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Look, Mimics.

Most of the crew sticks around Lucius, to empower Mr. Graves and Doppelganger to beat face and cripple the opponent's ability to hit back, while Vogel runs schemes and eats other runners. Candy (and the Terracotta Warrior by shunting damage) keeps the main group healthy, and acts as a layer of protection for the Lucius command bubble with her control abilities. Doppelganger will just need to stick close to The Scribe for defense.

Terracotta Warrior and Mr. Tannen share the same slot now, but I think Terracotta Warrior has more utility for this build.


- Surprisingly Loyal (1)

- Deep Pockets (2)

The Scribe  (2)

Candy (9)

- Depression (1)

Mr. Graves (8)

- A Thousand Faces (1)

Doppelganger (7)

Ferdinand Vogel (8)

Terracotta Warrior (6)

Guild Lawyer (5)


Edit: Left out The Scribe



Shopping List

I'm excited about Vogel. So I'll need to pick him up, along with a box of Terracotta Warriors (as I'm getting bored of my proxy models). I'm also of the mind to rebase my primary crew with the new basing kits, or the like, give them a little more character.

It's a shame that Jury isn't NB Lucius friendly, I so love fees. I could run a Guild courtroom list, but it seems like Lady Justice would be a better Master for that.


*This is just a fun "in-character" ledger detailing the acquisition of my Amalgamation Charter Enforcement crew.

Guild Assets:

March 2rd: Construction started on our "Brutal Emissary" after the required materials arrived from the various 3rd party manufacturing companies used to obscure the project's existance. Reviewed and modified the project plans to ensure the most efficient end product. The excess material will be put aside for future projects. 

March 4th: Our department funds for this month finally arrived. Repairs for our small unit of constructs, and my steam-harness, may now commence.

March 5th: Lucius sent word that Ryle's "responsibilities" to the Guild had been fulfilled for the time being, and that he would be returned within the week. Not too much worse for the wear I hope.

M&SU Assets:

March 2rd: Received word from an M&SU associate that the survivor of another mine collapse in the northern hills requires extensive prosthesis, and is willing to work for ACE in exchange for access to our maintenance facilities and proprietary augmentations. Marcus, an associate of Victor's, will ensure her safe passage to the city if we supply him with a pack of the Guild's pure-bred hounds. I have already submitted the requisition order.  @H4ml3t

March 5th: The department's efficiency is top notch, but there are a few menial things that keep needing to be done. To solve this, I spoke to the local M&SU leader and politely implied my need for a Mobile Toolkit for the department. The man said it wouldn't take long for one to arrive at my office.

March 6th: Miss Step was escorted into the department this afternoon. The M&SU engineers did there best with what was on hand, but she requires extensive augmentation to offer any assistance. Ramos intercepted her before Marcus brought her down from the foothills, and entrusted her with a copy of his Steamborg blueprints. A nice gesture, it won't be unappreciated.


Anticipating C. Hoffman

I have a great affection toward alternate history, and the effects of advanced technology on cultures from various eras. For a time I was deep into Steampunk, on speaking terms with various influential figures and such. Aside from my infatuation with Coppelius, this was the reason my first Master was C. Hoffman. And partially why I'm returning to him.

No matter what alternative era you find yourself in, it seems that the resulting technological anachronisms exist ubiquitiously. Malifaux may be a few more years from Deiselpunk, but many of its aesthetics (and of other eras too) have already seeped into the setting. Certainly, you can handwave robots as complex magical golems, but much of their supposed internal mechanisms are too small for even magically assisted analog circuits. This indicates a level of knowledge over a hundred years before its time, thanks to the Malifaux equivalent of future-tech high-yield batteries, riding the line of Magitech powered Cyberpunk. The Guild even counts as a Megacorp precursor.

Of course, all of these considerations flavor my approach to building my new Hoffman collection. 





Demo Teams

I may change the metallics to something a it darker on the Nephilim, otherwise, here there are. I particularly liked how the Sorrows turned out.




Due to the lack of local Henchmen, and the attendant lack of organized play, I've decided to step in. I picked the starter Nephilim, with Candy, Doppleganger, and two Sorrows for my demo crews. Sure, I have Grimwell's asylum staff, but I don't use them in regular play-and I'd like to improve my game with the models I'm consistently fielding. It's also incentive to paint my Pandora crew.

I suppose I can hope for 5ss Neverborn Mimics to be released in the future. Or for a dual faction Mimic Henchman.



Nocturnal Plotting

In anticipation of tomorrow's miniatures delivery, which is the only thing happening, I'm up late working on a some crew lists. Backstab off of Conflux of Tyranny grabbed my interest, as no one seems to be paying attention to it. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

We start Lucius with Mysterious Emissary and Conflux of Tyranny for Backstab. Backstab wants Lucius to activate late in the turn, and encourages draining your opponent's hand with it's trigger. Fortunately, that 10ss Emissary makes Changelings to help with that activation control, and it is my experience that Changelings are great hand sappers. 

Continuing with activation priority, let's bring in Candy with Depression and Fears Given Form to harrass models Lucius isn't focusing on, like scheme runners, which prompts/wails the opponent into activating the models we want. 

Following up for Depression's Melancholy, Doppleganger is always a favorite, and Mr. Tannen comes with a cheat tax (remember that Backstab Trigger), both with the ever useful Thousand Faces.

Since we'll be keeping Mr. Tannen and numerous Changelings close at hand, we can improve their survivability with The Scribe and Useless Duplications on Lucius. With Lucius heading into the thick of it, and with all these Mimics running around Surprisingly Loyal finds use here. Speaking of survivability, a Guild Lawyer would help keep the heat off with Impassioned Defense.

With 4ss left, that's a Changeling to start, or Secret Assets and 2ss extra. Suppose it depends. You could also trade out the Lawyer for a Performer to Lure and inspire a Changeling to Nature Reclaims All something in the face for more hand sapping.

In either case, enjoy your Stabby Lucius.


Much to my personal surprise, I have decided to make Pandora my second permanent Master. I was considering McMourning (to lead Dr. Grimwell's crack team of tortur...medical professionals) or Hamelin (for philosophical reasons), but the Empire of the Mind is my first love and I was loathe to leave it's mistress wanting for attention when the time came to put the money down. I look forward to propping up a Performer in the role of the Doppelganger as Lucius and Pandora are both fond of them, and I want each crew to be self sufficient. Fortunately, Pandora doesn't especially need Candy, so Lucius is free to utilize her support talents.


Case Shuffle

I sat on my No Shelter Here box for over a year, but last night I finally finished putting it together and basing the models. What I wanted was to buy another Master to sharpen my skills against, i.e. McMourning, but there was Pandora, patiently waiting. I'm excited to find a purpose for Lucius' Legalese too.

At this point, I need to pick up another foam tray, temporarily moved all the Guardsmen models I don't use to the bookshelf for safe keeping until then. I can't find it in myself to run them when I can run a Mimic. The Performer is a different story, but every trap needs bait, and she'd probably be a Mimic if she was Neverborn.


Shutting Down Misaki

When I got back into the game last month, my fiance (now wife) picked up the Misaki box and a couple of snipers. Now that we have some free-time, I've been able to test some of my theory crafting against this killy crew.  Most people, when they see a problem like this, they look at the rest of the faction and say, "What can my faction bring to solve this problem?"  Prone, as I am, to the Mimic sub-faction, my answers must be found there.  Mimics are a control crew that requires a lot of finesse, so while it would be nice to be as killy as my opponent, let's consider what is available.

Lucius and the Scribe shut down models fairly well with their Red Tape trigger; throw in some Mr. Tannen with his Yawn trigger and Cooler ability, and we'll have Misaki and Ototo unable to effect very much at all.  Both Guild Lawyers, with their Impassioned Defense, Fees and Ojection!!!, cannot be overlooked, if anything their redundancy insures that the models we want stopped, will be stopped.   Once things are suitably shut down, Mr. Graves and his Changeling accomplices are sent in to mop up.  The issue is in the implementation, what do you activate first?  We want Yawn on Misaki, so Mr. Tannen should activate toward the beginning of the turn, and stay within the Df +1 aura of the Scribe.  If Bore To Tears goes off, Misaki will be far less threatening, though Mr. Tannen may still be in peril.  This can be enhanced by the Doppleganger allowing you to cheat initiative, and Candy's ability to influence activation priority.  A Misaki with Nobody Likes Me, is a Misaki that is much easier to deal with, and, baring that, if another of her crew (or two) is under the effect of Mood Swing, that will us enough time to manipulate the board to our liking.  Or the classic: Mood Swing 1st activation within 3" of Candy to apply Sweets and Paralyze the activating model.

"So I tried to save face and I rest my case
The judge pulls me aside said c'est la vie
Let your darker side come out to feed"

~"Kangaroo Court", Capital Cities


Lucius Crew Core (50ss)

I've determined that these models and upgrades are essential to my version of the Neverborn Lucius crew.  



 +Legalese [1]
 +Secret Assets [2]
 +Suprisingly Loyal [1]

The Scribe [2]
Doppleganger [7]
 +Useless Duplications [1]
Guild Lawyer [6]
Changeling [4]
Changeling [4]
Mr. Graves [8]

This allows for some interesting variations: featuring one of two high cost models (Candy or Mysterious Emissary) or a mix of mid to low cost models and upgrades (Beckoner/Tannen/Retribution's Eye or Beckoner/Changeling/Retribution'e Eye/+2ss cache).



There's something that gets under my skin, heh, when I theory craft my Lucius crew and I find non-mimics therein.  Certainly, you can't go wrong with Austringers or Riflemen, or whatever you feel like taking.  But, the point is, I don't feel like taking them.  Personally, I feel that the sole purpose for Lucius to take 'Surprisingly Loyal' is to run Guild Lawyers under the Neverborn flag.  Each Neverborn Master represents a facet of Neverborn culture and how it interacts with human society, usually as a manifestation of one of humanity's primal fears.  I'm rather taken by the uncanny, kangaroo courts, and smiles that don't reach the eyes.  That's the facet of the Neverborn that Lucius provides, and while taking Austringers may be the fashionable choice for the competitive, I'd rather not have the success of my crew depend on a model that represents everything my chosen faction despises.

If you take a look at the models with the mimic keyword, you'll find almost all of them aren't meant to be played straight.  Neverborn Lucius needs some finesse, no doubt.  Sure, other Masters may do it better, but this is about style and theme.