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It's been a little over a month so I wanted to provide an update on my progress. 


When I first started really putting thought into my crew selection and what I would be able to do I lost my first five games horribly. I scored 1-2 points one one scheme and one to two points on the strategy. As time went on, however, I improved. I focused first on just the strategy and built my whole crew around it. When I finally had a game where I scored full points and denied my opponent full VP i tossed in a Strategy and 1 Scheme mentality. After repeating the process here I tossed on a 2 Scheme mentality and, happy to say, over the past 2 weeks I've scored 7 to 10 VP on each game I've played. I think I'm really starting to get a good mental association between the models in my faction (Neverborn), what they do, how they do it, who they do it with best, and when to bring one over the other. 

And It's not just me getting better, either. A lot of the players in my meta have been scoring more VP, denying more VP, stepping outside the "thematic crew box" crew lock mentality, and trying a lot of new things.

Now for the really exciting part.....

Over the past 2 years of playing Malifaux I've only ever had one or two other people go with me to tournaments. I reached out to my local group yesterday about a tournament in October (Shameless plug for @PeregrineFalcon's LFoDC 2016 on October 22nd) I was looking to attend and six other people want to go, as well; out of the six four have never gone to a tournament before for any game.

Another huge thanks to our community as a whole for the feedback (which has all been helpful to not only myself but to the rest of my group, as well!). 


Having recently returned from BK-Faux (A decently sized event in New York City) with my metaphorical tail between my legs I've resolved to become a more competitive player of Malifaux. I've made the rounds through my LGS and found 4 or 5 players that like the idea of being more competitive as well, so we have decided to help each other get there. 

I've played Neverborn since 1.5 and, although I was very interested in foraying into Arcanists, have decided to stick with my favored faction of lovely ladies and terrifying monsters as I figure out if I have what it takes to go the distance! 

What do you think makes someone a more competitive player? What tips do you have for someone looking to turn their game up to 11 (from, admittedly, about 4)? 



So I thought the best place to start my Blog would be in the middle of 3 (friendly) linked story scenarios with no recollection of how the first one went other than "I got destroyed".

It was a 35SS match (Henchmen versus Henchmen) in which my Weaver Widow got a bit carried away killing my opponent's Valedictorian and Rogue Necromancy before it dawned on her that Schemes are things... but you know how those darn lady spiders are!

Anyways the next match is a 50SS story encounter and I plan on employing The Dreamer against Miss Molly.

I have not played the Dreamer before (I owned him in 1.0 but his rules scared me away) and am looking forward to putting my NLCB down on the table.

The Story Scenario is Spring the Prisoner (I think that is what it is called) and my list idea thus far is as follows:

Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap

The Dreamer -- 5 Pool

+Restless Dreams [1]

+Tantrum [2]

Lelu [7]

Lilitu [7]

+Obsidian Talons [1]

Stitched Together [6]

Teddy [11]

Terror Tot [4]

Terror Tot [4]

Terror Tot [4]

My thoughts is that he looks like he is able to summon Day Dreams fast enough so I'd save some stones for the masks there during turn one and get some early objective grabbing done with the tots while they stick around.

The Dreamer's Healing Aura looks like it would be fun with the Stitched so I wanted to try that.

Any thoughts? I'm open to suggestions!

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