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  1. On September 24-25 we organized a grand Malifaux presentation at Igrokon 2016, the largest board games convention in Russia. Together with Sergey Gybin (Ravenswood) and some volunteers we made demo games for more than 200 people. Everyone was really amazed by Malifaux and Through The Breach style, so after this huge event Russian Malifaux community will grow even faster than now!

    You can take a look at our booth at our image gallery. 

    P.S. Teddy was a true star. 


  2. Well, tomorrow is twatifaux. 

    Im a wee but under prepared but I'm totally stoked to be able to field a painted crew. 

    Since my last post I've played one more game. This time we played scenario 2. I looked at James' Ramos crew and realised I couldn't beat it. James realised that in our last game I couldn't have tangled Ramos into Lilith as he has the upgrade where I lose all suits when I cast at him... It wa unintentional and the game would have been totally different. 

    Anyway, there was no luck for me to be able to get him so I just played for the VP's. He removed most of my models but I had around 8-4 VP's when the corpse markers were down. 

    I also had an intro game with a mate of mine, Ned. He played used the Neverborn and I had guild. The crews seem pretty well balanced, I copped the black joker a few times in flips but Ned picked up the basics pretty quickly. We didn't have any schemes or strats - it was just to learn the basic mechanics. 

    Angel Eyes was pretty useful with her move trigger to get out of combat and then shoot me up.

    i went down in a screaming heap of corpse markers, lol!

    Ned pointed out how good Scion is, I think I'll be using him soon... Watch this space!

    I've also got a good hobby update (pics after twatifaux)  

    My doppleganger and primordial magic are finished. I also changed over the bases on my terror tots, chereb and Lilith. My little crew is coming along nicely.

    After Twatifaux I'm going to be painting up a new master box and a whole host of new models so keep your eyes peeled and I'll have some updates up really soon!


  3. Somer Teeth Jones finally is arriving here at the Bayou. Sorry, for the lapse in time real life has gotten in the way!


    Somer Teeth stacks up well next to the "combat master" of the Gremlins, Ophelia. Same defense and willpower of 6, both with 12 wounds, yet Somer, despite being taller (Ht 2 vs Ht 1) is a little less slow on the walk at 5, but a little faster on the charge at 7. Somer has some of the best abilities you could want from a master. Bayou Two Card allows Somer to cheat even when he doesn't have a hand and Survival of the Fittest allows him to draw 2 cards whenever another Gremlin is killed within 6". His defensive trigger of Loudest Squeal on a ( :mask) means he gets a 4" push regardless of the Attack action succeeding or failing.


    Somers has 3 separate attack actions, the first is his Boomer at Sh 5 and 12" range it is a decent ranged attack. Somer has the same Thinkin Luck trigger that Ophelia has though his damages do blasts as well. With a damage spread of 2/2 :blast /5 :blast :blast that can get to 4/4 :blast /8 :blast :blast he can be a very good ranged threat. However, in melee, Somer is capable as well using his Pig Prodder at Ml 6 and a 1/4/5 damage profile with a trigger on a :crow that he can summon a piglet after killing the target. His last base action is Bigger Hat Than You, a Ca 6 18" range that forces the target enemy leader and Somer to discard their hand. This ability can be amazing when used in conjunction with Bayou Two Card and Survival of the Fittest. It gives Somer probably the best card advantage found in the game.

    His Tactical Actions are both (0) actions so one must choose one or the other. The first one is Do It Like Dis, which allows Somer, on a 6, to discard a card and give every model within :aura 8 the suit of the discarded card to all their duels. His second tactical action is to Quit Screwin Around that stops triggers on all models within :aura 4.


    Now here is where Somer gets tricky.

    Somer can have very different play styles depending on the upgrades chosen.

    The first way is to play him as a summoner using his Family Tree upgrade that allows him to split Bayou Gremlins on an 8 :mask. Both Gremlins will suffer 2 damage that cannot be reduced so even Lenny cannot help the Gremlin and his bro.

    Another way to play is by running a Hog Whisperer and Pigs with his Pig Feed upgrade that gives him the Pork Whisperin ability as well as another attack action of Tossed Feed. It is a Ca of 6 that needs a 6 of any suit to work on a defense resist. The range is :ranged 12 and all friendly pig models in line of sight push immediately towards the target of the attack. Any Pigs that end in base contact with the target get to immediately take a (1) AP Ml stack action.

    Yet another way to play is as a support combat master using Encouragement. This gives Somer the ability of throwing Rocks to the Head of other friendly Gremlins within :aura 8 so that they suffer 1 damage and gain a :+fate to any duels from the action.

    His last upgrade is a Can o' Beans, which gives Somer the (0) Pull My finger tactical action. On a 5, all non-gremlin models within :pulse 2 have to pass a TN15 Wp duel or suffer 2 damage. In addition, it gives Somer another (0) of Warn The Kin which forces all models to not flip cards for Somer when randomizing into engagements.


    Overall Somer can play like a jack-of-all-trades master, able to run different lists and models with ease. Now he may not have the raw combat power of Ophelia or the ridiculous synergy with pigs like Ulix, but he does have a little of both which can allow him to run multiple, different, lists. Somer is a master that you can truly choose how you want to play and then make him fit that play style. Want to play like 1.5 Somer, sit back, and send hordes of Gremlins against the opponent? He can do that. Want to play like 1.5 Ophelia by giving out certain suits and playing the damage game? He can do that. Want to run elite Kin lists or crazy pig lists? He can do that as well. Now he may not do it as well as some others but Somer is solid and reliable. So go on and take him out for a spin, you won't be disappointed.

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  4. The new year has begun, and I´ve been busy with #TOMB3! In this post I will show my painting progress, and rant on a bit on random topics that are Marcus related.

    First off I noticed that Marcus has another theme, besides from beasts. Namely butts! I think this is the crew for which I painted most butts.


    Second, it;s lovely how much painting variation there is in this crew. Everything is so unlike the others, so I had lots of experience painting. Trees, frogs (silurids), hairy beasts, less hairy beasts, etc. I really like it. The model I am most proud of, is my Rattler. I think she turned out very pretty, and its the one model in my entire collection I spent most time on. The colour scheme is really striking!


    Another thing I really liked to paint where the silurids. I did them in a froggy painting style. As I painted the two seperate they have a bit other tone/colour, but I am growing fond of that!


    Then the Waldgeists. Really loved them too! Tried to paint glowing eyes, which didnt work out too well. I think they look really forresty :) Again I painted these in different tones; not every tree is the same colour after all!


    Another MVP is the Cerberus. In game she is THE beast of the pack. There hasn't been a game so far where the opponent wasn't suprised at how good it is. I love her, and also because she is painted in the colour and pattern of one of our cats! I did my best painting the eyes, and after doing that for this model I vowed to (at least try to) paint all the eyes on my models from now on. It gives so much character!


    Well, for me those where the highlights of painting this crew so far. Now onto the models I had less fun painting.

    Molemen: I really like them ingame, and they are little ugly models. Just as I like them, as I want them to look like naked molerats. Who are ugly as well. Think these turned out quite nice!


    Painting Marcus I wanted to do a really dark skintone. I couldnt get a foto showing it well, as I feel the picture somehow turned out too dark. Still I think it could use more highlights, but I couldnt get them right. After trying for some days I thought I might as well keep him like this. Painting dark skin is hard!
    The Jackalope is a funny little model! I googled some nice inspiration, and think I got an original painting scheme which looks pretty. He;s a funny thing. One game he killed a Death Marshall on the charge on turn one :D
    Myranda is a bit of a bland model imo. She has nothing interesting going on. Just a squatting lady in an ugly robe. Rushed the paintjob a bit on her. Ingame she is amazing though! (unless turned into Cojo, then she dies the same turn or the turn after).


    Then the Blessed and Cojo. They are the same category for me: unfun to paint. I found that this style of model (furry but bulky) is something I don't like to paint, nor am I any good at it. I am really eager to try out the Blessed in game. She should be amazing! Cojo on the other hand... I don't like his paintjob, the chest on the model isn't right this way and there's an ugly blotch at the backside. But I am going to paint other stuff first before I might repaint him. Trying him out a few times in the games now I feel like I will almost never field him anyway.



    So there's lots of pictures! Lots of fun to paint, and learned a lot, improving my painting schemes.


    For the games I played: I tried to make the other limited upgrade work for Marcus. You know, the one that doesn't give +3Wk of +2dg. Well, every game (5+) I wished I had taken the other upgrade, sadly. But even then I won! Some things I learned include: don't engage a librarian with Marcus. That thing strips all suits, and that makes it really hard for him to get away/be really effective. Marcus also is quite squishy, so I used a lot of soulstones for damage prevention with him. Cojo seems plain bad, and the Cerberus is insanely good. The entire crew is fast, which is a nice switch from Ressers as well! In a week I will attend a tournament here where I want to try out my Marcus, so we'll see how he does in a competative environment :)

    Comments and feedback are more then welcome! I want to learn to paint better, mostly, and have a Rogue Necromancy and last of the molemen, silurids and waldgeists primed up. Also a Dawn Serpent to round up the beasts. I feel my Marcus pool is quite complete then.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I’m considering attending an event in a couple of weeks that is based on a limited pool.

    Now whilst this event is set up in a way to make it seem a beginners event, it is probably one of the most challenging ways to play tournament Malifaux. You need to plan for all sorts of eventualities before you even see the venue tables.

    This event is fixed master which sort of makes it easier, but also can make it harder for some masters.

    There are probably a few sorts of Malifaux players, and their approach to crew building will affect how the approach this sort of event.

    1 sort plays with a virtually fixed list, or at least a core of models, and only change a few things to what they know. This is the sort of player that most people start as (due to only owning a few models), and some stay as. If It works for you, then its all well and good (The Current UKGT holder is this sort of player, and will play a virtually fixed list regardless).

    If this is you, then you probably don’t really need to read this Blog, as making a pool is quite easy for you.


    The Other sort or player makes use of a much wider range of models, mixing and matching for what they want at a particular time.

    That’s the sort of Player I am.

    I used  only 1 master more than once in the recent UK GT (7 rounds). It was Marcus, and my first list (Stake a claim) looked like this

    Marcus, Spawn mother, Blessed of December, Cerberus, 2 Gupps, 2 Silurids, Jackolope.

    My second looked like this (reckoning).

    Marcus, War pig, Rogue necromancy, Dawn serpent, Gupps, Decembers Acolyte and Jackolope.


    Whilst they both worked, they are quite extreme styles of lists, filled with very specialist models that would only work in a small niche.


    So I now need to create a 70 ss pool to play 3 45 ss games. It’ll be using the new 2016 schemes, which I haven’t even tried yet.

    Its Fixed Master, so That’s where I need to start.

    I considered Ironsides, as I haven’t yet got my head around her properly yet, but with such a limited pool I am worried that not understanding what she wants, I might completely handicap myself before I even start. I then considered Marcus. I do well with Marcus, but part of that is a huge hiring pool that I enjoy making use of. And it is nominally a beginners event.

    So I have decided to Go Jack Daw.

    I’ve managed a few games with him, and enjoy his style, but there is a lot for me to learn.

    Last time I used him, I had a lot of fun with Out of Control Desolation engines (8 AP on the first turn), but I’m not sure that what I need to get that list to work will do for all strategies.


    My general approach is to build lists and look for common ground. Make my lists for a range of games, and then work out why I have what I have in the list.

    I own every outcast model released except Killjoy. I own every out of faction Merc except Gracie. I own Every Tormented model except Papa Loco, Jakuna Ubumi and Drowned (which I do sort of own a proxy for).


    So I’m going to make 3 lists.

    I know my Strategies, but not my scheme pools for the games. (Or the table or the opponent).


    Interference (Standard deployment)


    Squatters Rights (Corner)


    Head Hunter (Standard)


    So I’m going to add the following Scheme pools and make my Lists based on a generic standard western town table. (There will be some terrain, but nothing specific to work with or around)

    Convict Labor, Exhaust their forces, Hunting Party, Set up, Search the ruins

    Convict Labor, Show of force, Hunting party, Mark for death, Occupy their turf

    Convict Labor, Take prisoner, leave your mark, Catch and release, Detonate the charges



    Interference (Standard deployment) Convict Labor, Exhaust their forces, Hunting Party, Set up, Search the ruins

    Jack Daw (Twist and Turn, Writhing Torment, 3 curses) (4ss)

    Lust (8)

    Guilty (5)

    Bishop, Oath Keeper(11)

    Johan, Oath Keeper(7)

    Obedient Wretch (4)

    Hodgepodge Effigy (4)



    The Wretch is Cheap, and can summon Rats to help out numbers and deny interference. The Hodgepodge is cheap and solid stats. Lust can drastically ruin a careful position. Guilty are cheap, and can make a beater Tormented. Johan has a decent Ml Range for tying up multiple models. He can also put out the hurt.

    Bishop is a toolbox, capable of ignoring almost any defence. He is great engaged, and 3 AP is always good.


    I should be in a good spot to do Hunting party and Possibly exhaust their forces. I also should be in an ok spot to deny exhaust. I can probably get Convict Labor with not too much effort.  I don’t think anyone is likely to take search the ruins, because of its interaction with not scoring Interference. Set up is probably not going to happen either.




    Squatters Rights

    Convict Labor, Show of force, Hunting party, Mark for death, Occupy their turf.


    Jack Daw (Twist and Turn, Writhing Torment, 3 curses) (4)

    Ashes and Dust (Scramble) (15)

    Bishop (10)

    Guilty (5)

    Nurse (5)

    Rat catcher (6)


    Rat catcher has don’t mind me, useful for stealing Squatters markers.

    Nurse and Bishop combo can get me an edge marker on the first turn. (Nurse Gives Bishop +2 walk. Guilty makes him tormented, and so he gets a push, and Jack can make him take an extra action.

    Plan of getting an edge easily, and then working into the center. I would probably go for Convict Labor and Hunting party, although Mark for death might match hunting party well.

    Ashes and dust can either help threaten the middle by  a huge threat range (and the possibility of getting Tormented from Jack) or go on the other flank to Bishop and nibble along there. Some of this may depenmd on how much I think they are going for show of force. I might need to check my distances for Corner deployment,


    Head hunter

    Convict Labor, Take prisoner, leave your mark, Catch and release, Detonate the charges


    Jack Daw (Twist and Turn, Writhing Torment, 3 curses) (4)

    Ashes and dust(13)

    Hodegpodge (4)

    Johan  (Oathkeeper) (7)

    Strongarm suit (Oathkeeper) (11)

    Guilty (5)


    I would be tempted with Take Prisoner, depending on opponents crew, Otherwise its probably Convict Labor and Catch and release.

    Ashes and Dust is hard hitting, and capable of killing something and collecting a head from it.

    Johan hits hard and is good area Control.

    The Strongarm suit can be handy with its ability to charge out of Combat to pick the right targets each turn.

    Guilty and Hodgepodge are there as cheap activations that are going to aim to be the ones to grab heads that the bigger guys kill.




    I have 3 generic lists. If I combine them I end up with


    Jack Daw

    Ashes and dust (13)

    Johan   (6)

    Bishop (10)

    Strong-arm suit (10)

    Guilty (5)

    Nurse (5)

    Rat catcher (6)

    Lust (8)

    Obedient Wretch (4)

    Hodgepodge Effigy (4)



    Writhing tourment (2)

    Twist and Turn (2)

    The 3 cursed upgrades (0)

    Scramble (2)

    OathKeeper *2 (2)


    Total 79 soulstones.



    Breaking the pool up

    Upgrades – This is potentially a little light for the new scheme. I like that Jack load out, and Scramble is one that whilst I often ignore, can star on certain boards. 2 oath keepers is probably a good amount. At the moment I don’t think I want any others upgrades for what I currently have in the pool.


    Hitter models

    Ashes and Dust, Bishop, Strongarm suit, Johan.  (39 points)

    I’m relatively low on ranged hitting power which might be a worry on open boards. Also I don’t see/use Jack Daw as a strong hitter. So I need to make sure I have access to a decent choice of these to cover my masters weaknesses.

    To a large extent Bishop and the Strong arm do similar stuff. I might look at adding someone like Lazarus or Rusty Alyce into the pool to give a little more in the way of options. I am probably going to Drop Ashes and Dust, as it is supposed to be a beginners friendly event, and Ashes is not a beginners friendly problem to solve.


    Support Models

    Lust, Nurse, Guilty. (18)

    I think with my set up I will want to make at least 1 model tormented, I’ll stick with the guilty. I like the mobility tricks with Lust, and the Nurse is pretty solid.  

    Not sure of any other support models I might be looking for.



    Rat catcher, Obdient Waif, Hodgepodge. (14)

    I might drop the rat catcher, as careful use of the waif will allow me to summon a rat catcher on turn 2.


    Other models I might consider

    I’ve mentioned Rusty and Lazarus. Envy, Greed and Sloth are possible band members to bring along. I had cunning plans when I started to combine Lust with a crooked man and Shafted. And If I need to up my scheme running, then Desperate merc and Void wretch can both do well for only 4 stones.


    Pool B


    Rusty (10)

    Bishop (10)

    Sloth (8)

    Lust (8)

    Johan (6)

    Nurse (5)

    Crooked Man (5)

    Guilty (5)

    Obidient Wretch (4)

    Hodgepodge Effigy (4)

    Twist and Turn (2)

    Writhing Torment (2)

    Scramble (2)

    Oathkeeper*2 (2)

    Puts me at 73 still.

    So for the purpose of this article I am going to drop the Nurse and pick up Tally sheet (which is a solid upgrade with a Killy henchman like Alyce).

    I’ve still got a week to go before the event, so I may well change the pool before hand. (So anyone going to lost love and seeing something different, tough ;)) I've ended up fairly different to how I expected to, when I started this a week ago. 

    I will write a follow up post with post game reports and what did and didn’t work.

    please comment and ask questions, and tell me where I've gone wrong. 



  6. Characters present:
    Joseph Strum
    Joanne Strivins
    Devar Wolf
    Pieter Strahovski

    Few days have passed since the event at mansion.
    Characters received letters from Mr. Johnson, inviting them for a job that begins at southern entrance to Malifaux. Curious of quest at hand they arrived to location they were given, each arriving at their own pace. First to arrive was Joseph, he saw Richard Johnson talking to two other well dressed men and a lady in front of two horse drawn carriages, one being heavier in build and seemed to be reinforced to be able to hold something heavy. As he walked to them they stopped their conversation and faced the iron giant. First of two men introduced himself as Dr. Hamington, he was an thin with bowler on his head and face as foxy looking as man could be. Second gentleman, Peter Toitoi had a large build accompanied with large belly, though his face was not as jolly as his body suggested, having ice cold look that seemed to judge everything he saw. Lady in the group who seemed to be in her early thirties introduced herself as Angela Frost, she was wearing long coat and her silver hair was tied on back. Sturm asked for more information on a job and Johnson explained how the request was simply to escort them to Edge point town, help them retrieve what they were looking for and then get everything back to malifaux train heading towards downtown. They would have one week to get to the train with the delivery. Next one to arrive was Strahovski, he greeted the party and asked for more information on the quest he would be completing. Johnson gave him the same explanation and soon after Wolf walked to the scene, Johnson sighed and repeated the briefing. After few minutes man in poncho and sombrero, he greeted the employers and was given the same information as others. Finally Joanne arrived along with Michael, Richard rubbed his forehead and gave the explanation one last time with dry tone of voice.
    As the last of luggages were being placed on their places, company took their place in the carriages. Joanne, Michael and Drifter took seat in the first one along with the group of clients, while Joseph, Devar and Pieter took their place in the heavier cart that would follow the lighter one. Then the retinue set onward their destination: Edge point.

    After travelling for a while the group saw an blockade made out of tree trunks and boulders. As their speed slowed while closing in to the roadblock, team noticed five men rise from their hidey holes around hundred meters away from blockade, two in their left and three on right.
    The men who were closing in drew their pistols, this was enough to give the drifter reason to draw his rifle and open fire against them. Taking out one of them caused rest of the group to quickening their pace and trying to take cover though there was nothing to take cover in. Rest of them team was preparing for combat as the bandits closed in, but Drifter was faster with his gun than the attackers were with their feet. After two more bandits fell, farthest one on the right saw the disadvantageous situation and turned tail to run for his life. Last attacker fell as the last ammunition in Drifter’s rifle hit him in middle of the chest. The one who started running was far away when Drifter had reloaded his rifle and beyond his care. Group step out of the carts, and only one left in was Johnson telling others to clean the road so they could continue. Joanne, Devar, Pieter, Michael and Drifter went on to search through the bodies of their attackers in hopes of finding something useful. While they started to loot, Ms.Frost rolled up her sleeves, saying to Mr.Toitoi and Sturm how it seemed to be up to them to clear the road. After the gathering team had returned and clearing team had finished their labor, all got back to their seats and journey continued till the dusk was starting to colour the horizon when they saw Edge point ahead of them.


  7. *This is just a fun "in-character" ledger detailing the acquisition of my Amalgamation Charter Enforcement crew.

    Guild Assets:

    March 2rd: Construction started on our "Brutal Emissary" after the required materials arrived from the various 3rd party manufacturing companies used to obscure the project's existance. Reviewed and modified the project plans to ensure the most efficient end product. The excess material will be put aside for future projects. 

    March 4th: Our department funds for this month finally arrived. Repairs for our small unit of constructs, and my steam-harness, may now commence.

    March 5th: Lucius sent word that Ryle's "responsibilities" to the Guild had been fulfilled for the time being, and that he would be returned within the week. Not too much worse for the wear I hope.

    M&SU Assets:

    March 2rd: Received word from an M&SU associate that the survivor of another mine collapse in the northern hills requires extensive prosthesis, and is willing to work for ACE in exchange for access to our maintenance facilities and proprietary augmentations. Marcus, an associate of Victor's, will ensure her safe passage to the city if we supply him with a pack of the Guild's pure-bred hounds. I have already submitted the requisition order.  @H4ml3t

    March 5th: The department's efficiency is top notch, but there are a few menial things that keep needing to be done. To solve this, I spoke to the local M&SU leader and politely implied my need for a Mobile Toolkit for the department. The man said it wouldn't take long for one to arrive at my office.

    March 6th: Miss Step was escorted into the department this afternoon. The M&SU engineers did there best with what was on hand, but she requires extensive augmentation to offer any assistance. Ramos intercepted her before Marcus brought her down from the foothills, and entrusted her with a copy of his Steamborg blueprints. A nice gesture, it won't be unappreciated.

  8. PanzerHarris
    Latest Entry

    This blog entry finds me in an oddly reflective mood, and rather than waste the moment I thought I'd put it to use.

    For those who don't know, and given how open I am about it there probably aren't many, I suffer from bipolar disorder. Most of the time, thanks to medication, you wouldn't know. But there are times when things get a little beyond my ability to control them, and the upshot is normally mood swings from misery and depression, up to moments of hyperactivity and mania, and then back again. This can be accomplished during my commute to work. It can also happen during games. 

    One trigger I've found has been pressure. I work in a high-pressure job and domestic circumstances aren't exactly stable. Gaming, and Malifaux in particular, has been my safety valve, my way of blowing off steam. I love playing in events, talking rubbish with like-minded people and flipping cards.

    Lately though, I've been piling the pressure on myself. I've been so hell-bent on proving to myself and to others that I'm actually not just a noisy chump, that I can actually play this game. And if things go wrong, as they so often can when you're playing a game as cerebral as Malifaux whilst dealing with a condition like bipolar (no, I can't remove the condition with Rebel Yell - I've tried), that can have mood swing inducing consequences. 

    The revelation of today is, what on Earth have I got left to prove to anyone? Why am I pushing myself so hard? 

    As I sit here, I've won 4 Malifaux tournaments along with a 2nd and a 3rd place in two others. I've been ranked in the UK top 10 for over 10 months, and for probably 6 of those I had a badge next to my name telling all and sundry that I was the best Guild player in the country. I have numerous certificates and plaques for best in faction. Even as my own worst critic, it's hard to argue that I just got lucky once or twice. To have that much success would indicate that I'm not entirely terrible at this game.

    So... Why am I still going all out to prove something that I've already demonstrated? I'm being an idiot. I have enough tin cups, certificates and BendyBoards glassware that I'm having to clear an additional shelf and I never thought in my wildest dreams that would ever happen. 

    The moment that sank in earlier this morning, it really did feel like a weight came off my shoulders. I know that if the stars align and my head's in the right place, I can put together enough good games to take a tilt at winning a tournament. I've done it. 6 times, in fact. 

    My proudest achievement is that, sitting in amongst the prizes for playing well, are two sportsmanship trophies. It would appear that even whilst going for the win, I can still make sure my opponents have a good time playing against me. In my local meta there are an awful lot of new players and I'm discovering that the kick I get out of showing new people the game, and helping and coaching them if they want me to, rivals those tournament-winning moments.

    So that's what I'm going to be focussing on. Having fun. Enjoying myself. Playing what I want to play at that moment instead of running particular crews out of an imagined duty to do better at the next tournament. And above all else, helping as many people as possible have the same fun I've had.

    It feels good to win. It feels even better to help others win.

    I said in my last blog entry that I'll be playing Gremlins next year. That's true. I definitely will be. But I'll also be playing Arcanists. And Guild. Probably Outcasts. Possibly Neverborn. Maybe even 10 Thunders.

    But not Ressers. I have some standards...


  9. Hallo!

    We have no any new figures and games to show, but I have new artwork to look. Not the last, I have some ideas to make.

    I'll find this printed version of Taelor and have some free time in the evening and new box of Derwent pastel pencils to try.

    PS: Then I'll show my version of Dora and Candy, and some sketch for bigger art.


  10. G3Geek
    Latest Entry

    I finally started painting my showgirl group. It was an interesting challenge since blending s one of my weaker points and I'd never tried to paint sheer fabrics before. All in all I'm okay with the paint job. I'm not saying I won't redo them in three or four years because I'll (hopefully) be better then.

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  11. Hey there! Remember this? No? Well, it’s still a thing. A terrible thing I won’t do well in, but a thing nonetheless. As a recap, for the UK Nationals this weekend, I plan on using a different master every round. No, I don’t expect to do well. Yes, I do expect to be very drained by the end of it.

    So things have changed since I first thought of doing this. First, it will no longer be full faction thanks to the addition of Ripples of Fate. I think this is a great book and I love the masters in there, but the fact that I’m no longer able to claim that I ran the full faction of masters saddens me somewhat. Oh well.

    Secondly, in the summer I swapped back to Arcanists. In part, this was because I thought Titania would be far more prevalent than she has been and, by running Sandeep, I get to lob a sodding genie into people’s faces.

    Thirdly, and linked to the above, I kinda forgot my plan. I’d meant to practise the masters, taking each to at least one event and getting a decent feel for them. Did I do this before swapping? Nope, I got a little disillusioned, bought some gremlins and WHONKED my way through three events using Mah and Wong.

    Heh. Whonking things with spoons. It’s fun.

    So, this has left me with a couple of days before nationals to figure out what I’m going to do. My plan now is to come up with eight 30-35SS crews that I can then fill in at the table, plonk down and play. I think this prep will be sorely needed, especially by game 7 and my brain is mush. So that’s what I’m going to blather on about in the rest of this post.



    Easy master to start with, Ramos plays with a fairly fixed crew at the best of times. In fact, I might just write his 50SS list now and adapt at the table if it’s needed.

    Ramos – Under Pressure, Arcane Reservoir, Combat Mechanic, 5SS Pool

    Brass Arachnid

    Howard Langston, Imbued Energies

    Arcane Emissary, Mechanical Conflux

    Large Arachnid


    Electrical creation

    So this is a fairly standard list I think. I have the Emissary instead of Joss and a Performer because they are generally awesome. The Emissary appears with a few different masters and, while possibly not the optimal choice, there’s something to be said for sticking to the same models. Thanks to Ramos’s summoning (coming from the dead Electrical Creation) I’m not worried about activation control.



    Like Ramos, I find Raspy fairly easy to build for as she really likes her Frozen Heart models, limiting the pool to pick from. Are these the only ones to use with her? Nope, far from it, but it’s a starting point.

    Rasputina – Armour of December, Arcane Reservoir, Cold Nights


    Snow Storm, Imbued Energies

    Arcane Emissary, Elemental Conflux

    Silent One

    15SS remaining

    I’m not sure having both the Emissary and Snowstorm together here is a good idea, but they do add a lot of mobility to the crew. I’ve not yet played Raspy with the Emissary but I really like it’s upgrade allowing Raspy to shoot through it, and the fact that Snow can plonk it somewhere with a nice charge lane… yeah, I’m hopeful this will be fun to play with.



    My first love of Malifaux. I currently own four different versions of her, just have the translucent plastic eluding me now… Ahem, anyways…

    Kaeris – Purifying Fire, Blinding Flame, Arcane Reservoir

    Malifaux Child

    Carlos Vasquez, Stunt Double, Imbued Energies

    Johan, Well Rehearsed

    Large Arachnid

    18SS remaining

    Hello Carlos! Here’s our first appearance of book 4  cards. Carlos is a fantastic addition to Kaeris’s hiring pool and just a plain fun model. I mean, he literally plays with fire! Well Rehearsed gives Johan some free movement and an effective second hard to kill, which couples with his heal could make him very sticky. I might still swap the Malifaux Child for the Eternal Flame yet, it also plays with Pyre Markers and if I need flight/scheme markers I’ll switch Purifying Fire with Grab and Drop quite happily.


    Sandeep Desai

    Sandeep. You have a genie. How I love you. Our newcomer is a great toolbox that I’ve been enjoying lately and I may well go single master with him after the Nationals for a while.

    Sandeep – To Command Another Plane, Arcane Reservoir, Enlightened Soul

    Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Blood Ward

    Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Doom Ward

    Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Nemesis Ward


    Ice Gamin

    22SS remaining

    Plenty of options still to hire, Cassandra with Warding Runes really tempts me. I always, always hire a gamin with Sandeep and will oscillate between Wind or Ice depending on mood. Yes, I have Oxfordians. I like them and I will swap out Enlightened Soul for Unaligned Sage if I want them to ignore LOS restrictions on Beacon. I enjoy using Sandeep’s 0 to teleport them, then have them unleash a furious cast, possibly at + flips to attack. Happy days.


    Colette Du Bois

    Uh.. I actually have nothing to say here. Moving on

    Colette – Shell Game, Arcane Reservoir, Practised Production

    Cassandra, Imbued Energies

    Howard Langston, Imbued Energies

    December Acolyte



    Possibly the “filthiest” list yet and I have to admit, I’m not comfortable with it yet. Colette is a master I know is excellent but doesn’t gel with me all that well. I might tinker with this one somewhat still…



    Ah Toni. If you want to hear her get bashed, go listen to the recent Arcane Reservoir podcast on Arcanists. She’s not the most thrilling of masters, but she is fun and I do enjoy her.

    Ironsides – Arcane Reservoir, Warding Runes, Seize the Day

    Arcane Emissary, Ironclad Conflux

    Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Blood Ward

    Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Doom Ward

    Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Nemesis Ward

    Johan, Well Rehearsed

    13SS remaining

    It’s likely that I’ll just be adding scheme runners to this list, possibly some steam arachnids to keep the M&SU theme going. Toni and the Emissary here will be the target while the rest of the crew runs off, hoping to complete objectives… yeah, not the best of plans I know.



    I’m not a Marcus fan. It’s not that he is bad by any means, but his style and fluff just doesn’t grab me like other masters do. Still, I have a whole one game practise with him, let’s get a list down.

    Marcus - The Trail of the Gods (must not call it his happy trail..), The Hunger Cry, Feral Instincts.


    Myranda, Obligatory Imbued Energies


    Poison Gamin


    19SS remaining

    Possibly needs another hitter in the crew. The Gamin is there to tank damage for Marcus if needed… I might swap it out with some tinkering but for some reason it feels like it’s not a terrible plan. I think I might be wrong.

    Also, no Arcane Reservoir! Boooooo!


    Mei Feng

    Remember how I’m not a Marcus fan? Well, at least I have one game with him. Mei is, as yet, unplayed and is my choice of master to not use this weekend for that reason.

    Mei Feng – Seismic Claws, Vapormancy, Arcane Reservoir


    Joss, Imbued Energies

    Large Arachnid

    Rail Worker

    Arcane Effigy

    17SS remaining

    First appearance of the Effigy! It’ll no doubt make more lists, love that little guy, but at 4SS he’s easy to slot in. Joss will swap for Kang if I’m against ressers. Aside from that.. eh, that looks okay I guess? Yeah, really not planning on using Mei if I can help it.

    So there we are! Eight base lists to add to/adapt as needed. Each has some form of a plan to run with. It may well be a poor plan, but that’s better than no plan at all. Next step, to figure out what master favours what strats.

    Oh, and some painting. Quite a bit of painting. Oops.

  12. Just to introduce my self as a Malifaux player and a part of this community before I start getting on to the point:

    - This is my first blog ever and it's in English language which is not my first language, so please bear with me. Feel free to correct me, both on the claims I make and any grammar I might have fudged up. I'd really like to see some discussion and criticism, so I hope people will read this with an open mind.

    - I've gotten into Malifaux through the fluff and artwork and te community is the reason I stayed. I'm only a beginner miniature painter and not a very good player. I've got a lot of minis and the strongest part of my hobby besides the knowledge of fluff is my mini conversion skill. I will save all of these things for the future entries in this blog.

    So without further ado, I'm opening the todays topic.

    Yesterday I got insulted on a Wyrds forum and I actually had someone defend me today, which reminded me of why I love this community.

    It's not because I was labeled as a creepy pervert I felt insulted, but whenever there is even any sort of point to be made on some theme that's dealing with societal symbols, issues, fandoms or whatever there is misguided political correctness thrown about laced with some angry social rights rudeness.

    I made a comment and people started reading into my post and putting words into my (proverbial) mouth. Actually at first I got upset, then after I cooled off I got angry because I got upset about stupid things that happen on the internet and I started writing a post for the offtopic forum on this site.

    Before I posted it, it seemed too personal and I deleted it, so a day later I decided to start a blog with a similar topic of the unwritten post. If this is a good media for it, I'd like to have an open discussion about a way people tend to communicate issues on the internet when they have their sensibilities hurt or when they misenterpret something like in my case. I feel strongly about the way this problem is vocal in this community because I suppose I share this hobby with an ok bunch of people and not some anonymous douchebags and I think freedom of speech shouldn't shut people out with its agressive stance.

    Couple of weeks prior to my misinterpreted post there was a Lizzie Lovelace thread where people felt insulted because of a possible correlation with an abused pornstar and there were other mentions of pornstars and it somehow got tied to my post about tentacles. What hurts in this respect is that I love the story of Malifaux in its whole romantical insanity with its injustices and rare positive moments and people have a need to hamfist realism with its most boring moral prejudicies into ficton where it isn't needed.

    Venting finished, on to the topic.

    A lot of player created content gets published in the Wyrd Chronicles, Some player created content gets introduced in the games rules via beta testing and some of it comes from participation in various story tournaments and contests which sometime seep into the games ficitional world.

    This is all great and it makes me happy.

    The community has for the most part brought in a lot of positive changes to the game through the beta testing waves for which I'm along the ride for the fourth time now. And we've even seen some concept art being changed for the better (maybe not in the case of new Perdita, but it might be my personal preference that I prefer the alternate model than the one sold in her crew box).

    If a player, or a reader feels offended by a social issue which is happening in a fictional world or a game the noise surrounding these injustices start to be very loud (and in my opinion very obnoxious). There is no thing such as a bad press, but because Wyrd listens to their player base and I guess it wears them down, because its employees do read most of posts in social media and its forums and they become more careful about it in the future. The social issues I'm mentioning are usually based on real world issues and these things shouldn't be considered in every possible instance, unless it goes against basic human decency (like Viktoria of blood wearing only leather belts, but in a perfect world even that shouldn't be a moral issue).

    I belive the developers have set the tone of their world and game and there won't be big tonal shifts and things that just feel wrong with it.

    From its beginning over year and a half ago beta testing has become a bit different, we start to hear less details and we as a playerbase participate in a different way because there is too much noise and stuff gets lost in translation, not just between Wyrd and the players, but between players themselves.

    But that's not my only point. There will always be a wedge between people because of their different preferances and just because we're not all alike.

    The point I wanted to discuss is all this social justice stuff, because when something is deemed sexist, racist, harmful to some minority it gets more weight than it deserves and there are too many negative conotations and it drives people off and it gets unwanted exposure for all the wrong reasons.

    In the fiction when there are issues which are handeled like they are happening now and here the story and the immersion suffers and these things happen to a popular book, game, movie or whatever. Because of its ritchness fans get vocal about it, they feel like they are a part of something and they have to defend it and its sensibilities as if they are their own. That's all because a lot of different symbols get mixed up and the reality and ficition start feeling like one and same thing and the fictional world should have a freedom of its own, it should live apart from ourselves and be freely explored by its authors without significant outside meddling (like pressuring George R.R. Martin to finish Game of Thrones serial because he's getting old).

    There are countless critics (both profesisional and unprofessional), youtube, social media, journalism, advertisments and all these should have an outside veiw on a work of fiction. The final judge should be our own imagination and while sometimes a well placed criticism or review can change your world view, it's not a definitive answer to your own interpretation of the product, or a work of art.

    Todays world has countless personal freedoms and it is objectivly less painful, missing a lot of desease and misery that is a big part of the world of Malifaux. We have more social rights than ever before and on the other side there is also this fantastic and also horrible world of old (which has magic along its pain and hardships) which draws its realism from fiction and popular culture. It's very immersive and the problem and the blessing is that you get to play games in it, paint and build your own characters and participate in the world. It's impossible to make everyone happy with a product, but the game itself gives you freedom to change the things your don't like about the setting. I used to play a lot of RPGs and even if their storytelling style is much more immersive, the approach toward the gaming community is much more interactive and much wider reaching in the wargames.

    You also have this hobby part of the game and there is another "payoff" to that. I'll leave "faulty product" and scale issues topic for another day. I just wanted to say that as great as it is to make a game and sell your products, it seems to me this small company has a lot of painful backlash to deal with on a daily basis and I can't feel but empathise with them while I read all the posts concerning various issues.


    Last thing I wanted to discuss is free speech and I'm writing about it because I had an issue with it recently and it still feels fresh while I've gone far off topic from it in the mass of text above.

    Most people read into things with a bunch of stereotypes thrown into a mix of their thought process.

    When someone breaks the norm with expressing their "subjective" thruths there is always some sort of a backlash and things usually finish off as an argument. Following these forums has shown me that people can look past their issues and work together on the internet. It means that we're not all anonymous trolls that go onto boards for some blood, but we can work as a society.

    I have some friends (and their friends, with their friends of their friends etc.) on facebook that start political, atheism, pandas who go extinct because they won't have sex, gmo or anti-gmo topics day in day out and they start as constructive and smart and always finish with some social self entitled intelectual cannibal has to come out at a top of the food chain.

    I don't get it why arguments and issues have to be won. They should be explored and resolved.

    I mean we play wargames, you get to beat your opponent, why waste your time on forums with trying to be moral, or intellectual winner when you can rather agree and fix the issue?


    I guess everyone deserves respect.

    Good night and until next hippie, peace loving topic.


    I was supposed to paint minis for an upcoming tournament and work on my papers for my studies, but I rather started a blog. Sigh...

  13. blog-0135148001395978107.jpgI've always had difficulty painting flesh, and particularly painting faces. Here is one of my most recents attempts, with Lilith. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Well, last weekend was Elementary, a tournament put on at the North West Gaming Centre, home of Element Games and my gaming team, The EleMentals. It was a 28 player game, so the full 100pts were up for grabs and there were several players there competing for a Masters place, needing solid podium places to guarantee their spot.

    I arrived with Aidan (the TO) beforehand and along with lots of other early arrivers, helped set up the tables, before nipping off for a crafty bit of breakfast. I also downed a can of Monster, which proved to be a bad idea later on in the day, as I had unbeknownst to myself caught a rather nasty cold that chose around 3pm to knock me for six.

    Game 1 was Squatter's Rights against PanzerHarris, who had everything to play for. He was teetering on the edge of the Masters cutoff and a strong finish here could guarantee his place. The game was very amiable and I can thoroughly recommend Panzer as an opponent and as an all round good bloke. Even though the game was high stakes from his side of the table he even pointed out a potential action that I had missed that helped me get VP. That's sportsmanship. I made a very fatal error which cost me 3VP before we even deployed though. I was so focused on making sure that my team was optimised for the schemes I'd chosen I didn't even do a cursory comparison of the schemes to his crew. So I made possibly the largest pregame error it's possible to make in Malifaux - I took Assassinate against Leveticus, the master that can't be killed. I got full points for Breakthrough (It was close deployment so it wasn't hard to get enough scheme markers down) and so the game finished 8-5 to his Leveticus crew, a result that left me very happy indeed and bumped me up to the heady heights of table 9.

    We then stopped for lunch, which was edible. After lunch we voted for best painted, I put mine up purely because I've not done that before and it was nice to get some positive comments about my crew, even though I knew I wasn't going to stand a chance against some of the frankly amazing paint jobs people had on display. I personally didn't vote for the winning crew, as although it was VERY good for me the subtle paintjob of Praetoriian's Guild crew was by far the most impressive, although it lacked the bright 'pop' colours that draw the eye to a crew. The raffle was next and I was rather chuffed to win a £10 voucher for Element Games (which amused me as it was myself who made the vouchers).

    Game 2 was a corner deployment Turf War against Tapdancer1967, who I have met on other occasions but never played against before. It was nice to see that he was using Sonnia Criid, as I have been looking very interestedly at her crew of late as I think it would be a good start for expanding McMourning into Guild, and as a Master I do like her play style. The game was another close one, as usual with Turf War it was a bit of a battle of attrition in the middle as our big hitters circled the centre and took occasional swipes at one another. VP for Turf War was always on the cards, but finishing on turn 4 and missing out on my Assassinate due to a pesky Abuela getting in the way of Bete Noire's assault on Sonnia led to another loss, this one 9-6.

    So I dropped back down to Table 13 for Game 3, where I was playing Stake a Claim against Nick, who is Makrar on Twitter but I don't know what he's called on the forums. This was a Doctor-off, both of us bringing McMourning, Belles, Nurses, The Valedictorian and Flesh Constructs. We only differed in that he took Sebastian and 2 Necropunks and I took Bete Noire and some Guild Autopsies (I think I might have over-hired Bete, using her in all three games and only really getting the soulstone's worth out of her in one). By this point my cold had hit HARD, and the buzz from the energy drink I had for breakfast was mixing with the slight drowsiness of my stuffy head and making it hard to concentrate, so I probably wasn't the best opponent. Or rather I was, because I made some shocking strategic decisions which ultimately ended up with a Flesh Construct eating a paralysed McMourning, and my worst loss of the day, 8-4. I found it very hard to play against McMourning in a mirror match, as it meant that a lot of my (rather textbook) tactics were already countered de facto by being against the same crew. Also my Valedictorian went down very quickly after doing very little, and losing a fifth of the value of my crew so quickly put me on a back foot straight away. I also lost out on Claim markers as I got started on that far too late, by which point the Necropunks had already spread them far and wide and I was never going to keep up with my lack of fast objective runners. Poor crew selection on my part, that one.

    All in all it was a great day, three enjoyable games and well done to the podium placers who picked up some rather nice glass awards. The wooden spoon went to someone else, which is a definite improvement on my last tournament, so all I need to do now is up my goals and aim for at least one draw in the next one that I go do. And as for my feelings towards tournaments (after my last post explaining why I don't like them) I had a great time but I think that this is the optimum size for me, three games in a day is just right and gives enough time for a bit of socialising as well, and I really don't think I could manage a sub-2hr game, we only managed to get to turn 4 in any of the games that I played, although I don't think that the scores would have been much different if they had all run their course.

  15. I've been meaning to update the blog for a little while but have found time today finally!

    3 posts in 2 months isn't too bad really by my standard.

    Painting, I finished my first crew of this year! I'm aiming to get at least 5 done this year after the last 2 years paultry output.  Yan Lo in all his glory










    Happy with the way the crew turned out. Izamu's eyes were my first proper attempt at OSL other than a couple of half-arsed ones, think I'll be trying it a bit more with other stuff.

    Next crew box I'll be doing is Salvage and Logistics, make a start on playing the Outcasts I've wanted to play for a while.


    I've made a start on other goals for this year too, I've entered 2 best painted contests at tournaments which is already half of what I did last year!

    I won both of them as well with the Yan Lo crew which I was pretty shocked about, other people not so much, but I'm always suprised if I win a best painted.




    Gaming wise I've tried out Yan Lo which I'll try more of, I think he's probably lacking in some respects as everyone says but think I might enjoy him. Only more games will tell.

    I've been trying to get Seamus to finally work for me after a few failed attempts since M2E started, but I think I've finally cracked him which pleases me immensely as he is one of my favourite masters in terms of fluff and style.  Now I understand the way he plays a lot better, I really like his playstyle too as it's very thematic to his background and fun.  I also feel it satisfies certain sets of strats and schemes that other Ressers struggle with so win:win

    Kirai has only seen table time lately at tournaments for me and I had a single game with Jack daw also, someone who I want plenty more with.

    Continuing with the getting along with my aims for the year, my competative game keeps getting better I think.  

    In the LoEH I played with Ressers (Kirai/SeamusKirai) against (Lilith/Pandora/McCabe). First game was very close, I managed to take out Nekima before she could do too much damage and managed to just deny one point of turf war making a 10-9.  2nd game was cool, Nekima killing off a very wounded Pandora to gain melee master and wreak havoc. 3rd game I was on table 2 last round in contention for 2nd place of the tournament, timing called at a very in-opportune time for me and meant I ended up losing by a point.  If it was called 30 seconds either way I would've won by a point minimum. Frustrating, but thems the breaks.

    Then I played in Ante up taking Ressers again (Seamus/Kirai/Seamus) against (Pandora/Kirai/Kaeris) a memorable moment in the first game was my copycat killer lobbing the head of a fully fit Nekima with a flourish and then dying to black blood!, it took some patient waiting and a bit of set up but well worth it!  The Kirai-off was a very tactical tit for tat game but good fun.  The last game would have been a lot closer if it wasn't for my awesome luck getting iniative just when I really needed it even though the odds were against me, making me able to heal up Seamus to full from 1 wound left, and able to still score Entourage.

    I ended up on 3 wins at the end of the tournament and taking out first place! as well as 1st for painting!



    That's pretty much my hobby since last post, hope to get another entry in soon after I complete more models or go to another tournament!


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    Recent Entries

    I'm lucky in many ways. Very lucky. The story of how I got together with my now-fiancée is strange and hinged a lot on luck. I think I drew a red joker with her! It would have been very easy for us to never have gotten together, but fate was on my side. Either that Or I spent all my soulstones to cheat fate.

    Anyway, she's awesome because she's a geek like me. She plays more xbox than me, takes over my PC and steals Skyrim for weeks on end and now she's showing an interest in cosplaying.

    She automatically defaulted to 'Anya Stroud' and 'Femshep' but I keep trying to navigate her towards Malifaux characters as I believe their designs and aesthetics are better than most other things out there. It's a hard sell though, as miniatures are the one thing she hasn't gotten into - yet! She even plays Magic: The Gathering with me for gods sake and has her own deck.

    But she loves strong female characters and Mallifaux has a lot of them.

    So, any suggestions? What would people like to see me attempt to transform my fiancée into? She might just tell me to get lost because she's gonna be an Elder Scrolls Elf but you nover know!

    We need to win her over to the miniature side!

  16. We are now halfway done with the deadline for the tournament (Aug 15), and the report is this:

    Finished Models

    Pandora, Candy, 3x Sorrow, Baby Kade, 2x Waldgeist, Lelu, Llilitu, Doppelganger, 2x Stitched Together, 3x Terror Tots, Freikorps Trapper, Freikorps Librarian, Tuco, Ama No Zako, 3x Alp, Mysterious Effigy (proxy), Iggy

    Unpainted Models

    Mr. Tannen, Mr. Graves, Coppelius, 3x The Illuminated, Convict Gunslinger, 3x Silurid, Hannah

    So we have 11 models in 18 days to go. Thinking Silurid next because likely all the same color scheme. And can probably crank out all three in a single day. Hannah will probably be after that, as most of her will be metallic, hopefully this weekend.

    Graves I started, then stopped. Tannen I have no idea how I will paint him, but probably green and white. The Illuminated, no clue at all. Coppelius, no clue. Guess I have all this time to think about what to do with them?


  17. Just to let people know

    As of the start of 2016 I will be taking over the management of the UK Malifaux Rankings, keeping these up to date, the originals are at www.malifauxrankings.com.

    Before then though I want to start taking ranking scores for the rest of the world, specifically those regions mentioned in the Wyrd Forums Community Events area; North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia (as well as the UK).

    I’ve set up example pages at www.potentiallylethal.co.uk/malifaux-rankings and I think the instructions are relatively straightforward, and to emphasise, these are not the completed areas as I will be breaking down the regions into countries as and when I get data.

    If you want to start sending data for non-UK tournaments to me at malifauxrankings@potentiallylethal.co.uk with the required details as stated on the instruction page I can start getting this started internationally.

    If you see any glaring mistakes or have suggestions for improvement please let me know.


    Stephen (Potentially Lethal)

  18. Here's the first of the rotten belles for my Seamus crew.

    ..and some stills:

    Again, I really enjoyed painting this lady, quite fun to go with something completely new with the bright dress and interesting skin tones.

    Loving the Malifaux figures so far! More to come..

  19. Khylis
    Latest Entry

    So...after a hectic week and weekend, i have finished assembly and have my metal Taelor 90% finished. I love the detail on her and she was fun to paint. However, the Female kit is a bit problematic. The parts seem a little disorganized and it can be a bit hard to match up some of the arms to the items with premolded hands. Not a big deal in this project, but for my other one it was a bother. Oh well....still very happy with it so far. Back to the workshop.

    Stay Wyrd...and remember, Gremlin brew causes odd forms of flatulence.

  20. Not a Real Tale of a Malifaux Blogger Month 2, post 2 (Finally a Game!)

    For more information on Tale of a Malifaux Blogger (ToMB) event see: http://taleofmalifau...blogspot.co.uk/

    So, as noted in my previous blogs for ToMB, I've been pretty busy and unable to make much progress in assembly, painting and getting games in. All that has changed ever so slightly. I finally got in a game! Yay me!.

    My daughter was home for Spring Break, back from college for a week, and she had previously promised to play a game with me as her Father's Day present. At the beginning of Spring Break she was busy with her friends and such and I was still pretty busy with work, so the big game kept getting postponed. Finally, however, on this past Saturday, her last night before heading back to college she came up to me and said she had time.

    I quickly grabbed my game table, a folding 3' x 3' table, my terrain (old cardboard ruins from Mordheim), my models and various gaming stuff (arsenal decks, measuring tape, fate decks, and tokens).

    I set up the board as a ruined town, with a two story building in the center and the other buildings of various levels surrounding it. This left various alleyways as firing lanes, but plenty of buildings to attempt to hiding behind as we advanced across the table.

    As this was going to be my daughter's first M2E game (4th or 5th Malifaux game overall), and this was a ToMB game, I thought it would make sense to essentially play a 26 soulstone starter box game. I also decided to skip upgrades and schemes for this game, so we only flipped for the shared strategy.

    We ended up with standard deployment and Turf War as the strategy. This meant we would be fighting over the central two story building mentioned above, which seems like a good fluffy way to start. Perhaps there were barrels of very good scotch laced with powdered soulstone.

    My crew was:

    Somer Teeth

    2 Skeeters

    4 Bayou Gremlins


    +1 Soulstone in Cache (5 total)

    My daughter has used Rasputina in all her games (selected initially by looking at all the old metal boxes I had side by side and picking the prettiest picture), so her crew was:



    Ice Golem

    3 Ice Gamin

    +1 Soulstone in Cache (4 total)

    As noted above, no Upgrades for either of us and no Schemes.

    We both deployed in cover, behind ruined buildings. My forces were deployed with Somer and the Warpig in the center, with groups of two bayou gremlins and skeeters to the left and right of Somer. My daughter deployed her forces in the following order (from my left to right): Rasputina, 3 ice gamin in a line, Wendigo and Ice Golem.

    Turn 1, I won initiative and walked a Gremlin up twice towards the center building. My daughter countered by moving up the Wendigo and using magical extension to fire off a December's curse at the foolhardy Gremlin (I hadn't thought about the ranges involved and had left him in the open thinking I was far enough away, whoops). She won the duel barely, then flipped two Moderates on the negative damage flip. 4 Damage and first blood to my daughter.

    I spent my next two activations attempting to exact revenge (and remove the scary Devour ability), by moving up two more gremlins and taking pot shots. Unfortunately, my daughter had moved the Wendigo into cover of ruins before shooting my gremlin, so my negative flip shots missed. I then moved my Warpig up next to the center building, in cover, but not noticing the open door on the other side of the ruin. My daughter then moved up an Ice Gamin to gain line of sight, and on her next activation Rasputina moved up and launched a few December's curses through the open door and over the ruined cover into my Warpig. She managed only one hit, but flipped two severe damage flips on the negative damage flip. The double blasts were just long enough to get to the 2 gremlins that had shot at her Wendigo, and now I was down 3 Bayou Gremlins, had 5 wounds down on my Warpig and had done nothing to my opponent's force.

    Somer and the Skeeters had not activated yet, so Somer moved up and shot a Ice Gamin, I triggered Thinking Luck on the shot, got a moderate (so 4 + 1 blast) and put 3 damage on two separate Gamin. The Skeeters then both did double flight-enhanced walks and moved into melee with two of the gamin and the wendigo.

    Turn 2.

    I don't remember who won initiative here, or exact actions, but the following happened.

    The Skeeters failed to do any damage, but the one tying up the Gamin closest to Rasputina remained in combat so Rasputina could shoot the Warpig again. The other Skeeter survived two devour attempts only to be punched in the face by an Ice Gamin who scored a moderate damage result and killed it. The Gamin Somer shot was able to charge Somer and put a few wounds on Somer. The Warpig then ate that Ice Gamin (who blew up putting more wounds on Somer, but fed the Warpig, who healed up completely*. Somer shot the Ice Golem 3 times, putting the Golem on 1-2 wounds, and the Ice Golem walked around the intervening building and punched Somer in the face (taking him down to 4 wounds).

    We both had 2+ non-peon's within 6" of the Turf War marker and scored 1 vp.

    *We played that the Warpig ate his fill to heal completely, then the Gamin exploded to cause 2 wounds to the Warpig. Not sure if that was the correct order, but it never mattered this game.

    Turn 3.

    I won initiative, and with an Ice Golem in Somer's face (and enough melee power to kill both Somer and the Warpig, I think), I went first, with the Warpig. Sadly at this point I realized that the Warpig only had a 1" melee range, while the Ice Golem had a 2" melee range, so I needed to walk then attack, rather than Charge. I did so and managed to hit at kill the Golem. The Warpig healed to full again, but Somer took the explosion to the face and was down to 1 wound. My daughter then charged Somer with a nearby Ice Gamin. I had been using soulstones for earlier damage prevention, so I had only one left at this point. I probably should have used it for the defense flip, but I saved it for damage prevention, figuring on my higher Df saving me. My daughter promptly flipped the Red Joker on the attack and I therefore couldn't cheat the defense flip up. On the resulting straight damage flip, Somer took severe damage and therefore needed a Red Joker on the damage prevention to survive. He didn't flip the red and died...

    On the left side of the board, my Skeeter still had the Gamin tied up in combat (both sides failing to do much) and the Wendigo charged over from the right side to help, but failed to get a crow on either devour attempt. Having nothing to use for Ice Mirrors, and not wanting to shoot into combat, my Daughter moved Rasputina up closer to the fight, where she didn't need the Ice Mirrors, but was fairly safe from retaliation (a ruin building with a window). I had a gremlin on that side of the board, which tried firing into the Skeeter+Gamin+Wendigo combat, but failed to hit anything.

    We both had 2+ non-peon's within 6" of the Turf War marker and scored 1 vp.

    Turn 4.

    The Wendigo finally ate the Skeeter.

    The Warpig ate the Gamin that killed Somer

    Raspy attempted to Curse my last gremlin, getting only 1 weak damage hit in and leaving the Gremlin alive, but unable to reckless.

    The gremlin shot at the wendigo, failing.

    The Gamin charged the gremlin, killing it.

    I no longer had 2 models, much less 2 models in range of the Turf War marker, while my daughter did, so she went up 3vp to 2vp.

    Turn 5.

    The warpig walked around the corner and pigcharged the Wendigo, getting both it at the last Ice Gamin in melee. I managed one severe damage on the Wendigo, eating it whole. I think I might have forgotten the automatic trigger on it's attack this time (each previous time I had either the heal or slow triggers, so never stampeded). At this point it would not have made a difference as I was down 1vp and could not score anymore.

    The Gamin attempted to kill the Warpig in melee and failed and Rasputina's shots into the melee all missed their mark.

    The flip to continue playing was a 3, so the game ended. As noted above, I couldn't score anymore, so an extra turn would have been meaningless.

    Lessons learned:

    1) I should have moved the Skeeter's up sooner to tie up my opponent's shooting. They eventually went down, but I could have save two of my Gremlins from an early death by doing this.

    2) Choosing to shoot at an already activated model, rather than deal with pending threats was also a mistake and is related to the above. If I had tied up his remaining shooters (Ice Mirrors) earlier, I could have safely shot at the Wendigo later in the turn.

    3) I didn't start making use of Bayou Two card until a few turns into the game. I'll need to work on remembering it. It did help keep my last Gremlin alive longer than expected and almost helped Somer survive a few really bad hands. There was enough cover (creating negative attack flips) that it wasn't able to help with shooting or damage much (I rarely managed a straight flip on damage), but on occasion it did.

    4) Without upgrades the Skeeters couldn't do much, especially with the very early death of 3 gremlins. Somer's support abilities were also lost with their early loss. I still think I could have used those abilities (the automatic suit ability and the no triggers) much more effectively. I only ended up using the automatic suit ability to give Somer automatic Rams and automatic Thinking Luck, but it might have helped to have other triggers in effect for my Gremlins.

    5) With the above in mind, I typically activated Somer last, as I might for another master, who wants his crew to set up the enemy for him (like Pandora waiting to activate until after the Sorrors are in place, or Rasputina waiting to activate until after the Ice Mirrors are in place and the Bite of Winter buff is up). Given that Somer supports his crew, I probably should have activated Somer first so he could buff the later activations of my Gremlins.

    6) Hide from December's Curse, it's nasty. Moderate flips on negative damage flips happen more often than you might think...

    Side note, my daughter didn't use Bite of Winter and could have made better use of Focussing/Soulstones. I could have also used focussing and soulstones better.

    All in all, though, we both had fun. My daughter enjoyed the game and will be back for more. She does want to see me paint the models so that they are more pretty however, and also wondering if anyone would know what she was talking about if she asked random people on the street about Malifaux.

    Well, that's it for my second Month 2 blog. Hopefully next time there will be another game and/or some progress on assembly and painting.

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    Hi all,

    So when I first got into table top gaming, kit conversions and kit bashing were a big part of what drew me to these games. At first, I started with bigger pieces that were easily "magnetizeable", and eventually started taking that with smaller models. My latest kit conversion is with the Coryphee, from the Arcanist Faction.

    Being that they can be used as single models, or as a duet, I thought I'd take a try at magnetizing the legs to the stands. After about an hour of work with a fresh Exacto blade, and 6 Earthware magnets, I accomplished my conversion (Please see pictures).

    For those interested in knowing how I accomplished this, here's a brief tutorial.

    1. First I built the 2 Coryphee models without their bases.

    2. Next, using my Exacto, I carved the slots inside the 40mm bases slightly wider, since the magnets were just a little too big to fit through. I then used a bit of putty, and slid it from under the slot of the base. Next, I fitted two magnets in from the top of the base, molding the putty into a shape that could fit around both magnets. Then using some left over plastic from the molds of the kit, I filled in the rest of the gaps with them, and applied some plastic glue to keep them in. Let sit for about 20 minutes for the putty to solidify some, and for the glue to bond the plastic pieces.

    3. Starting with the Coryphee standing on one leg, I applied a small bit of super glue to the top magnet in the base, and then applied her foot to the magnet. Applied a small drop of Zipkicker (Glue bond accelerant), and then pulled the foot and magnet out gently. Next, I applied just a tiny bit of super glue to the magnet inside the base, to reassure that it remained in place.

    4. Then replace the magnet that was glued to the first Coryphee with another magnet in the base, and repeat the process with the other Coryphee. On this one, I put the magnet just at the bottom of the hem of her dress, that covers it's left leg. A little unsightly, but when slotted into the base, the magnet is barely even visible.

    5. Repeat the process with the other 40mm base, only instead of fitting 2 magnets into the base, attach another magnet to one of the Coryphees, and then insert the base magnet by putting the Coryphee where you would like it to stand on the base. Allow the putty to solidify some, and then carefully pull the Coryphee out. Keep your Exacto blade handy, in case you need to pry the magnet a bit off, since there's no glue holding the bottom magnet in place yet. Once you've taken the Coryphee out of the base, and have ensured that the magnet stays in place, apply some super glue to that magnet as well.

    6. Lastly, taking your Exacto blade again, bore 2 small holes into the 50mm base. Usually, there are some molded hole etchings on the bottom of the base that you can use as reference. One of them should do well as a good starting point. After boring 2 holes big enough for 2 magnets to fit, apply some putty from the bottom, and mold the bottom of the holes into a form where it can hold 2 magnets. Allow time for the putty to set, and then carefully pry the Coryphee's foot out of the hole, (hopefully) leaving the bottom magnet behind. Once the putty sets, it shouldn't be hard to take the Coryphee out, but I always recommend applying just a bit of super glue to it, just in case.

    Repeat this process for the second hole, and viola! You have 2 successfully converted Coryphee models and a Coryphee Duet. The best part about this conversion, IMHO, is that both bases are interchangeable with both models, and both models fit in either of the 2 holes bored in the 50mm base as well.
    Any questions, please feel free to ask. Hope you enjoyed reading my tutorial! :D

    blogentry-30735-0-50234400-1439910660_th blogentry-30735-0-34164200-1439910662_th