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We are now halfway done with the deadline for the tournament (Aug 15), and the report is this:

Finished Models

Pandora, Candy, 3x Sorrow, Baby Kade, 2x Waldgeist, Lelu, Llilitu, Doppelganger, 2x Stitched Together, 3x Terror Tots, Freikorps Trapper, Freikorps Librarian, Tuco, Ama No Zako, 3x Alp, Mysterious Effigy (proxy), Iggy

Unpainted Models

Mr. Tannen, Mr. Graves, Coppelius, 3x The Illuminated, Convict Gunslinger, 3x Silurid, Hannah

So we have 11 models in 18 days to go. Thinking Silurid next because likely all the same color scheme. And can probably crank out all three in a single day. Hannah will probably be after that, as most of her will be metallic, hopefully this weekend.

Graves I started, then stopped. Tannen I have no idea how I will paint him, but probably green and white. The Illuminated, no clue at all. Coppelius, no clue. Guess I have all this time to think about what to do with them?



My painting task failed. Gloriously. I don't mean my efforts in the painting task were glorious, I mean the scale of failure itself was the glory. I got a week into it, then my life unraveled, and then I stopped for months. I only started recently painting again, deciding to paint what I felt like painting while in the mood, and to hell with themes or completing a crew. As a result I painted 2 Wardens, a Guardian, a Hunter, and the Mechanical Attendant. In 4 days.

But that is over now. I am going to stick with what I have been doing and generally not purchase new (plastic) models until Gen Con. OOP metals on eBay are still fair game if they are reasonably priced ($60 for a Snow Storm is not reasonably priced). I really can't buy any more models anyway until I get a second display case, as it is getting VERY crowded in there.

I digress, however, as I have found a new pursuit I can both do at my own pace, and still be creative - Malifaux fiction

Without going into detail, there is mystery, intrigue, suspense, elements of the supernatural, and all sorts of chaos involving an inheritance - what good Victorian era story doesn't have all that?!

Details to follow once I have them, but I have already short-listed some characters and am now developing the primary setting.

Until then...


So, first and foremost, the background about me, my painting skills, and the task ahead...

I started tabletop gaming over a decade ago with the 4th Edition release of Tyranids for Warhammer 40k. My painting skills were, lack of any better term, total shit. I globbed paint on everything, couldn't do anything with details, and generally made a mess of flocking and basing no matter what. That was when I was introduced to drybrushing, and I haven't looked back since.

All this time later, I still cannot do detail work for the life of me, nor do I care to. What I have done in the meanwhile, however, is developed my drybrush and wash skills. I also learned how to work with paint mixing and layering. As a result, I can paint anything with dynamic, bold color combinations. I also taught myself how to scratch build and mod minis, which resulted in two Super Heavy vehicles for 40k, both of which have yet to meet their equal around these parts (in terms of originality and paint work, they're just fire magnets on the table).

Which brings me to the current mission I am undertaking. Rather than the failed attempt to paint everything as I go, I am breaking it down into seasons...

Season One - Molly


Datsue Ba

Onryo 1

Onryo 2


Drowned 1

Drowned 2

Drowned 3

Punk Zombie 1

Punk Zombie 2

Punk Zombie 3

Necrotic Machine

Rotten Belle 1

Rotten Belle 2

Rotten Belle 3

Dead Doxy 1

Dead Doxy 2

Rogue Necromancy

Crooligan 1

Crooligan 2

Crooligan 3

Guild Autopsy 1

Guild Autopsy 2

Guild Autopsy 3

Student Of Sinew

Student Of Steel

Student Of Viscera

The Valedictorian

Night Terror 1

Night Terror 2

Night Terror 3

Night Terror 4

Basically, all this needs to be done by April 24th, because there is a tournament April 25th and I want everything I can possibly use. That's 32 models in 39 days...

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