to get past Pieter and threw a strike at Joanne, breaking her nose and knocking her unconscious. As there were only few of small nephilim left, Joseph saw an man sized bluish grey creature with hooved feet, horns on its forehead and wings on it back closing on him between the bookshelves. Joseph started to walk towards it while Young nephilim picked up its pace and charged at cyborg who prepared his shield. Nephilim struck at the shield, but was faced with large metallic arm swinging from the side, grabbing it and knocking the nephilim unconscious. Others had finished off the terror tots with no larger injuries aside from acidous black blood that had spread around and hit them as dying creatures flailed in agony. Pieter shot the downed young nephilim on the head, killing it on the spot. Johnson told them to leave bodies behind and leave this dusty place, so they made their way out Joanne being carried by Joseph to carriage. As they left the building morning sun was starting to rise in the distance.

They arrived back at the Johnson’s manor and were told to rest few hours. He would call for an doctor to look after Ms. Strivins, then as everyone would be in decent condition he would give them their reward. Group took the offer and around middle of the day they had rested and Joanne was patched up, as doctor was able to save her nose from permanent disfigurement.
While others had already gathered to dining hall where Johnson was to give them their reward, Pieter was hurrying down the stairs when a maid carrying large sack. After few steps running down the stairs maid lost her balance and Pieter tried to catch her, causing him to fall to the floor along with woman. Sack maid was carrying flew high and coins were pouring within, falling on man lying on the floor like silver rain that loudly spattered to floor around him. Maid quickly got up apologizing to older man and started to gather fallen coins back to the sack. Pieter arrived to the room and it was clear that others had heard the noise from incident at stairs, he took seat amongst the others and waited. Soon the maid carrying the sack arrived and Johnson told her to leave it on the table, then as maid left he told how this was their payment. He had taken part of it to pay for the doctor’s fee, but everything on the sack was for the group to share. They opened it, noticing how it was filled with small coins. This caused Joanne to question Johnson and ask for payment in larger coins. Richard looked at her in disbelieve and told that he had thought they would be better with small coins so they wouldn’t need change from merchants they associated with, for none who lived in the slums would buy anything that expensive in the first place. Group split the money and left the mansion, each heading to their separate ways, till fate would bring them together once again.


To be continued

Here is the list of Fated characters and possible assistants who are involved in TtB Campaign: Prelude to Chaos. 

Character: Joseph Sturm - Invested

Nationality: German - Age: 30 - Hair colour: Blond

Allignment: Outcast - Pursuit(s): Guard

Player: Wollsey


Character: Joanne Strivins - Fated

Nationality: English - Age: 22 - Hair colour: Red

Station: Mortuary staff - Pursuit(s): Overseer

Fulfilled Destinies: "When the Gears turn upon the story best forgotten"


Character: Arnold Bergrant - Fated

Nationality: South american - Age: 35 - Hair colour: Black

Station: Harlot - Pursuit(s): Primal

Player: Jaksu88


Character: Devar Wolf - Fated

Nationality: Threekindoms - Age: 25 - Hair colour: Black

Station: Orphan - Pursuit(s): Dabbler

Player: Devawarewolf


Character: Pieter Strahovski - Fated

Nationality: Russian - Age: 47 - Hair colour: Grey

Allignment: M&SU - Pursuit(s): Gunfighter

Fufilled Destinies: "When coins fall from the sky like silver raindrops"

Player: Amdor


Character: "Drifter" - Fated

Nationality: Roman - Age: 26 - Hair colour: Brown

Station: Indentured servant - Pursuit(s): Mercenary



Joanne's bodyguard: Michael - Gunfighter

Nationality: American - Age: 32 - Hair colour: brown



Characters present:
Joseph Sturm
Joanne Strivins
Arnold Bergrand
Devar Wolf

The game began with four players boarding the train that would take them to Mallifaux.

It was clear and warm midsummer day when the fated ones first met each other at train to Malifaux, in the passenger carriage number 6. First one to arrive was stoic german man wearing an uniform called Joseph Sturm. Right after him a quiet man named Devar Wolf from Threekindoms arrived, wearing black long coat and cowboy hat he walked past Joseph and took seat at the back of the carriage. Next one to step in was Joanne Strivins. A young, well dressed lady who sat in seat opposite to Mr. Sturm and started a pleasant conversation. Large, deeply tanned man wearing a clawed metal gauntlet in his right hand was the last of them to arrive and sat next to Miss Strivins.

Right before the train was scheduled to leave, lady in green summer dress and white sun hat rushed in. After noticing that there were only four passengers, she greeted them with sunny attitude while taking seat amongst the three others sitting nearby. She introduced herself as Amelia Hendrickson and joined the conversations, taking it more towards of what thoughts others had how Malifaux would be, while they talked the train started moving. 
Soon the conversation died as Breach started to get closer at alarming rate and anxiety rose amongst the passengers. They noticed how their feet tapped and hands started to slightly get moist while they waited the moment they would travel through the breach. Then came the silence and darkness, followed by lights without light and shapeless shapes. The mere moment felt like minutes had passed, then a loud crack of glass broke the silence and blinding sunlight was upon them once again.

Suddenly scream of an woman cut through the air and travellers noticed what had happened to Amelia. Her left arm was without skin which continued among the one side of her neck to once charming face, now having left side of it horribly scarred and even her hat mostly formed into twisted and shredded remains. Amelia fainted and Joseph caught her from falling off the bench. He then proceeded to rip cloth of the seats and covered the injured areas best he could. Those close by noticed how small amounts of something resembling black ooze slowly started crawl from under bandages. Then, conductor arrived to the carriage slamming the door behind him, asking how the trip had been and did not seem to act like anything weird had happened. When asked about Amelia he simply stated that other passengers should leave the injured for the proper authority to handle. For the last minutes of what was left before train arrived at Malifaux station, no words were spoken.

When the train finally stopped three who had sat in group left to retrieve their belongings, but Devar stayed behind. Once no-one else was around he started to inspect and search for valuables on unconscious body of Amelia, despite the black blood that had now already stained her dress and the seat. Devar quickly drew his hand out as he felt burning sting licking the back of his hand and upon looking noticed large injuries that resembled ones from burns or acid. This had been enough for Devar and he hurried out to where others were already getting their belongings. Before leaving, all exchanged the few contact information they had in case they would require assistance from one another.


Two weeks had passed since they arrived to Malifaux and luck had not been on their side. Though they had managed to find places to live for now, no work of their liking had been found and their savings were starting to wear thin. Malifaux proved to not be the land of opportunities they had hoped. Still, Joanne, Arnold and Devar were able to keep some contact between each other but Joseph Sturm disappeared during this time and no sightings of him were made.
Like the fate would have tied them together, one day all three came across a fliers for same job. They were not appealing fliers and they did not promise glorious rewards, but something in them drew their attention. It was request to retrieve an pendant that was stolen and for those who could bring it back, the client could reward them with something more valuable than money. Each also had an address attached to it and signature at the bottom: Nana. 

Devar was the first to arrive at the rundown house with untended yard, he walked the cracked stone path to porch and knock on the door as Arnold was about to enter yard. Along the way he greeted Devar and walked up the damaged stairs next to the man in black in front of the aged door. They could hear some sounds of movement from inside, but that was when Joanne called for them from the gate. As she walked towards the house with the gunslinger she had befriended, she noticed that the cracks on the stones were caused by something heavy walking on them and how the stairs had almost been broken at some point under the weight of something. As the lock on the door was being opened she could see how the door frames were not just old, but also damaged from something forcing through them.

The door opened and revealed an old, frail woman. Though age had had its toll on her appearance, they could still see how she must have once been beautiful lady. Woman greeted them and asked if they were here because of the fliers she had given for distribution. 
Once inside, the elder told them to wait in the living room while she would get them something to drink and reference material regarding the job. Team took seat on the worn but cozy seats which were placed around an old tea table. They could hear woman talking to someone, telling him to go and greet others. Heavy metallic sounds started as the construct began moving towards the living room. Barely fitting through the door, the hulking invested with large shield attached to its left arm squeezed into the living room and the guests were on the edge just in case something unexpected would happen.
The machine greeted them with slightly metallic voice which they might have heard, but none of them could remember where they had heard it. Joanne inquired if they had met and invested said to be Sturm.He also told that lot had happened and how he would not want go into details. Soon old woman arrived with platter, carrying bottle of cherry brandy, four glasses and some sheets of paper. As Nana poured brandy to each glass, she told how burglars had one day broken to her house and taken nothing but an old pendant which she had received from a friend that had already passed on. She had found out that the pendant was in the hands of local scum, man named Michael Dodgers who usually spent his days at small club named Devil’s Den. As Nana talked, others shuffled through the papers and pictures that had the pendant in them. Then she continued how she could only pay them 3 scribd for each, but Nana promised that there were other ways she could pay them. 
And so the party left towards the Devil’s Den.

It took awhile for them to find the club, but within few hours they were at the door of Devil’s Den. Place was at the end of small alley, bit off the larger roads in the slum area, there was an sing that resembled small hill with devil’s horns and tail, with the club’s name written in red letters hanging above the door with closed hatch in the middle. Arnold went and tried the door, only to notice it was locked. He then proceeded to knock on the door, soon the hatch opened and a grumpy scarred man looked from the other side, asking for some sort of invitation. Joanne told him how they did not have any papers but they had come to see Mr. Dodgers, to which the doorman told them to leave and closed the hatch.
It didn’t take long till the door came off as the musclebound man barreled through, surprising the doorman thoroughly. Inside of the club was gloomy with strong smell of alcohol and cigarettes, with six round tables and counter at the back. There were five people sitting in two groups, two at the table to left from the door and three in right back corner. While the rest of the team was getting in, Arnold walk right to most crowded table at the back, slammed his hands to table and demanded to know where Michael Dodgers is. One of the men stuttered and said that he had seen “sir Dodgers” somewhere in the back. Arnold struck his iron fist to table, almost breaking it, saying how he did not believe him. Tiny man that had spoken raised his arms and confessed that he was the man they were looking for. Dodgers had barely stopped talking when Arnold’s huge, plated fist was striking his cheek, sending him through the air and straight to the wall, knocking him unconscious. Other customers rose from their chairs and drew their pistols. Two who were sitting with Dodgers were quickly take out by quick strike from Arnold and dark magical bolt fired by Devar which also shattered the table nearby. Man in other table along with the doorman who faced metallic construct almost twice his size were beaten or shot in moments. Last one of them standing dropped his weapon and gave up, while Sturm took hold of him. Jeanne saw small glint in the corner of her to see the pendant fall from the pocket of Dodgers to the floor. It clicked open, showing gears inside as if part of clockwork mechanism.
“When the gears turn upon the story best forgotten”



To be continued...